What should you eat while traveling in Thailand! The best food in Thailand!

What should you eat while traveling in Thailand! The best food in Thailand!

I like more thananything is he’s got honey big old potof peanut sauce over here there’snothing that goes better with some nicesalty satay and some peanut saucetogether we’re definitely gonna begetting that but we’re mainly here forthe noodles let’s go check out thenoodles sweaty cop we’re gonna be backhere in a second I want to show you acouple things first of all while we’reeating todayit’s called Khao SOI guy and it is anorthern Thai noodle curry soup withchicken and that’s coming from my ownknowledge it’s not coming from. I’m notreading this menu up here. I wish morerestaurants would do this if you look atthis like how nice is this they have allall the menu items just laid out anumber deer all restaurants in Asia canyou please just do this Montegrappaminimap Oh Khao SO.

What should you eat while traveling in Thailand! The best food in Thailand!

I guy the only problemthese are the famous egg noodle it’smade with some rice flour and egg sothey’re yellow they’re looking plumphearty and beautiful and then alljeepers look at this there’s a giant potfull of boiling chicken it’s boiling incoconut milk and there’s chilies andthere’s giant pieces of chicken likethis it’s gonna top that with somedelicious juices and so forthmore toppings the fried noodle sothey’ve got both versions of the noodlein the dish they have like the normalversion and then the fried version ontop for some more texture that’s niceDuncan come all right guys it is about9:00 a.m. in the morning right now alittle bit early people are gettingbreakfast it’s a super chill restaurantpeople it’s quiet place so. I’m trying tokeep some quiet focused energy so youcan still hear my enthusiasm will tellme being loud and obnoxious droves ofpeople coming here for breakfast thenit’s easy to see why it like this lookslike the most beautiful breakfast I’veever seenespecially when it’s kissed by thesunlight it was some a little bit ofslow motion – oh very nice off the batwe’re gonna start with our pork sauteethere’s nothing.

I like more than I’mfind peanut sauce it’s between liquidyand solid we’re gonna just bathe ourpork in that this is what the pig wouldhave wantedto be mixed with a delicious peanutsauce like this undeniable sweet saltycreamy and Pinot deep it’s so awesomeI’m very light is dainty it’s cuteI could eat about a thousand of thesepeanuts are so good you’re gonna want todrink it right now the main event ourchicken with these fried noodles on topthese fried noodles alone our art wouldbe such a good snack Oh amazing flavorbut let go to put it all together andmix it together too so we have some limehere we have put in some shallots and alittle bit of pickled cabbage there wego we’re gonna mix that all up and thenwe’ve got the chicken on the side nowthe chicken is such a mystery because itis still on the bone because it’s supertender it’s been boiling for a while gotour nice delicate chicken there somenudes and some fried nudes guys it’s awhole new level of nudes put it alltogether.

I mean like would you look atthat happy I’m just telling you I don’tmean to swipe let’s try it outmm oh now I understand so this is trueyou have to eat this or the immigrationwill stop you when you try to leave thecountrybecause they need you to experience thisdeliciousness this is amazing it seemslike it would be a little bit heavy verylight flavors the citrus adds some nicecitrus the chicken is amazingly tenderit’s been boiling in a chili paste soyes there’s some spice in there but it’snot overly spicy you’re getting the trueflavor of the chili without the overlyintense hotness of it and you can addmore if you want to but I’m good I’mpretty good the thing I like most aboutthis dish is the texture these thesefried noodles are awesome and they we’remaking a show about first quiet it’squiet time in here no one’s even talkingin this restaurant I don’t know what’sgoing on that is location one.

I’m gonnafinish eating this and then we’reheading to location two obviouslyobviously location 2 all right cut andthe Thai food adventure continues righthere before us some amazing chickengrilled on this huge barbecue ofproportions I’ve never seen before whenyou look at this like all these hotcoals here going at once they’ve gotlike 15 chickens on the grill you cansee they’ve split the chickens openmaking them kind of flat easy to grillthey put two skewers on there or wood tohold our things here we have a lot morechicken selections we have some grilledchicken feetit looks like liver Hui there it is andintestines well look at these intestinesthese are like the most tasty lookingchicken intestines. I’ve ever seen niceand charred on the outside they’re likelittle noodley chicken intestines we’regonna order some chicken some randomchicken parts and some papaya salad foodguyhe goes a food guy some papaya saladthrow it all together and eat it uplet’s do this the chicken and thesechicken parts have not been seasoned buthere we have the seasoning foreverything our chili dip theseintestines look awesome.

I don’t thinkI’ve had intestines that look this greatwell it is like a chewy noodle wonderfultexture chewy low crunching and then atthe end it becomes a little liveryalmost our chili dip it’s like cool atfirst and then there’s like a glowingradiating heat that comes off of it butit’s not too spicy that’s a goodintestine you got some sticky rice onthe side to break up the protein feaststicky rice goes amazing with everythinghold on I got some intestine in my teethbeautifully grilled succulent chickenhere oh it’s juicy I’m gonna just giveit a bite on its own its own juices willbe tasty enough not stupid good that islike summertime barbecue and potatosaladfrisbee hot Sun sunscreen that is whatthat chicken brings me to but it doesn’teven need the sauce but we’re gonna tryit with some sauce – we got a nice pieceof chicken breast here yeah cuz that’s areal test anyone can make that dark meatof the leg be juicybut when them breast is still juicy it’sbeen barbecued like that it’s not dry atall and then it’s taking on all thebeautiful sweetness from the sauce ohit’s game over for your mouth ah that issome good chicken we have a papaya saladhere there’s fermented freshwater fishinside so it does have a pungent smellto it we’ve got some crab but you don’teat the crab you you suck it I don’thave the patience for a lot of stuffbreaking off tiny pieces of crab.

