Most UNIQUE Middle Eastern Street Food in the GCC!!! ULTIMATE Omani Street Food Tour in Muscat!!!

Most UNIQUE Middle Eastern Street Food in the GCC!!! ULTIMATE Omani Street Food Tour in Muscat!!!

It’s really starting to kind of congealand meat starting to break apart oh itlooks really nice welcome to OMA, this country has a foodie identity allits own but before. I landed I knewalmost nothing plain it’s one of the sixGCC countries in the Middle East it’s apeaceful country a lot of people areliving together happily maybe that’s why it doesn’t get as much news coverage themajor religion is Islam it’s hot likereally hot you rarely see people outsideduring the day and if, they’re gettingfood they just order from their car toget out why would you get out they’re gonna come to us yes what’s going on it seconomy thrives on oil but fish and seafood exports contribute to how do youdecide what shark teeth you want ahmedof official oman travels has offered toguide me through his country epic revealhere it is the moment exploring thecapital’s unique street food it’sprobably three or four meters down intothe earth traditional Omani cuisine.

Most UNIQUE Middle Eastern Street Food in the GCC!!! ULTIMATE Omani Street Food Tour in Muscat!!!

I’m gonna drop it in three two one oh rightin the middle and the rare desert food of omens been doing people oh god don’tbite itdon’t bite me. I can’t do it Ahmed’smission show the world why they shouldvisit OMA. I’m gonna speak about peoplein Oman they’re very welcoming they’revery nice my mission show you all theuniquely Omani food we find along theway they used to be really sticky andnow it’s kind of moving as one unit likea slip and slidelet’s get started this is Omar, and thisis its capital Muscat today is all about unique Omani food inthe nation’s capitalstarting at the fish market right now weare in the fish market in Muscat this place is wild, there’s so much going onhereall uzd has been cooking since she was achild she ran a food business out of herhome and now she runs this place beforeopening today we’re picking up someingredients nice did you know that likenobody in the USA eat shark are you sureI would say almost nobody like less than1% this happens every day like every dayfishermen go to the ocean catch someshark and bring it and sell it andpeople just eat it every daydo you know what kind of shark is thisshe says whatever comes in the oceanthen just take it how do you decide whatshark piece you want so as long as it’swiped me to snap guard it’s edible we’relooking for edible yes edible that’s agreat place to start we’re taking ashark steak from here deep blonde stickoh yeah exactly that is quite a steakthat is huge so that is the spine of theshark and then it’s all just muscle andcartilage and then this thick skin onthe outside you’re a chef you’re a restaurant ownerare there a lot of women in Oman doingwhat you’re doing now no I’ll get my oldroutineso she’s saying there’s not a lot butthey are there back in the day.

I like 20more than 20 years ago the society would not accept for a woman to actually be doing all this kind of businesses all this kind of trade but now it’s the society accepted it’s been equal so women or men they’re doing the same thing also the financial status reforms there’s a need for the woman to actually work when both the the husband and wife are working they make enough money to hold the house and be living a good life so it’s also just practical and both people are working there’s more money for everybody exactly what is the hardest part of running a restaurant that’s what we’re doing right now that’s great news with shark in hand we head toa restaurant where she makes up atraditional Omani breakfast she just kind of like pushes it on the pan and it absorbs to some small pieces of the dough it almost looks like a sponge or something but it actually does don’t Rock hull or traditional Omani, bread is made simply with wheat flour water and salt add in an egg and tea and it’s the perfect way to start your day and then you put the egg on there and spread the egg around and then you got to be quick this is very cool very thin not many carbs at all this is the opposite of deep-dish do a flip we don’t fold oh and then she tops it with Gabesuper-thin bread it is very steamy still he’s put some ghee on top.

I’m gonna take a big bite here we go um do you want some I don’t should I offer you some of your own food okay let’s try it out mmm oh that’s nice the bread just steams right up from the egg a little bit of ghee flavor on the outside it’s just really eggy and ready yeah girl okay thank you good yes but everyone loves bread I want to see what she can do with that shark right now we have this huge shark steak so tender now is that gonna go into a soup she’s gonna make it with the rice alltogether the shark is cubed then seasoned with chili powder garlic paste and her ownspecial blend of seasonings includingtumeric and salt then she fires up a pot sauteing someonion and layering in even more flavorsincluding whole spices like cinnamon let all those flavors get happy with each other in the pot and toss in the shark we have our big shark pieces in here its mells amazing is this on your menu you know.

