August 13, 2020

Patton Village police officer back home after battling COVID-19

new this morning an update on the paten village police officer who was the first coronavirus case in Montgomery County happy to report that he's back home recovering it's officer Chris Hernandez he was released from a CH I st.

Luke's health after spending more than a month battling the virus there he was put on a ventilator at one point and treated with a rare therapy which removes blood from the body pumps it in pumps air into the blood and then recirculates it back into the body I I mean there's not enough words out there for for what they did for me I just want them to keep doing what they're doing because they are they are saving people's lives those who aren't taking it seriously kovat 19 is a monster it will kill you it almost killed me his recovery was historic in a sense for Texas because he was the first person in the state to get that specialized treatment lawmakers in Fort Bend County are now coming together today to help collect donations of personal protective equipment for health care workers this is all happening at the Stafford Center from 10:00 a.


until noon some items that will be accepted at the drive n95 mask hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol bleach spray and wipes face shields shoe coverings and you can find the full list that's just a few you can find the entire list of what's being accepted on our website click2houston.

com and as hospitals across the houston area push to stay ahead of this virus one Hospital in Liberty County is now issuing a plea for personal protective equipment the CEO of Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center says with a potential surge he just wants to be prepared and protect his team and the community without taking away from the health care workers in other big cities I thought it would be important for us to reach out and identify those ahead of time anyone who wants to volunteer that we can go ahead and start a registry it is potential that we could run out before we get our supply chain reinstated now they say they are getting what they can from the state but with the priorities going to the bigger cities the help is not coming fast enough for more information on how you can help you can visit our website click2houston.

com a new agreement between the Houston Food Bank and the Harris County Commissioners will allow Houston residents impacted by coronavirus to get hundreds of thousands of pounds of food under the agreement the food bank will now be able to provide 640 thousand pounds of food they'll also be able to hire an additional 80 temporary employees to help distribute the food that's on top of the other 100 that were hired last month a local church is teaming up with the Houston Food Bank and crossroads at Park Place to host a weekly drive-through pantry that starts at 10 o'clock this morning st.

Paul's Episcopal Church will distribute bags of food and continue the effort every Thursday moving forward the drive-thru will be held in the parking lot of the church off Park Place Boulevard 604 now it was quite the sight in Cyprus yesterday cars look at this backed up nearly two miles trying to get food for their families this is all happening at the Houston Premium Outlets which is now being used as part of a drive up distribution for the Houston Food Bank now we spoke with some of the people who received food who say despite waiting in line for three hours they appreciate all the help they're receiving during this time that is filled with so many unknowns I missed one the other day and this is like a dream come true it's been life-changing [Music] we never saw this coming so it's kind of devastating I'm happy families who were in line were given 25 pounds of produce 35 pounds of protein like meat and chicken and other staples including beef stew and bread 605 now developing across the nation dozens of Americans are protesting the stay at home orders protesters were seen across Michigan and in one California town yesterday they call the quarantine effort a violation of their civil liberties but state and federal officials continue to remind people that social distancing is working president Trump says it is his right to take action if he doesn't approve the governor's plan to reopen the economy NBC's Tracie Potts will break down what's expected from Washington today at 6:15 breaking news now in 606 a man's in the hospital after deputies say he led them on a foot chase after a traffic stop that's right we're told the deputy ended up shooting the man channel 2's kathy hernandez joins us now live from the scene in North Harris County so Cathy do we know if this deputy was hurt right now what they're telling us is that deputy was not hurt so that is the good news I want to show you the scene here it's still very active as they tell us now deputies are going door-to-door looking for surveillance video to help with this investigation investigators say a deputy stopped a woman driver for speeding just before 2:00 this morning they say the woman pulled over on Sweetwater and Beaver Ben and a man jumped out of the passenger seat and ran the woman drove off and has not been caught right now the deputy chased the men on foot and noticed he had a gun deputy was in fear of his life when the suspect displayed the gun deputy discharged his weapon multiple times the suspect was shot multiple times mainly in the lower extremities he just got out of surgery we're being told and has been moved to ICU so I would say he's in serious or critical condition the man was hit multiple times in the lower extremities in addition to the gun they say the man had a bag of what they believe to be crystal meth no word on if he pointed the gun at the deputy or if there was an exchange of gunfire the deputy is a 5 year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff's Office he was not hurt detectives say they do have dash camera and body camera video but are also searching for surveillance video this morning so if you have any and if you live in this area please call the Harris County Sheriff's Office we're putting live in North Harris County Cathy Hernandez KPRC Channel 2 News Kathy thank you coming up continuing to answer your most pressing questions when it comes to the economic impact with run a virus pandemic our consumer expert Amy Davis will have what you need to know and this morning is a nice cool start we're in the upper 40s to low 50s enjoy it because these chilly starts they will be a thing of the past we'll say goodbye to those cool comfortable temperatures and talk about heat and humidity in your full forecast coming up all right 608 is not your time we're taking a live look at the Gulf Freeway at edge Brook this is the scene of a stall cruiser arriving on the scene trying to clear that out of the way and speaking of the Gulf Freeway there is some construction kicking off today how that will impact your commute and I'll give you those details on how to get around it stay with us no families you have to worry about their next meal KPRC two in the Houston Food Bank were working together and we need your help Tex KPRC meals two for one four for four are going to click2houston.

