PEANUT WORM Porridge!! Rare Food Finds in Saigon, Vietnam!!

PEANUT WORM Porridge!! Rare Food Finds in Saigon, Vietnam!!

so what they’ve done here is they’vetaken the whole worm and they’ve kind of turned it inside out they cook it and so we’re eating kind of the skin only in the food industry restaurants on busystreets and heavily trafficked sidewalk shave it man but what do you do when your food stall is in the middle of now here how did you find this by if it’s not for delivery not even online why is it that this food is so rare in this city today we’re uncovering restaurants no touris thas seen before when. I woke up this morning. I didn’t think. I’d be eating pasta in Vietnam in apartments backstreets and quiet alleyways these hiddenvendors are serving a memorable food that keeps people coming back familiar weren’t filled one Chong it’s got so much flavor to the most exclusive plate of noodles in the city.

PEANUT WORM Porridge!! Rare Food Finds in Saigon, Vietnam!!

I use a fork as poon or chopsticks this is the street food you never knew existedin Saigon great food is everywhere but where do you find a hidden trulylife-changing bikes as an almost local here. I can answer that question how do you say the name of this food model carhorn. I mean my friend and longtimefriend of the sholom can help me answer that question with his years of guidingexperience Wow Lassie according to him the first rule snatching up the best bites you gotta be fast cuz some place sare hidden simply because they sell out so quickly so we’re setting out early in the born to the house of one of the mostobscure yet renowned fun cot vendorsma’am since ow you’re on my show miss yeh as been selling her crispy Vietnamesemini pancakes for more than 40 years now she’s started her business before she knew what love was what love was ha hahaevery day she fries up to 500 of these crispy treats but they sell out in less than two hours it’s one of my favorite foods in Vietnam but.

I can’t ever find it in Saigon so why is it that this food is so rare in this city it’s not that rare yes many other places selling that but. I think that she has somethingreally special about this ones that. I just gave her more couple of what is sospecial about hers they had two keyselling points the first one aidequality and the second one is a priceit’s very reasonable yeah could we try your pork one yes okay yes mmm good very goodthat is so delicious even mine itself is juicing it’s got like a lot of body to it. I hope great this business as with many other small local vendors dependson the help and support of family and the community every day her husband helps her set up her stallthen the selling begins she sets up on this neighborhood Street and then tons of people keep passing by here they catch sight of this or they smell it it smells great and then they stop by like us right now there’s two to choose from we have the pork and the shrimp we haven’t tried the shrimp yet.

I think that’s what we should order right now yes one pot are usually wrapped into leaves like eating Korean barbecuehowever here due to the high demandshe’s deconstructed the dish for bothconvenience and to speed up the servingprocess so the move him you get a bigshrimpy pride delight here put somepickled daikon some herbs you fit the whole thing in it quite a bit for mymouth do you guys here we go[Music]to luck you could be in half I mean no one told you you had to eat the whole thing to me absolutely deliciousthese little shrimp cupcakes have like soaked up all this sweet fish sauce when you mix out with the herb and thepickled daikon oh my god it’s sodelicious the biggest surprise to me she’s not even on grab or anythingonline all her business over these 40years to just come from word of mouthand people like the news discovering her and sharing her amazing food with the rest of the community so super awesomelove it in Saigon a city of over 8million old style traditional apartmentsdot residential areas many of these classic buildings don’teven have an elevator this means a demand for convenience hascreated an opportunity for new kinds ofbusinesses in the places you’d leastexpect so we’ve come to an apartmentbuilding inside here they’ve just set uplittle mini markets there’s actually amarket nearby but the nearer the betterso they would come to the nearest wantto get you know things and this isn’tthe only onethroughout this apartment complexthere’s little spots here and therewhere people are selling food resumingstreet food here yesaccording to loan in Vietnam you canalways find great food where you leastexpect it including Vietnamese pastaMountain yes when I woke up this morning. I didn’t think I’d be eating pasta inVietnam so let’s try it to see how thisdifferent from the Italian oneare you sure it’s gonna be different atall it could be a hundred percent thesame but this is not unusual in Vietnamit’s not unusual at all.

