Rabbit meat in Asia – Rare but delicious!

Rabbit meat in Asia – Rare but delicious!

What i suspect they’d have done they cutup their organs likekidney intestines liverand they’ll put it inside i don’t knowevery timei’m on this show i wonder why i do itdeep in this southeast asian citythere’s a not so common meat culturelurking beneath the surface it’s notbeef or pork i didn’t even know this wasa possibility it’s definitely notchicken i got a tail on mineoh what the you’ll find it in chinaitalythe usa and here in vietnam are thereany specialhealth benefits uh manpower anythingthat you might not get from these otherboring animalsi’m talking about this so he saidit’s very good for pregnant womenperfect that’s perfect for methis is one of the leanest healthiestmost environmentally friendly proteinsourceson the planet it’s six times moreefficient to produce than beefso why isn’t this stuff everywhere.

Rabbit meat in Asia – Rare but delicious!

Today we’re digging deep into thismystery meat seeing where it comes fromthese guys our newborn[Applause]where it ends up and the chefs who havetaken this food to its limitswhat is the best selling isn’t it youwant to try laterso get ready to meet your meat oh my godbecause wherever you are that is wildthis could be the next big thing hittingyour dinner plateso listen this place has 15 disheswe’ve got three coming to us today ihave no idea what they are my producerhas pickedthe highlights and they’re on their wayah right now oh yes it’s comingthis type of meat is not usually part ofeveryday family meals here in vietnamoh look at the decorations yeah i don’tcare if the cucumber is in the shape ofa heart.

I’m not gonna eat it it’s mostlyserved in drinking food restaurantsrestaurants that serve a huge variety ofbold flavored munchablesthat pair well with local beers[Music]to rabbit meat my first rabbit ever ithink sameyou heard that right rabbit meat hereit’s prepared in thin slices andstir-fried in hot oil with garlicsugar oyster sauce sesame seed oilpepperonion and five spice powder stir stirstiradd soy sauce scallions and finallygarnish with cilantro and ground pepperthe meat itself i thought it would looklike guinea power have you ever seenguinea powellhey hey hey keep it downkeep it done it’s a very deep red meat ithought it would look like that or likeelk but it’s like very chickeny colorthis is like chicken breast huhright on our dinner table it’s hard tosay no to this invitinglean white meat it’s even harder whensurrounded by the neighborhood’s otherrabbit meat loversi can’t help but wonder why don’t morepeople eat this before.

I sink my teeth in i want to takea look at how this plate got here in thefirst placewell let’s talk about it first hold onchill outnot so far from the city center about aone hour drive north brings us here thebiggest rabbit farm in saigonhome to over 5 000 rabbitsthese are all a breed that comes fromnew zealandmost are albino meaning white hair andpink eyesbut they can be black gray or a mixreally it’s what’s on the inside thatcounts herehere they have every stage of rabbitfrom newborn to full-grownlike big pumpkin rabbit bigger thanyou’ve ever seen in your life these guysare newborn and they’re hanging out inthis dark little box let’s take a looklet’s say hellooh my god oh that’s the wrong one sothese are super freshoh my god they almost don’t have hair ohtheir eyes are cool their eyes are stillclosed oh my godand they can hardly even stand upthey’re so tiny and thenhere a little bit oldermaybe a couple weeks i don’t know ifthey bite or not to be honest if theybite it’s because they think your fingeris arabbit nipple that’s it same sideit’s probably a little big can i haveone.

Okay i’ll try picking one up i hopei don’t get bitoh oh hi get your ownhey buddy look at you there you go oh mygodoh my god animal abuse okay so when ipat him like this he seems verysatisfied and then his eyes are likeclosed and like he in the spotoh you’re right yeah look it closes histiesright you can go back in hey no pee nopoo fortunately there’s no baby rabbiteating going on herebut do you think animals that are cuteshould be off limits should they not beeaten actually no because we do need toeat you know imagine if we live on aplanetfor rabbits then they started wash awayhumans i’m not fine with thati think they’re vegetarians actuallyin the u.s rabbit hunting is a thingsome people eat rabbit some restaurantshave it butnot most the only issue they just seemhappy because they don’t have eyebrowsif we justdrew angry eyebrows on every rabbit it’dbe a lot easier to handlepuniculture is the agricultural practiceof breeding and raising rabbits aslivestock for their furand meat it’s been practiced all overthe world since at least the fifthcenturyhere this seven-year-old farm isproviding 600 to 1 000 rabbits for themarket each monthbehind all the operations here.

