Mexican’s delicacies- Super delicious meats!

Mexican’s delicacies- Super delicious meats!

In today’s modern meat-filled world somebody parts get overlooked oh god that istough this series is an homage to theoffcutsbody parts that in the west might getthrown in the trashone last time we discovered tastystomachs this is one of the beststomachs i’ve ever had and nowit’s all about the brains this is a foodthat in the u.syou don’t see that often it’s gooeygushy and then the flavor itselfisn’t something that people are used torighttoday we’re on a hero’s mission showingthat these underrated animal parts havethepower to rise above i think brain hasgreat nutritional value that in itselfis really worth us trying it out beyondthat there’s a lot of recipes thatrequiresomething that’s fatty heavy and creamyand brain can bring that to any dish orfoods or chefs cooking up dishes thatare not just tolerablebut crave worthy and delicious.

Mexican’s delicacies- Super delicious meats!

I amblown away by this so how will they doitlet’s find outhandshakes for everybody and then i’ll shake your hand toojoining me today chef and mustachioedfriend of the showcalvin this here is a pakistanirestaurant do you come from pakistan yesi knew it mr mahmoud grew up in the cityof islamabadin islamabad where he learned to create the flavors of pakistan from his family now he specializes in traditionalpakistani dishescalvin you may not know this but indiaand pakistan used to be one countrycalled hindustan and then some nicebritish folks helped them break thatinto two countries what i’m curiousaboutto you what is the big differencebetween indian food and pakistani fooddespite their shared history indian andpakistani cuisines certainly havetheir differences india used more landspices pakistan is using the fresh tomato and less spicegenerally speaking indi an cuisine has more vegetarian options some of it isgeographyingredients that are available some ofit is religion whereas pakistani cuisineis more meat-based today our mission inthis video is to try four different types of animal brainshere you’ve got a goat prank how are you preparing the goat brainhere like.

I recall in pakistan[Music]to cut or takatop is the name of thisspecial pakistani meat dish the twochops and then they chop it upthe name is an onomatopoeia meaning it’snamed after this soundyou could also call it the clickety clapthey’re making music this dish is madeof a mixture of goat organ meatsdelicious today it’s all about the brainin eating the brain do you believethere’s any specialnutrition or you just like the tastecooked in butter then put asidemostly the taste which is not muchnutrition next uponions tomatoes and their secret masalamasala that was my stripper nameadd green chili coriander ginger and mixit up you know this all that meansfinally add the brainsit just means the spice blend oh have tocut and serve sir let’s do this thankyou i’m excited let’s eat some breadthank you thank youone brain one would you take a smell ofthisthat smells good on the side check outthis bread.

It’s either like the world’sbest non or the world’s worst pizzaalong with our main dish a specialty of this place a pakistani stylenaan bread topped with white and blacksesame seeds then given a finger massageand cooked in a tandoor of it givingeach piece an extra fluffy texture allright try out some breadgreat pockets of air if music is thespace between the notes this bread is the air between the breadi gotta admit the brain on its own it’sintimidating it’s overly rich and fattyandjiggly but how they did it here theymade a masala they added spices andyou’ll see a good mixture of flavors and textures that being saidlet’s try it out so we got thisdelicious pillowy doughy naan and i’mjust stacking that with tons of braincheers cheers[Music]oh i am blown away by this this is lesscurry based but it’s more fresh it’smore herbsit is it’s delicious that’s what it is it’s really good it’s interestingbecause the textureif it was too much brain it would be toocreamy too rich it could be too much but the way he’s mixed it up it’s wellbalancedwe were supposed to go to pakistan and then all this covet stuff happened wecouldn’t travel so right now.

I’m beingteleported to pakistan our continued brain quest has brought ushere sir how you doinggreeting us now the chef himself mr dadit appears this is some kind of adrinking establishment i can see you’vegot beer kegs on the poster and the actual word beer in the titlesombia what’s that meanthe name of the restaurant ah dude i waswondering what that meant where the name of the restaurant would you be yeah in this drinking establishmentthey’ve got more than 80 dishes on theirmenu but their specialty is sheep so they’re serving everything nose totail sheep is that righteverything everything everythingi’ve seen a lot of people eat like pigbrain in a big brain soup in saigon forexample but how common is people eatingsheep brain is it just a ha noi thing isit just a you guys thingin the north it gets really cold in the winter time so eating tha tfat rich brain really kind of goes with the weather and so it definitely is anor thern specialty.

