November 23, 2020

New BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe M Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a newvideo the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe 2020 model is right here actually wehave the m235i 2-liter engine petrol 305 horsepower XDrive is the the model diversion right here in front of me and today I will gointo detail interior exterior I

will try to review it for you guys and show youas many detail as possible actually to be honest it is a big big bigimprovement from the previous version to series and in comparison with the 2Series it is amazing it has a great design very good i/o dynamic alsobeautiful

rims you can see here brake calipersyou can see it in blue because we have this M package on the car so actuallyhere also around the window also there are this plastic glossy black that makethe car look much more modern in my opinion also blinkers full LED lamps inthe

back in the front headlights tail light all LED and the shape of the carin the back it's super nice I love the bumper I love the lines design andeverything here you can see closely the BMW signature right here on the taillight and the LED light in the three-dimensional

shape look phenomenalin my opinion I like the way they they add this glossy plastic from the fromleft to right and they kind of stick togetherthe tail light now on the mirror black mirrors LED lights also in the mirror Ilike the fact that it's all all over black glossy

plastic even here on thisleg of the of the mirror down here we have just an LED light that illuminatethe floor in the night we have the blinds put technology right here in themirror you can see actually the mirrors have have a nice shape they are so bigso you

have a great great visibility also in the front LED light on theblinkers and not only the daylight this this beautiful shape of the taillight wehave also for high beam and low beam LED light and also adaptive LED from BMWkind of the latest technology we don't have the laser

one but it's still veryvery good now the grille in the front it's glossyplastic you will see it a little bit later the bumper down theresporty bumper looks super nice we have even on the handle an LED light herethat illuminating the night very nice I like this kind of

stuff also keylessentrance you can see there on the handle and also here in the back the same storysame LED light on the handle I think those look very nice in the night andgoing up to the windows you can see here around the windows glossy black plasticaround there that

make the car look much more nice and I see that many many carcompany premium car company use this plastic tinted windows in the back theyhave a nice nice shape there and also we will go in the interior but before therehere up here we have the camera and raining

sensors the camera help for thelane assist and also for reading the traffic spilling it BMW logo here alsoby the way if you are in Switzerland autumn arty Punta Hajjcheck out those cars price and also test-drive it nice shape as you can seehere the car have a fuel on

the side but the shape it'sphenomenal it's also look like a very sporty aggressive car and die or dynamicof the car it's it's well made and it's fantastic you have a great grip on theroad with this car now let's go to the rims here guys we have ventilated discsalso

the M package brake calipers in blue 19 inch rims here if you'reinterested in tires and there you can see the ventilated brake discs the Mlogo right there on the brake caliper you cannot see it so well because of therims but I think the rims the 19 inch rims

fit perfectly with this car nowgoing in the front on the bumper we have six parking sensors in the front righthere guys also some glossy plastic here on the side that looks super nice herewe have some air intake kind of for a better aerodynamic and there it's goodair inside

it's a radiator and then it goes away or directly to the brake tocool down the brake a little bit also here the air come inside and go outsidethere here we have the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brakeall that stuff the front grille here it's closed right now

but it's open whenthe engine need a little bit of cooldown so it's kind of nice to see those nicedesign here beautiful design anyway in my opinion this is the bumper it's verynice it's the M bumper that you find it also on the other BMW if you didn't seeit

check out on my channel and other videos with the BMW so you can see thesame front bumper on the M a packaged car so yeah in my opinion it's it lookssuper nice and you can combine it with all BMW models they make the car looksvery nice anyway I

have to tell you guys this carinterior it's also a very very proof and you will see it in a moment also a fewlines sharp edges here on the on the hood that also makes the car look betterdown here some plastic glossy black plastic with white combination and thenyeah

from the side you can see it right now from the side on the right side herein the back we have also this tank where you can fuel your tank and we have thenormal version we don't have the easy fuel so we just you have the previousversion of tank

