OUTRAGEOUS Worms, Kapana and Rare Meats!! African Street Food in Namibia!!!

OUTRAGEOUS Worms, Kapana and Rare Meats!! African Street Food in Namibia!!!

Welcome to Namibia one of the mostremarkable countries in Africa and the world the culture here is diverse and dynamic with roots that date back thousands of years here this vastlandscape stretches out wider than Texasbut they only have a population of 2.5million a big chunk of those people livein the country’s capital wind hook means Windy corner people from every corner ofthis country has settled here bringingtheir culture German here is the localapp and their cuisine unlike this oneit’s got some imperfections they’re allkind of unique today we’re going on anall-out street food mission. I’ve neverseen someone really take apart the wholechicken while the guts are still inthere trying to them from the delicioushaving a mouth chasm to the street uh umbazaar you can do itwelcome to Street food namibia style, I’ma little curious what’s going on here Ilook across this parking lot itliterally says a superstore right acrossthe street then you guys are set up herewell.

OUTRAGEOUS Worms, Kapana and Rare Meats!! African Street Food in Namibia!!!

I mean what is this this would bethe open market because there’s no roofright and that would be the supermarketwith the roof it’s like the dick that’sthe name he goes by he’s traveled theworld even lived in Beijing for a whileten years ago he became the country’sfirst stand-up comedian so here you areone of the biggest comedians in the landtoday slick will be my sidekick walkingme through the complicated street foodculture of winter how does it work likethe supermarket owners don’t care thatpeople are out here not at all they callit competition skirt really they shouldwork a little harder that’s awesome thisopen market is a super market in itselfrun by several independent vendors andsupported by walk-up traffic like mefirst of all what’s your name memorymemory is oh that’s a great name I hope.

I can remember it memory memory memorymemory hold on I do remember followingmemory to the nearby butcher shop thismorning watching her buy fresh cuts ofmeat and sausage for specialty turningthis note into a pile of cash in one day what are your specialties nature rightmeat what do you think I should try ittoday maybe the border of wars wereverse Google a direct force and whichone is supportive oh yeah it’s it’s ideayeah boring was inside big this sausageis the mixture of beef and mutton fatnestled inside a hotdog bun is it breadfrom the supermarket. Oh fantasticwelcome she adds some homemade salsa amix of onion tomato green bell peppersome oil vinegar and barbecue spices soyou made this yes Tommy male that soundsawesome thank you very much Dunning ohthis is really deliciousit’s no joke.

I mean it just reminds meof a classic kind of bratwurst but withdelicious toppings that told me Mayo isa killer this is fantastic how you sayit’s really nice shall I check that myshot doc yes how long have you been heredoes this always been your spotI mean it’s just looking it can lookkind of random but there’s nothingrandom about this nothing at all if Icome up here with my weber grill startcooking hot dogs down there it’s gonnabe a problem right yeah you know getscum like they can stick you company Imean don’t leave in fact this place issupported by the government each ofthese vendors has a space assigned tothem so it’s completely legit but it’snot without its own challenges Rosaliahas had her spot for four years she canfeel the struggle as much as anyone herethere’s no electricity and no water soeach day she must bring her own but onthe bright side the meat she’s cookingup is conveniently located nearby do you think that cow was alive this morning Iused to go lift it somewhere is it fun Ijust think it must be fresh cuz thebutcher doesn’t have any ice orrefrigeration his cow is probably wokeup this morning there’s gonna be a good day.

Oh sorry now that’s a good meal this area will likely grow and becomemore developed over time that’s whathappened here at warren hill flea markyears ago vendors served food under thisbridge but the conditions were chaoticand unsanitary now the government built permanent stallswhere you can witness all kinds ofunique local classics there’s so muchgoing on here there’s some more commonfoods lots of fried bread pasta macaronihere we saw this earlier at the othermarket this is the pop air pop everyregion of the world has their staplecarbohydrate hear it pop like a denseporridge made from Mahon goo or pearlmillet world with hot water then left tocool until it becomes solid enough tohandle by him on this side some tripe isa cow stomach yeah that’s cause stomachit can be kind of bitter sometimessometimes you have to cook it for awhile get that initial bitter flavor outyou spice it up and you get a betterflavor that’s exactly what.

I’m hopingforI’m hoping fvor exit usually go toSpooner hands hands usually hands isbetter just good I’m gonna try just apop at first my uncle hunga hunga manguit has almost no flavor the flavor comesfrom whatever you add to a white shellor something like thatI think we got to go for the tripe ohboy oh bit more Hangul a little bit oftripe it’s intense it’s super animal inflavor it’s like I know this cow, I ever intended to know that cowyou almost got to work with your teethto really get it down there it’s notlike regular beef they did a pretty goodjob addressing the gay meanest but it’sstill there what’s your name head of dumb yes coolsunny sunny well yeah and not like theJapanese brand but like they like theweather and what’s your name hey thismight do us like the dick hurt and homeless business was passed down from their mother they offer a crazy amountof food even pop what is the dish thatpeople always come back here for mostred cake yeah nice that was my nicknamein middle school.

I was a sad kid anywayswe’re here for this but since they’realso turning out one of the city’sfavorites we’ll try that too Eastondough made from corn flour blobbed anddropped in oil then rotated around untilthey’re golden brownoh goes down every time so it’s normalto eat a plane if you want to help themdipping sauce or if you’re eating likesome meat maybe you put the meat inbetween like that this is fantasticsuper crunchy on the outside justincredibly doughy on the inside whattime do you get out of here seven Ohlong day full day alrightare we just waiting for the number let’stalk about the dish you’re making rightnow what is the name of this dish gumboeggs scrambled egg yeah oh you’re gonnaput chicken liver as well yes in a potshe fries some veggies add turmeric eggsmixes that then the chicken liver pileon some spices and finish up the cookingside that with another local favoritemacaroniI got you a what is this a reboostenergy this assumes you are alreadyboosted at one point yes another boostCheers.

