Japanese food factory in Vietnam- Huge Japanese sushi!

Japanese food factory in Vietnam- Huge Japanese sushi!

This is the r d department they’vecreated a dish for the first timeand it’s going to be revealed right nowtoday onetwo threejapan they’re known for their sushifamous for their wagyu and loved for their ramen but what aboutjapanese made sandwiches a japaneserecipeeaten in vietnam let’s try it outinside most of asia’s famous conveniencestores you’ll find a cooler sectionpacked with fresh ready-to-eatsnackables these foods have anorigin story that’s never been releasedto the publicuntil now why did you choose vietnam andnot thailand or some other countryin this exclusive series we’re diggingdeep into food factories that are massproducingthe affordable and convenient productswe all take for granted what were thebiggest challengesin opening this factory so actuallyeverything was done as welltoday’s mission seeing how the japaneseculture of refinementand perfection has been applied todozens of ready-to-eat mini stopfavorites.

Japanese food factory in Vietnam- Huge Japanese sushi!

I’m heading to a giant factory in anon-disclosed locationuncovering the secrets of the perfectcrustless sandwich convenience storesushiand more so how do they do it let’s findoutyes here we are in one of my favoriteplaces an asian convenience store so there’s something special aboutconvenience stores in asia they’realways packed withsuper unique original sometimesunbelievableunfathomable products like ice creamyou’ll find ice cream flavored likecorn does that seem okay to you yeah nowrongwhy it’s super weird really yeah well ithink it seemed like you can putany single flavor in ice cream likebroccolii know it they have corn ice cream howabout you try that onethis is really good i tried some ofyours yeah this had corn in it no poreshere we have the grilled seaweed roll.

I don’t know what that is but here you gooh it’s literally just a round piece ofseaweed[Music]it’s usually spicy what is this theskins ofanimals or whatever oh just skin ofanimal oh fish i guess they put the wordcollagen on therenot fishy at all one more yeahwe’ve come to the most epic section ofany asian convenience storethe refrigerator holding all the freshitems brought very recentlywe’ve got sandwiches noodly items sushialsothere’s sushi here and even kimbaporiginally known as onigiri do you everwonder how this stuff got here maybe ititdistributed from different factoriesaround they got to make a lot ofsandwiches in one day rightsure if only we could discover where allthis delicious food really came fromthat’s going to be really awesomemom i have a surprise for you today we’re taking a field trip to the factorythat makes sandwiches really soundspretty good huh cool yeah let’s teleportthank you so much for having us todaywelcome to japan best foods one of the first to put ready-to-eat fresh foods onshelves here in vietnam operating undertheir japanese parent companynitto best japan best foods has broughttheir knowledgeequipment and technology to vietnam inhopes of carving out a whole newindustry herecurrently.

They’re producing 30 000 mealsevery daywith over 90 different products is thisthe first country that you’ve been tooutside of japanyes is that right so why did you choosevietnam and notthailand or some other country first ofall thefood culture of vietnam seems similarto japan because there is no restrictionof eating meat but i think thailand theydon’t prefer to eat deep oh is thatright yeah yeah oh i didn’t know thatvietnam is among the top three mostvibrant retail markets in all of asiawith over 4000 convenience stores across thecountry making it the hot spot forconvenience store brandslooking to cash in but there’s a problemin vietnam street food is everywherethis is also fresh food made on the spotin large quantities for very littlemoneyyou can get this for under a dollar socan a foreign food company competeor attempt to change an eating culturethat’s been around for centuries this factory’s production line includesevery step of the food making processcooking mixing assembling and packagingbeyond production they also run anambitious research and developmentprogramin this room they invent and develop newproductsalmost daily more on that later yeahwhile we’re in the factory.

We’re gonnatalk about two main foods that i see allthe time one is a sandwich yes we’lltalk about that later the other oneis kimbap but in japanese it’s calledonigiriwhich country invented that it’s fromjapanreally would korean people agree withthat i hope sohow many different types are you making20 onigiri oh wow that’s a lot way morethan i thought so what is thebest-selling one grilled chicken onigiriand tsuna mayonnaise onigiri yeah i lovetuna tina too much of this factory isabout as chill as a refrigeratorit must under 10 degrees so any foodthat needs to be cooked for any productgets cooked herein the hot room right now they’reworking on the minced grilled chickenonigiribefore being sent to the mixing room thecooked food is temperature tested toensure any potential bacteriaare deceased grill fillings is one ofthe popularflavor of onigiri in vietnam but it’snot popular in japanis it even available in japan.