so it's nothing new there you can see also here the linesfrom the side of the car and then the back is my favorite I love the back ofthe car I love this bumper we have again six parking sensors in the back we havethis kind of nice insertion of

plastic with some holes a little bit here forbetter look in my opinion it's look much better then you have some lightreflectors here and then you have this glossy plastic with a exhaust pipes andthen the real one are right there in the middle in the back they look super

niceat the air diffuser very nice design in my opinion and I like this glossyplastic it looks super nice like that and then going up we have reverse cameraLED lights on the number plate of course as expected and then this is the backhere you can see the m235i then

at the xDrive logo on the otherside and then going up a little bit you will see immediately this spoiler rightthere and also this line that come togetherand stick together the the taillight up here we have some glossy plastic spoilera little small spoiler that helped car g-force it helped

to keep the car bettergrip on the road and a better stability also there is the antenna for radio nicedesign also here in simple tinted windows also in the back so yeah that'sthat's that's a nice design let me go inside the trunk guys now show you thespace we don't

have automatically it's just manually you have the trianglethere here you have two handles on the side and stuff material I like this leghere I like the way BMW designed these trunks with theselegs just like that it's a nice design here we have some rubber that protectthe water to

not go inside the car like it's happening Tesla Model 3 so it'skind of nice to have this rubber a little bit bigger here and it will stopthe car you will stop the water going inside thetrunk now here we have some plastic at the entrance and one centimeter deepnessthere

some space here on the right side where you can put your stuff 12 voltport also here on the right then we have some hooks there in the corners and it'squite bit pretty big in my opinion it's pretty big they really have an LED lightup then you have these

handles that you pull it and then you can push down onthe seats you can fold down all the free seats here we have another 10 centimeterdeepness so in my opinion the trunk it's quite big it's very spacious here youhave the medical kit you cannot open it the down

part so this is all I try tosee what it's under but I cannot I cannot takeso I guess this is all the trunk but for a coupe a car it's quite big and in myimpression my my first impression is that you have plenty plenty of spacehere in the

trunk also it's easily you pull that handles and then you push itand you can see how easy it is to fold down the seats you have an amazing spaceand you have a flat floor there so if you look from outside you never thinkthat this new BMW 2 Series

Coupe would have so much space here in the back andI like it more with the four doors like that it's amazing you have a sportycoupe a car with four doors that look phenomenal I think this will be thecompetitor the Mercedes a-class ok if you see it in my

channel check it out ifyou can see it will be a big competitor for for it is to see risk where theentries in the car it's quite small here because they keep the the windows righthere this small windows this small part they keep it there we have framelesswindows here

as you can see pretty nice design here I don't know if you can seeit I didn't want to focus there but this is the entrance now you can see in theinterior of the space you can make an idea I like the flat floor I think in myopinion you

have plenty plenty of space there in the back and then it is kind ofa huge huge space in the car terror guys and then looking on legs room you haveplenty of leg room there a lot of space there and also on the other sideplenty of space even with

the seat folding down up here we have greatquality two LED light and some glossy plastics soft material on the roof goodquality on the roof as well and on the door as well guys soft material almosteverywhere it feel nice I do touch it good quality even handles are very

nicegoing down we have some some kind of I don't know kind of plastic but very nicedesign the trim it's nice and there inside here we have the LED light so wehave ambient light inside this plastic then we have the speaker the stopmaterial down here some LED light with

blue stitches some leather with littlestitches and then here we have plenty of storage space in the door in the back alot of storage space so I like the design of the door now you can see theback of the front seat we have Alcantara almost everywhere some nice glossydesign

sport seats some storage space down here and then let me go forward wehave two USB C port down there I think you can see it and then the vent righthere in the middle the vents kind of simply they're just simply nothing toadd to the vents everything it's it's

