Middle Eastern Traditional Shuwa Will Change Your Life!!!EPIC EID FEAST in Oman

Middle Eastern Traditional Shuwa Will Change Your Life!!!EPIC EID FEAST in Oman

Today is our final date in Oman andwe’re taking on this country’s mostlegendary culinary tradition sure it’stime to huntwe need to hunt it it all starts with ashoe up it this thing is badass eachyear after Ramadan during thefast-breaking festival of Eid manyfamilies will roast up to 10 of thesemeaty schewe bundles at a time sobasically we have it every eat it’s likea must for us so the first day of Eid weput in the pit hole and then the thirdday of Eid we take it out so we leave itthere slow cooking for three days theShuar cooks for three days exactly ittoday I’m joining my buddy Ahmed at alocal home to see exactly how it’s madeI need just the hands of someone forthis honey this place is fully equippedto kick out piles of schewebut only if.

Middle Eastern Traditional Shuwa Will Change Your Life!!!EPIC EID FEAST in Oman

I don’t mess it up firstso throw on your dish Dasha and join thefun today we’re taking on traditionalOmani cuisine in Muscat= oh you can’t really take big steps on[Music]we’re headed to the house of Ahmedlongtime friend together they runofficial oman travels but today they’reshowing me a side of Omani culture thatfew travelers get to witness don’t takeoff my finger please close are these petcamels no they’re not pet camerasthey’re mere for racing and also one ofthem is for the beauty show hold on Ithink I can tell which camels are morehot what does someone will look for in acamel when they’re judging its beautythe color and the muscle so it’s notonly beauty show but also its fitnessshow today we’re not actually here forthe camels yes we’re here for sure it isactually schewe is very slow cooked lambhow slow you’re gonna find out what is the significance of schewe in Oman aculture of the taste it gets a smokytaste huh and if we’re using sheep itgets very nice and tender and webasically eat it with rice this ishomemade schewe prepared the same way it was done since the beginning so here.

We’ve got a big old fire pitand you’ve got like a giant ninja turtlesewer lid over here yeah this thing isbadass is there a special word for thispit besides a lambs worst nightmare thannorth ten order under gun oven thereason we have stones here because thestone keeps the heat and basically theheat cooks the meat not the actualcharcoal herehave you ever messed this up and likeburnt 15 lambs no not really the pitwill start heating up for two hoursbefore it receives any meat on the menutoday fresh lambthis house has everything it’s got aschuup it it has camels and it has likea little barn over here house sectionwe’re not putting any cow in the shoe ofit today it’s time to huntwe need to hunt it during Eid the menstart today by selecting the lamb andslaughtering oh wowalright he’s pretty.

Good at that it’snot his first rodeo well then the Lambsgot a phone calloh is that you okay for the guys herethe time of slaughtering conjures upmemories of camaraderie amongst familyand friends more than the act itselfthis area is meant for slaughtering yeahokay that’s how it is slippery now they can let’s move big because of the linksoh so they see this slippery this is ahalal slaughter adhering to the tenantsof Islamic traditions of living in thehalal way we just faced the body to theMeccahmm and we say it’s just part of sayingin Quran this Muhammad in the name ofGod okay and then he starts flutteringalright bismillah[Music]the lamb is sectioned into eight piecesas a bonus the head and organs will betossed into oh these are the lungs thelungs and live in the hut so in order todo that we need to clean the blood from the okay so you just cut the heart inquarters quarters yeah and then you’regonna win it and there’s one way we needto clean the lungs oh oh how do you dothat and then you cut it for you smokersout there every time you smoke acigarette that’s exactly.

What’shappening to your lungs schewe the namethis dish shares throughout Oman butthat’s where the agreements end eachfamily has their own flavorful take onthe dish and here is no exceptionoh I think quite a little soursuper salty of course and then it’s likechilies in there right yes there ischili flakes and again human it’s almostlike some kind of spicy sour taco flavoryeah and it has a lot of garlic this isgonna be incredible already I can tellthis is just one lamb but keep in mindduring Eid they might prepare up to 10at one time let’s just get tons of thaton there that stuff is so good we add alittle bit more salt and give it alittle massage the meat is almost readyfor the pigs but first it must bewrapped in a way that allows it to cookwithout burning this is the sec made ofthumb please leave this one mmm and it’sdamp yeah because if you put it theredry it’s gonna burn ah and we have thebanana leaves that keeps it from burningalso so you don’t use aluminum foil noat all just so we’re gonna put thebanana leaves first as like a coatingyeah and then we put the meat insideI have all the pieces inside man.