This lovely lady the ownermiss hugh so this is your business andyou live here too right how did you doyeah she said you have to keep to guardthem ohright you must have had some othercareer or work that you did before thatwhat drew you to this kind of workdiamondso she said they reproduce very quicklyand also economy-wise that is so muchbetter than other animalsreally yeah so why aren’t more peopledoing what you did why aren’t there morerabbit farmsrabbits reproduce quickly but thatdoesn’t mean your success as a breederis guaranteedwow you know i didn’t even realizerabbits got so hugethis one is for reproducing they willhave intercourse for the day heyfirst of all this is a family show wedon’t saythat word we say they hmyeah so twice a day twice a day thatdoesn’t even sound healthybesides ensuring food and water isalways available and keeping theirenvironment clean and well ventilatedbaby rabbits require a lot moreattention and care thebaby rabbits when they first have theirmom’s milk then they will have diarrhea oh yeah.

So you need to do it well youhave to bearound a lot yeah yeah and miss hugh istaking care of 2 000 newborn rabbitseach month is it okay to eat animalsthat are cuteoh my god that is a revelation rightthere yea after only three months their weight canshoot up six poundswhich means they’re ready for retailwe’ve left the giant farm and then nowwe’re kind of at the middle maneverything here you can eat frogs eelsthese are some kind of carp from hererestaurant vendors they might grab a fewrabbits take it to the restaurantcook it up and then people like us comein we throw back a couple beers and eatsome rabbit yeahlet’s check it out they are so cute didyou just say they’re so cute uh-huh yougotta forget about that nowall right i’m gonna get a couple pieceshere should i try it out i like to getthe full flavorin the first bite cheerswow i like it very tastythe texture you can really tell thatthere’s not a lot of fan but somehowit’s still tender and soft and kind ofsteamystill good.

I think like a mix of chickenand pork yeah like a pork chopyeah that’s kind of fascinating we’re athwang mat restaurant with 16 years inthe bunny business mr hwangand his wife provide patrons with 15menu options it seems that the onlyrestaurantsselling rabbit are restaurants that alsohave a lot of beer i see you’ve gotstacks and stacks of beer here is ittrue that in order to eat an animal thiscute you have to be kind of drunk todeal with the painno no he said rabbits to himit’s like wild meat right like wild gameso all of the wild meatit would be good for drinking what issomething that we must try todaywe want to keep it a secretoh my god oh i thought we’re gonna eatmeat uh this is like liquid meat i don’tknowbut i suspect they cut up the organrabbit ears meatheart liver kidney and tongue are boiledand finely chopped with fresh herbsi wonder how it tastes like the blood ismixed with a broththen added to the minced meat ohactually it smellssmells good right.

Okay yeah dress it upwith fried shallotspeanuts cilantro and enjoy let’s try itoutwait you didn’t eat almost anything ithought it would taste headno it’s a mix of flavors and emotionsbecause first of all the texture isweird because there’s some really hardbits some chewy bitsand then you’ve got some herbs in thereso it’s like tastes freshthe option is crazy now you know thatit’s real bloodgive me some herbs now i understand whythey drink beer with itthe main thing is that it’s fresh andthey dispatch the animals here eachmorning so we know this blood is fromthis morning yeahso that’s good i think we could get atakeout container for thisand i’ll um i’ll have that later so i’vehad like pig earspiggies are like big and fleshy and fullof cartilagethis is something else rabbit ears huhthis i never would have guessed was athing deep fried rabbit earsput it in hot oil until golden brown[Music]sauced up and coated in a mixture offish sauce sugar and chiliesoh it’s really crunchy it’s like doritoyeah rabbit flavor yeah exactlygrab yours it tastes cute it tastes goodand normal but the texture is just likea pork rindreally weird i like it actually i wouldeat this all daywatching netflixoverall.