the way it was before now I like thefact that here it's Alcantara on the side and not plastic I like also theseatbelt and I like very much the Alcantara here on the side this isamazing it's very comfortable for the passengers and then we have our qantarahsee it's blue

stitches is your fix for the kid you can see even in the middlethere we have the fabric material in blue kind of blueish the same samedesign of the seats as BMW uses with and the seats are very comfortable somethingthat you should keep in mind even the center armrest

it's in Alcantara I cansee right here we have the classic cupholders from BMW right here in themiddle very good quality also you can have a button here you can fold downonly the middle seat and you can carry long items without any problem there badso I like that very

much very very useful also theheadrest you can adjust it in the middle there the way you want it and yeah verygood quality in the interior that's for sure now let's see you guys the space inthe back right here and you can see in the back I have plenty

of space on myknees actually my Russian it's it's a huge space and yeah I can believe in acool peg or I have so much space on my legs you can see in the front seats arekind of a normal position for the driver let me close the door and

let me showyou the head space here on the head space is not so yeah maybe one fingerit's not so amazing the space but on the legs it's quite good if I go a littlebit in the front and will be much better so no problem for me is no

problem thereI like the way they put this window so I have a good visibility on the windowshere we have also kind of a hook right here so no handle just a hook goodquality on the roof here in the middle we have those LED lights that I told youbefore

let me go in the middle in the middle here we have plenty of legs roomso the good thing on the car is that you have plenty of leg room the bad thing isthat you don't have space on my head it's my head it's it's there it's upthere on

space but if I go in the front will be much much better so you have togo with your legs in the front and then you have much more space in the left inthe right it's more space so three people here you can you can go easilyfor short trips

no problem and keep in mind that it is a Cooper car and it hasthis amazing shape for a better aerodynamic better sportiness so beingable to have three people in the back with this space it's quite goodbeautiful design of the dashboard we have the newest is dashboard newest thistechnology

right here the Yee e7 this infotainment system andmultimedia system but we will go in the moment they're also the doors here inthe front the same great quality you can see right here on the upper side it'ssoft material everywhere also we have the lock and unlock the doors and

thebuttons for the electric seats because this car come with the electric seatsspeaker right here the buttons electric windows electric mirror adjustablemirror then we have the speaker the same fabric material in blue we have insidehere the LED light ambient light it's inside this grey plastic there it's kindof amazing

the way they do it and also we have plenty of storage space in thedoor then we have the leather with that blue stitch is the same as in the backthe M 231 e logo so stainless steel right here and also the pedals arestainless steel right there great quality

electrical just a bullshit andthen in the front the same amazing quality sport seats those are the Msports seats that we find it on the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe a and Alcantaraalmost everywhere and then you can see right here some glossy plastic in themiddle there and then we

have this fabric material in blue in the middle soamazing I think and we have the side support and they are actually verycomfortable even the seat belt you see it in the back alreadythen we have the center console there and then the dashboard it is great thesame will also

amazing quality here we have the new controllers for the light Ithink you already know it you already see it in the other cars it's very easyto control everything of the quality it's better also this nice plastic trimhere around the vents look nice the vents feel good as you

touch it goodquality soft material even here you can see and the same nice trim with littlelittle bubbles there on the dashboard looked fantasticalso the car come with the head-up display right there in the front I thinkyou can see it right there display from BMW it's one of the

best aspeaker and everywhere on the – it's soft material with blue stitches andfantastic quality we have to bend in the right side right there and then aspeaker on the a-pillar also an interesting design the way they chose todo it in the corners there for the vans and of

course soft material everywhereso let me close the door to show you forward so now guys the newest isinfotainment system you will see it also in the moment and I like the way theyintegrate is this new dashboard so here you can see also the globe box is quitebig a

lot of light inside so you can see it is later also I like this this trimon the dashboard it's super nice looks super super nice the way it is all over- and the way they integrate the multimedia system with the cockpit it'ssuper nice also we have right here

