Night street food in Nigeria! Good food!

Night street food in Nigeria! Good food!

As a foodie what are your credentialswhat are your experiences withstreet food with street food you getthings that are reallynice there’s a bit of creativity when itcomes to street foodand it’s very affordablelegos nigeria this is africa’s mostpopulated citydensely packed with over 20 millionpeoplethis city is not for the weak from allaround the countrydreamers entrepreneurs and thosedesperate for morecome here to make it but making itdoesn’t come easyif anything you really really reallywantin nigeria you talk of lagos the aim isto make sureit gets good betteruntil it gets to the best this is one ofthe most challenging placesin the world to shoot a video you’ll seewhy soon but we didn’t come here for awalk in the parkwe’re here to capture nigerian life foodand culture if you have seen before today.

Night street food in Nigeria! Good food!

I’m on a mission to discover thedynamic street food sceneof legos i’ve never seen the anatomylaid out like thatit’s like seeing the whole globeflattened out into a mapseeing how far my money will get me as iattempt to fill my stomachvery nice and empty my wallet is thattry trying to spendover 100 in 24 hours this should beless than a dollar ohi’m gonna have to eat a lot at the sametime i’ll be learning the unspoken rulesof hustlein the city that never stops workingtime to clock in do you know what’shappeningi don’t tell me okay so we have fishand chicken here this is folly a legoslocala creative contributor to battleboxnigeria’s most excitingnews and entertainment youtube channelandshe’s a lover of street food todayshe’ll be my sidekickhelping me make my way to 100 worth ofstreet foodand more importantly helping me toconnect with the local people before youleave nigeria you must learn how tospeak a pidgin broken languagehow do.

I say how’s the weather inlegos how the weather did for lagos ifeel likeit’s gonna sound racist are you sure ican do this yes you canpidgeon is a simplified form of englishmixed with other languagescreated to help communication amongdifferent cultures how deep were the dayfor legosdid you end yeah this lagos it hurtswell wellhot way away ahcool we’re at allen avenue one of lego’swell-known night time food hubs forlocalsand visitors who want to satisfy theirtwilight cravingsat this particular vendor they’vemastered the art of grilling fishand chicken can i say something withoutsounding mean say it is a fruitit looks like someone ran this chickenover rightin a delicious way what kind of fish isthis pork fish this is a hefty food itdoesn’t look like something you just siton the street and munch onno you know what people that love todrink alcoholand just chill so you just buy any of itlet’s try the fishhow much beady fish 2 000.the fish is brought back to life putdirectly on the blazing hot coalsadd yaji pepper a popular nigerianmixture of seasonings made of gingerpowdercrushed peanut cayenne pepper and saltconstantly douse it with oil to wake upthe flavorserve it with cabbage onion and moreyagi on topboom look at this fish oh look this fishwas sosurprised when they threw it in the firelook at that expression it was likeand then frozen in time the people don’tusually just sit here and eatyeah they take it to their home in theirhouseyes but.

I have no home here so insteadwe’re just gonna eat it right herestanding up yeah how do weattack this show me the way okay ahaa croaker fish okay yeswhat’s that it’s a fishboneit’s quite juicy i like that spice alittle nigerian masalaand then along the way you’re justeating some onions and cabbage or do youmix it with the fishand mix it in your mouth i like it alittle bit fish or thatohthat i love because the fish was friedearlier kind of heavy so it’s nice tocut it with some vegetables kind of mixthe intensity up like the whole mixtureis very nice in the mouth exactly youwork for a company called batter boxso you have covered stuff about culturecurrent events anda bunch of street food too yes i’ve donea lot of traveling i’ve done a lot ofshooting buttraveling to travel and traveling toshoot are super differentfor example if i go to india take out mycamera i start shooting people are verywelcoming oh comeshoot my shop but not every place islike that i go to japanthey don’t like anything spontaneousthey’re like you should have planned ineed to askfive levels of bosses above me so theywould just not be a fan of it and they’dpolitely ask you to stopi did not get kicked out of the 711 didyou i didn’t.