I think one ofno the most common breakfast thishomemade comfort food was constructedand birthed by mr. a food vendorexclusive to these hallways who’s beenliving here for 20 years her creationstarts with sauteed pasta withcondiments on the side she fries up anegg and stir fry some beef with onionsand mustard leaves plate it together andadd pickled daikon and carrots and morecondiments topped with an egg then eatall right let’s try it out mmm tasteslike breakfast and Vietnam nice softnoodles it’s sweet its salty and it’sfull of card but it’s got some nice meatin there too and fried egg and just likeany good Vietnamese food it’s got abunch of herbs in there to give it somebalancethis is very unique because G is like amini restaurant here and I think it’sthe only kind of restaurant that you’llfind in these hallways of this apartmentbuilding and of course C sell for mostlypeople who live in this apartment that’sthe tough part like if you go to arestaurant on a busy street theirdemographic there’s thousands of peoplehere it’s like a hundred people and ifthose hundred people don’t like you oryour food you’re screwed so yeah I betthere’s a lot of politics involved toonext we’re going to somewhere else.

I’mnot sure where yet let’s cut[Music]our third tip to finding great food godeep deep into the alleyways and smallerstreets here you can find all kinds ofhidden food innovators Xin chào Co Co Coare you to translate my sin Chow ohsorry no it’s fine why doesn’t anyonehere understand me she did sin choco sofirst of all what you got wow it’s apopular local drinking food made frombraised animal organs including porkbeef duck or all mixed together missmins recipe adds another twist to thisancient dish she uses wood beer tomarinate the meat which gives a uniqueflavor to this already unique dish howlong have you been putting root beermake sure they’re animal organsinitially they would use like coconutjuice to cook the intestines the normalway but one day from the bikuni she sawpeople marinate pork with this kind ofthings they try it out and it seemed tobe a success do people ever drink rootbeer while eating this do that yeah youcan do that right[Music]so we have the sauce we have some breadover here before we do all that I thinkwe should really just taste the plainintestine and, I’m going to tell you ifthere’s any root beer flavor[Music]there’s a load of Felina first mm-hmmthese really ought to explain to takeyour it’s oily it’s juicy I actuallyreally like the texture but man is thata powerful taste it is so intense and Ithink that’s why a lot of people don’teat it alone they’re gonna mix it withsome bread cucumber if you are you notfor me they also have some salt heresome chili yeah and then this gravy andthis looks spicy too so.

I’m gonna getthat soaked up and then I’m gonna trythat out and see if that makes adifference yeah let’s go for it burn mmmman and then eating it alone it’s toopowerful on its own and the best partwashed it down with some root beer thereyou go pork intestines made in a verycreative waythis place has withstood the test oftime they’ve been here 30 years 20 yearswith this root beer recipe so I thinkthe food speaks for itself people herelike it so it’s a big hit that’s right[Music]our next hidden restaurant has a dish soout of this worldyou may wish I had stayed hidden butwhat it lacks in appearance it makes upfor in obscure health benefitstherefore foodie finding tip number fouris keep keep in mind this is arestaurant specializing in Horace butnot just any type of porridge I believeyou’re holding a bowl full of wormsma’am is this true miss Wynn took overthis business from her father-in-lawwe’d been running it for more than 30years they sell over six pounds ofpeanut worms per day making it theirbest seller when you first introducedthis was it popular were people a littleskeptical or freaked out the majority ofpeople who came here they actuallyprepay about us they saw it somewhereelse already so they come here and tryit for those who scare up this bet youask them to put it out oh yeah are thereany special health benefits the obviousbenefit of eating the peanut warm is toenhance your malfunction it can hurt awoman is very good for skin make yourskin nicer.

