Protein-rich foods you need to know

Protein is a vital nutrient. You need protein for your skin, hair, muscles, and several other bodily functions. It’s extra beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight or build muscles. You don’t need to buy costly protein supplements. There are enough healthy yet cheap protein sources around.

Natural peanut butter.

Looking to get some extra protein? How about a peanut butter sandwich? Peanuts are filled with protein, which makes peanut butter a cheap and healthy source for protein. Two tablespoons of peanut butter will give you as much as 8 grams. Apart from giving you the protein you need, peanut butter can also help you avoid certaindiseases. Research has shown people who eat peanut butter every day have a reduced risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Peanuts are an especially good source of healthy fats and fiber. They also contain plenty of potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. Sure they’re high in calories, but peanuts are nutrient-rich and low in carbs. So the next time you’re craving a protein-rich snack, reach out for something with peanut butter in it! What’s your favorite way to eat peanut butter? Share your preferences with the Bestie community in the comments below.


I don’t need to introduce you to the health benefits of eggs. They’re a popular breakfast option for so many reasons! They are the most commonly recognized natural source of protein. They’re easily available as well. One egg contains 6 grams of protein, along with several vital vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. When you eat eggs for breakfast, you also tend to eat less throughout the day, which in turn can aid in losing weight. A study showed those who ate eggs for breakfast for eight weeks lost 65% more weight compared with those who had a bagel. Results from another study showed that eating eggs for breakfast affects the hormone that makes you feel hungry. It also helped stabilize blood sugar levels. Undoubtedly, eggs have the highest quality protein. But that’s not the only reason you should be eating them. Eggs are chock full of important nutrients like vitamin D, antioxidants, and omega 3fatty acids. An average serving of just two eggs meets 82% of your daily vitamin D and 50% of your daily folate requirements. Isn’t that awesome? You also get vitamins A, B5, B12, and E. This superfood is a powerhouse of iron, iodine and phosphorus. Need more reasons to include eggs in your daily diet? We didn’t think so.

Canned Tuna.

Want high quality protein along with omega fatty acids? Eat some fish! While fresh fish may be too expensive to have on the regular, canned tuna is still a cheap source of protein. A serving of 85 grams of tuna gives you as much as 20 grams of protein at the cost of only 99 calories. Tuna is also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to protect you from inflammation. You do need to keep an eye on how much canned tuna you eat though. It could have a higher level of mercury. Limiting it to a few servings per week should be healthy. Looking for answers on all the latest health and wellness news?

Plain Greek yogurt.

Lots of people have yogurt in their homes. You’ll be surprised to know how much protein this food has. One serving of 170 grams of Greek yogurt will give you about 17 grams of protein. If you compare this with plain yogurt, it’s nearly twice the amount. The best part about yogurt? The unsweetened variety will give you all the protein you need without overloading on sugar. When you buy Greek yogurt, it’s best to look for labels like “live and active cultures”, as they tend to have probiotics that can improve your gut health and help you lose weight. In the mood for a protein-powered breakfast? Use some Greek yogurt to make a smoothie.

Sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds may look tiny, but they’re packed with high amounts of protein. Eating one ounce of sunflower seeds can give you as much as 6 grams. Along with that, they’re also a rich source for vitamin E and magnesium. Sunflower seeds can be used in several recipes and are also cheap. Add them to your bread, muffins and even oatmeal. You can also add it to salads or yogurts and even use it as a topping in many foods.

Black beans.

Black beans are a great source of plant-based protein and also quite affordable. Buy the regular variety and not the canned ones. You can soak them in water overnight and boil them the next day. Make bean salad or curries with them! If you eat a serving of black beans, you’ll be giving your body as much as 15 grams of protein. Along with the protein, black beans contain a lot of fiber that can help you lose weight. Research has shown eating three quarters of a cup of black beans every day can make you lose under a pound without changing anything else in your diet. Before we move ahead, here’s another video you might like. Watch and learn more about 6 nuts you should be eating and 6 you shouldn’t.


If you love fish, here’s another protein-filled option for you. Sardines! One can of sardines, weighing about 92 grams, can give you as much as 23 grams of protein. They also come packed with vitamins D and B12.Fresh sardines like tuna are expensive. But the canned version is a lot more affordable. If you eat the bones of sardines as well, you’ll get lots of calcium and protein power. A can of sardines provides 35% of the calcium your body will need on a daily basis.

Cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese is one dairy product that’s low on calories, but high in protein. A cup of cottage cheese, weighing around 210 grams, will give you 23 grams of protein for just the cost of 206 calories. If you’re an athlete or looking to build muscle mass, cottage cheese is an excellentoption to meet your protein goals. Research has proven cottage cheese can help keep your stomach full, which in turn can reduce your weight. You can use cottage cheese as a filling snack. A grilled version of it tastes awesome. You can also use it in a number of recipes, from curries to salads!

Whey protein.

When cheese is made, whatever milk is leftover is used to make Whey protein powder. If you’re looking to boost the amount of protein you eat on a daily basis, adding Whey protein powder can help. Research has shown that Whey protein powder can help reduce weight, and at the same time increase your muscle mass and strength. Just one scoop of Whey protein powder, weighing about 28 grams, will give you as much as 20grams of protein. You can add it to anything you bake, or even make a smoothie.


One cup of lentils, which weighs about 200 grams, can give you 18 grams of protein. They are easily one of the best plant-based sources of protein. These delicious superfoods are packed with fiber, iron, potassium and B vitamins. Lentils can be used in a number of recipes. You can add them to soups or stews. If you’re making curries, lentils are definitely worth adding, as they give good flavor.

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