com to donate thank you for helping our neighbors at Houston garden centers we have wide open spaces and we're wide open for business where you have the time and space to find the perfect plant trees and ground covers to beautify your home at Easton garden centers with better plants for less it's a new day the new time and through it all through the challenges through the concern Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is here bringing you the care comfort and calm you've always depended on in sickness and in health we are in this together we'll get through this together so for a trusted resource take heart in knowing Blue Cross is standing by you [Music] through it all choose a variety you want from the largest selection of roses on the Gulf Coast we offer you floribundas grandiflora x' climbing roses grips roses hybrids and a huge variety of knockout roses at beasting garden centers with better plants for less on the next houston life five women try on one popular jumpsuit from amazon see if you should add this to your online shopping cart plus a local 12 year-old DJ who's gaining national attention how she's using her talents to spin some smiles today at 1 6 10 now our entire team has received hundreds of questions when it comes to stimulus checks unemployment all things consumer related that have Texans anxious our consumer expert Amy Davis is back with us live this morning Amy had a virtual town hall that Channel 2 hosted last night you were part of that Amy how did it go I think it went really well I mean we had experts there from the Texas Workforce Commission from the Houston's Bar Association so it went really well as you guys know we've been answering your questions on air online click to and Facebook and we continued that during last night's Town Hall our our income tax returns also delayed many people are counting on this money yeah and if you were counting on that money and you're expecting a refund go do your income taxes and file them now yes they did make an extension and they're not due until July 15th but the IRS says that they do still have employees processing refunds right now there is no delay in receiving your refund so the sooner you file the sooner you get your refund they say on average it takes about 21 days for people to get their refund when they file so there's incentive there for you to do it early all right so for those of you that didn't get to watch the Town Hall last night don't worry we've got it posted for you on click2houston.

com we've also got it right there for you on our Facebook page they give out a lot of good information last night Owen he definitely did an ami another question a lot of people have been asking is will the stimulus money be deducted from our 2020 tax refunds yeah I've heard that question a lot this and no it will not the income is not taxed it's not taxable income you do not have to pay it back and what if you owe money ami will the IRS keep that money for that reason so no if you owe back taxes the IRS will not take money out of your stimulus payment they also won't take money out if you owe for federal student loans the exception is if you do owe for back child support they will take money out for your back child support out of your stimulus payment but that's the only old debt that they'll be taking out that money for what is that total sense okay copy that ami thank you all right again for more than that good or website click2houston.

com well still ahead she was one of the top Democratic presidential candidates in decision 2020 but now senator Elizabeth Warren is endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden what's she saying when it comes to possibly being his running mate the circle-k secret word of the day is coffee heterodon click2houston.

