November 23, 2020

JBU by Jambu Juliet SlipOn Sport Shoe

from your physician we don't want you to go into the ER or the doctor's office without talking to them first because you might spread coronavirus to someone else please visit coronavirus gov for more information [Music] timeless style remarkable quality and effortless functionality versatile everyday bags crafted by hand using trusted old world techniques and Lux materials fashion accessories designed to last a lifetime Dooney & Bourke on HSN [Music] hey good evening everybody my name is Michele yarn I'm so happy to be shopping with you tonight we're gonna talk shoes shoes and more shoes so much so that we called this our obsessed with shoes we've got about 9 or 10 different brands in just this one our huge favorites crazy crazy good price points I just want to give you a sneak peak of one of the pairs of shoes I'm really excited about it's not coming up until later in the hour this is from Skechers it's called the gratis this moment a little slip on sneaker it's a huge customer pick favorite look at this clearance price point though marked down from $64 to $39.

98 there is so much stretch so much comfort the Gratus is one of the most popular outsoles for Skechers and then they built this stretch beautifully soft fabric all the way around you just slip your foot right and it's like having a custom-made shoe on and at this price look at this five flex payments $8 will get these home for you the colors are gorgeous that's the mauve that you're seeing now on a net but it comes in black we have gray Navy Slate and taupe and it's the first time we've ever had it at this price point now originally these were $64 so oh my goodness we're not playing around you guys are ready to party I got to say already just from showing this the Navy and the slates have just sold out so now we have mauve taupe gray and black sizes 6 through 11 we have half sizes and we have medium and wide width you know Skechers is a national brand all about cuteness and comfort and this one definitely fits the bill eight dollars to get that home I mean you really can't beat by price point in fact everything you see in the show tonight is going to be on five flex payments including Birkenstock and what an iconic brand this is talking about comfort this is their famous Arizona style there's nothing I mean you look at this and you know it's Birkenstock and there have been a lot of brands out there who have tried to imitate or copy but none of them can do it because this has all the amazing comfort features in a classic style so let me walk you through we've only got two color options in this specific style so this one is called anthracite and it's like gorgeous gunmetal I love the buckle detail on these or black so everything looks nice and sleek we also have it available in stone and that is a great neutral color so when you're picking these up sizing is five five and a half six six and a half seven seven and a half all the way up to eleven eleven and a half and if you know Birkenstocks you know it's all about the famous footbed so this is a super super soft suede sock so when you put your foot into it they warmth and the heat from your body actually makes the bottom of this footbed and mold to your foot so the more that you wear them the more of a custom fit you're going to get they've got this deep heel cup which Birkenstock is famous for you've also got that contoured cork latex footbed with arch support and that famous toe bar so when you walk your feet don't slide and your toes can naturally grip so you talk about being comfortable having tons of traction on the bottom what a great way to get a famous iconic brand but to get it home for under $20 because we can offer you five flex payments and flexpays for everybody shopping HSN at any time and all it does is take your cost and break it up into equal monthly payments with no interest at all and after your first payment these are on their way to you and it's free shipping and handling as well so once you get them home especially since we're all just you know if you have hardwood floors or tile in your house you need more support even when you're inside I've got a recommend Birkenstock if you've never tried it because it's unlike anything else you slip your foot onto that suede lining and you really get support from every inch of your foot under the toes under the arch about deep heel cup and then again as you wear them the warmth from your body actually helps the bottom conform to your feet and give you a custom fit over time so they're super stylish very iconic look that's the stone which is a great neutral I love that you've got the brushed nickel on the buckles there which are adjustable by the way so if you need them a little bit tighter or a little bit looser you can do that and then we also have them in the anthracite which is like a gunmetal color it's a nice alternative to black if you want something that's still neutral and a little darker I would pick up the anthracite and it's got the black buckle detail so we're really thrilled here at HSN to be able to offer you big brand names like Birkenstock and to be able to bring you cool new colors in this classic iconic style so if you already know and love Birkenstock pick your usual size if you're a little bit newer to the brand you just stay with them whatever range you are so there's five five-and-a-half six six and a half seven seven and a half it makes it very very easy to pick up your size and wear them you've got a full 90 days with our extended return policy so take them for a test run for about 90 days and see what happens it's the neatest thing you start to see and feel your perfect toe foot imprint in the bottom of the shoe so every time you put them on your foot is getting this custom fit you've got great arch support in these as well and it's a suede ITAT lining underneath your feet so it's super super soft very very comfy I just think they're adorable too and you've seen imitators try to do this style but nobody can replicate that footbed right that is what Birkenstock is known for it's the comfort and it's that custom fit that you get these are two beautiful neutral options I think either one of these would go perfect with the outfit I even have on right now so no matter what color ways you're wearing you know you're gonna get a great match with these these are gonna end up becoming your go-to everyday type shoe so if you'd like to pick them up today you can call us you can go to hsn.