I’m so curious aboutthe recipe the way you’re serving it here is kind of just hiddensoup why do people like this soup somuch and what are they getting from itmugwort lamb brain starts with friedshallots watermsg and seasoning powder it makes yousmartthen the brain are you sure it makes yousmarter is that scientifically provenmugwortsa type of medicinal herb popular ineuropean and asian cuisinethere’s an old saying that whatever you eat is the nutritional value so if you eat brain you’ll get smarterand that’s it cool huh how does that work for other organs if you eat eyes can you see better of courseif you eat skin will your skin be betteryes if you eat penis can you penisbetteryeslocation two brain two this is what i was worried about so the first locationhe did a good job of likeincorporating the brain as an ingredientinto something bigger than the brainitself yes here they added mugwort.

I’m gonna be honestwith younot a fan of mugwort first of all it hasthe word wart in it second of allisn’t doing much of the work either ithink the chef really wants us to tastethe essence of what we’re about to eatas far as brains go it’s almostidentical to the brain of the previouscreature but here it’s much more presentall right let’s get a little bit of themugwort cheers[Music]bit of green licorice not much to it nobut that islike the one dimensional flavor that isherei really want to taste what this brainis all about i mean it is the star ofthe show heyi’m the star of the show not anymorecheers cheersyou feel smarter no what he said was hecorrected yeah i think so i feel like afool for just buying this big bowl ofbread seasoned with a leafflavor-wise it is not much it is reallyjust brainy but the brain itself i don’tmind the texture it’s creamy it kind ofcoats the inside of your mouth and ithas a nutty finish i don’t know whatbread you gotbut what i’m getting right now isbitterness bile flavorsmy sheep took ap classes i was on ashort bus to school cool well we willget a to-go box for.

This andmove on to our next location you couldhave mine thank you so muchmy shirt’s too tightit’s lunchtime so calvin and i areheaded down to chinatown[Music]here you’ll find one of the oldestrestaurants in this city sir hellonice to meet you here the head of thisoperation mr vince how long have youbeen doing thissince 1945. now with over 50 staffthey’ve been serving traditionalcantonese dishes for more than 75 yearsyour grandparents started it then yourparents and then did you have a choiceor it’s like hey guess what you’rerunning a chinese restaurantmy producer showed me a picture of thefood we’re going to be trying todaysomething like a pig brainin an omelette so when he’s a youngchild this is the dish that’s alreadybeen part of his life he thinksit originated in china what is thepurpose of mixing the omelet with thebrain[Music]whatever you eat makes you do that ifyou eat a brain you’ll be smarter butwith the omelet the kids will eat it sothe parents will say heyeat the omelet before you take a testit’ll give you the brain power you needtoachieve your greatness although brainsdo contain huge amounts of omega-3 fattyacids that are good for your nervoussystem they’re also very high incholesterol so even though you may betempted try not to eat too much let’s doit let’s do itour iq is going to go from like 70 to99.

I was going to say 78.okay let’s go[Music]this brainy dish starts with sauteedminced shallotsgarlic and pickled radish then steamedpig break[Music][Applause]this brain matter is added to the eggsthen seasoned simply with salt andpepper[Music]right here we’ve got the omelette ithought this was going to look a lotmorelike this picture here instead it lookslike this video here much more palatableand then herenot something i usually have with anomelette a big bowl of rice not only anyrice it’s chicken rice the renderingsfrom the chicken fat been cooked intothe high non chicken ricesounds real nice sounds like yourehearsed that i didscrambled eggs kind of feels like brainalready yeah so i don’t know if we’llbe able to notice a difference but let’sfind outreally good that’s a juicy omelette ifyou feel with your tongue and kind ofpressyou can feel some of the fat squeezingout the brain really kind of meltswith the egg i do feel the brain a bitbut if you gave it to meit didn’t tell me there’s brain in itthere’s a chance i would just ignore itand keep eating yeah.

