Premium seafood- Giant Lobster delicacies!

Premium seafood- Giant Lobster delicacies!

This it’s one of the most expensiveshrimp in the worl done of my favorites this one cheers cheers cheers guysshrimpies one shrimp is sticking hislittle arm oh they’re like the poorman’s lobster if you had to choosebet ween one lobster or eight shrimp herein southeast asiathey come in every shape oh wow oh mygosh and price around ten bucks at a shrimp three to four timesthe other shrimp we just hadin this exclusive series we’redemystifying high-end cuisine andfollowing high-priced ingredientsback to their source today we’re goingdeep into the world of shrimp joining me todayventuring far outside the city to ashrimp farm oh no it came backi want to see how locals cook up this tasty treat oh my godcompared to one of the most premiumhigh-end restaurants in towndo you know what makes these soexpensiveit all starts right here today we are invietnam’s mekong deltaa place that’s famous for growingshrimpies and it’s actually very rarethat we’reable to film here you see there’s someinteresting kind ofspiritual belief here that if you havepeople come and filmall your shrimp will die really yeahthese shrimps are likeextremely camera shy.

Premium seafood- Giant Lobster delicacies!

This is not a jokewhen it comes to filming permissionwe’ve been refused by over 20 differentfarmers all for this reasonluckily this man allowed us onto hisfarm regardless of this superstitiousrisk that rumor is gonna go a long wayalready we convinced him using soundreason and plenty of cash i’m glad thatmoney can cure all thatworldwide there are 2 000 differentspecies of shrimp some are prettyand some are monstrous have you ever hadsome fancy shrimp like lostlike straight i know yeah what’s thebiggest shrimp you’ve ever hadthat okay that’s a pretty good shrimphere in asia they’re producing 75 of theshrimp the entire world consumesand most of that shrimp is raised on afarmfarms are easier cheaper and a betteroption for controlling qualityit’s no different for today’s uniqueblue-handed river product thisparticular river prawn it doesn’t reallyproduce a lot of profit but you can getprofit all year long.

Okay so it mightnot be the most money but it’s a safebet overall exactlythis is one of the most commonly eatenshrimp in vietnam these little guys tend to be pretty low maintenanceas long as you make sure they haveenough oxygen food and that their livingspace is clean why is this such a good place to have a shrimp farm first is weather so it’s only had toseason like rainy and sunny that’s itand second thing it would be the waterit has to be likea little salty only like five to tenout of a thousand mr faye starts theshrimp rearing by dumpingone hundred thousand two day old shrimpinto one of his ponds so what are thesefish natural fish natural fish yeah hedidn’t put any fish here it justhappened to be there very convenientyou can see the difference in size fromthe two-day old tripto the 14-day old trip they areseriously tiny it’s pretty cute but idon’t think i get full with thatit would take around four to sevenmonths to sell that’s way longer than ithought yeah i mean it’s so smallyou want to hold it did you kill it uh ihugged it with my fingersand.

I took his breath away oh my godoops oh no it came back aliveyes he was playing dead to put even morefat on their bones these shrimp stayhere for a fullseven months before heading to thebefore heading to the marketthese river prawns are some of myfavorite shrimps ever i just didn’t seeit for most of my life i’m sure you’reused to it it’s no big dealbut the fact that they have big spookyblue armsis amazing to me yes is thatoh my god that’s their phone okay eitherthat he got a phone call or north koreais attackingseafood seafood seafood mr tan has beenmanaging his own seafood supply for 25years one trip is sticking his littlearmoh my god i mean i got scared thatfreaked me outoffering a fresh selection from all overvietnam but thisis his best-selling item the river prawnfrom the mekong delta right thereoh yes okay.

i’m saying oh he’s missing one clawthat’s a big shrimpfield that’s clogged it’s like a wetcarpet ohoh my god oh this one is thickaside from river prawns local folks alsocommonly eat what the rest of the worldeatslike these white leg shrimp and tigershrimp these have a beautifulstripe pattern on their back hence thename oh tiger prawnit’s one of the most commonly farmraised shrimp anywhere most of theshrimpies you see here have neverventured into the wildthese guys are all farm raised in fact98 of all the shrimp you eat come from apond farm somewhere and only about twopercent are wild caughtthis monstrosity is one of the wild onesthis one is a mentos trimmantis shrimp now i actually i havetried the mantis shrimp before in hongkongoh they caught some plastic because they don’t want them to fight with each otherthe owner takes a moment to swing by andinform uswhich means it’s very powerful socan it hurt you yeah what does it feellikeoh yeah it had a hole it went rightthroughoh and we’re back okay so actually thisisn’t the same mantis.