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negative for coronavirus although they will continue to monitor him with telehealth business race for the White House now senator Elizabeth Warren is officially endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden for president and that's not all Warren says she would accept the job of the VP running mate if Biden asked Biden pledged during a Democratic presidential debate a month ago to pick a woman to be my vice president quote he since that announcement this was speculation about who he would choose we'll have to wait and see about that all right coming up on 660 now this morning a Florida man was arrested on charges of making a written threat to commit a mass shooting at a grocery store robber Kovner took to Facebook saying that he was upset that not enough people were wearing masks during the corona virus pandemic now he's now being held on a six thousand dollar bond well there are nearly six hundred and forty thousand cases of the corona virus here in the United States six thousand one hundred and eighty seven of them in Southeast Texas in our area 115 people have died 1350 have recovered and those numbers are expected to rise as more testing becomes available Senate Democrats are hoping to expand testing across the United States and they're asking for 30 billion dollars to fund it NBC's Tracie Potts joins us now live from Washington with more on what we can expect from the Trump administration today Tracie tonight good morning good morning everyone today expect a president Trump to unveil the federal government's plan to reopen business in the nation he's going to have a teleconference a call with state governors and then reveal this to the public now a draft plan that we saw includes starting with places where the virus has peaked reopening schools and childcare centers there first so people can get back to work realizing though that there are other areas where the virus is still spreading the president says those areas may not start to reopen until June but there are others that may start before the first of May he says that governors will have say and what happens in their states but that he has ultimate authority we are also looking today at the money for small businesses so they can pay their bills and reopen that fund government officials say is almost empty in fact they they suggested it may have been drained overnight and Congress is still at odds over how and when to replenish it Taniya all right another big day in Washington Thank You Tracy coming up on The Today Show Secretary of State Mark asper will talk about the Department of Defense's efforts to help stop the spread of the corona virus here in the country this says the department has committed 50, 000 us servicemembers from medical personnel to air crews to take part in the struggle against the virus that again straight ahead on today 6:18 right now let's talk with Britt home another cool morning out there the trend continues yes it does but limited time so today's the last day of widespread 70s make sure that you really soak it in and enjoy it this morning it's another chilly start a lot of upper 40s out there we're at 49 degrees of Bush Airport upper 40s in KT but a little more mild south of i-10 so Hobby Airport we're back to the 50s in Galveston you woke up in the 50s yesterday today you're in the 60s so the slight change is starting to take place it's still going to be a really comfortable afternoon we're holding on to the lower humidity and this afternoon we're topping off in the mid 70s so get outside and enjoy it you're really going to notice the difference with the humidity tomorrow unfortunately tree pollen is still very high as well as grass paws so if you do head out for that social distant walk trying to open up the win in your house if you have severe allergies I would skip those two activities for today let's take a look up to the northwest currently and Colorado over the Rockies tracking snow that is the next weather system that's going to try and make a play at Southeast Texas but it stay just to the north of us so for tomorrow it will be just close enough to really pull in that Gulf moisture you're gonna feel the humidity I love more cloud cover and an isolated afternoon shower is possible but the rain chance is low tomorrow 20% different story for this weekend so we have a few systems pushing in from the West that's going to give us a better chance of rain the timing Saturday afternoon through the evening and then we have a second round of rain anticipated for Sunday afternoon through Sunday evening some of those thunderstorms on Sunday they could produce some heavier downpours but rainfall between now and Sunday currently coming in about two to three inches for our North counties that 1 to 2 inches of rain for the metro area we can easily take that on it would be beneficial but it does mean that we have rain in your weekend forecast so if you want to get your kids out for that bike ride just in your coldest act maybe do it in the morning hours of Saturday and Sunday here's a full look at that 10 day forecast this is why we were stressing