I want to make for somethingdifferent you know online you don’t seeanother country next yogurt and tomatosauce then a whole lot of lemon juicefor its much-desired souring effectstoss in some fried potatoes fresh bellpepper then the rice the rice iscompressed down as she prepares for thesoon to come flip hit it with somecilantro little bit of ghee then a quicksmoke sauna made by tossing a hot coalinto more ghee give it a minuteand finally we’re ready for the flipokay let’s see it this high-leveladvance flip move on the head off theshoulder oh my god and then nothing tothe platterwhoa that was stunning look at that thatlooks delicious there’s a little bit ofshark left we have even more bonus sharkand some ghee thank you so much lunch isserved including a second shark dishbeginning with your hands first of allthis dish what is that again the dryshark yes made into a salad so theystirred fried it into a salad dry sharksalad start with dry shark I’m gonnathrow it in this is a trickoh there we go that’s pretty goodsuper assault team trying to see foodiam you can’t really tell it apart fromother types of dry fish it’s not Sharkyyou know.

I want to take this home for later can I just put it here oh. I still have by the way I have some shark left. I was gonna give it to you as a gift. I would appreciate it a lot thank you somuch she rehydrates the shark making it softagainchop-chop-chop dumped new ball onion salt hello salty onion meat the shark key limes mix mix mix add lime juice and boom dry shark salad alright so we try it go for it mmm good it tastes like candy fish salty it’s super safe yeah insanely salty sour rehydrated shark meat we really like sour food though why is that. I’ve noticed that strong flavorevery one appreciates it so sour is acommon theme in Omani food just sour and spicy but not too much spice that would cover up the flavor of whatever you’r ecookingwe’re gonna jump into the shark here scoop it up get up in your hands like this yep use your thum bhaha push it into your mouth Cheer samazing there’s so much going on here. I mean there’s a rice the shark and thenthe salad on the side with tomato and onions really sour here we have a bigchunk of shark all Oden it’s actuallygood yeah why do you say actually.

I did not think it’s my first time what was your first time eating shark yes it’s very soft it’s tender but not flaky look at that look at this it looks like a chicken breast we have a ton of street food left to cover starting here we have reached our next food destination and what’s goingon. I do see a mound there’s a mount and then if you turn around you’ll see there is indeed a restaurant there welcome to foodies the owner is an absolute lover of food and today he’s showing us the most unique selections from his menustarting with whatever is buried here sohe’s got some plastic gloves so hedoesn’t get the dirt dirty right now he’s kind of like a paleontologist about to uncover a nice big delicious piece of lamb underneath this plate that is gonnareveal everything oh okay that was that was a good reveal it’s like a big metaltube just using the earth around it toinsulate it keep it warm and inside a bunch of rice lamb or SIA lamb rice and spices have already been cooked together but what makes this dish unique is its texture it’s really starting to kind of congeal and meat starting to break apart oh it looks it’s really nice and coolsound effects to sound schleppy.

I like it it will eventually break down intosomething not resembling rice or meat but a congealed fusion of both guys we have stumbled upon their second uniquecooking creation right here it’s like ahalf barrel underneath these got waterit’s kind of like a sauna for chicken this is river rock chicken but noteveryone can decipher which rocks arebest for cooking what do you look for ina good rock in a good cooking rock flatlike you already told me that yes theseriver rocks are made hot and used tocook chicken and muttonthe reason the coconut rocks is becausethe chicken is gonna catch its flavorwhat kind of flavor is that though whatis the kind of earthy flavor is this anOmani thing or like a you thingreally is that where you grew upyeah so you brought kind of the foodcooking style of your childhood and youbrought that here to MU Scott yes yesincredible I can’t wait to try it out ohmy God look at this beautiful platterwe’re about to have an epic reveal areyou guys ready oh there’s more stuffepic reveal here it is the moment.

Oh what this was rice and mutton now it looks like hummus it looks like hummus and then is this like olives or um you should try it let me know what you think this is it’s hard to say for sure itfeels a little meeting some kind of body part there we go. I’m gonna go so like intestine and somestomach inside yep is that right yeahjob man it’s like. I just won theweirdest kind of game show in existencelittle organy tastes like it’s beenboiled for like five hours Oh Joey Ilike it, I like the flavor the texturenot so much but the flavor yes I feellike this is the most mysterious thingso we should save it for last. I want totry some of the chicken to see if it’sreally rocky it served on this hot platethey’ve cut open some parts already ohwow the breast comes right off all rightlet’s try them mmm dude that’s some goodchicken I’m so sorry. I ever doubted youhow did you know.

I doubted you it was pretty clear it does have a river IItaste to it which is different thanearthy you know it’s like kind of afresh well water and it’s just a hint off lavor from the rock here this is kind of what we’ve been building up to so what you do is you take some put it in abowl shape dip it in the oil you justdip it into rendered cow fat exactlyaren’t you trying to diedip it in some beef let’s go for it that’s so hard to describe that texturealone is so goopy it’s nice though halfsolid it’s half liquid have guessed if I teach me chemistry right now it’s almost like a solid gravy like you chew into it but nothing happens it just stays there and then the fat oh my god it’s like dipping it into the spirit of a cow so oodit’s like cow butter so today we’re looking at some uniquedessert made in Oman in Oman only it’scalled domani halwa and we’re gonna go check it out how do you feel about it honey this is like Willy Wonka’s factory for Omani.

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