January 17, 2021

"Plastered" Pork Tacos – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishescalm with plastered pork tacos that's right i was in the mood for some porktacos but i was looking for a little bit of a change of pace to the normalcarnita style i would usually make which led to this wild and crazy

experimentand while i was very happy with the results and the tacos really weredelicious especially with the apple and jalapeno salsa I'm going to show you howto make it was also one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen come outof my oven and actually believe it or not

look like a famous historical figureor should I say disfigure but anyway you'll see what I mean in a few minutesand to get started the first thing we're gonna do is season up a nice big porkshoulder roast which as you can see his bone in an in case you're

keeping scoreat home that's the shoulder blade and the first thing I did here was coverthis very generously with some freshly and finely minced rosemary which is notonly lovely with pork but I thought would pair very well with the apples inthe salsa later and then once my pork shoulder

was Rose married I went aheadand cover that with freshly ground black pepper and while you can use pretty muchany herbs and spices you want here the only thing I don't want you seasoningthis with would be salt since we're gonna put a ton of that in the plasterthat's gonna

cover this which by the way is the next step and for that we'll takesome all-purpose flour and add to de tremendous amount of kosher salt and yesthat is a ridiculous amount but we're not gonna eat the plaster we are justusing it to hopefully trap in the moisture and

flavor and perfectly seasonthe pork as it roasts and then to that we will add one egg white and thenfinish up with a splash of cold fresh water at which point we'll give this avery enthusiastic stirring until we have something very smooth and Lum free andsince this was an

experiment I wasn't exactly sure how thick I wanted thisokay I didn't really want to end up with a dough but I also didn't want a superrunny otherwise it just might drip off the meat as it cooked and so what Iended up with after a few minutes of stirring

was something that look likethis which I guess kind of looks like plaster although to be honest I'm notsure I've ever seen wet plaster but anyway once that was mixed I went aheadand plop my pork in and then use my spoon to spread that all overand when I first

started doing this I was thinking I would just add all theherbs and spices to this mixture but the more I thought about it that didn't seemlike a great idea since as I mentioned we're not actually gonna eat the plasterand I was afraid a lot of that flavor will

get trapped in the crust andbasically wasted and I was thinking with this method this plaster coating wouldharden as it baked and trap all that goodness against the meat but anywayonce I had that covered I went ahead and spread some of the excess into thebottom of my roasting pan

which probably didn't really do much but at the timefelt like something I should do and then I went ahead and placed my porkon top and then I made sure I reapplied some to any of those spots that gotrubbed off during the transfer and then once I was sure

was covered i spoonedeven more over the top and then once I had that pork as plastered as I was Iproceeded to place it into the center of a 325 degree oven for about three and ahalf hours or until it looked like the Elephant Man so that just might

be thestrangest thing I've ever pulled out of my oven I mean just absolutelyhorrifying although the other side did look relatively normal and kind of sortalike plaster pork and that surface had become quite dry and hard check it outoh yeah pork don't lie although maybe sometimes it should and

if you weren'tgonna cut this up and make tacos later you could just crack this crust off atthe table and go ahead and slice up and serve what would hopefully be a veryflavorful roast pork but anyway that wasn't my plan so I let this cool downfor about an hour

at which point I became uncrackable okay because itabsorbed a lot of moisture became sort of leathery so basically I just had toslice it and peel it off and at this point I was really looking forward totasting a piece to see how it came out in fact I was

so anxious and in a hurryI was not really paying attention and I sliced right into that shoulder bladewhich will explain that beautiful piece of cartilage you see but you know what Igot over my fear of eating around cartilage a long time ago so I tucked inanyway and that

really was some fabulous meat okay like all saldo crustsI was hoping this would trap in a lot of moisture and flavor and I think that'sexactly what happened in L in case you're wondering it was nottoo salty it was absolutely perfect and then because I wanted to cube this

upfor the tacos I decided to break it up into his larger chunks as I couldalthough fair warning around the shoulder blade there are gonna be littlepockets of meat that are just gonna be small because they're small and ifyou're gonna have a few more samples that's the spot you

want to get him frombut anyway I went ahead and broke the outer part mostly leaving in nice bigchunks so that once this is chilled they're easy to Cuba all right if youwant shredded pork tacos go ahead but I wanted cubes this time and once I hadall that meat

on the plate I noticed some very delicious looking brown goo inthe bottom of the pan that I figured I should spoon and spread over sincetechnically those are accumulated juices which of course we never throw away andyou can definitely use this right away if you want but it was

getting dark so Idecided to wrap it up with some of those bigger plaster pieces placed over thetop and then I pop that in the fridge and went to bed dreaming of the tacos Iwould be enjoying the next day and then at some point before we actually buildour tacos

we're gonna want to put together this very special salsa whichwill include some Honey Crisp apple that we've cut into a nice small dice andthen to that we will add some finely diced white onion as well as some seededdiced jalapeno I also tossed in some freshly chopped cilantro as

well as anice big pinch of salt plus the juice of one lime that as you can see I freshlysqueezed by hand and then I finished up with a little pinch of cayenne just tostay in shape and that's it we'll take a spoon and give that a mix and

of coursegive it a taste and adjust if need be and that really was so delicious itcould have been a video all by itself but it's not it's gonna go on some porktacos so I grabbed a chunk of what was now very cold pork and I sliced that upand

then cut it in strips and then into about half inch cubes and like I said ifyou wanted to shred this or chop it up even smaller go ahead but I was in themood for cubes which after cutting I went ahead and browned up in a drynon-stick pan over

medium-high heat and yes you heard that correctly a dry panokay pork shoulder has a fair amount of fat in it and as that heats up it meltsyou'll see this will Brown up nicely of having said that if you want to fry thisup in a whole bunch of fat

sort of carnitas style if it's the reserved fatyou say from the pan that would also be perfectly fine and absolutely incrediblebut as I said earlier I was kind of going for a little bit of a change ofpace for my usual carnitas method but either way is fantastic so

you decide Imean you are after all the joseph merrick of how to prepare it and once Ihad that nicely browned I went ahead and transfer that on to a homemade flourtortilla which was actually half white half wheat flour and after piling on avery generous amount I went ahead

and spooned over that absolutely incredibleApple help and yo salsa and that my friends was one of the best pork tacosI've had in a very very long time okay even though it looked absolutely bizarrethat plastered pork method really did produce a tender juicy flavorful meatand we could have seasoned

that with anything and these tacos would beamazing but because this meat is subtly scented with rosemary and black pepperit works incredibly well with this sweet and slightly spicy jalapeno apple salsaso I really did enjoy every bite of this and how much different with these tacoshave been if we

had just roasted the pork using a traditional method I don'tknow okay those questions are really hard to answer although it has been myexperience that meats roasted in a salt crust or a salt dough usually do comeout fairly succulent plus if you did use a traditional method for the

pork thereis no way it's going to come out of the oven looking like the Elephant Man whichis why especially if you make this salsa also I really do hope you give this atry soon so please follow the links below for the ingredients a principlewritten recipe and much more

info as usual and as always you you

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