all week long to take advantage of the cooler temperatures looking a little more Houston like right a lot of 80s out there and next week we'll be pushing 90 degrees by next Tuesday an ovide over to you all right Brett us 6:20 now your town we've got some things to watch out for in terms of weather this weekend this is a look at the Gulf Freeway I do want to let you know that that crash that I was tracking earlier this morning that I showed you earlier in the show which resulted in the stall that has now since cleared crews arrived on the scene and cleared it out of the way at edge Brook let's go ahead and travel on over to South Houston near the Gulf Freeway we are tracking a bridge replacement construction area that kicks off today now this is affecting the bridge over brace Bayou at telephone Road and lawndale's streets so heads up for that if you do live near the wayside neighborhood I do want to let you know if you do typically take the telephone road and lawndale bridges this is what you need to watch out for and consider wayside drive in Harrisburg Boulevard or two alternate routes in the area now I did speak with the Harris County Flood District flood control district yesterday and they told me that the neighborhood's shouldn't be impacted there's no major closures in the area but the telephone road bridge and Lawndale Street Bridge are definitely going to be you know taken out and you won't be able to use those for quite some time guys thank you Anna V a surplus chicken sale drawing long lines in North Carolina this is a parking lot of a Draft House where house of reffered farms they were selling 40 pound boxes of chicken thighs breasts wings whatever the folks wanted anywhere from 35 bucks up to 60 they're still bringing in and processing chicken every day so they want to turn around and give a little bit of savings to the community and and maintain their farmers business and their business at the same time that's one of the big headlines out of this food wise is the fact that the special especially with chicken wings it's an overabundance of them right now so they're bringing their supplies out to pasture well savings if you will on to the folks there in the town now is 622 Cinemark plans to reopen its movie theaters come July the company shut down theaters across the country on March 17th due to the corona virus the Texas based firm told investor investors that have plans to open in time for the July 17th release of the Warner Brothers action thriller Tennant followed by Disney's delayed release of Mulan which is now scheduled to open on July 24th these theaters would either operate at 50 percent occupancy or sell every other seat and the business were would include reduced operating hours Best Buy will furlough fifty one thousand workers starting Sunday it will impact nearly all part-time and some full-time employees in the United States BestBuy says it will continue to cover their cost of health benefits and pay tuition reimbursements for at least three months another five million unemployment claims could be added to the national tally today but the jobless trends may be peaking Maribel's here I mean let's hope so [Music] that's the Hopis when Wall Street racing though for this latest round of jobless claims I'll tell you why some are forecasting claims could start leveling off soon details next stay with us this is kind of a first for all of us but maybe this is a time to put other things first by being the first to check in or the first to try your hand at the culinary arts called the arts be the first to volunteer or the first to say it's all going to be okay and when the day comes we're no longer looking at our worlds from the inside out it will be what we did in here that will make us stronger out there the three row Subaru ascent room for up to eight passengers the choice of 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things Star Wars may the 4th be with you after that Disney Plus will stream the new episode every Friday and the mandalorian is so good so that sounds like fun I know I'll watch that hey the corona virus outbreak is forced America's job market the tank over the last several weeks millions more unemployment claims are expected to be announced in today's weekly update let's check in with Maribel she's live from her home studio good morning hey good morning Owen one factor in today's trading is expected to be that report on weekly jobless claims it's expected to show another 5 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week that would bring the 4 week total to about 22 million Americans seeking benefits due to the corona virus but some economists believe jobless claims may be close to peaking they're hoping the government's age and small businesses will bring down the number of people filing for unemployment in the weeks ahead meanwhile investors are looking to see if stocks can rebound after yesterday's sell-off right now a future show would gain of about a hundred and seventeen points at the open that report on weekly jobless claims is due out this morning that could have a big impact on trading yesterday the Dow was down 445 points a 1.