I don’tI don’t have time to suck tiny pieces ofcrab but that’s what you’re supposed todo we’re gonna dig right into the bodyof this this is like a minefield full ofjust little crab pieces that are gonnabreak my fillings off let’s give it atryhmm huh oh god there’s looking at me nowmmm good stuffthank you chicken outstanding thefermented fish bit much for me let itstew a little bit it’s a little bit inmy face even this place is still nottempering the fishiness of thatfermented water fish it’s not for me canI say thatI’m loving 99.9% of the food intensefermented fish mmm confirmednot for me but that’s okay because wegot plenty of chicken for me to munch onand from here we’re going to locationyou guessed it location three the thirdone obviously God Jesus this searchcontinues for some of chiang mai’stastiest treats yummy of snacks andcoming up refreshing beverages local tothis area swathi cop-out Cayenne nooncupshe has a cup full of condensed milk andshe just put some sugar on it and thenshe’s got this cool net filtrationsystem the hot orange looking tea it’sgot a really beautiful color too in andthen she’s mixing that all together andthen she’s gonna put it in this hugeglass it’s a cool refreshing treat she’sputting that hot tea right over the icethat’s melting immediately oh they arenot done they’re putting in some moreevaporated milk Wow all this for only 20or 25 or 15 I’m not sure how this menuworks usually if I’m not sure how muchsomething costs.

I will give them my fullwallet and they can take the of theright amount we have our beautifulorange tea here she’s put even moreevaporated milk on top this is gonna bejust a sugary feast what’s really coolabout this place though is they’re doinga little double handling they have aprint shop here they’re printing stuffyou need some stuff printed you need aquick drink coming here let’s try it outoh that is actually ridiculously goodI’m not a big drinks guy unless it hasalcohol but that is true a tremendoussuper-sweet the tea flavor is comingthrough albeit a bit subtle it’s mostlysugar all right let’s get some more foodbefore we finish out our epic lunchadventure Thai cooking in the North it’sbeen influenced by all these surroundingcountries but also by the mass ofChinese immigrants that have come hereover the years and today right now we’regonna have a Chinese inspired dish it isthe Chinese curled noodle they have thebroth over here boiling away swaticopper mmmI don’t know how to order this one soupthe oh yeah.

I a this yeah yes okay thatworked she’s going for the nudes overhere okay. I’m gonna follow you aroundand then she’s gonna put in some herbsminced garlic the texture of thosenoodles is probably gonna be amazingit’s time for a meat explosion we’ve gotfried pork belly sausage some holes anegg and she cuts the egg and a half withsome dental floss that’s awesome that’sa good ideaand then last a steady brew of brothsteaming right here all day and is thatit ah kun cop oh here it is let’s go tryit out it’s been the biggest lunch of mylife so far I feel like I’m ready toexplode and die after this, I’m gonna gohome and sleep for nine hours but it’sall worth it to show you guys all theseawesome foods I’m gonna get to thenoodles but I’m gonna try some of thismeat first it’s a meat party in here andright now it’s about to be a sausageparty in my mouthvery nice fatty chewy hmm chewy opalsthere’s just so many meats to choosefrom it here in here they call it like arolled noodle or a curled noodle Oh Godokay she didn’t see that it is slipperymaybe.

I could put it on this way aha soif you do it that way what do you knowabout beating the system huh I’ve got mycurled noodle on my chopstick and now Ican grab another one like that smart ohsure okayyes we’re doing it we’re drying somecold noodle let’s do it mmm greattexture I knew it this was prettypredictably delicious with it beingrolled on itself like that it’s gonnahave a nice chew to it so it’s got somebody it’s not just falling apart I don’tlike a soft noodle I like a nude that’sgot some body and some composition to itmmm these noodles are tough though manthey can be very elusive mmm it ain’t nobasic broth you know I’m sayingpeppery salting and just full of porkygoodness that is gonna wrap it up fortoday if you’re gonna have three or fourlunches in one day I recommend coming tothis place for lunch number three orfour but do start with the noodles thatwe add first this morning this video wasmade possible by one trip Vietnam.

I knowwhat you’re thinkingVietnam but sunny you are in Chiang MaiThailand that’s right they have madethis chiang mai video series possible bysupporting me and what, I’m doing hereone trip is a company putting on amazingtours in Hanoi Saigon Danae and manymore locations to come they have foodtours adventure tours village tours mypersonal favorite is a Mekong Delta touryou just really get to go out thereexperience country side culture and seethe real Vietnam for more information onone trip check out the links in thedescription down below don’t forget tothrow a sub do one of these not one ofthese. I love you and I will see you nextweek peace when we do that anythingagain.

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