I walked outyeah uh nigeria they’ll ask you to stopbut they might also threaten you hey doyou see those guys yelling at me when iturn on a lightyeah it’s okay i will protect youyes and i’m curious as someone who’sshot here so muchwhy is it so intense shooting in legosit’s abundant it’s dynamicit’s pure energy like adding some redbull to your morning coffee this wouldbe like the new york of nigeriavery active everything is so fast hereliterallylegos one of the fastest growing citiesin the worldalways moving always changing if youwant to survivepick a spot and sell something anythingso the thing is in lagos some places arefriendlysome other places are notthe whole reason is if you can tip themthey’re fine so you should never goanywhere and just start shootingrandomlythe moment that you’re coming somewhereelse you’re bringing cameras they feellike oh they can make money out of thisthen some people will come at you andthen that’s when you have to tip them okayall rightsir do you like your noodles are these good i’m so sweaty he knows what he’sdoingyeah do you think you can replicate thisi’m very hungrylet’s do it our next stop right herethis vendor has been in the street foodbusiness for the last 15 yearsoffering a cozy night cap for the sobercrowd and the not so sober crop we gotfood coming in food going outthis is one package of noodles he putsin some water and then he’s digging deepin the apron there’s something in thereit’s a lighter okay well.

You can’t cookwithout firewhat kind of noodles is he making thenumber noodles with veggies inside ohthisis uh indomie yes these are from all theway from indonesia they’re herethe popular one is indonesia heyindonesiabig ups oh that’s gonna be so spicydudeis it straight chili sauce yes that islike levelfive health spicy all right he is mixingthis about furiously can we do some eggstoodo the eggs go in the noodles is that anormal thing i don’t want to breaktradition[Applause][Music]you’re like a featured extra have youever been in a movie beforewe actually paid him to sit next to usand just eat noodlesoh my gosh look at this steamy andsmelling super spicy let’s go for itnice flavor tremendously spicywow it makes a huge difference like heuses the seasoning from the packetbut he just piles on more spice do youever order even more spiceand go extra yes i love pepperthe noodles are like kind of mushy ithink because they added the egg insidesomany more mushy but this one tastes different yours is way better ilike them both don’t get me wrong but that’s more noodley this is more of amesh yes.

It’s cause of the eggs who’scoming out here and eating this kind offood like there are clothes aroundright maybe you’re just drinking andyou’re partying and you need to eatsomethingit’s like a hangover food like itfortifies your stomachit protects you from the alcohol exactlywere you partying tonightyou were partying coolnice i’ve been known to party once in awhile too shooting in legos is not easy forforeigners or locals alikebut as an outsider if you try it on yourown you won’t last two minutesi just think it’s fair to point out likeshooting here yeah it’s fun it’s achallenge but it’s not allsunshine and rainbows and it seems likethere are some unspoken rules that if you’re not from here and you don’t knowhimyou could get in a lot of trouble so ithought you have in your papers thatyou’re allowed to filmbut also remember that we also havepeople who are called the strictboys or the street guys you still haveto deal with them here you gotta play by the rules of thestreet it starts with the area boysa hierarchy of gangs that control turffrom neighborhood to neighborhoodif you film without the approval of thearea boys it’s not going to end well foryouone way or another the area boys alwayscollectfor us because we are nigerians and sowe know howto maneuver some of these things but there are times that you cannot maneuverit you still have to just tip somepeopleand just so that you can have peace soit’s best to start out on their goodsidebut even then scuffles andmisunderstandings can happenthat’s just the way it isboom nice street food it is very loudhere yes.