8 percent drop the S&P fell 2.

2 Nasdaq lost 1.

4 oh and tonight futures have been sort of moving all morning we'll see what happens at the opening bell weekly jobless claims come in in about an hour it would be nice to obviously to see them level off but it's just hard not to think about the folks who already have felt that pain and how long they'll be out of work regardless of new claims right so anyway but thank you Maribel we'll see what that number is today yes we'll see you tomorrow Maribel well today valina day here in Texas yeah how you can celebrate in her honor [Music] 6:27 is your time if you're coming in from the sugar land area Missouri City area heads up there is a crush working near the Southwest Freeway I'll give you that information just minutes away no weather was this morning it is beautiful here's a live look on the island along seawall temperatures right now in Galveston in the 60s but many of you are still waking up in the upper 40s these cool temperatures they will be a thing of the past we have heat moving 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service centers are open if you need to replace your vehicle Toyota will defer your payments for 90 days and every new Toyota comes with toyotacare a no-cost maintenance plan for two years or 25, 000 miles we're here for you contact your local Toyota dealer to see how they can help Toyota no no no this ain't no sandwich because I'm a sandwich they ask you if you want cheese but on a Papa deer cheese is was holding the whole operation together get one now for just six bucks better ingredients better pizza better than a sandwich Papa John's [Music] live from KPRC this is channel 2 news today good morning we've got more testing coming to the Houston area where you can go for free today even if you don't have symptoms plus to Walgreens soon to have tests that give results in minutes and we're all doing our part to stay home stay safe stuff to spread and protect health care workers coming up what nurses inside the coronavirus ICU say it means to them hey if you will need to see a doctor at all this year for a checkup to get a prescription refilled go ahead and put it on their to-do list now to make an appointment doctors are seeing patients virtually during the pandemic I'm gonna explain why getting in will save you both time and money do things we like to hear thank you Amy well good morning everyone 6:30 now on a Thursday morning thanks for waking up with us I'm Taniya right no one can flat take your morning will join a Naveed for a traffic update in a moment first though Britta with another beautiful day ahead it is look at that sunrise setting up this is right over downtown right now temperatures north of i-10 still a little chilly we're in the 40s so grab a light sweater but we're starting to see the changes especially at the coast Galveston you've been waking up in the 50s you're still cool and comfortable but we're in the low 60s so that's the direction where we're going we're expecting a little more heat over the next few days so really take advantage of today here's a live look from our tower camera here at Channel 2 News you're looking towards downtown along the Southwest Freeway this afternoon we're gonna be in the mid 70s still holding on to the low humidity a beautiful beautiful afternoon to the north of town we'll be in the mid 70s in Conroe 75 degrees at Bush Airport and the low to mid 70s in Galveston typically we would be at 80 degrees we'll talk about a lot of heat on that 10 day forecast coming up Taniya thank you Berta well we are continuing to follow the latest number of coronavirus cases across the Houston area and the good news is we are seeing some signs of progress there are now six thousand 187 confirmed cases now here's another way you can look at those numbers this chart shows the last five days remember we knew these numbers would climb we are up more than 900 cases since Saturday 115 people have died from the virus and we do know at least 1, 350 people have recovered and as we're testing becomes available those numbers will rise health reporter Haley Hernandez joins us now with more on the new testing sites that people here can go to Haley that's right tonight so another retesting site is opening up today in our area it will be at fire station number five in Galveston that's on Ball Street and remember there are several other free testing sites all across Houston that you can go to whether you are showing symptoms or not but you can't just show up you do have to pre-register by phone or online for all of these details and locations we've posted an article on click2houston.

com slash coronavirus now an antibody test has come to the Houston area we've talked a lot about these kinds of tests that shows if you have ever been exposed to corona virus the idea is that knowing this could help to open up non-essential businesses now a local clinic says they've got a finger prick that can give antibody results in as little as 10 minutes of course there's a lot of skepticism about whether these tests really works and some failed early studies but we're told this test in katy is about as good as it gets reviewing the data behind this test as a sensitivity and specificity greater than 95% so dr.

Odie Lee and his team at Apex urgent care are among the first to offer this test in the Houston area it costs $85 and rapid testing is also coming to two new Walgreens drive-thru sites in Harris County tomorrow there will be one on Westheimer and highway six and the other ones going to be in Pasadena along West South Moore Avenue and shaver Street each one is going to be able to contact to conduct 200 rapid tests every day and results can be found in just 15 minutes man that's a big improvement testings gonna be by appointment only thereto and patients have to be pre-screens they can't just show up and get one the last night of six I showed you a box that healthcare professionals are using at st.

Luke's to keep them safe from infection well now Memorial Hermann is using something similar they sent me this video of clear screens that help registration and triage nurses stay safe while they're assessing patients that's a much larger box that you see goes all the way around them they also have smaller intubation boxes to go over a patient's face to protect protect protect the physicians and since it's common for patients to be coughing when they're putting in those breathing tubes that's why it's important for that procedure Memorial Hermann is also putting the IV pumps outside of patients rooms in order to limit the amount of time that staff actually has to go inside and be in direct contact with these patients and Houston is America's fourth largest city but research shows we're holding our own against kovat 19 the Houston Health Department released these new numbers to give us an idea of how our area is doing compared to hotspots all across the nation these are the number of cases per 100, 000 people as you can see new orleans leads with more than 1400 while houston has 99 and Houston Methodist nurses say those low numbers are exactly what's keeping them safe I spoke to two nurses working in what they're calling the coronavirus ICU and right now there are 88 patients total in the Methodist ICU beds when they managed to discharge one they say one other comes in right behind them so it is more than just hard work this is emotionally draining hospital staff on what's been called the front lines of kovat 19 working to save lives of the patients making headlines the ones who are so sick family can't be by their side due to the risks that come with infection so nurses like Alexandra Carnahan and Carmina Anna Catalan have to be their caretakers and their comfort even if they're if they're not and I think now especially because family isn't there I'm even more cognizant about it they say they help patients communicate with family members through computer screens for support and after 12-hour days they go home alone choosing to distance from their family at a time when they could use them none of us have seen like was her family wonderful advice just not the same just having a big hug is really something that you take for granted and these nurses are only in their 20s and while so many may say this is what they signed up for they never could have predicted a pandemic like this would mark their career so early on right now I feel like I'm personally doing okay it's hard it is hard every day and it's knowing that this is something to be done and that knowing that I'm doing something for the greater good it helps me yeah so I asked them if they are prepared to endure this for the long haul and they said actually what's been getting them through this crisis has been the tremendous community support that they've felt they said people have brought meals and care packages and they are just genuinely touched by the generosity of Houstonians nice to hear right Taniya it really is nice to hear and as we saw it they have really good attitudes about all of this so the question is is there anything that they need from the community right now you said they've been getting a lot of donations you know in addition to the donations they're telling me that they're grateful for the people who are social distancing they say that they believe that's what's keeping the number of patients down and that's what's protecting them so one thing they said that actually surprised me though is how many young patients they're treating that have complications with coronavirus so tonight at 6 p.


