Morocco Street Food-Marrakesh Best Street Food Guide!

Morocco Street Food-Marrakesh Best Street Food Guide!

This country and in this new series we will explore and Explore this unique cuisine. North African country everything from
Some, incredible street food for some village food it becomes one incredible series and we will do it all with my friends in Morocco. Food tours are recommended if you want to book Food tours or cooking classes in Morocco. They are available in eight different types. Today we are nationwide cities In Marrakech, there are quite a few tourists city ​​but there are some serious streets Food is going on here so we’ll take you for a full street food tour Marrakech.
We are in deep meditation Morocco’s back alleys. I’m so excited So let’s start eating so we are in the center of Medina.
This is the old city in Marrakech there are all these alleyways of all kinds Life is going on though it’s just the early morning was very exciting and us just looking for breakfast right now.

Morocco Street Food-Marrakesh Best Street Food Guide!

So we found the first point for breakfast that day it was a small packaged and store they are serving Ysera which is a favorite
Pea soup with olive oil and butter and he has this traditional clay pot that he is getting his organs out This big round pot is really cool so We will order Basara and then Go upstairs, we have our own soup now looks really good so it’s served Of course with bread everything thank you Moroccan is served with bread but these are what I really expected try this as Becerra it has about two centimeters of olive oil above above there is a little butter inside and then it’s just a bean crush so you.

You can see that beautiful yellow mix Olive oil around get a nice and saturated oh yeah you can see that wow looks nice, there’s a lot of olive oil up there No, I’m really good at that olives Oil has a rich flavor to the soup, It is completely free of ice cream the fava peas are left over on the mash Not too much taste really it’s just all Oil and type are flavor and You are really hard for breakfast on our way. Here we stopped at a modest little stall Serve other flat breads write as a staple here in Morocco and us one is stuffed with cream the cheese, and olive oil we brought with us. Here with us for you to see tons of insides cream cheese and it’s super oily from olive oil and it is already saturated Into the dough there are a lot of things going on in all different medina categories
market all these zigzag alleys Of course a lot of travel stuff – It was so much fun to pass.

So we just rely on this tradition the bakery and how it works. Really very interesting this is Its like a community so women at home will make dough and then they just bring it along . Here comes the baker’s bread dough to the bakery and then. The men here are really going to cook perfect bread you come back later in the day choose it of course they have a really great contact
also make their own sandwiches here to discount about wishes in bed. The oven here is great put it on the floor and it’s just one
firewood they are cooking hundreds Different sandwiches and he just pump them out to see how fast he is work so i will really go down. Go to the oven and see how they’re making this bread, oh this thing hot.

Oh, don’t go through this Medina without Mohammed will be an absolute nightmare it’s huge and everything just spread out for miles and miles I don’t think I can find my way. Don’t think my map will work here. But we’re having a great time go through this old meditation hall, it i So we just stop at this Traditional Moroccan pastry shop.

It actually has a lighter flavor than mine thought it was really interesting. Almond paste inside texture. The inside is super smooth a lot of sugar Of course and you can also taste some. Orange perfume is truly one The common ingredients here it is assortment fruit flowers i am trying Pastry chefs recommend this a bit. The thing here guesses it a lot of flavor and some crunchy almonds Sesame seed flavor up to give it a little. The fragrant crunchy scrub is super sweet Those things are really good all natural ingredients and supposedly this is. We were the first pastry shop in Marrakesh there are enough cakes to fill them up
days so I think we’ll save these to later and continue to see what else we can find out. I chose this cake because that brilliant green it had really interesting and i did Halfway there was a coconut cake It’s super sweet this one even sweeter than last time
The colors are great So it’s the pomegranate season here.

This Moroccan stalls have a lot pomegranates and they are for sale. Fresh pomegranate juice juice just squeezed let’s try it
Oh yes, nothing more That added sugar is great though mm-hmm super refreshing this is your moment.

But agree here You definitely want to stay hydrated here in Morocco, assuming up to 40 Celsius today to Pomegranate juice is definitely good . So we just stopped it at an olive stall. There are all different types of olives we just got one fruit already
covered by looks like some coriander. And this is green olives, let me try it He also has tons of pickles various things this is covered in rosemary it will have a little of another taste works perfectly. With olives he’s our third This kind with Chile is a bit
on the Mediterranean coast. You know we have really good olives Here in Morocco, I love the way they spice them up they are here, that is not my sauce but just spicy. It’s a kind of smoky chili flavor.

Here as a baby cucumber again you there are carrots and these are radishes. Cool booths for all kinds of color jars filled with olive and mountain pickles. This is something real Interesting and unique Moroccan this one are lemons in one. There are many dishes so I was happy to try this one the latter on our way we just walked down one of these alleys and we completely pass with mint smell should be here Moroccan mint tea is the national drink. We haven’t really got any yet but here. We are at a booth with all types Different mints should be below. This mint is here called . This is the sage wild mint and then come back here we are
have mint Right here should be all sorts Different mints, I wish you could smelling this it smells so good. Refreshing has a lot to eat here in Marrakech, the streets are just lined with street food, I think we are will get another juice from the number 23
Please make sure to subscribe let’s try some of this Moroccan orange juice it feels comfortable and cold.

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