com you can use our free app as well on any Apple or Android device and you can use flex pay on this too which means you can get it home for under $20 and you pay that off every month interest-free you can't go into a Birkenstock store or somewhere and say hey I'd like to take these home today I'm gonna give you one fifth of the price but I promise you all pay that overtime don't charge me any interest on it or anything it's one of the big benefits of shopping with us here at HSN and it's free shipping and handling right now too which is another added bonus so we're gonna send them straight to your door you can see Danya looking adorable in would you ever think a denim pencil skirt and a great blouse and you can slip on your Birkenstocks so you could have a dressier outfit super casual outfit these are definitely gonna become a staple in your wardrobe I love the two colorways we're offering what you're seeing there's the stone which is a great creamy greyish taupe color way and then we also have the ampere sight which is that perfect dark charcoal almost like a gunmetal look so if you'd like to pick them up it is the most iconic and comfortable style of all the Birkenstocks and we have it here for you in these great colorways every size is still available on these and with five flexpay under a $20 bill to treat yourself and treat your feet and get these home okay so more to come in this hour you know we were supposed to have a full presentation on our today's special but it has been so popular more than 20, 000 gone we are down to the final countdown here not only in time because the price goes away at midnight but in quantity as well and this is a new brand for us here at HSN Shambu and you may already know and love this brand they're all about stylish but comfortable shoes are all approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association so they promote better foot health these are the most adorable style it's one of their best-selling styles it's called the wild flower encore it's a mary-jane with these cute little cutouts and silk flowers on the adjustable straps but the outsole is all-terrain so you could take this hiking walking to a dinner event to a wedding whatever it is these shoes are gonna work for you memory foam Evie a footbed so comfy we have sizes six through 12 with half sizes medium and wide width they call it an adventure single and it's forty seven dollars for the next 50 minutes so don't miss out on that we're getting very very limited we've already sold out of a couple of the colors as well so take a look online see what we have left and treat yourself if you'd like to another thing I wanted to mention if you're looking to save even more today you can apply for the HSN credit card and right now when you're approved you can use it toward any single item purchase and instantly get $20 off isn't that fantastic other bonuses to the HSN card you get extra flex on Beauty and and jewelry you get exclusive access to VIP savings events there are lots of things to love so if you'd like to get more info you can check it out on our website or if you're on the phone with our representatives you can always ask them as well all right let's keep moving another iconic brand in the world of footwear this is Sperry and Sperry has been around since the 1930s when I hear Sperry I think Boat Show and the crest vibe is one of those classic silhouettes but this is in brand-new prints all in spring and summertime colorways it's the most adorable mini check it's like a little gingham print so so pretty this one is called cornstalk and white and you see you've got that genuine leather cord on the lace you don't ever have to actually lace these you're just gonna slip them right on but they are just absolutely adorable so this is corn stock white we also have it here in the blue and white oh my gosh tell me these are not the cutest little shoe and then finally this one is called coral white in my opinion it looks a little more like a baby soft pink to me but when you're ordering that it's called coral white and these are in sizes 5 through 12 we do have half sizes you can stay true to size it's a cute little slip on sneaker and this is everything classic and iconic about Sperry so obviously you just slipped your foot right in you don't have to be socked with these you can if you want to wear the little no-shows you've got great stretch on the inside here there's something they call Gore it's a little hidden strip of stretchy elastic and that's on either side of the tongue so when you walk this is gonna move and stretch with you also the inside memory foam from heel all the way to toe is full of memory foam so your feet just kind of sink but they're nice and supported the neat thing about Sperrys is at the arch they actually put extra memory foam so you're getting extra support under the arch which is pretty rare for a little slip on sneaker like this a lot of times other brands they're just kind of flat you don't have much support your feet start to hurt a little bit through the day are gonna be very very comfortable for you underneath this is one of the neatest things so the grip and the story goes that Paul Sperry back in the day was walking his dog they were out walking on ice and he was slipping around like crazy the dog wasn't so he said what's different so we took a look at the bottom of his dog's paws and he copied that and put that on the bottom of his shoes so when you look up close you can see it's called a wave saiping and it's actually a little bit textured you can really see it when I turn it this way so you get lots and lots of traction with these especially if you're wearing them and the spring summer time there can be random rainstorms maybe you're out by a pool or you're on a boat in your cute little boat shoes you're gonna