Jakarta Street Food Tour! GOD LEVEL Martabak and Jakarta’s BEST Street Food!

Jakarta Street Food Tour! GOD LEVEL Martabak and Jakarta’s BEST Street Food!

People really appreciate when you shown the inside of foods but, I can never show people the in side of my heart this is my first foodie mission into Indonesia we’ve arrived in Jakarta Indonesia, is capital to hunt down the best and most unique food this sprawling metropolishas, to offer it’s hard to pin down asingular culinary identity here over the vast amount of ethnic groups and cultures that make up Indonesia there’shuge variations and traditions food availability and local taste preferenceswe’ve got five fresh bats in the air cooking and coconut milk. I cannot wait to try this out with such over whelmingculinary possibilities. I’m gonna make it easy by starting here sabang street food market from 6:00 p.m. to midnight streets talls spring up tossing together some of the best flavors of jakarta joiningme this evening Rachel she grew up in Jakarta but moved to, Texas when she was13 now she’s back for a taste of her childhood, when you’re not here if you ever missed these flavors she’ll help menavigate saban market as we sam pleeverything from some not so common poultry this is kind of like a roadrunner like almost to street food made with precision.

Jakarta Street Food Tour! GOD LEVEL Martabak and Jakarta’s BEST Street Food!

Oh likean envelope we’re ready to send this letter to the president and the most indulgent dessert I have ever witnessedanything in life that makes you feel that good is bad for you but first we’re starting with a staple of Indonesian street food this is like the king of allnasi goreng[Music]now Shiva Rangeela what does that mean crazy right right that’s like the namesake of the restaurant we should get that one up it’s crazy what is that one quick noodles and game on it’s firmly here they also have the crazy meager you have crazy usually they put a bunch of spices so it’s gonna be like spicy areyou sure we should start with that special what’s good tonightour special fried noodles are loaded with oil sausage meatballs eggs cabbagebok choy then our noodles chickenseasonings sambal shrimp paste and soy sauce all stir-fried on high heat until we have this a gorgeous pile ofjakarta’s favorite street food add in some pickle and they’re ubiquitouscrackers known as kudu pool our crazy spicy fried rice gets all the sameingredients swapping noodles for rice and of course the crackers are mandatory.

I don’t know what the difference wasbet ween the crazy, and the special that’sa good point here they always have this on the side right the put up one littlephone few ever do it like nachos andthey’re like nacho it up can, I do thatCheers yes very satisfying it seems likeall the flavors are there it’s spicysalty savory Indonesian com fort is it okay if we switch all right so we havethis special noodles here, I like justeven more that texture on the eggnoodles so chewy boilie like leave yourlips still oily what do you call thisguy that one is spicy though it’s mybaton and spicy voice what do you callthis kind of treat side restaurant hereand. I we sit like on the side of theroad they come in here there’s a bunchof food up and down this street is thereanything you’re looking forward toshowing me we’re gonna go on a wholefood adventure tonight. I hope you’rehungrylet’s do this but first we should eatthis right you said fried bird and you are notlying it is right here before us what kind of vertices Wow once.

I send you is gonna hurt him grub maybe like ananimal Brooke where they got that gene and they didn’t know what else to put sowe’ve got some breast wing look at how long this, I get it’s much longer and thinner than a chicken leg why don’t we get a little bit of everythinghello sir one order of grouse play see man that is bubbling on look at that and easily 50 we got a special discounta three and a half bucks let’s go enjoy this Thank You Kadima classy so here is that long grouse leg I wastalking about and like this is kind of like a roadrunner leg almost it’s cooled down we did let it hang out for about five minutes to cool down and maybe welet it hang out too much cuz it’s fairly tough. I’m gonna try to bust it off right off the bone Cheers very firm meat there’s like plenty of oil on my hands but the meat itself is still not fatty this was just some skinon a bone you love the skin right yeahbringing no gay meanness at all very long lean animal and, I think this one inparticular was on a diet before it got here this is a famous satay. I alway shear about have you tried a chicken skin no they also have a chicken yolk eggs and unlaid egg it’s like a chicken egg that it’s only the yolk got a good little selection here you get my favorite the chicken scene.

I don’t know that was even that are possibility you’re gonna oh they don’t use fans here they are doing it to traditional wayal ways. I think the fat is a much betteridea if, I’m out is thank you sir[Music]the bowl just has a huge amount of peanut sauce in it let’s grab the skin first as your favorite one there we gommm. I love it very fatty all the flavor is coming from that peanut sauce we’regrabbing this chicken one three go bro ther go the heavier but still tender enough how many of these would you eat if you came here for a snack I usually order tiny feel like the skin no that’s awesome right here they slapped a big egg on the bottom of that saute so you got to work your way to the egg yolk mmm oh it’s so soft I like the skin a lot and egg yolkmmm so smoky that’s delicious it’s meaton a stick what else could you ask for maybe just some live music here they have multi backpacks a lot of mark the buckthorn yeah.

