Mountain food in Myanmar – rare but dangerous food!

Mountain food in Myanmar – rare but dangerous food!

 I have no idea how this goes together exactly our best ever Myanmar, food tourcontinues moving from Myanmar southerncoastal city of Nick to the country’shighlands in pindaya here it is a lotmore cold than I thought so. I bought ajacket from a local shop I look like aRambo who accidentally went to Myanmarinstead of Vietnam here I’ll be learningthe hard way that in Myanmar’s badcountries if you want to eat you got toput your life on the line around herethere’s no pleasure without a little bitof pain no oh my God we’re in my case alot of painguys. I’ve brought more food yeah you’reokaytoday we’re taking the path of mostresistance on a mission to hunt and eatlike a local if you want the locals dothis is the simple life but there’snothing easy about it so let’s getstarted today.

Mountain food in Myanmar – rare but dangerous food!

I’m on a mission to huntdown some of Myanmar’s nastiestpredators my hunting guide is somewherein this quiet mountain villagethis place is home to the PHA longpeople an ethnic minority living in theShan State of Myanmar before getting myhunting lesson I’ve spotted somethingspecialwell guys, we’ve made it to the top ofthe mountain right now, they’re having afestival everyone sounds very excitedyou can hear the uproarious cheers westumbled upon a rare event a localsports competition taking place onceevery few years and being attended by 11different villages the event is for kidsthe winners get medals cash prizes orcool new school accessories but ratherthan conjuring up my own childhoodmemories of 13th place ribbons I’ll beputting my complete focus on the food so this, whole thing is made from chickpeatofu it has a kind of rubbery quality toit where you want to poke it but you cancuz it’s not yours and so don’t she’sgonna cut each piece peels off the topskin and then here she’s gonna use this to cut it in the final shape this dishstarts with a break of chickpea tofu cutdown to size add fried tofu tofu paste amixture of garlic and salt water vinegarchili flakes and chili oilit’s a dish for all ages and for allparticipants even if you’ve got 13th place and everyone laughed at you that’sfine you still deserve a ribbon and afun snack Wow take it off.

I’m gonna kindof mix it up yeah give it a nice mixlet’s try it out that’s pretty goodvery mild not too intense lundi spicy. I’m gonna get some tofu on here I likeitnothing crazy though oily mostly justsome salt flavor some chili and thenthat’s kind of all the flavor this is awesome. I’m going to look around and see whatelse we can find vibrant colorfultraditional dress only make a rareappearance at events like this the oldergeneration strut with pride dressed to the nines honoring those who came beforethemas in most parts of Myanmar the majority of people here are Buddhists sonaturally the village gatherings takeplace near the central Buddhist temple there’s a pretty good amount of foodhere we’ve stumbled into a variety atable with so much happening right herethis is what. I’m after this is a papayasaladit starts with shredded green papayasome chickpea powder chili oilcrispy leek roots salt msg red i-beamssalt and fermented tamarind sauce addeven more chickpea powder then mixthoroughly until the entire dish issoaking with flavor.

I just realized Idon’t exactly fit in like some of themlook happy some are curious that kid inparticular looks a little bit sad thisis an awesome local food yo check it outnice small bite to start with whoa can Ibe honest to the people who say. I sayeverything is yummy this one takes alittle bit of getting used to. I don’tknow how to explain it it’s kind ofnutty hello earthy and spicy but ittastes like old mushrooms or somethinglike that I thought it would taste alittle more fresh but it’s the oppositeof fresh it has kind of a fermentedquality to it super interesting flavorthough very different from the last oneI had that one it was more light alittle sweet this one’s like by now thecompetitions have finished the awardceremonies are over and even the kidswho didn’t win still have parents wholove them and validate them it’s time toleave the main stage and move toward themain course boom we are in the kitchen this is the operation center this iswhere all the action is happeningthey’ve been cooking all morning andthey’re getting ready to bring the foodout to everybody who’s waiting.