have lots and lots of traction with these so they're super practical but absolutely adorable and if you already love Sperry you may recognize the actual silhouette of this shoe this is their famous crest vibe so it's a really simple slip on sneaker but what's new about it is these fun patterns so it's a cute little mini check so when you look up close it's almost like a gingham print or if you're going on a picnic you can really see it in the blue and white I think it's absolutely adorable it's fun to have some patterns and texture but it is pretty subtle so you don't have to feel like you can only wear this with solid so it's gonna be a really versatile shoe for you in three different colorways so this one when you're ordering is called coral white and it is like a cute little pink almost like a ballet slipper pink to me this happens to be the most limited right now it's kind of fun to have a feminine pink with a boat shoe that has that classic almost like menswear inspiration to it so that's a really fun juxtaposition there so that one's called the coral white this one is your blue and white and it is perfect if you love wearing denim how adorable would this be with a little denim button-down dress I'd be so sweet you could wear these with your jeans with your shorts you've got lots of padding back here by the way which I didn't show you so a lot of comfort so that's blue and white and then this one is called corn stock and white and it is a really beautiful tan kind of topi cream colorway and that white and you can see you've got these laces here and these are rawhide laces they've got these great little barrel ties at the end you don't ever have to adjust these or tie them you just slip your foot right in remember we've got all that stretch on the inside see that little strip right there of Gore so when you put them on between the stretch there the memory foam underneath and that extra arch support your feet feel fantastic and they look so adorable and you can definitely mix your prints like I could do the corn stock and white with a leopard print for sure you can do this with your denim you can wear these with your little sundresses anything that you're popping on for the spring and summertime maybe you've got some great bermuda shorts and a cute little button down we've got two different ways to wear it here dawnia's sporting the cutest pencil skirt and a little blouse she tied in the front and then Annette is rocking a little cropped Jean with that frayed bottom she looks like she is ready we will get there you guys we will get back to doing trips to the beach and walks outside at sunset she looks like she's perfectly ready for that a nice vacation out and about and your feet feel so comfy what you have these on and they're on sale right now for forty nine dollars and thirty cents with free shipping and with five flex pay that means you can get these home for nine dollars and eighty six cents stay true to size we have size 5 up to size 12 which is really nice with half sizes in between it's all medium width on these and you have a lot of leeway with these rawhide laces here so if you do have a bit of a wider foot you see how you've got some room there and remember you've got this stretch on either side of the tongue so definitely gonna be a comfy comfy shoe lots of flexibility and remember on the bottom we've got that wave saiping which is really cool to give you that stability and keep you feeling nice and secure when you're walking you see how it's different tones there it almost has like a like a microfiber type finish on these lighter parts so it really gives you nice traction it's just a classic cute shoe that you're gonna slip on you're gonna wear it everyday and this is your iconic crest vibe style and silhouette from Sperrys they've been around for 80 plus years now bringing you these sporty casual kind of preppy looks and this one what makes it so unique is it's brand-new prints and spring and summertime colors so that's the coral and white and it is just the most subtle small little mini check print so when you really get up close you can see it and it's a creamy white and that coral which to me is a more of a pink color it's really really pretty up close we also have it in the blue and white and it's a darker almost like a chambray blue with that white and it feels it almost feels textured like quilted it's really interesting and you've got all that padding around the back of your foot as well I don't know if I mention that part so if you aren't wearing socks lots of comfort there and then the third colorway that you can choose is called corn stock and white and it is this beautiful tan taupe kind of color with that white I mean it's an essential summer sneaker and I love that these casual looks are so on-trend right now which I've been rocking a sneaker for years and years and years with two little boys you're out and about running around it's nice to have one that still looks really stylish but gives you all the comfort features that Sperrys are going to give you so I mean you can wear these with jeans and a t-shirt a cute little button-down dress you can do a blouse this is the first time you're getting to see these in the springtime colors and patterns which is really nice we're incorporating more color into our wardrobes now you want to lighten things up a little bit these you're gonna be choosing between that blue and white mini mini checks and when you look up close it's almost like a little gingham prints adorable it also comes in the coral white that Donna is wearing it's more of like a pinky kind of coral you can see that up close and then we have the tan and white which is called cornstalk if you want cuteness comfort if you want stretch if you want all of that be.

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