I think I did iton accident nice this is kind of like anIndonesian crepe almost yeah go regularone only two it’s above the special if he’s gonna use five eggs oh that’s too many eggs actually that’s like a bodybuilder can get that one we’ll just get the special so first hecracks an egg another we put in somes alt msg beef we’ve got scallions and now he’s mixing it all together and then now this is where it gets fun. Oh skills so he’s gonna take this tinypiece and make it into this huge thinlayer toss it onto the towel and puts in the filling so we’ve got the egg beepscallions everything in there folding it up like an envelope we’re ready to send this letter, to the president this is some heavy food man how does he know what it’s done when it’s only it’s still not yet done and then when it feels like this it was like from here cuts it in toabout eight different pieces, that it’s crazy steamy hot still.

We’re gonna to wait a few minutes for that to cool down now get ready for the heaviest mostindulgent dessert you have ever laideyes onbecause like the sweet version compared to the other one it starts innocentenough with some simple batter left to bake in this mold for a few minutes then comes the sugar once a strike hit it isassaulted with margarine the grated cheese might make you forget that this is a dessert but the mounds of chocolatewill bring you back then plenty of sweet sugary condensed milk already this seemspretty over-the-top but they’re notfinished after folding they add even more margarine and slice it up and that is how you make the most sinful dessertin Jakarta first of all with the agony nway to the perfect amount of time it is still warm you’ve got all thosedelicious ingredients in there, I’m gonnajust tear it open. Oh that’s emotion food shots wow peoplereally appreciate when you shown thein side of foods but I can never show people the inside of my heart so do we dip it in yeah let’s try it onano ther delicious perfect egg ratio it’s very amount seen it’s like a toasterstrudel but with egg in the middle hmm love that we have the extra fluffy mark the back oh wow it is so so you’re gonnaeat it like thatreally good that is a oily sugary messit’s like a cake like into this hasweight to it and you can still see ont op it’s a cheese or butter now greenmarjoram okay I’m gonna give this is really a heavy bottom layer oh but.

I feel terrible as I eat it that is sounhealthy look at this I can wring outat the margarine but it’s likecompletely soaked I’m gonna have one more bite anything in life that makes me feel that good is bad for you it’s just over the topdelectable yeah[Music]can you say it three times fast I think we can make a song that sounds really cool what does that mean actually it’s like mackerel fish the egg inside they boil it and then fry it I’ve never seensomething like that before and then skin of the fish I want to get that egg one and, I want to get this skin one how longdoes he fry it so we got three crunchyfried fish skin there’s a long yeah that’s nothing in it so he’s gonna mixthese all together a little bit ofvinegar and that is food let’s eat it oh.

I was wondering what is so fishy hereit’s a prolonged powder it’s like pureoceanic smells going right to the backof my skull I want to try this piece here right away it’s really just like soaking in this vinegar it’s very bouncykinky let’s go yeah hi there how did you know. I need eda tissue what’s your nameBianca that’s such a cute name one is mythousand so you should buy two how about you keep your inventory she was like thanks for the extra money I’m John. I get to go to sleep now. I’m just gonna wash it in that vinegar so delicious plastic fish cakiness and that vinegar is so tasty and it’s a bitspicy too before we take off I want to try the fish skin one ready let’s go forit it’s definitely more fatty. I love the egg wine.

I love my new tissueis that little girl is adorable and I hope she grows up to be a CEO are these malted milk balls absolutelymarinated with palm sugar this one is apumpkin it’s rehydrated cowskin and this one’s the unripe jackfruit and it’s completely browning yes because they are missing for today I’ve never seen any of these things before what’s the meal called good good one good first we’re gonna put on a big pile of rice and then there’s brown jackfruita little sign of cow skin on there and hang it what this sauce goes on the jackfruit what kind of sauce is that thick coconut milk oh we’ve got to complete the circle of foodie life herewith some sambal that is a treat today mikaze is there a certain order whodigested most effectively what do you mean by unripe like it just wasn’t rightyet yeah you mix it with rice too let’s go for it that is out there caramelizedsweet still salting it’s like a sweetmashed potatoes and gravy let’s work up to the cow skin.

I want to cut this egg in half dark on the outside normal egg on the inside let’s go fine well it’s alot like, I know my little bit of palmfragrance on the outside otherwise very eggy the last one here such a treat it was dried cow rinds that have beenrehydrated it looks like very geli baddie like that’s been Dallas with some different seasonings let’s just gofor itwhat it’s like a sponge that exploded in my mouth that’s full of chili oil it’s alittle overwhelming but not too bad though you like it yeah okay well. I said the last one for you well I’m kind of a nicethere you goall she did it for real Rachel thank you so much for joining me to day checking out all these awesomestreet foods here in Jakarta Indonesia so many new Indonesian wonders that hit my tongue that was such a pleasure hey welcome and for you guys this video was made possible by it one trip toVietnam one trip is the highest ratedtour company in Vietnam doing tours from north to south right now in Hanoi Dananghi Ann and Saigon you can experiencefood tours adventure tours and more tolearn more about one trip check out the links in the description down below Iwill see you next time a piece you wantto eat one of these sure.

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