I’m impressed this is just thetipof the rabbit iceberg there’s one moreplace in saigonthat’s doing rabbit like no otherawesomewhat kind of weapon sir thank you forhaving us we’re very excited to be hereat your restaurant namedhalfway hallway now what is waitwhy is a grill grilled rabbit yeah loveitthis place has been around for sevenyears their specialty is the rotisserierabbitroasted up over hot coals so i know ifyou roast a pigit’s easy because it’s so fatty that thejuices just come out it tastes deliciouswhy are you cryinglook how good this food looks the rabbithas very little fatso what do you do to make it deliciouswhile you’re roasting itso he said the fire is important itcannot be like too hot or too coldand then you only grill it for 45minutes no morehe said the meat had the cooling effectsand it’s very good for pregnant womenwell listen today we’re eating for threeincluding my child and we can’t wait totry it out thank you so muchwait why’d you just say come on only whydidn’t you translatei like is this is like a blue collar barbasically like a bunch of dudes.

Who justgot done working at a construction sitethey still got some dry cement and painton their jeansand they’re coming here to grab a beerand eat someoh this is rabbit liver it is ourappetizerrabbit organs heart kidney and liver aresauteed along with bell peppersonion and minced garlic add sugar saltoyster sauce and soy saucethis has to be a testicle right it’slike a garlic-sized testicle what is itit’s actually the kidney that’sdelicious it’s very tenderand just full of flavor whatever thissauce is it’s stunningit tastes like the chicken’s liver let’stry the liver and see if that delivery that’s fantastic now i’m saying betterthan chicken liver like it breaks apartmore easily in your mouthi love it so nowthis is the specialty of this place tellme about it this is the grillrabbit the famous one that he’s beentalking aboutwe’ve got the legs here i think we workup to that what’s thatit’s a head i believe holy crap you’reright those are the ears we already hadthe ears you will be curious what on theother sideactually chop that in half yeah what ison the other side[Music]so i think we should try this first herethis is just straight up big chunks ofrabbit meat i like the skin so i’mtrying to find the one with ityeah okay try it out.

That’s fantastic wow that’s really goodi think my favorite so faryeah i didn’t think i’d like rabbit asmuch nothing gave me really cleanlittle smoky and just beautiful fattytexture with the skinwe built up to this moment right here sowe got a big thigh pieceoh i got a tail on mine oh what the do you want the tailit doesn’t go no i don’t think it’smeant to be a little bit of salt let’stry it outwow my man he knows what he’s doing iwill wait for another 45 minutes to eatit again this is good it’s really good agreat chef could make a leather boottaste goodand there are plenty of great chefs herein vietnam cheers to ourfinal rabbit meal but when it comes torabbit those chefs are working with apretty impressive raw ingredientthis place is full it’s packed becausethese dudes they know this is the bestplace to come for a grilled rabbitit’s my first taste of rabbit and it’sreally good i went from never havingtried rabbit at alli basically have tried every nook andcranny of a rabbit.

I’m surprised thismeat isn’t more present around the worldit’s one of those foods like you can’teven consider it a bizarrefood it’s like on the level of kitchen iwould eat it again yeah me toocheers to the future of rabbit perhapsthis will be the next big trend ingastronomy sweeping the globeyo you take part just make sure not towastethe rabbit ears[Music]from researching and shooting to editingand masteringour 10 person best ever food review showteamworks hard to roll out the highestquality travel food entertainmenttwice a week if you like what we do hereplease consider supporting our patreonpatreon allows fans of the show tocontribute a monthly sumand receive a load of extras like earlyvideo releasesprivate q a’s and beyond to learn moreabout our patreon check out the link inthe description box down below and ifyou can’t give ordon’t even feel like it that’s okay toowe’re just happy you’re here twin thankyou can i have an awkward handshakepleasewhat is that okay and it’s awfully longoh i thought you were gonna let go thatis it for this one guys thank you somuch for watching i will see you nexttimea piece can you say it thoughi’m trying not to say it oh you’retrying not to say it no you’re justsayingevery time i was like a little earlieroryeah okay let’s do it.

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