I got a nice fattypiece of brain here and then after thatwe should hit the rice to create balance[Applause][Music]i like it it’s a good combo little riceit’s done so well it’s not clumpyevery individual rice kernel isseparated yet they’re cohesive the riceis delicious it’s taking on some of thatnice chickeny flavor chickengoodness chicken essence[Music]for our final serving of cerebellumcalvin is introducing me to the secretdark side of tacos comments interviewluisput her there the taco lord of this tacoshop mrluis do you want to say the two words ofspanish that you know he comes frommexico citywhat just kidding he brought with him25 years of taco crafting experiencewhat i’m learning from calvin calvin isalso a tougher every time we eat someweird animal part he goes oh that couldgoin a taco in mexico city can anything goin a tacoall the whole the animals brain idon’t know i had no idea i only know intaco bell taco bellin the u.s we’re like straight up groundbeef ground beef chicken chickenjust really a lack of variety why isthere so muchmore variety in mexico because peopleunderstand thatpoor meat have more flavor we’re heretoday for something i had never heard ofbeforesomething called cesoscesos tacos or brain tacos is a real andvery popular dishin mexico when he talks about it you seehis face it lights up oh yeah.

I have nodoubt that it’s delicioususually made from cow or goat brain doesit make you smarter it’s loved for itssoft custard-like texturein mexico the people think you eat liverdo yourecover the liver maybe do it brainmaybe you’re thinking moreluis thank you so much okay let’s eatsome brain tacossesos tacos start with the cow brainboiled with bay leaves cook it throughthen put it onice in another pan saute garlic andshallots in butter add tomatoes andthe brain season with salt pepperand a squeeze of lime finally add somegreens thenthe tortillas now the build a layer ofguacamole cesosfinished with a fresh touch of shallotsand cilantroand clink locationthis is super exciting because i’venever had this there is a cow brain onmy taco there’s a little bit lime forthe acid there’s so much richnessin the brain the lime really does cut iti got some fresh citrus on thereand then for you you’re a taco guy isthis like two bites or three bitesthis ideally be two bites.

I’m gonna go for two bites cheerswow the texture it’s different than anytaco i’ve ever had it’s almostmarshmallowy there’s so much brain youreally stuffed it well but there’savocado too you can’t really telllike i said is this guacamole yeah but the whole time man the spices aredelicious they arecumin paprika garlic onions they reallydocreate a symphony of flavors oh i just had a big piece of brain burst inmy mouth and the fattiness just cameyou know dripping down the side of myface it was like a big solid chunk thathadn’t been like crushed yetit is amazing how many differentpreparations of rain we were able to seetoday i didn’t know what it was gonna belike i gotta sayi like it i love it conclusionconclusion let’s go let’s gothank you calvin today we ate fourdifferent animal brains whichwas your favorite out of all the brainswe had today i have to say the tacoswere the best you get the creaminessfrom the avocado you have the onioncilantro but the main star today was the brain and you cooked it so well for me i really really enjoyedthe pakistani brainthe way you combined it with the breadvery delicious but my favorite is also the cesos taco he did a great job ofreally utilizing.

The brainusing it as a main ingredient but stillusing the right amount of spice to takeyour mind off the fact that you’reeating another creature’s mind sovery good yeah patreon is the best wayto supportour team and to help us keep producingthe content you love and i’ll be sendingpersonalized videoshout out to everyone who joins ourpatreon in the next 24 hourslink description go by taking such asimple ingredientand transforming it into really a rightto flavor town we went to flavor townjust now a flavor village on a pakistanimountainthis is four different animal brainsit’s a think tankand i think that you know the onions andcilantro really do play thatum the onions and garlicthe onion and garlic really do play agreat complimentary they play acomplimentaryi’ve had thank you we’re so full of foodright nowpeople think this job is glamorousthat’s not we been eating since 10 a.mmanyeah it’s brutal you guys don’t knowwhat it’s like you’re fullyou don’t want to eat you want to take anap too bad you got to review food guysthat is it for this one i hope you had agreat happy time we had a pretty goodtime at least at7 out.

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