Mexico- Beautiful sights to travel you should know!

Mexico- Beautiful sights to travel you should know!

Gorgeous beaches a delicious culinary, scene festive culture and ancient pyramids all make mexico a popular tourist destination
mexico is a land of color, and contrasts crowded beaches lead into quiet colonial towns. while resort cities open gateways to jungles rigging, with parrots and howler monkeys majestic mountains descend to remote deserts traditional pueblo houses
sit near spanish haciendas ruins of mayan cities lie excavated outside of modern, metropolises here’s a look at the best places to visit in mexico.

San miguel de allende

One of the most popular destinations in mexico, san miguel de allende is a picturesque and charming mexican city that is magical to wander around looking out over the rio laja the city is beautifully located on a steep hillside its cobbled streets and delightful colonial architecture make it a treat to behold although there are no major attractions simply being here is a treat whether it’s dining in the great restaurants perusing the galleries or visiting the nearby hot springs this city won’t disappoint.

Mexico- Beautiful sights to travel you should know!


A world famous tourist destination on the caribbean coast of the yucatan peninsula, cancun presents a complete vacation
package of fabulous beaches a first-class hotel zone mayan ruins and an exuberant nightlife, cancun’s year-round perfect weather and gorgeous beaches are the city’s top tourist magnets with 14 miles of powdery white sand bordering turquoise
waters, these beaches offer a wide range of outdoor activities the downtown area known as el sandro beats to a more
authentic mexican tune with its historic architecture cheap eating options and salsa clubs.

Copper canyon

Named after the copper green color of the canyon walls, the copper canyon is a network of six canyons, which together are several times larger, than the grand canyon located in the sierra madre this canyon system offers some of mexico’s most
extraordinary scenery, there are many ways to explore copper canyon but the most outstanding way is by the chihuahua
pacific railway, the track passes over 37 bridges and through 86 tunnels rising as high as 8 000 feet above sea level featuring some of the canyon’s most spectacular scenery.


Tucked away in a narrow valley in central mexico lies the beautiful colonial city of guanajuato, the city was founded in 1554 next to one of the richest silver mining areas of mexico, the 16th century mining boom led to theconstruction of beautiful haciendas and fine colonial mansions, many of them are built out of pink and green sandstone guanajuato streets and many colorful, alleyways spread out in every direction while most of its traffic is served by a network of underground tunnels making it an excellent city for pedestrians.


The capital city of the state by the same name oaxaca is located in a valley below the sierra madre mountains colonial architecture archaeological sites and a tranquil atmosphere make it a popular, tourist destination at the heart of oaxaca is its charming, town square where tourists can admire beautiful, colonial landmarks like the santo domingo church tour museums and relax at an outdoor cafe several, archaeological sites around the city can be explored, such as monte alban perched on a
mountain, monte alban was the site of the ancient capital city of the zapotec inhabitants and offers impressive views of the valley below.

Mexico city

One of the largest cities in the worldmexico city is the sprawling capital of mexico this incredible metropolis is jammed
full of history, scintillating culture and amazing art originally an aztec settlement as, evidenced by the ruins of the 13th
century templo mayor, there are plenty of buildings that point, back to its spanish colonial past as the capital of new spain
baroque churches and ornate palaces lie, among cobblestoned old lanes, the city has a long relationship with art and has been the home to famous intellectuals and artists throughout the years including mexican icons frida kahlo and diego rivera.

Puerto vallarta

Situated on the bay of banderas along mexico’s pacific coast is the popular vacation city of puerto vallarta landscapes of gorgeous beaches and lush jungle mountains envelopes this picturesque town of colonial landmarks first class resorts and gourmet restaurants, the city’s main attraction the golden sand beaches offer relaxation and water sports such as sailing kite surfing and deep sea fishing giant manta rays and dolphins can be iewed here while, humpback whales can be seen between
december and march.


Located on the outskirts of modern day mexico city, teotihuacan is one of the most famous aztec archaeological sites but the aztecs didn’t actually build it despite, many theories nobody is really sure who did however the aztecs did name it and make
it their own when they stumbled across, the abandoned city in its prime it was the largest city in, the western hemisphere
and home to a plethora of residential, compounds and pyramids today its two iconic pyramids the temple, of the sun and the temple of the moon are the major highlights stroll along, the avenue of the dead and visit the citadel of the temple of the feathered serpent.

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