Mega Rare Japanese Wagyu!!! Tokyo’s Top Quality A5 Beef!!!

Mega Rare Japanese Wagyu!!! Tokyo’s Top Quality A5 Beef!!!

I feel really bad there’s about five people watching us eat all their mouth sare watering and I see them whet hereaten raw boiled or seared the word Wagyu has become synonymous with quality but what does you really mean it actually literally means Japanese beef and it’s coveted all around the world socovenant this sounds like a blasphemousI can’t wait to coverage some of this way not only does Wagyu beef have higher levels of intramuscular fat calledmarbling too thanks to the fat sorting out of it but the texture of the meat is finer resulting in a more flavorfuleating experience and literally meltingin your mouth holetoday we’re hunting down the tastiestWagyu in Tokyo it is the fabric of dream from beef eaten raw what is thetradition in Japan when there’s onepiece left but there’s three people toTokyo’s luxury beef experience.

Mega Rare Japanese Wagyu!!! Tokyo’s Top Quality A5 Beef!!!

I am salivating over this so take out ase cond mortgage on your condo cuz today we’re chowing down on the best Japanese beef in Tokyo. I’ve never felt more bad for everyone behind the camera than I do right now[Music]joining me on today’s meaty quest isShizuka Anderson I work in Tokyo I’moriginally from Canada I’m half Japanese how does that affect your point of view about Beeman when I came here. I never knew that beef could actually be that good there’s not just one type of what you you might find better kinds of what to you depending on the region I don’t know the names of the region that are the best but if you can seek those outand then try the different kinds of lucky basically yeah do it yourself yeah.

I don’t even need this show is that kindof your point no don’t stop watching cuzwe have some really good lucky for youtoday perfect we’re gonna go eat let’sgo and then you’ll walk that way andI’ll walk that way you look cool readygolocation one me Bart Niko to Rashi aplace where dreams come truea carnivores heaven if they let me movein I would we took a look inside I cansee that we’re gonna be grilling our ownmeat at the table it’s called theyakiniku in Japan you basically grillthe meat yourself before jumping intoour BBQ I’m getting an exclusive tasteof raw Wagyu with restaurant owner mr.hiroshima we are taking up this wholekitchen too bulky dudes.

I think thereason is we’ve eaten a lot of beef the Japanese beef grading system gives Wagyu beef a grade from one to five meat baronly serves a 5 the highest qualityavailable sourced from cows who are fed the best food and complemented daily what’s so special about it you can see is the interspersion of fat kind of webthroughout the protein other diners here they usually have a prepackaged but today they’ve cut it just for us. I’m gonna grab one right here little bit of sauce let’s go for itmmmsuper soft it’s got a bit of like cushiony bite to it wonderful mouthfeel and you can taste the fat in it actually the aftertaste of anak savory oilyfatness that stays in your mouth sodelicious so good um what is the tradition in Japan when there’s onepiece left but there’s three people goahead are you sure today’s main courseis about quality over volume Chuck flap beef tongue Chuck short rib outsideknuckle and top plate don’t know soundlike some good body parts so.

I noticedthere’s no rice no salad no vegetablesno we’re here just for the meat peoplecan cook to themselves but he is optedto come here and cook it for us so thatyou don’t mess it up this is the frontlegsI’m told that this can grill veryquickly Oh God superfast just barelykind of Syrian until it turns a niceshade of brown puts it on the edge justlike that 4k resolution beats what elsedo you guys want oh well I guess youcould actually eat it for yourself likeI’m eating this for you so you don’thave to a little bit of soy sauce it’s just heaven here oh my god I don’tever want to swallow it it melted it wasvery tender a bit smoky I’ve never feltmore bad for everyone behind the camerathan I do right now the next one is thetongue.I think people too often get stuck in arut of like okay I know these finethings. I like Torito tacos at Taco Belland then they hear cow tongue andthey’re like oh how could I ever but mentake the risk it’s worth it oh there Imean that looks stunningthis beautifully scored top here thejuice is kind of flowing inside like adelta of beefy oiliness squeezing somelemon on top side up oh it is reallychewy the inside is very rare becauseit’s a more robust meat.

