Iran’s most popular food- What to eat in Iran?

Iran’s most popular food- What to eat in Iran?

This considered a strange food inIran no everybody knows it is themission of the best of her food reviewshow o seek out and document circularmotioning food from around the world Idefined it and okayyeah it’s milky from hunting and cookingup Python in Florida USA they have areally unique looking long liver youwant to eat it. I want us to eat it toocooking pork in a natural earth ovenwhile rubbing shoulders with a pop when she today’s search for this strange hasbrought me to the country of Iran few Americans have had the chance tovisit here what would be considered astrange food in Iran well and far fewerhave gotten permission to document what they experience.

Iran’s most popular food- What to eat in Iran?

I’m tempted to call it spaghetti ice cream from sheep who have lost their heads Shula safa show me youD are you counting them to a dessert maker who’s lost his mind it’s a very thorough mixing by the time it’s allmixed in do you even feel the meat in there so expect the unexpected as we go off menu in Iran thank you you’re welcome it’s just like some good team do you go with sugar or no sugar we use this one we call it in a box no but we can put itinside and melt it just let it disappeara little bit this is Solomon he has a Wikipedia page. I don’t even have aWikipedia page he studied martial artsfor 16 years in Japan now he’s passing this martial arts knowledge on to thenext generation, and he’s passing hisculinary knowledge on to me sometime even now most of iranian traditional ispostman especially after practice in the morning they come and they telepod chefsor get more as strong bodies what iskelly color muse help and poce is on his feet all that’s on the menu here is sheep head and sheep feet yes cool Kelly pochet literally head and hoops is a dish that has deep roots in Iran food borne long ago of necessitymaking use of the less prized cuts tocreate one surprising meal when you get the head do they bring you the whole head.

I don’t really want to love my foodinto eyeballs so they’ve just cut up allthese different meats and put it on aplate so by the time you see it youdon’t even know if it’s cheap meat or nowe knowoh you’re good you are an expert.I’mabout to go see how they make it when Icome back with a plate of this mean. I want you to point to each piece and tellme what is what okaywhy are you hungry know what okay this is tabacky cars restaurant the food isgetting prepared right now I’m gonnahelp them pile it in why don’t you comewith methere is no vegan menu oh I got it allthat’s heavier than you would think novegetarian option I gotta know how saladit’s just the classics meat dishes thatdate back hundreds of yearsso 20 heads in here all they’ve done sofar is clean them and kind of burn thefur off of the outside. I think we shouldstart the cooking process so it startsto look more like food and less like ahorror movie for sheep so right now we’re just loading all theheads into the water it’s important tograb them by the teeth. I guess it’s likea good grip point the sheep heads andhooves will boil for the next hour byefor now little guys luckily we have afresh batch already ready to go wellthis tooth come out oh.

I kind of wish Ididn’t do that got everything here thisis the assembly area here in the back wehave all the heads here the brainrendered sheep fat and then the hoovessomewhere hiding in here is the tongue -oh okay there’s the tongue I found it ohthe cheek meat just comes off so easilyback over here the tongue healing thisouter layer you don’t want that butinside it is really tender tongue meansoh he’s taking the eyeball but all thisfat and muscle tissue around the eyeballhe’s keeping right here a whole hoof abrain putting some broth bringing allthis back to life some oil on top thisis gonna be so rich cinnamon on top andthen it is done sure thank you anyquestions Matt son Chad oh yeah messy before getting to the main course thechef insists on offering an appetizerit’s called ablution you had to create aname for it in English what would youcall itmiss Walker AHA.

I called it brain gravycooked sheep brains aren’t minced andplaced in a small ball with the sheepbroth pure fat and cinnamon at the tableyou’re free to toss in a squeeze of limeand some bits of sangguk breadhmm is very rich that sheep fat it’slike eating the soul of a sheep as likethe sheep essence yes once you mix ineverything you don’t really feel tobring that much just the tests of thebrain and the soup get together have alittle bit of everything here so yousaid as you look at it you can pick outevery food item yeah can you give me atour of this platter so this is thebrain this pops is meat of the facecheek this very and this one the end ofthe ear and this one watch it saideverything yeah thank you missed one I cannot see because I don’t have my eyeswith me like this oh oh wow this is abanh Mis Tom Thumb some call this dishold man food maybe it’s because some oldmen know how to appreciate tradition Ido I share one Tong with somebody andmaybe it’s because watching your foodwatching you scares the youngergeneration I’m gonna try this cheek meatat first is alone for me when.

