January 17, 2021

Joe's Kitchen – Guacamole (Sept 16, 2020)

i'm keeping up with the fresh steam and vegetables once again and you probably see avocado here while avocado has fat it's actually a good fat and it could actually help lower bad cholesterol also has nearly 20 vitamins and minerals so why not throw in some more healthy items

for a great tasty snack we're talking guacamole here today fresh guacamole gretchen asked me to do it because it's national guacamole day so kind of give you a look here of all the ingredients there's actually a lot that goes inside guacamole of course you got the avocado salt

cumin garlic cilantro fresh lime juice roma tomatoes and an onions the first thing you're going to do of course your main ingredient is your avocado when you buy avocado you want to make sure that it is soft to the touch don't give it a very hard squeeze but

squeeze it if it's soft if it gives way a little bit you know you've got a good avocado if they're very firm when you go to cut it open you're not going to be able to dig it out it's just not ready yet give it a couple of

days if you have one there's a pit inside an avocado so when you take your knife and you cut inside you can see it's going to stop you i can't go any further what i'm going to do is actually just go around the edge of that pit with

my knife and as we go around you've made a perfect circle take your avocado just give it a gentle twist and there you go now you've got your avocado open god is that not gorgeous right there now you can do two things here you can take your spoon

and you can dig out that pit if you want to or i've actually seen some people just kind of take their knife tap it and they take it out that way i'm going to play it safe and just use the spoon kind of go around the edge of

the pit and look you there it pops right out then what you do is you take that same spoon go inside and all you have to do is go around the edge of the avocado and it pops right out and there's that shell almost kind of like a

leather-like shell if you will same thing here go around the edge avocado pops right out now you take this avocado and just go ahead and get it ready inside of a bowl so i'm going to put that inside my bowl over here and what you're going to do

next is you'll take a fork and just begin smashing that avocado i would recommend maybe a bigger fork than just a regular serving fork uh just for the mere fact that you want as much surface as you can get and as much pressure on this as you can

get and i prefer avocados my guacamole to be a little bit on the chunky side so i'm going to mix this up but nonetheless keep it a little bit chunky smashes very easily again you have to get a soft avocado if you have one that's not soft you're

not going to be doing what i'm doing right now then just kind of start mixing all your other ingredients in you take your lime here squeeze in some of that good lime juice the juice of one lime should be plentiful uh if you're one of those that likes

to measure probably about a tablespoon and a half of your lime juice good enough there have a plate nearby to put your stuff on that you're done using like my avocados all right next uh we'll grab the jalapeno i've cut the jalapeno up already i've taken the seeds

out that's going to give you a little bit less heat so i'm going to cut my jalapeno into very small chunks so that you don't get a whole lot of heat in every single bite but you get a little bit of a hint of heat so we're going

to throw the jalapeno inside now take a small onion cut her in half you'll be done with that and the thing i like about guacamole is if you want more onion add more onion if you want less tomato put less tomato in it's kind of one of those

things where you can do whatever you want to with it there is the onion almost all cut up give her a little bit more fine cut there we go there is the onion there's a lot of onion there that's okay then you can take your cilantro and you

don't need a whole lot of cilantro but again it's all up to whatever you want take your cilantro and then finally dice it up and the technique i'm using here there might be a name to it i'm not sure but it was taught to me by a really

good friend jim johnson and what you're doing here is you're really chopping it up finely but notice how i have one hand on my handle and the other hand on top of the knife blade itself so that's giving me pressure as i'm pushing down but also it's just

keeping both my hands safe especially when you're working with a very sharp knife put in your cilantro and aroma tomato on your roma tomato when you dice it up go ahead and take those seeds out of there as well that adds a little extra juice and you don't

want probably too much juice inside your guacamole just your lime juice so go in there take out those seeds and then once you get it going same thing with it cut it up into some small portions same thing with this side julienne cut and then we'll cut her

up into some small portions just like that add that in there and then just a couple of spice wise here a little bit of salt a little bit of cumin and a little bit of garlic in there take your fork you had earlier stir it up get a

nice coating of everything nice and evenly mixed and you can see i probably have as you probably have noticed i have some green peppers over here you can use those instead of tortilla chips and that will be an even healthier version if you want to avoid something that's

been deep fried otherwise a little on the messy side but there you go guacamole easy to make all fresh ingredients doesn't require any sort of cooking and then of course finding another bowl to put it in to make some really good presentation i think ron loves guacamole we'll

have him try it out coming

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