I don’tthink soit’s only for vietnam that’s pretty coolhere the chicken is mixed with afive-spice sauce the famous chinesespice blend that’s long been a part of vietnamese traditional cuisinethen these ingredients all head to thenext room for assemblythis is where everything comes togetherthe assembly and packaging of all theirproductsnext these rice vessels are filled withgrilled chickenshe precisely portions out the fillingby hand not too muchand not too little just the right amountso the next step can be carried outsuccessfullyright here we have the onigiri machineevery hour is pumping out 3000 of these suckers what’s remarkableis a level of detail and thought thatgoes into everything they do herebecause the standards they’re operatingat are well aboveany that they’re obligated to by anygoverning bodies for example here theyhave a minix-ray even if they find a single eyelashinside the machine is going to stop and they’re going to throw it out thisis the typical onigiri shapebut this food can take many forms allyou need is a specifically engineeredmachine created by japanese foodscientistseasy rightnext this naked rice vessel headsthrough the packaging machine.

Where it’swrapped with seaweedand sealed in plastic to keep it freshthere’s something magical happening hereit’s not easy to see at firstbut we will reveal it starting nowso we have to use number one here thispull tab that splits the plastic in halfand we pull out side number two itslides this layerbetween the seaweed and the rice outbecause if the seaweed was actuallytouching the rice it would get soggy wewant crunchy seaweedand layer three comes out here as youcan seethere’s a big rice triangle but now wehave fresh crunchy seaweed should wegive it a bitelet’s go for iti didn’t reach the filling yet butalready i love the taste of crunchyseaweed with ricethat alone is a yummy snackinteresting chicken flavor is reallygood kind of peppery succulent but youknow what would be goodchicken mayo there’s a lot more stuff totry maybe we grab a few different itemshead to the table and try it outjapan best foods has a huge focus onfreshness.

With very little time to turnaround product requests here’s how itworksfirst they take orders from 600convenience stores around saigonthen they must produce those orders thesame dayby midnight it’s already on storeshelves unlike making instant noodleswhere you can have thousands or millionsof packages sitting on shelves waitingto be soldthis is a zero inventory business you guys have convenience store sushi yeshow long can i hang out on the shelfbefore it has to be thrown awaytwo days two days arrive to the store imean my standards are much lower thanyours i can tell you thati had a sandwich in my fridge from liketwo weeks ago the sushi are stuffed witha variety of potential ingredientslater each piece is cut by a machinebefore heading to the assembly roomas it moves down the assembly line theyalready have the sushi made at thispoint they just need to put it into eachof the packagesclose it up tape it label it and send itoutso we grabbed every kind of sushi theyhave here 15 different flavors theyactually give you a little packet of soysauce on the side i do the vietnameseway.

I just oh with your teeth the american way weuse a guntuna here let’s try this oneover here they have some more like advanced style sushi this one isegg male this one is mayonnaise crabstick andcorn a little bit of cornmayonnaise rice soy sauce my threefavorite flavors togetheri just love corn so muchthis is good here for the sushi we gotegg cucumber is that also cucumberthat’scheating guys what the f six cucumbersout of 15 pieces thishas some pork carrot woody or mushroom[Music]what’s interesting to me there’s notlike a lot of raw salmon raw tunathey’ve intelligently designed a sushimenu that works forthese conditions well i think that theidea of bringing sushiinto the convenience store is greatbecause you know for a long time likesusiewould consider like something fancythat’s right that’s good except for thecucumbernot a big thing i fully expected japanbest foods to excelat convenience store inigiri and sushibut what aboutjapanese sandwiches in a month how manysandwiches.

Do you think you’re making inputting out 100 000pack for a month and last question is apretty serious onewhy do japanese people hate breadcrust so much if you know a thing or two about japan this machine probably won’t surprise you they’ve engineered a highly advancedtechnologyjust for this this machine’s only purpose is to removethe breadcrusta process whose origin they can’t evenexplain does that get thrown in the trash or does that get reused somewhereactually it’s going to be a trash and it will become a fee oh okay so other animals like pigs orsomething will eat it that’s not trash it’s like still being used instead of a crust hating machine they could have built a sandwich fillingmachinebut here they think that job is bestdone by human sandwich buildingspecialists the sandwich marches down the conveyorbelt as it goes from concept to being each specialist adds a new layer of flavoror an ingredient until the productbecomes whole and self-actualizedall these ingredients were recentlybrought together in the mixing roomlike this egg salad made with diced uphard-boiled eggs and tangy mayonnaiseor this tuna salad tuna mixed.