I’m just gonna jump into it I’m gonnatry it just some of the egg at firstdynomite I was very good it’s just likea savory scrambled egg and it tasteslike there’s salsa mixed into it haveyou had it in this style notspecifically in this styleI’ve had it more full boiled egg wrapwhip the liver and a little bit of beentest time together this is like theMetropolitan version yeahI’m gonna get some egg now with theliver knowing that what do you think thechicken liver II can be kind of dry butthe boat without Edgar saw better itgoes down easy on the side here too notmac and cheese it’s Mac and Mac whereverbarbecue culture and Mac a little bit ofmayo on it stay for having a barbecue wecall it a pride Namibia has a long brutal andcomplicated his tory for thousands ofyears traditional ways of life carriedon without interruption but in 1884Namibia was colonized by Germanhoneymoon which led to conflicts andmassive bloodshed in 1950 the countrywas captured by South Africa and itwasn’t until 1988 that Namibia becameindependent there can be good and bad onthese types of bad things that happen ofcourse there’s nothing good about a genocide but what good came fromcolonialism if any infrastructuraldevelopment then a lot of the systemswere set up during colonialism that Icould say is good but the way ithappened.

I don’t think necessarily thatwas good with the strong influence theGermans have had here do you thinkthere’s any part set of German culturethat have just rubbed off into theculture at large I can’t say like beingon time has necessarily rubbed off youstill have to play a lot of African timehere ok but someone says I’ll be therenow they mean in a little bit right giveme some time but I’ll be there now oh mygod what means actually now will be. I’m here we are in the market it seems like Istarted randomly and then parts of itbecame permanent over time well that’sexactly what happened regard tocontinued market which means let’s fightfor it market it probably has a lot ofspace stretches out from where we are sofirst part of the CDP what’s see leadingcentral business district okay. I thoughtyou talked about like the weed oilcoming here everyone really you knowsomeone passing by a student coming fromschool someone coming to buy some foodfor lunch so the marketplace is hugehere in her restaurant she’s offering along menu of foods.

I’ve never even heardof but I’m here for one in particularthe walkie talkies the runaway chick atthe runaway chickit has muscle on it these are differentthan other types of chickens so we liketo think so cuz we we assume they walk alot in a field somewhere and that’s theonly reason we caught up marathon walkietalkie this part does the walkie thispart does the talkie we’re eating bothand nothing else I’ve had somethingsimilar in Madagascar but here she cooksit in her own way I’ve never seensomeone really take apart the wholechicken while the guts are still inthere she’s cut in the face right hahathe back side of the chicken we used tobe a male delicacy only why is thatpatriarchy oh the walkie-talkie iscooked in a pot that her specialingredient hurryvegetable soup add some tomatoes andcook it a bit more until her culinaryinstincts tell her it’s finished[Music]what’s this piece ahead yeah that’s apiece and I’m gonna try it out it’s acrunchy ice you forgot you put in somemiscellaneous parts some extra surprisesnow does she throw away the fingernailswe usually get rid of you got a file inor get fake ones use some of the betterchecking.

I had it’s soft it’s notcrazy softly this is like the middletexture it’s like really kind of theheads are almost unrecognizable at thispoint you can clear the bones away andjust go right for the brain going around the world I haven’t livedin Asia a number of years I reallyopened up my mind to trying differentunique food you ever seen anything likethat have not base doesn’t look happybut in the u.s. chicken feet it’s justnot gonna happenit’s not a thing they’re freaked out byit no no the US should have a little bitof everything yeah we don’t, I think whatpeople in the US are most freaked outabout is just weird texture things thatare too fatty or jiggly or oily eventhough a lot of the people in the US arekind of fat fatty and oily good they’retotally missing out I love it today myman slick has saved the best for lastthis is single coroner’s one of the mostpopular markets in winter.

I’m seeing alot of foods I’ve not seen before firstof all what is this one that is a form of dry spinach oh it’s it’s been kind ofdried in pancakes yeah this is the thingthat catches my eye most these are workthis is the Mopani worm from the Malpanitree from no planted tree they can beeverywhere like I’m talking everywheredo you know the method for getting themlike this do you kill them you just sortof press your thumb down and you go andyou dry them out you boil them when yourfry out some people prefer to keep thema little bit of soup I prefer them friedI’m gonna eat all this is a monster oneright here you can do it oh I know I cando ita lot of stuff that broke off a littlebit slow crunching it absorbs the waterI could really use a diet oh I forgot Imight come here it isn’t cheatingslightly cheating so we have to sharevery nice but you know it is still a rawingredient this is Kalpanathis is kappanna one of them of hisfavorite delicacies.

I can see in theback there’s huge cuts of meat like itthere’s like a half a cow on the tableback there then as you move up it’s beensliced and diced a bit more here he’sactually grilling it from here we justordered and we started digging in it’sgonna create some space for us we’regonna eat it right off the grill rightoff the girl that’s fantastic it’ssimple point to what you want and hopethey see you all good they chop it downto beautiful bite-size portions and youtoss them backgo ahead take a piece dip in some of thespicier oh there’s some spice in thiscardboard box all those delicious hotand juicy right off the grill we onlystruggle here is the the fumes comingoff the grill hold on give me a secondI’ll be right backah okay as a way better what’s nice isif you take a one piece of meat take apiece of liver and some fat or you mayget a little animal that’s what you doare you able to take me seriously stillas we talk here I’m trying okay good what.

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