I think it might be the generatorcould you fall asleep to thiswow i into you thisis calledand he’s a suya dealer yeah uh hello sirzuya is a national dish in nigeriaoriginating in the north in nigeria wehave different tribesokay but this particular thing is mostlydone by the australiansand this is basically just meat on astick yesyes a spicy meat skewer it can be beetramchicken or a variety of organ meatsmarinated with yaji pepperis that tripe yeah oh i had a lot oftripe on my trip already and i’m notsure how much stomach i should put in mystomach what’s the far one this isgive that if you just only could get twothings and then you die tomorrowwell okay how about in this scenario youdon’t even have to die at all yeahif you could choose only two what wouldthey beand personally i love dessert beef anddessert yeahlet’s do it the meat is tossed atop afiery charcoalwafting extending a welcoming aroma likesome kind of meat scented axe body sprayhe chops it into biteable bits andserves it up with cabbageonion and even more yachty goodness whatdo you want to try firstsoya let’s join so what makes the suitspecialis the peppers they mix it withdifferent kind of things and that’s whatmakes it sweeteroh my god.

I peed my pants a littlebit wow it’s really crunchy it’s kind oftough it’s like a hot beef jerkyno do you think it’s tender not sostrong but it’s not as soft as like uhkobe beef it’s not as hard as jerky andsomewhere in betweenbut do you like it sweet spicysavory so here we have the gizzard sameseasoning and this is extra crispy let’stry it outit’s like chicken jerky it’s toughit requires some chewing but listen idon’t mind texturei’m not a guy who thinks every steakshould melt in my mouth and i could eatit with no teethi like textures from life tough togelatinous to gooey to whateverthis is more on the the side where youreally have to put some work intochewing to get through itit’s a fun snack so spicy exactly iguess the more you eat the sweeter youdrinkmore i knew it it’s like a bit oversalted and you want to like wash down acold beeroh that would be nice huh right guys buti gave up drinkingoh it’s alcohol i thought there’d be alot more sprite in therejust judging from the bottles i thinkdid that just break my streak liz oh mygodi went five weeks without drinking iaccidentally drankwhat is in my cup what is that it’s liketo help wash down your systemi digest teeth yes everything isflexible it’s funand can i dance better toowow that’s good i was like a sea walklegos is a mixed bag of scrabble piecesand.

I’m a blind man trying to figure itoutafter a couple days here i still can’twrap my mind around this placemost folks i meet are indifferent aboutour missionit seems like everyone wants everyoneexpects something in returneven if they didn’t provide any servicein the first placeand when situations get out of handtempers can flipon a dime i’ve been fortunate becausewe’ve just been with a strong local crewwho’s guiding the way andand they know how to deal with all thesesituations if any vlogger thought theycould come here alone and just shoot onthe streets of nigeria like good luck that’s all i have to saynext timewe complete our 100 street foodchallenge and i learn more about thecomplicated culture of africa’s mostbustling mega city living in lagos youhave to have that sweet vibe in youso that you can float everyone hey guys want to contribute to a greatcause and at the same timecaused me great pain now’s your chancelet me explainon may 16th i will be taking on aone-man all-daycoronathon for every dollar donated toour gofundme i will row 5 meters or 16feet best ever food review show isthrowing in the firstfive thousand dollars but our goal is toraise twenty thousand dollarstwenty thousand dollars means me rowing100 kilometersthat’s 62 miles.

that’s like growing twomarathons then rowing another 10 milesfor no reason that’s like rolling fromearth to outer spacea distance that’ll likely take 10 to 12hours to completeif we raise more money i’ll keep onrowing it’s gonna suckbut it’s for a good cause 100 of themoney raised will go to four localvietnamese charities who are helpingfolks affected by the kovid 19 outbreakso give some money watch me suffer andfeel good about yourselfat the same time donate now at ourgofundme link below[Music]water break from researching andshooting to editing and masteringour 10 person best ever food review showteamworks hard to roll out the highestquality travel food entertainmenttwice a week if you like what we do hereplease consider supporting our patreonpatreon allows fans of the show tocontribute a monthly sum and receive aload of extras like early video releasesprivate q and a’s and beyond to learnmore about our patreon check out thelink in the description box down belowand if you can’t give or don’t even feellike it that’s okay toowe’re just happy you’re here fully.

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