I close myeyes and open my mouth all I taste ishigh quality protein Wow when you comein here the restaurant smells a bit CPyes so I thought this would be sheepyyeah it’s not it’s just super tendermeans that cinnamon adds a nice layer toit oh I like that a lotyou take the tongue you can just spreadit on the bread like a pateoh wow it just has that nice kind oflamb flavor super tender thoughincredibly soft I love being surprisedlike this it’s so good I’m happy yeah metooI’ve got the Sheep foot right here doyou think this sheep ever stepped inpoop yeah oh okaybut they cleaned it a lot right sureokay so it’s fine right sure don’t worryabout thatboys like pure gelatin that feeling ofkind of loose jelly fatty when I wasyoung if you gave this to me I could nothandle itnow I like it I think for me this is avery pleasant surprise I really did likeit thank you it was thank you appreciateit[Music]remember motion is right for sex youknow.

I’m sorry what this time he’sshowing me one of Tehran’s strangestsnack food combinations attempting tocall it spaghetti ice cream but it’s notthat because the noodles aren’t icecream they’re actually the real noodlesright yeah it’s kind of a noodle but wecall it holiday parties in Iran you’remore likely to eat noodles for dessertthan for dinner boule Rose a shop hasbeen around for 65 years refining thistraditional Iranian recipe thinvermicelli sized noodles made fromstarch in an ice-cold syrup containingsugar and rose water with some cherrysyrup on topI want somebody’s really frozen onelet’s try it outyou feel it roast oh that’s what it isit’s old perfumey man if I was missingmy girlfriend and she wore this perfumeI would just eat this when I miss heraside from them this texture is greatbecause the only one I have to compareit to him is it in India this isbasically a noodle ice cream oh that isa complex flavor profile those noodlesare very soft and these noodles havegreat texture they’re like frozen allthe way through it’s like kind of fun tobite through don’t compare it with anyother place in the world okay yourselfcomparing it only in Iran there’s atradition when we finish the noodles wedo something like this and we drink thewater it’s like the broth I mean for mewhere.

I come from in Asia we just callthat brothsuper sugary sweet syrupy but it’srefreshing this is like a big dessertI’m really surprised by the sizes offood here but the people are not usingour old friend porn yan joins me as thisexotic food feast continues into herhome city of Isfahan behind us aconfectionery whipping up one of Iran’smost outrageous desserts with aningredient you would never expect to seemeat yes does this seem normal to you Igrow up with that food what is the namein Parsi Cornish mas which means yogurtstill korish must and is fahan traditionthe main ingredients stewed meat andyogurt an impossible combination butafter seeing how it’s made it’ll allmake sense first of all thank you forthe hair none do you need a little hairnet like for your mustache sure that’slamb neck meat is braised until tendershredded into thin strips and mixed withcreamy Iranian yogurt it’s almost likehe’s shampooing someone’s hair that’swhat it reminds me of you ever shampooedsomeone’s hair beforeit’s a very thorough mixing by the timeit’s all mixed in do you even feel themeat in there no no no one can feel thechance of open he’s showing us the oldtraditional way of doing it by hand butusually.

I mean he’s using these machinesback here guys I mean yeah he’s got it’sright here that’s pretty usefulyou blend saffron the sugar to make apowder dilute that in water shakes itand tosses it in with the rest when themixture turns a livestrong shade ofvibrant yellow he adds more sugar thenmore sugar and a lot more sugar mix mixmix and finally a finishing touch somewalnutsit seems like the recipe it just moresaffron is never betterhave you ever had too much saffron I’mgonna have right now no I saying this istoo much I’m not even sure exactly whatsaffron tastes like it seems likeeverything in Iran that’s yellow likethis it’s either turmeric saffron orsometimes both yeah for you oh that’swhat saffron tastes like saffron tasteslike elegance exactly you’re rightthere’s no meat bits in there but it’s alittle weird how it’s like sweet sourand of mediu at the same time the endresult tastes nothing like lamb meat butjust like howleen where they make stewedmutton with wheat the meat itself altersthe texture of the dish giving it acongealed thick consistency unlike anydessert.

I’ve tried before for methis is the pinnacle of luxury this ispure opulence pure opulence I’m gonnaadd that’s why we’re Febuary greatperfectin pursuit of chasing down the world’smost unique foods I’ve discovered thatif culinary traditions have survived forhundreds of years there’s usually areason for it and more often than notyou’ll be very happy you gave that wildlooking dish a tryfrom researching and shooting to editingand mastering our 10-person best everfood review show team works hard to rollout the highest quality travel foodentertainment twice a week if you likewhat we do here please considersupporting our patreon patreon allowsfans of the show to contribute a monthlysum and receive a load of extras likeearly video releases private q and a’sand beyond to learn more about ourpatreon check out the link in thedescription box down below and if youcan’t give or don’t even feel like itthat’s ok too we’re just happy you’rehere guys thank you so much for watchingwe have so much more in store.

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