I'm gonna have more from these nurses about what they want you to know is really happening in the ICU right now definitely all right looking forward to that Thank You Haley you know we've received hundreds of questions about the stimulus checks the IRS has released an online form that now allows you to upload your bank account information so you can receive your payments quickly the new get my payment feature allows the agency to transfer the payments of up to $1, 200 per person faster than doing it with paper checks which could take months for some folks the website also allows people to check the status of your payment and now to Congress members are proposing new legislation that could bring even more financial relief to Americans proposal to provide citizens over the age of 16 with $2, 000 a month plus an additional 500 per child and the payments would continue until the employment returns to pre kovat 19 levels if passed time now is 6:39 governor Abbott is going to release his plan to jumpstart the state's economy tomorrow now as of right now there is no word yet on exactly what time he's going to share those details with us governor Abbott says this is not going to be rushed to the gates everyone's able to suddenly reopen all at once kind of plan but we do know that President Trump is set to talk to Governor Abbott and the other 49 governors across the country about reopening the economy today more than 16 million Americans have filed for unemployment so far since mid-march this morning we're expecting another update on how many folks are looking for those benefits our Vincent Crivelli is joining us now we've heard of hundreds of complaints about wait times filing with the Texas Workforce Commission but we got an update the Vincent from them yesterday that's right they've added two new call centers and now have over 500 people answering calls they're trying to play catch-up as the unemployment numbers continue to rise my lovely manager said you know there's no easy way to say this but we're not flying anymore you have to be laid off it's a phone call over 16 million Americans have already received since mid-march the TWC trying to keep up doing that to continue to provide the benefits that texans deserve and need the Texas Workforce Commission says it's paid out more than 400 million dollars in unemployment benefits since mid-march everyone that is qualified will receive benefits and in fact it won't be just from the date that they are apply for benefits but we're gonna get that as far back as March 8th at 7:30 this morning the latest unemployment numbers come out President Trump is also expected to make a big announcement today these encouraging developments have put us in a very strong position to finalize guidelines for States on reopening the country president Trump says the u.


is doing well in the fight against coronavirus and he plans to unveil his guidelines to opening the economy after a conference call with all 50 governors who have the final word on when and how their states will move forward find out where we are let's find out the facts then we'll make a decision everything has everyone has been wrong about everything for this entire duration and again on Friday Governor Abbott plans to release details of his plan to reopen and jumpstart the Texas economy reporting live in Houston Vincent Crivelli KPRC Channel 2 News coming up on 6:42 now this morning Houston IT is continuing to serve meals to students here's a list of locations and times you can pick them up there at Hartsfield Elementary Jane long Academy Burris Elementary Wheatley High School in Fond Wood Early Childhood Center now we have the full list along with the other locations for the rest of the week posted on our website click2houston.