the star stop engine button and you can seeimmediately the new digital cockpit I think you already see it I make a fullreview with this new cockpit and multimedia system on my channel for BMWso you can check it out on my channel if you want to go into details

there I'mnot going to go in details I don't make so long this video but you can check iton my channel if you are interested in that also you can control differentfunction from these buttons for example on the cockpit or on the multimediasystem you can customize the right side

the left side is fordriving in the middle it's also customizable you can have the navigationright there in the middle we have heated steering wheel we have this great greatem steering wheel a great quality very nice grip also clappers for changing thegear manually if you want to we have

a speaker right here down on the a-pillarlet's stay on the door think you see it already and then we have here in themiddle of the vent and the other stuff clappers you already see it I alreadytold you about them and here we have the controllers and on the

other side youhave the controller for the cockpit so from this controller you can canchange different voltage function on the cockpit on the right side only the rightside it's customizable the middle one also you can put the navigation and inthe left side is the driving information great visibility around

the windows youcan see it as well here also you can see that at the car have fantastic unitythere you have fantasy visibility we have a leather here arm rest in themiddle that you can open it and you have plenty of space here also on a USB portright there

so I think you can see the USB C port very useful some glossyplastic right here in the middle console then we have electric handbrake how tohold a co different driving mode EcoSport everytime you change thedriving mode it change the color of the cockpit and here we have the

controlsfor the multimedia system it's very simple while you're driving it'srecommended to use only these controllers from the center console andnot a touchscreen and use it also as a touchscreen but it's better to use itfrom there as you know the new digital instrument cluster and the newmultimedia system a7

it's fantastic at the BMW one of the best it doesn't haveany lag at all it's very nicesee when you have plenty plenty of customizable thing and also greatresolution nice colors here we have the stick to change the gears guys looksuper nice glossy black then we have some buttons

here for the parkingsensors also traction control here we have USB port two cupholders in a spacewhere we can charge your phone the same center console that you find it also onthe BMW 2 Series in one series as well so here are the controls for the mediaclassic glossy plastic

button and also the kinematic system right here verysimple to adjust things hit it sit of course and here depends I like the fansvery much the design of the fans it's very nice yeah so blinkers thereand here in the middle you can see the usually the climatic system informationthe

mirror it's also very tiny and nice has a nice design up here and also up onthe roof we have some lights button as always button and nothing else just themicrophone there I wish it was a classy support up there also a light here and amirror small mirror that

you can see yourself in it for those of you thatreally use it now what can I say a few words but I don't want to go too muchinto detail so you can see you can customize the right side on the digitalcluster there you can customize in choice what

you like to see in the rightin the middle usually is the navigation system also you when you when you choicea destination you can also see it in the middle here the multimedia system youhave all the menu right there and the left it's very easy to use as atouchscreen

or with the controls I don't want to go into detail check out on mychannel if you want to see the the new multimedia system from BMW the fullreview it's on my channel so check it out there because if I go in detail Iwill make it so check it

out but anyway amazingquality i think BMW make big big forward steps with these those new cars in 2020also here you have a small space where you can put your stuff I want to showyou also the engine for those of you that are interested to wait the enginelook like

and then we'll close out so let me go in the front to open up thetrunk here I think is something here or I think I have to pull it two times Ithink I make a mistake I have to go back to open it up again so let me

go back soyou have to pull two times hold it two times in order to open it on BMW it'smuch more easy than other cars here's the M Performance BMW engine two-literengine 305 horsepower 450 Newton meter amazing powerful engine on this car sothis image tell you something then that's

good so what can I say guys atthe end of this video I will give you all the information price and all thethe information about the car you can check it out you can also pause thevideo to see it I hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed it

please subscribeto my channel if you want to see more of these new cars interior/exterior reviewsand all that stuff also test drives so thank you for watching guys pleasesubscribe to my channel check out my other videos and stay safe see you soonin the next one bye guys

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