I think it cooksa lot more on the outside and then thein side still remains a bit raw but very tasty putting it in some of the sweeter sauce and taking it down. I’m out of words guys no not you behind the camera guys. I’m sure you guys understand like we’re justmaking the show you’re finding this right we maybe some other time you can we’ll get you some peace Wagyu you can eat it raw you can have itlightly seared or you can put it in one of 101 hot pots at our next destinationright here they have a menu and then very clearly lists everything out if you’re someone like me you just take a quick look it’s kind of like a game of bingo this place is famous for its shabushabu a Japanese hot pot dish of thin lysliced meat and vegetables boiled in water hmmshabu shabu is considered to be moresavoury and less sweet than sukiyaki but today we’re here for the sukiyakialso in a pot that is hot a shallow ironvessel cooks up veggies and beef bro thin a soy sauce but honestly you don’t need to know how to do any thingthis guy will do it all for you sir have you ever done this before on camera nono it’s got a first time are you able to focus music to my ears so right away this kind of layering nice big pieces of meat this is the base of the soup also just soy sauce a littlebit of cooking alcohol and sugar as wellJapan likes it raw whether it’s shrimpfish or right now eggs mixed with the beep to give it a bit of a creamygoodness and this is my first timehaving raw egg in Japan look at the way it just kind of drifts off like somedelicious not so let’s try it out WowI’m just adds like a nice dimension ofcreaminess to it but the meat itself.

I mean from the sauce completely sweet andthen that nice salty soy base comingthrough boy she[Music]huh what is the point of these I hopeit’s for decoration. I’m not worriedabout it this is just the starter themain course begins with a bit more brothadd in onions leeks tofu graded burdock and these chewy noodles I reallyappreciate how he’s kind of compartmentalized the dish here likeyeah it’s very organized shitakemushrooms some more green onions moremushroom and more B it’s interesting that they start you off with the meatand they’re like listen don’t worrywe’ll have to eat some vegetables but here’s the taste of meat immediatelywait until it’s bubbling hot and it’sready to eat this is very shallow youcan just move around in here and see allthese different categories of the foodcooking boiling away oh I’ve neverwanted a piece of tofu so badly with adip it in the egg nice soft tofu reallysoaked up those flavors diligently giveyou that cringe hmm they’re like squeakyyeah oh look at how long this has beenboiling in here it’s turn extra browncuz it’s coated with that dark soy saucemm-hmm it’s perfection when isn’t the first time you had this to be honestmore often when I visited Japan. I’m atmy grandmother’s house which one is moreyummy this one or your grandma’s oh mygrandma is gonna be offended if I. I meanthis is a restaurant quality andexpensive meat so.

I’m gonna have to see maybe it’s this one but I love my grandma’s the grandmas oh I know shetold me earlier her grandma’s sub she’sa bestie I’m so sorry if you’ve been hurt by this in any way this is stillreally good so that means yours is really reallygoodwe’re now headed to the final climax ofthe video and there’s no better place toclimax than right here let me explain more as far as. I know atthis particular room we’re going towe’re gonna sit across from the chef and he’s gonna cook in front of us yeah yesguys we’ve never produced anything on this show is waiting in the room for u she did not come up here just to turn these lights on this is the mostintimate dining experience in Tokyo acosy room two to four seats in your ownpersonal chef today its head chef sushihe’s got his own bow this is not Benihana the cooking is not meant to bea show when the chef is not anentertainer the chef is a chef first of all this kind of beef very rare oh it’sstill alive this place serves up thick succulent cuts of beef but there’s adelicious catch you got to work your way up to it first a starter a white sashimimousse with fish broth and esteemed seaurchin on top.

Wow I don’t rough hi storywith these uh Unni do you like them thatwas like a savory seafood pudding nextup fresh seared Lobster moving a littlebit after it’s cooked it’s served withlemon lime salt and pepper garnish andeat I’m not an expert at eating lobsterI don’t know how to do this today ohthat was so clean very nice just assweet lobster sensation finally this iswhat we came forKeter sassouma beef from Kagoshima Idon’t know where that is but I know thatit’s a beef Dream Factorythis is viewers the chefs are justcooking it rare and I listen to the cheffirst garlic with a bit of oil then addsalt and pepperwhile that sizzles away the chefprepares fresh wasabi right from theplant itself this is a real treatconsidering most off-the-shelf wasabi ismerely an imitation of what you see herecan I try just some paste alone I’venever had a real stuff from a plant allagain it’s so fresh it’s strongvery sharp sting a stringent qualityyeah I love itonce complete the chefsour beef into little bite-sizedmelt-in-your-mouth pieces the differencebetween a regular restaurant and arestaurant like this is that the timethat it takes to bring the food is soshort 1 2 3.

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