com 642 let's rejoin Brenna get a check of our weather today yeah looking great for today so let's take a live look outside by Miller outdoor theater Centennial Gardens it is nice and crisp here in Houston this morning we're waking up in the 40s by lunchtime we're up to 70 degrees than this afternoon picture-perfect mid-70s were keeping low humidity in place and we have sunshine in the forecast with just a few clouds the changes really start to take place tomorrow so enjoy it this is the last day of widespread 70s that we're gonna have for quite some time the 80s will be taking over we'll talk about humidity and also some weekend downpours in your forecast coming up in just a few moments tonight thank you Berta well homeschooling virtual work meetings even worship services all part of our lives right now super expert Amy Davis with more on what we need to know when it comes to talking to our doctor from home yeah absolutely while we're all staying home to stay self stay healthy who says we can't check in with our doctor coming up I'm gonna tell you why signing up and making an appointment right now can not only save you time but also money that's coming up on the next houston life five women try on one popular jumpsuit from Amazon see if you should add this to your online shopping cart plus a local twelve-year-old DJ who's gaining national attention how she's using her talents to spin some smiles today at one that Cigna we don't just stand with health care professionals in his time of crisis we run with them toward those in need we are 7, 000 doctors nurses pharmacists and therapists supporting their efforts on the ground and virtually and just as we are by their side we're by yours too with answers to your most pressing questions and expert advice at Cigna calm / coded 19 how can we overcome organ failure with expertise built from years of researching and performing multi organ transplants delivering better outcomes for you that's the difference between practicing medicine and leading it [Music] [Applause] every morning we come together to find hope these are times when we want to be with our families what's your word of comfort I'm rediscovering the strength with family and friends which has really come through with this time everybody who is separated we are with you back at 6:45 tracking the growing number of coronavirus cases in the area six thousand 187 there have been 115 deaths 1, 350 recoveries yesterday mayor Turner and local health officials said the city of Houston is showing positive signs in the fight against kovat 19 in homeschooling virtual work meetings even worship services are now being done inside of her homes with the government mandates to stay safe and stay at home to slow the spread of the corona virus you can have doctor's appointments that lists of things you can do virtually our consumer expert Amy Davis is back with how to save time and money doing that right now yeah hey good morning guys if you're anything like me you had to cancel several doctor's appointments that you had scheduled before this whole stay home stay healthy before those order started well now is the time to check back in with your doctors and your children's doctors because many of them are working virtually right now we discovered that most large insurance companies will not require you to pay anything out of pocket right now yes you do put your feet correctly you don't do all the way up Rachel Green's daughter Reagan usually attends physical therapy at Texas Children's Hospital every other week but a few weeks ago her therapist asked if she wanted to do her appointments at home via telemedicine at first I kind of was like okay it's a physical therapy appointment but we're gonna do it virtually but we had our first appointment about four three weeks ago and it was awesome so now 11-year old Reagan does her exercises on-camera as her therapist looks and watches the therapist would direct me in regards to how to like help her to get the exercise just right so it's been a really great experience we just had one yesterday and we have another one in two weeks and the best part Rachel hasn't had to pay the normal $50 copay for Reagan's physical therapy visits because her health insurance provider Cigna is waiving customer cost-sharing fees right now we have not paid that since we switched to telehealth and that's actually been great especially if everything economically going on a quick visit to the websites of Aetna Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana confirm all are waiving co-pays for telemedicine visits telemedicine business can range from telephone call all the way into a virtual video call where you're face-to-face with the provider dr.

Turia Richmond usually sees dozens of patients at her private medical practice in third Ward now she's seeing those patients virtually while they stay in their homes for routine visits refilling prescriptions making sure that the patients have what they need things like headaches fatigue things like that where we can see you we can look at you and believe it or not a lot of our decision-making comes from the history and talking with the patients all right so dr.

Richmond says that she can call in prescriptions for birth control even there even urinary tract infections obviously there are some visits that require you to be in person there with a doctor if that's the case they'll let you know otherwise now's the time to contact your doctor and find out if you can do your next few visits virtually you will save yourself the commute time the copay possibly even parking fees from the Medical Center so we've got all this information for you online and we're also linking you to therapists and some other doctors who are offering free sessions via telemedicine right now you'll find that on click2houston.

com I'm consumer expert Amy Davis KPRC Channel 2 News Silver Lining with more efficiency perhaps going forward Thank You Amy definitely thank you Amy all right 648 let's get a check on our weather with Brita look at that 49 degrees right now but I know nice and crisp so this entire week has been fabulous today another great day it's nice to cool out there so grab a light jacket we're at 49 degrees here in Houston but south of i-10 we're generally in the 50s this morning low 60s that.

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