I tried in hongkongthere are over 400 mantis species andthisis one of them oh oh my god that’s hisarminstead of a dangerous punching fistthese guys are equipped with someseriouslyspiky arms resembling that of a prayingmantisso they’re still not to be messed withthis is nearly three to four times thepriceit’s very tough to raise them in thefarm because they have to beconsistently in really cold water andthere’s a lot of technology to beinvolved to raise them to this size soit’svery hard but straight from the marketthis food is already pricey but beforewe see it get the high-end treatmenti want to see what local eateries aredoing with this fancy foodright now um we’re herein an abandoned factory it’s a largespace it kind of has a cool industrialvibe like big fans and they have a fishtank behind you over therebaba restaurant is offering atank-to-table dining experiencespecializing in river prawn hotpot andall kinds of seafood but i’ve got abetter idea people don’t usually do thisbut today we’ve brought our own seafoodherethis is great.

I’ve never seen thispreparation before can you tell whathe’s done to cook ithe didn’t cook it that’s right our firstmeal of the dayis prepared green that means the shrimpis rawthat’s right we challenged this chef topush his creative culinary skills andwhat did he dowell almost nothing but that’s on mehe just kind of stripped the tail awayand then he’s left the head so you’relike ah right it’s ashrimp we like to reassemble stuff backtogether yeah i like thatoh now that is pretty big for eating rawoh my godgive it a little bit of a dip what do you think that’s a bit big foreating raw yeahit’s so fresh that is so firm i wouldn’teven buy through itright i’m gonna take a smaller bite thistime okay let’s do itit is softer it’s like tender but themeat itself is kind of stringy and so iwonder if that’s because it’s oldpeople say lobster when it gets reallybig or old it’s not ideal so i wonder ifthat’s the samebut overall fun i think this would be agood drinking food yeahand our final courseour second dish features these prayingmantis shrimp first he removes the sharpdangerous bits but keeps the cool partsthese guys have never been in the deepsea but at least nowthey’re getting deep fried then stir fryalong with fried pork fat chili saucegarlic more garlic and actuallymore garlic dudethat is huge it’s not a shrimp alienlook i gotta be honest.

I’m not a hugefan of this kind of shrimp it’s badit’s got teeth on its arms you put yourthumb in here it’ll make you regret itlook at this this that’s the part it’slike it’s weird to get it out it’s hardto get it outoh wow that’s a clean one i’m gonna putsome of these pork and garlic crumblesinside the body cavity like it’s alittle shrimp taco cheers[Music]it’s good it’s good yeahit has that strong like aquarium tasteto it actuallyit tastes like crab meat to me i meanit’s got a hint of thatcrabby kind of sweetness it’s still abit mushy the texture it’s not like anormal bouncy shrimp overallpretty good i think it’s really good isthat worth paying three to fourtimes the other shrimp we just had okaynow you’re ruining it from iti think it’s good but it’s not thatexpensive it shouldn’t be i don’t thinkit can be made much better than thiseven here in this abandoned warehouselooking restaurantthis big pile of shrimp comes in at 83dollars it’s an expensive ingredient nomatter where you arebut now we’re headed to one of theclassiest spots in townseeing how they turn up the heat and theprice on this tasty treatour final destination square onechef sunny located inside the park hyatthotelhere they’re offering high quality foodwith a luxurious backdropwhat do you like about working withshrimp in the kitchen personally.