They’rehungry here we have a curry made of porkand fermented bamboo shoots then this isthe second dish is a chicken curry andhe’s also portioning that for the dinnerguests right now the village eldersprepare a hearty lunch that means onevillage prepares enough food for tenothers a huge undertakinglook at that that looks so good butaround here cooking at scale doesn’tmean sacrificing qualitythat’s quite a feast you’ve outdoneyourself. oh well hi everybody I hope you’reenjoying the food so far. I got some morehere and that definitely goes in thisbowl right here okayBon Appetit enjoy oh hey everybody how’sthe food is it good there’s some morethen all right take carecool guys I brought more food look atthis you’re okay[Music]Wow such a treat to be able to come hereso randomly be accepted by everybody andgive them some food help out a littlebit although mostly. I’ve freaked peopleout so everybody’s eating it looks likethe move is you get some rice in a bowlor a plate are you good all you leave in Oshima homes that you have to stay therewe’ve all been there kidsoh there’s tons of pork skin and porkfat on here you just mix the pork alittle bit with the rice and try it outsuper gameyit’s super intense MGO is yummy oh thankyou she scooped me up some chicken herelots of greens in there.

I’m gonna trythat out mmm I mean a little spice to itlow sweet little salty everything justgoes with a huge amount of rice while Iwas so yummy[Music][Music]so right now we’re at the place wherethey where the ants are so right nowwe’re at the place where the ants areand we’re gonna see the ants ant mincemeat shine on a sigh Aki villager he’smanaged to build himself a house in thecountryside amid thy nature he stayshere to guard his farm alone on thistrip I’ve forgotten the usual localguide in favor of going back to mytravel routes finding ways to breakthrough communication barriers withoutactually speaking the same language isthere like like shine is more of a doorand less of a talker anyways that’sprobably why he didn’t mention anythingabout today’s menu they said that thisstructure for collecting the ants well Ithink it’s gonna happen is that we’regonna smoke out these ants but I don’tknow for sure we’re gonna find out you’re learning with me right now[Music]follow himoh he’s gonna climb up oh is that a nestis that an ant nest.

I have no idea howthis goes together exactly but we’ve gotsmoke over there and we’ve got a guy ina tree over here dude he’s white followhim let’s go let’s go this is an antnest missus and fallin out to bite myskinokay so holy Sh[Music]oh this one’s still payment good coolcool hey. I think I figured out how itworks so there’s literally millions ofants on here they get their legs bakedoff and the answer just kind of fallingdown under this tin right here oh my godhe’s got oh my god you’re just used tothis huh hold on. I think you have someants in your armpit dude all we have tobleep everything out for this videogosh darn these little buggers huh lookat this so you can see all these anteggs it’s like a big white mast oh goodcan you put some in my hand you said wecan eat it right now oh it’s super warmit’s all cooked up. I mean they’re notmoving anymore they’re dead the ones Ikeep fighting me are not dead oh they’reso sour but there’s some other funkyflavor and they’re it’s like kind ofearthy maybe some of the paint from thistin but the main flavor is just supersour like a lime or something like thatthat’s nutsthis is gonna join a different dishprobably with sticky rice something likethat we’ll find out.

I’m just gonna trysome eggs[Music]they pop open like caviar hmm I think Isaid the best part really clean tastejust nice and citrusy they kind of popopen like little my the fallen ants arepacked in banana leaves from herethey’re ready to cook at his granny’shouse but while we’re out heres hyam wants to show me his favoritehunting tool now this is a homemade BB gun if you look closely it’s sofascinating like this is just ahydraulic press right here I think heneeds to pump air into that to take ashot here you can see the hydraulicgauge so he knows that there’s enoughpressure inside he’s got bb’s here on alittle magnet I’m not sure what he’splanning on hunting probably some kind of bird or small rodent you really thinkyou can do this it’s like three of usfollowing you being all loud most of themechanisms are made from recycledbicycle parts even the BB bullets beforewe head out he fires off a couple roundsto show me what his Schwinn AR is reallymade of did you get it.

oh good shot thistree is bleeding I think it’s gonna be okay all rightcan you do that to an animal now youready okay oh do you speak English noall right so right now looking for somebirds maybe a squirrel reindeeralligator eoh he’s just eating some fruit okaynever mind thanks man surpriseoh it’s so tiny Jairo right now we’re in your kitchen first ofall thank you for letting me in your home second of all I’m sorry to say thisbut I discovered that you’ve been doingdrugs oh that’s a fat cloud a be to monetize because it’sculturaljust what the locals do the main dishfor today’s dinner ants first peanutsare mashed in a mortar and pestle thengarlic and chili together those are themain ingredients super easy you can evenmake it yourself at home I like a chefthat smokes while he cooksjust.

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