With tangymayonnaiseor well just about anything else you canimagine mixed with tangy mayonnaise after the sandwich has become whole theexecutioner chops it in halfcreating triangular shaped sandwichesready for the packaging stage which isalso conducted by human packagingspecialiststhe sandwich is stationed in its finalresting place and put back on theconveyor beltawaiting the next day where it’ll getsealed up and labeled the finished product will go through aquality check machine to ensureconsistency i like that me too there’s a little bitof onion lots of mayo and plenty offake crab legs but the bread itself isreally soft it’s a type of bread thatjust gets stuckto the roof of your mouth tuna with mayoand your favoritecorn yeah you’re into cornography sorry so they have the tuna they have grilled chicken and then the pinnacleof convenience store sandwichesespecially when it comes to japanesepeople making themthe egg salad sandwich it doesn’t getbetter than thisit’s egg it’s mayonnaise it’s some otherstuff that they wouldn’t tell us the egg yolk and mayonnaise they’remeant to be good friends well anyways weneed to head back to the factory onemore time because.

There’s one thingwe haven’t seen yet the r d room[Music]boom oh they’re so good not to havethose masks on here we’re in alaboratory yes can you tell me whathappens in this roomwe are doing the microbiological testsin this room such asnew ingredients and our final productsare randomly tested every day ifsomething’s not meeting the standardthen what do you dowe have to stop our production shipmentand collect before it is delivered toour storeright now we’re in the room that i’mmost excited for this is the r ddepartment[Music]here in the research and developmentroom cooks snacking specialists andengineers of yum are inventing newproducts all the timeour rv team is making new productsalmostevery day are they limited as to whatingredients they can use can they usefoie grasif the price allow we would used to usefor agura but there’s alimitation do they taste it themselvesto see if they like it yesoh dream job alert this is not an easychallenge as the food must still hitcertain price points meat healthstandards keep its shell freshnessand.

Oh yeah it’s still gotta taste goodtoo[Music]basically mom yeah i was told thatthey’re going to make somethingunique just for us they’ve created adish for the first time and it’s goingto be revealed right now today how heavyis itmore than 10 kilograms well the 10kilograms that’s over 22 poundshe’s wheeling it in it’s monstrouslooking uh i’m ready one two three[Laughter]wait hold on i think that’s mea red crab bandana there’s a bit of areceding hairline that’s metoo much eyebrow guys this is the bestday of my lifeit’s made from 64. small learning how much would you sell this for apriceless good answerit’s priceless yes gonna ease into ityes it’s working get a little haircu therewow there you go that is beautiful and guys that’s what my brain actuallylooks like inside can we eat this forreal yes can you eatall of them i’m going to do my best yesi want you to pick that up[Music]you did some damage there you gotthroughwhat i don’t know what you’re saying forsure but i feel it here let me tryanother biteoh that one is fried rice it’s going totake at least 15 minutes to eatwow that’s a big bag.

Okay i’m prettyfull highly recommended five out of five ilike it i’m full of rice maybe i canwrap it up and bring it homeguys thank you so much thank you what anhonor to be able to eat my own headand i just want to say thank you so muchfor your generosity you’re so generousto let me eata half of your hair gather aroundsing with me every food you see here allthe steps and processesare largely the same as what you’d seein japan where this industry was createdand perfected japan best foods isn’ttrying to compete with saigon’s bustlingstreet food scenethey’re creating a different newexperience all togetherfrom researching and shooting to editingand masteringour 10 person best ever food review showteamworks hard to roll out the highestquality travel food entertainmenttwice a week if you like what we do hereplease consider supporting our patreonpatreon allows fans of the show tocontribute a monthly sum and receive a load of extras like earlyvideo releasesprivate q and a’s and beyond to learnmore about our patreon check out thelink in the description box down belowand if you can’t give ordon’t even feel like it that’s okay toowe’re just happy you’re here thanks forwatching guys we will see you next timeo with peace.

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