Largest slum dish in Africa! Attractive food!

Largest slum dish in Africa! Attractive food!

How many times have you been to macocolookup was the drive to that tamillanguage this Sigma cop was a nicer, what would you do Legos Africa’s most populated city is also home to the world’s largest floatingvillage in to that the smell is just billowing out of here what that’s just like a big piece ofplastic playground equipment man we arein a middle of a traffic jam right now. Oh thousands of residents living inhomes about the water resting on stiltsever since. I was born I’ve been livingon waterwe have thousand of our men that they don’t go to the land side because whatabout in eighty eight is under water here you’ll find one of the most uniquecultures any wall this is like afloating grocery store right here from the pool.

Largest slum dish in Africa! Attractive food!

I feel like I snorted ajalapeno economy we have a group ofpeople that base and fishing but eachday and their way of life is beingthreatened as big as the communitiesthere’s nothing like a moon down. I saidthis is what the government have donethe only time the government needed this time for election time to foots welcome to the water city of macoco skimming through a labyrinth of waterways on a small wooden boat leavingthe land behind entering Nigeria City on the water hello folks here get their sealegs from a young age there’s no otheroption kids adults they maneuver freeboat to boat with ease and precision but some of us some of us still need time toad just please do not clip this hereamidst the winding water ways and chaoticclattering of boats, what there’s asystem that makes sense did you hear that what is that a way of life thatonly locals know it all starts on the boats vult menpicking up their first passengers of the day fishermen preparing their nets andheading out to sea kids coming back from the church.

They have those here too andself-contained floating food market soffering goods on the gun this is like amobile grocery store here she’s got alittle bit of everything we got riceflour chilies some in stant food noodlesonions tomatoes like everything here allon one bone it’s likeIl an’s we have a lot of buckets so this is probably like walking around oh so she’s presenting her offerings to each at home yeah like a floating marketproviding essential ingredients and snacks from morning until afternoon on a good day some can make up to threethousand nine run around seven bucks ushello we found another snack boat andshe has more ready-to-eat food yeah sotons of beer water soda what’s this onedid you make these okay to Kolkata to please oh these lookawesomeit looks like sugar and keeping a bunchof nuts together that was deliciousthank you oh and we’re back on the road yeah let’s try this out mmm oh that’soutstandingjust like sweet syrupy sugar holdingtogether all these roasted nuts oh.

I love it I feel like we’re in Venice you know Venice in I taly they have the canals and they push people through the canal it’s very romantic oh you don’t know what I’m talking about do .Oh how many times have you been to macoco you can’t come up any times how do you feel when you come here at first when Icame here. I’m not gonna live, I waspowerful I didn’t think something like this there’s so much energy here we can’t really it’s and I believe that ideas with us resources in these people and there’s so much resource here that we are racing ever. I want to kind of work you’re getting together to set up. I don’t think they bettersome say it’s the world’s largestfloating city the Venice of Africamacoco was not planned a born of humannecessity this place started as afishing village settled in thenineteenth century. Wow what is he making that looks awesome hello look at this now it’s home to more than 200,000people most of the structures here reston stilts above the Lagos Lagoon it’s aspectacleit can’t be missed as you crossed thenearby mainland bridge.

I’ve been herefor just a couple hours today so far nodoubt there is trouble here but as. I look around as I look in people’s eyes Isee the kids here like they’re smilinglike look at this kid what is he on that’s just like a big piece of plasticplayground equipment yeah that’s a boatlike here people are just finding a wayto make it workas far as. I can see life in the Coco istough but that sentiment isn’t reflectedon the faces of its inhabitants to get abetter understanding of how this placeworks we’ve been given the opportunityto meet the man of macoco village firstof all before we get into the interviewthis is probably the most terrifyingplace I’ve ever done an interview reallyyeah well. I’m at the edge of here theremight be some structural issues in thisgeneral area but, I think. I’ll be okaymm-hmm. I won’t push you tae-woo thank you forjoining us yeah since they’re cominghave you grown up here yes. I was bornhere what’s up ty walls father was namedchief after tybo’s grandfather passedaway at the age of 115 soon he himselfwill be expected to take on thisresponsibility how deep is the waterhere is five feet okay yeah so if youfall in you so you’re gonna be this farover if you fault it just turned up arepeople using this water for anything youknow this was a yeah we don’t use it foranything we have it bajo we all get ourdrinking water from the other time weuse the water is when is winning seasonthe kid jumped into the water to learnhow to swim mmm.