I can’t wait to try it I’venever had worm forage it’s gona be afirst for me but hay-bale stamina rightand nice skin the one pond she startswith boiled rice porridge then theprotein pork liver intestines shrimpkidney war pork and fish fillet thentheir homemade saucefinally peanut worms that have beencleaned gutted and turned inside outa bed of chrysanthemums and varnishedwith sesame oil scallions and groundblack pepper[Music]mmm smells a hearty richmmm towards yourself is very good richsavory what’s up didn’t meet yesterdaythe main meat we got just somestraight-up meat here hmmclassic pork delicious what is this Ithink fish literally every animal inhere yeah it’s all my stuff in here it’slike a lion king everything the Suntouches is in our bowl um what elsekidney yeah kidney let’s go for itmmm I think it’s deliciousin fact I don’t want to spoil it byeating too much I think we’re good youdone yeah I think so do we miss anythingno this shrimp I mean too warm yeah I’msure oh no yeah you’re right yeah Ialmost didn’t need the warm holy.

Wow thank you so much all rightCheersoh it’s got so much flavor I thought itwould be flavorless the picture isreally top really chewy remember when wehad worms in the Mekong Delta hopefullymy dad got any more the feeling is stillfresh in my mind you know I don’t ma’amwhen you eat the coconut worm the skinof it is so crunchy and chewy and it’ssimilar here when a sub I you should eatit first because the longer you give itthe chewy and become so start with theworm yeah we didn’t do that at alloverall it’s not bad but I’m not gonnacome back and get it again like everyeah the only agitator I can use thedecry this one is just like interesting. I just love that this place was openover 25 years and then they said let’shave worms that takes a lot ofconfidence yeah like you if you’ve beensingle for 10 years and you’re like.

I’mgonna get a mullet Wow it’s weird yeahexactlythe final tip for food hunting be readyto go the distance some shops havestayed alive through word-of-mouth andspecial recipes alone our final locationis a perfect example of thathidden away in the dark back-alley whereyou’d never expect to see a thrivingfood shop they’re selling Vietnamesepizza so we are way the heck out here isback in some alleyway how’d you findthis fun well July drum you know like Rance and need an aunt and things likethatcool what’s it really just a producerand producer he’s proud to see righthere this is what we’re here forthis is called bond Cheng know thistreat is loved throughout Vietnam buteach vendor puts their own twist onquail eggs scallions dried shrimp EESminced pork and sliced hot dogs are themost common ingredients you’ll find buthere the owner miss whom added her owntwist using her past experience as a BBQpork vendor here it starts with somegorgeous processed cheese spread overrice paper then dried shrimp ease friedscallions minced pork fried onions chilioil and chili sauce then barbecue porkbeef jerky and finely sliced hot dog orscissored hot dog yeah scissored hot dogroasted up until the rice paper is niceand crispy I’m gonna fold mine like ataco oh yesoh man there’s almost stuff on therejust sweet and savory are youI like it better than why don’t we trybefore it’s whisks you away to anoceanside Highland you give much moreflavor with the Creole pork rather thanonly like a leg or T’s and somethinglike stringy things on the top mmmthere’s so much joy mm it’s soaffordable.

I mean if I lived on thisalleywayI definitely come here all the timeespecially if I was drunk draw like Dare you and Casey or un can get drunkyeah if I was in the situation that Iwas drunk I would come here and eat butI could be sober to like right now myproducers don’t let me drink anymoretoday’s interesting because it’s justall about these hidden restaurantsthroughout Saigon 99% of the places weusually go to or on the Main streetsthey have thousands of people walking byor driving by each day they just have tohave some good food and then they’regood but everywhere we went today theydon’t have all the walk by traffic sothey have to be consistent it has to beaffordable and I think even more it hasto be personable it’s a whole differentworld than the rest of the city soabsolutely 100% Saigon is in the otherways.

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