Mokko Reacts! Ras Kitchen Merch Reveal 2020!

this is the new stuff from the store that i sent the pictures of but you didn't see in person yet maybe i'll save the best one for last but first one is no [ __ ] yeah that's one you've seen before yeah that's my friend darwin big up dj butterfingers you've seen that one right there yeah the other one this is the one you asked me for a long time ago but they took them out of print but now they're back in you that's all those shots i took like five years ago print all over [Laughter] yeah it's comfortable too it's like nice and soft you know what maybe i didn't know i don't want to play namjoon yeah it's just agree with you indeed the company just prints whatever you want i mean i agree with you i mean they're nice yeah i know and they're just like can you hold that one up i'll take a picture of you people will like that one graveyard thank you it's so terrible yeah look over here shaking her yeah i got a couple more designs it is pretty funny wearing a shirt all of yourself on it but hey whatever you can pull it off not the average person can't be that cool but you can that one's good no whole crew at all [Laughter] yeah this time yeah yeah my buddy darwin will love that yeah yeah this one if you can't you got mine and i think you'll like this one i don't know let me get dorett's reaction first this one i designed off an old nigerian record it was like a record cover it's yeah i love this one i got you the red one you like the red up fit the red suit yeah no i know oh i wanna glue it in that wicked yeah like a record label so so jamaican caribbean rasta ital cooking no [ __ ] one blood the world's best roots rasta cooking show since 2010 we hit 10 years this august so yeah 10 years brother yeah i like that one i'll get a shot of wearing after too i'll get you don't hold it up ready here we go [Laughter] i love this one they had no [ __ ] from sunny hill jamaica yes sir straight i hope that's not a little this was a test print so sometimes they don't get it perfect but it's okay anyway check the store if you want these bless up for supporting us twelve o'clock no for chris cannot go with the white man see what everyone said was no we [Laughter] yeah mad respect to darwin uncle dar we call him my buddy from a long time he's the guy that got married in the grill last year yeah my good buddy really good friend for like 20 plus years yeah he's cool last one but it's not a shirt you've seen the logo before but this is something different i want to see what you think of this one on yeah that's the towel one a big towel big beach big oh yeah and they're really soft and quality they're not really look good you know that's i did you can get the cheaper ones but but when people buy them and if they're cheaper they don't feel good they're disappointed so that's why i just went with the best quality one yep [Music] you got your nice pot there big pot with the fish ready yeah yeah that big meat over my rash kitchen rice kitchen shirt so good these ones haven't sold too many uh but i haven't really promoted it at all i just kind of put stuff up and you know i'm so busy just working on the video part the store is just kind of there but anyway if you want to support rest kitchen this is the way help us out ships quite quickly anywhere in the world you can send anywhere that's the coolest thing about the company i'm working with is they they print it on demand and it gets sent wherever so all the sizes all the colors whatever you like so yeah shopify stores rosskitchen.

com that's it easy check it out yeah yeah the same one that shot was taken right in this kitchen although those were taken like five years ago so is the the bamboo in the background we are sitting right in this kitchen which is just getting cleaned yeah so you got enough options those two yeah the other ones you can sell or give or whatever yeah do you like the no [ __ ] one the best one the red yeah and the red one the other one's someone and i got something for ratty too but i'll wait till he's back from school although hopefully it's good report card day he's always good i know i looked last night he was very clever guys well yeah he's got enough books in the house because sometimes they may buy a book for him i don't care what i mean nice and some guests bring him some books educational stuff yeah it's really cool of guests to do that and people chipped in and got him an ipad too which is amazing or not ipad but tablet yeah really smart kid yeah i did trouble with him when he wanted i mean nobody find them in bug everything well you know he just learned about the the clocks the other day and every time he's looking at my watch and telling me exactly what it is oh he's like really clever then wait on the phone you know the time well he knows the phone and he knows by the watch with the hand he knows what yeah he's always pulling down yeah big white you know oh yeah big white human these big pretty watch what are them but he doesn't wear it i don't know i thought maybe sold it or something yeah anyway that's it waterproof one so dream of that one come every minute feel move with me hide it well this is what i brought for ratty because he liked the uh he loved the snorkel so much so i got him the fins so maybe he can be shooting fish or you know he's pretty good at swimming already these are probably too big oh that's one one little shirt that these guys sent for ratty they sent you a shirt too but it was like so big that i think they sent the wrong size but big up to uh high grade hi-fi sound system they sent me a song to use in the track so they sent this shirt for ratty they wicked lying on it so big up those guys yeah they got a wicked sound too yeah yeah high grade hi-fi it's probably pretty big for him too but whatever it's all right himself yeah right you want to see that one yes yeah but i think he'll like these fins but this was the smallest size i can get and look how big they are so i don't know maybe if he stuffs like a rag inside and then puts the foot in he'll make it work but i got my spins too i want to go for a snorkel with him in the big swimming pool see see what we can see but i'll wait till he's back from school [Music] you.

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