I was pretty importanthere I think huh do you know how to swim yes, I did guys since you were born you’ve been here in this village growing up how has this place changed since you were a kid we have a bar we have a cast on every Sunday good that depends okay if you want to Bob your hair we have a pub in saloon where hairstylistabout the changes. I can have us to suffice the kids go into school because before we we don’t go to school give youk now what, I spot of our cultureevery body based on fishing when your dad is going out for fishing you go with sadeghi’ learn how to fishphishing is a primary means ofliveli hood for the macoco community this single industry drives the economy here so it’s an essential generational skill for nearly everyone the women work the market the men work the boats cruising into the ocean dropping their nets andbringing back something to sell have you done shooting like this before not really not really what’s harder fish ingor shooting yeah fishing fishing charter yeah how old were you the first time you came out here and learn how to fish when.

I was in your five years I started going with my dad to learn how to fish yeah when. I got to the age of soft yearssome times. I go with my friends when. I got now it’s my father to tell me to goon so there whatever money I make it has to be me and my wife okay in a good day how much fish is a fisherman bringing in when it’s rainy season we make much mone yall right now if you go in this time you make like ten thousand seven thousand sometimes five thousand like twenty bucks a day yeah because we have lot people for insufficient mouths lots of them in this process. I can tell the women make much more than the men so we just have to come back with a fish to give the fish to them so they take it in markets if the price change they know that’s in the market we don’t know bosses so when we come back with skatingbaskets for themmm so the pills are one or two thousand so they can go outside and silly– tenthous and five thous and that’s not from them so the men work the boats and the women worked the market yes this is like the next step of the fishing process after you net the fish if you come here to a smokehouse when.

I was on the second floor lookingacross macoco there’s smoke coming up every where are these small hous esevery where yeah I know like, I saidasthma cuckoo is a fishing village you know all the smoke you see coming out these are the spoonful fish every househave a house we ate this blue a fish orif you build a house the most beauty please when you smoke your fish have you had this kind of fish yeah every time my mom buys this all the time I thinkeverything about me online vices and, I’m this is actually where it comes right this is the origin yeah how are you doing oh you seem a little sad like you’re tearing up oh the smoke I thought you’re getting emotional about smoked fish kind of fish is this one no weake lites man la la lathe fish are placed over coals where they’ll smoke and dry out for over 12hours from here these fish aredistributed throughout the city and surrounding area except for sometimes when they’re eating here for separation for dinner is underway right now we’re cooking up food.

I should say she’scooking up food for about 10 14 people this is Lydia Tai Will’s wife and also today’s chef unlucky enough to beinvited to join a meal with three very local very common dishes in this area on the side here this is the smoked fish we saw earlier and I think I want to try i tout can I eat this thank you look at that it’s like a fish eating it sown tail I’m gonna break it I pull it sfoot out of its mouth the flesh comes off the bone pretty easy it’s not superdry it’s not like a jerky it’s just still soft inside did you want some oh you do hmm it’s soft it sounded super strongtaste a bit smoking which is to beexpected it almost like mob crab like you guys know that oh you guys ate realcrab legs. I didn’t know anything about that growing up there’s a little sweet alittle smoking that’s good and plentifulI mean this is getting eaten all the time in this village how do you say yummy oh do I’ll do a sweep yeah. I thought it was yummy but it’s sweetercooking is underway the three dishes usepond lock fish as their main protein what makes each dish stand out is thesaucefirst up all Newtonian white onion salsaa mixture of tomatoes red chilies and red onions salt to taste then add the fish next up.

Oh a flu flupalm oil is added to a hot pot or onionsmore salsa than crayfish seasoning salt and finally a generous portion of dried fish finally Cali dodo a thick stew with the same familiar ingredient with it that at this time she adds even moreonion water dried fish and cassavaf lakes mixed and boiled until it becomesthick how many people are living here we have more than 200,000 people but the children are more than the adults oh there’s more children than a dog in this map oh cool we don’t have support from the government the only time they need us time for election time to vote right it made a lot of promises when itgot the power not enough it[Applause]hygiene pollution poverty this is just the beginning of the problems here at macoco what all the government need fromModi’s to take us away from me because.

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