This isso interesting it’s so much more porousthan I expected because the leaves arejust kind of loosely on top you canstill see the meat and this is also notlocked so there’s gonna be some Americango in and out the liquid can go in andout shake it fold it lock it with wireand now it’s ready for the pig the moment has come this is all fieryhot and ready yes do you want me in totoyeah we give you the owner I’m justgonna yeah drop it from here that’s okayhere we go five four three two one boomright in the middle yeah job okay sowe’re putting on the lid sand going ontop look at this there’s like theselittle plumes of smoke we want this tobe airtight no air getting out heredo you guys sing a song will you do this so that’s it yeah we come back 24 hoursfrom now we’re gonna dig this up andthen we’re gonna have our delicious andtasty issue.

I can’t wait to try this out hey guys welcome back to Scheuer day -we’re about to go back to the gold pitand see what’s insideare you guys ready yeah but why not you gotta get change man change yeah I don’t think anyone will do a chorelike this wait I have an idea oh that’spretty good right are you sure I canwear it as some white guy from the USwithout being highly controversial andalso offensive this is a traditionalmining just – yeah everyone here whereis it I’m the culture welcomes you towhere any time did you guys get that inthe comments it’s totally fine if I wearit and not offensive yes cool let’s goeat some goat for sure[Music]yoshua has been in the pit for over 24hoursit is probably cooked at this point ornot honestly I won’t know until.

I dig itup but if all else fails we’ll stillensure that we at least have some darngood rice to eat it’s rice important inOman generally imported man you don’thave rice for lunch it’s like he neverhad lunch add ghee to a fiery cookingvessel along with cumin seeds cardamomcinnamon cardamom powder black pepperand water a had rice and let it cook forabout 1 hour now it’s finally time tocheck the shoe gentlemen the moment hasfinally come it has been literally 24hours since we visited this pot there’sa lamb within this hole we’re gonna findout if it’s just perfectly cookedsoaking dripping boiling in its ownjuices or if it’s raw and the wholething was a failure it’s gonna fall overthe bones yeah you think so yeah oh mygod I’m getting hungry just thinkingabout it but we still got a lot of workto do let’s goalright this I’m really building up ahunger at this point still quite warmyeah alright how do we take this lid offso slowly really just make sure we don’tdo it yeahone two three how come the same I don’tfall okay right away it’s just asamazing like a lamb sauna yeah.

I don’treally smell the meat yet but there’slike all this moisture inside mix withthe charcoal just really smoky kind ofsour flavor inside and then this is theoats for grabbing it right yeah yeah whyis it so short you know oh I’m not beingmodest anymore don’t look at my legsdude this is crazyoh I got it oh yeah you’re good job allright oh my man it looks incredible justlooking at it now can you tell if it’sdone or not it is done can’t see themeat these throw clean my god Wowdid you want to try I do this big pieceof meat okay I want to share it with youguys so here I’ll just hand out piecesof lamb fat all right you ready let’s gofor itOh ma’am not incredible there’s a deeprich smokiness yeah no give me this notat all very clean one soft and meltsalso because it’s slow cooking for hoursyeah and usually you would keep it inthere even longer even longer yeah youwant to keep it warmyeah from you’re gonna take this we’regonna throw it on the rice and then sitdown to eat properly all right all rightlet’s do it[Music]I’m at my men Thank You Sony our finalmeal hereabsolutely you’ve outdone yourself sirthank you.

I’m tryingthe brain Oh for me it’s very nice andtasty like a neat one case yet yes thereis you know I think he’s running to thebathroomhamed invited me to Oman with promisesof Internet breaking YouTube content hedid not disappointnow I’m happy to call Ahmed my brobeyond that he’s right more peopleshould visit Oman it’s hard to know aplace after just a few days the food wasgreat even better meeting the peoplebehind the food and witnessing thetwinkle of pride in their eyes as theyserved up almonds best if you areinterested in coming to Oman look upofficial Oman travels for tours withAhmed also for you guys if you’rethinking about heading to Vietnamanytime soon I highly suggest a companycalled one trip one trip is the highestrated tour company in Vietnam doingtours from north to south in all majorcities including Hanoi nishang Da Nangpoeme and Saigon you can experience foodtours adventure tours and more to learnmore about one trip check out the linksin the description down below I will seeyou next time of peace all right man Igot a little bit of brain left for youdo you want it sure.

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