I loveshrimp for me it comes down to thecooking technique whether youover cook it make it tough you undercookit and it’s raw for the wrong kind ofprawn whatever it is to cook it withsome respect what is the wrong kind ofprawn to have raw because we just hadthe river prawnsnot really you shouldn’t eat those iknew he was gonna say that because it’sfresh water we got parasites did it comefrom the river or it was farm raised youshould be finehey we should be fine we’ll know withina couple of a couple of hours oh boyoh it’s coming soon let’s talk aboutanother type of shrimp we haven’tcovered yet thecabin carabinero the carabinero yesthis comes from the mediterranean aroundspain it’s one of the most expensiveshrimp in the worldit’s right here i’m looking at it thisexpensive delicacyis one of the world’s most covetedprawns renowned for their sizeand their color which they get byfeeding on pink plankton these areactually recommended to eat raw it’s oneof myfavorites this one here these fancyimported shrimpies are slightly torchedfor 10 seconds.

Do you know what makes these so expensive come downto consumer demand there’s a businessbehind it as well but for sure theseamazing tastesi think when you try them it should bepart of the explanation why they’re soexpensive okay then the chef places iton an oyster shell and tops it withhaman and bericoone of the finest hams in the world okayso what does the foam doit’s a flavor it’s made out of ahokkaido scallop we make it just like acappuccino just like a scallopedcappuccinoi feel fancy a great visual yeah cheersguysoh wowwonderful soft texture no stringinessand there’s oyster in there there is wetake the oyster and we make it into anemulsion similar to a mayonnaise this isyour own creationit is i like it big fan can i have 12morefor our climactic shrimp diningexperience we’ll see the humble riverprawnserved two waysnow how elegant is this huh so let’stalk about it firstjasper grilled prawns step one put astick up its butt areaand roast remove the shell and place itatop a bisqueeat with caviar and an herb emulsionimagine if they just like boiled yourbody liquids and then they put your bodylike on top of the body liquidsthat’s what they’ve done here.

With theshrimp that’s a good bite cheers sauce is kind ofgentle buttery almost creamy with plentyof that shrimpy essence in it it’s notsuper powerful and you can see here likethe shrimp is not cookedit’s still like you can have that firmtexture still of the raw shrimp righti think this kind of shrimp is just kindof a stringy shrimpyeah i don’t really mind it it’s finebut overall good yeahi would like more of them that’s thewhole point of my dining yeah i knowsomething happened from the abandonedwarehousesix giant shrimp and then we’re here wehave one tripour final dish has let us hear thecaramelized river prawns this is a morevietnamese inspiration going into thisdish first making the caramel saucea combination of sugar and vegetablesalong with fish sauce and soy saucebegin to cook downon the side the shrimps are blanchedwith onion and gingeradd coconut oil the sauce leaks andfinallysneak in some chili and peppercornsoh it’s got a giant head and a littletail so.

I’m going to pull oh the tailkind of comes pretty easilycheers mmm that might be my favorite yetoh wowso to me that tastes much moretraditionally shrimpy a great densebouncytexture cooked all the way through verysatisfying great comfort food i don’tknow if it’s supposed to bewell do you feel comforted yeah likeit’s like warm when you eat it togetherwith rice testing yeah like a familyvibe i would sayright a good sharing food if you hadmore meat to sharpenshrimp it’s one of those foods likeoysters where it’s kind of everywherewhether you’re at a super local marketa street food stall or a place like thiskind of everybodyhas access to shrimp but it’s all aboutwhat you do with the shrimp i’m curiousthat the people watching this wouldconsider this a fancy foodor just a normal meat but to me it stillfeels fancymaybe that’s because when i was a kid iwas in the midwest far from the oceanand it was just hard to get my hands onshrimp eating shrimp cocktail like oncea year at christmas was likeamazing but for you you grew up withshrimp i’m surprised like the first onei never thought of making shrimp thatway so i do believe that to make it feelfine dining thenit has to do a lot with the cookingtechnique as well and not just theingredient itself i totally agree shrimpcocktail ain’t got nothing on shrimp inasiaonce you get outside boring oldtraditional shrimpthere’s a world of possibilities younever knew existedwelcome .

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