Making Korean barbecue at home is simple

Dear my friends, how are you doing with your weight lose plan after Tet? Can you see that my cheeks look like they have 2 chung cakes on them? I have already made up my mind that this would be a chubby time of the year So since I’m already plump Oh I touched the camera, sorry Since I’m already plump, I decided that this evening Or I can say tonight, it’s almost 11 pm now, I’m gonna clean up my fridge. My family gathered at my house this noon to have lunch We had so many dishes including hotpot, grill and kids’ foods And all the left over is stored at my house since my family is coming back to our hometown tomorrow therefore… I have to clean up my fridge. I was plan to have salad for dinner to keep it healthy but I’m so hungry now Since my stomach got much bigger during Tet holiday. Let’s see what I have in my fridge today And have a night meal. Yes, a homemade night meal, the pandemic is getting worsef. Okay, these are my ingredients for tonight’s meal. So these are the leftovers from this noon so I decided to have a BBQ For the grill, we have beef bacon, pork, what’s this?, ah mushroom. I wonder why we bought so many things and prepared hotpot. These are the vegetables from today’s lunch, I’ll use them to wrap the meat. I think you can guess what are these. These are… a bowl of leftover rice. I’ll make bibimbap. I will use this instead of beef, this was made for the kidsand some kim chiAnd this one is quite interesting, dried seaweed.

Okay, it’s cooking time. Why don’t you go to sleep, it’s bed time. I’ll heat the rice in the oven first. My family enjoys eating Korean foods so… Oh is this correct? Ah, it is. My family really enjoys eating Korean foods so we always have ingredients for these dishes. I’ll put the heated rice into the bowl Since I’m making a video, I’ll use all the rice I have If I can’t finish this tonight, I’ll eat it tomorrow. I can bring it back to my hometown Okay, now let’s put things in turn by turn Stir-fried corn with bean sprouts, the kids loved eating this Stir-fried squash with mushroom, why didn’t I see this dish at lunch? Then I’ll add the pork which has already been heated. Are you hungry? Don’t be! Just a little kim chi so I can eat it with the BBQ, too Vegetables. This is Rocket, I am the only one who like this in my family. My family members don’t enjoy eating strange vegetables And last but not least, I’ve already introduced to you earlier. You can purchase this one in some Japanese supermarkets. It contains dried seaweed like this I’ll put some on top of the rice, let’s create a spot for it It is very simple to make a bowl of bibimbap You can add anything you want into your bowl of mixed rice. There, you can add some soy sauce and sesame oil and enjoy. However, to make it more like Korean food, I’ll add some spicy sauce. This spicy sauce can be use to make dipping sauce or put directly into this bowlWhere is my spoon?

My brain just stops working by night. There it is, a little bit red. I’m not sure will it be red or black on screen. I’ll put a spoon of it in the center of the bowl. Wow, I missed it. To make it more spicy, I’ll add…?There it is, I’ll add this spicy sauce in. Can you see the different of the color? Just a little bit so it will not be too spicy. Then I’ll add some sesame oil. I don’t have sesame to put in this bowl today. This would add some scent to the dish. I’ll also add some soy sauce. This soy sauce is specially made for Japanese food Just a little bit. Do you want to add eggs into this bowl? I think an egg would be immaculate Egg egg egg egg. Oh no, screw it, it’s because of the egg See, this one is fine. This one looks good. A quick preparation for night meal but I have to take this bracelet off me It is so annoying with its sound So I have 2 dishes for tonight’s meal. As I introduced, the first one is grilled beef and pork, the second one is bibimbap Very simple but I have to heat the grill first Cheers…oh so far…Cheers So satisfied. I’m not ready to do anything at the beginning of the year. Okay, it heated up, let’s pour some olives oil onto the grill.

I’ve used olives oil recently for the sake of my health. Then I’ll add some butter, some butter. I use Tuong An butter, it’s delicious despite of the fact that it’s very cheap. I’ll grill the bacon first since it has a lot of fat. Wow, isn’t it tasty? Then I’ll also add beef, one more piece. The smell is good. Then I’ll grill some mushroom on this side. I love shimeji mushroom since it tastes so good after being grilled. Or button mushroom is another good option. I lower the heat of the grill, let’s mix the bibimbap now Oh, and in order to make it more greasy and stunning, I’ll add some mayonnaise Mayonnaise…I made it look awful I have to prepare 2 fixed cameras to give you the extinguish pictures No need to rotate it yet, but I’ll do it anyway It splashes, get out. Let’s come back with the bibimbap that was covered with mayonnaise earlier. I’ll start mixing this up but I have to adjust the angle of the cameras to give you better views. I’ll smash the eggs first OMG The smell of the dried seaweed is so appealing. I made a pretty big decision today when having such a meal like this at night.

But I don’t feel like having interest to film any video recently And when I do, I have to film a new one right away My face has swollen since I play too much this Tet holiday Cool…but a little bit too spicy Isn’t it good ? It might look disgusting but it’s the feeling you have when you first trying the dish But after knowing how it tastes, it would be very appealing It would be better if I have some cheese to add in, but it doesn’t matter. Do you want to have a big spoon of it? So splash! The pig fat is horrible, it splashes every whereIs it cooked? I was supposed to have a Tet series this during this Tet holiday. I had already made plan for it but I suddenly really wanted to have a break And the pandemic came back and turned my mood down a lot And I really wanted to have a relax vacation from everything at Tet. So I’ve just come back to make my first video today. So I really appreciate your supports despite of the fact that I haven’t released new videos for weeks. This is chef-d’oeuvre. I can’t recall the time when I bought this beef because there are always so many foods in my fridge During this Tet, besides having Chung cakes. I was going to say Chung and sticky rice cake I have a lot of foods such as ice creams, grilled and hotpot ingredients. It’s so suitable to eat after getting sick of Tet’s foods.

There are still 2 Chung cakes left, I wonder whether they can be eaten or notI’ll grill some kim chi here, have you ever eaten grilled kim chi? Extremely delectable So watery, sorry Hau! I’ll have some grilled kim chi with a piece of beef Enjoy! So tasty Mushroom So sweet. The shimeji is really sweet So satisfied During the day, I have to prepare food for the kids and whole family members So it kind of put some pressure on meBut now it’s truly time for myself to enjoy this satisfaction. I’ll grill some more meat. I really have to wear a raincoat while eating grilled foods. Have you seen the picture of me wearing a raincoat while eating BBQ? It was so funny And it was really hot online I was on some newspapers with the tittle ” Famous food blogger wear raincoat to eat”I wonder whether those papers are still available Very very tasty It’s been a second sad and gloomy covid year. The pandemic started at the beginning of the yearAnd I have to postpone a lot of my plans. However, this might be a chance for me to come up with contents like this video.

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