Iranian street food – What foods do Iranians eat?

Iranian street food – What foods do Iranians eat?

do you think you’ll let me try to pillowsome in thereno wonder they tried stopping me Iliterally singed my eyelashes it was sohot it doesn’t matter what country I goto. I keep myself up our Iranfood tour begins in the capital a cityof over 8 million we’re the best of eachregion’s cuisine converges this isTehran as an American stepping foot inIran for the first time everything isinherently interesting my eyes are gluedto the window as we make our way throughthe city what do they do for funwhat do they eat for breakfast what dothey think of Americans I’ve put a callout asking anyone who’s willing tokindly take the time to show me aroundthis crawling fast-paced city and thatcall was answered this is great for sexyou know.

Iranian street food – What foods do Iranians eat?

I’m sorry what today Tehran’s best and Iare hitting the streets these have seedsinside there is a sinking site that’s too challenging getting up close andpersonal with our food if they put it onthe edge don’t go in too far here we gohere we go and diving mouth first intothis mysterious cityWow that’s a thick shake yeah this islike the Dairy Queen of Iran this is where Tehran goes to relaxDhar bond a mountain just a short driveaway from the center of the city linedwith restaurants and food stands withwalkways so narrow that the only way totransport food and supplies to the topis by donkey balls it this is MohsenTehran’s most charming food reviewer oras they say in Iran taster he has a lovefor local food and years of tastingexperience thank you for making time Ithought you had to take off work as itwas a Friday Friday does everyone hateSaturday’s here hey yeah yeah can we saythat Saturday’s donkey and donkey is badyeah donkeys bad in this case but.


I likedonkeys you like you know yeah I do okayas we’re walking up they have all theseink bowls full of colorful fruit yeahwhat is this it’s traditional iraniansnack and most of them are sour Iranianslove fruit in its many forms fresh driedor even leatheroh wow they’re together if they’re stucktogether you have to buy them all love ashack is sold in exotic flavors such aspomegranate sour cherry plum Kiwibarbarian apricots right off[Music]oh my gosh that’s tremendous areadelicious this is 100% cherry flavoredfruit by the foot that I had in mylunchbox our growing up but it’s gotlike a straight thick chewy texture fullsour little sweet do you think maybe Icould sneak another onethe thought really begins when you startmixing the fruit flavors together whatthis one is this plum plum you know Ithought my first experience in Iranwould be more intense than eating fruiton a mountain but I’m cool with thiswhat do you do with the sea did you justspit it out these are the people who buythis are they buying this becausethey’re hiking and they want some energyback he says it’s good for your bloodpressure cholesterol and also it’srelaxed I’m sorry it lacks oh it’s so Idon’t like me like crap my pantsyeah oh.

I don’t know why this is sopopular on a mountain I’m very far froma bathroom right now I’m gonna try thisapricot – this one is very tempting tryit out nice very sore manusually you might have this or tea rightthis way I don’t know no I love it Ithink we should find a bathroom and thenand check out some more food huh I’vecome to Tehran in the dead of summerit’s hot and dry so dry that many shopsattempt to add some moisture back intothe air with water misters once your wayto survive the heat is by shoveling downsomething freezing cold where are we weare in a traditional store that’s servea kind of shake origami from severalIndians including egg yolks ice creamand so funpay attention you’re gonna loseWow that’s it thick shake yeah this islike the Dairy Queen of Iran[Music]this is Alibaba juice barpeople don’t just line up for theflavors but to take in the impressivegravity defying theatricsthis is milkshake the musical is thisyour recipe today what do you recommendrich again very rich from Iranian foodour days this frozen treat is made withpretty much anything you could imaginemilksaffron vanilla ice cream palm sapcoffee cocoa cinnamon banana figscoconut powder pistachios rosewater eggyolk cream pineapple and a few things Ican’t even pronounc on top I see some pistachios some likecoconut shavings.

I’m gonna give it a tryare you ready yeah oh that’s yourMargaret that coconut just kind ofdissolves in your mouth it’s so finelyshredded it’s like a coconut snow I likeit the way much me Joe everything I donow I do see number 693 oh I thoughtsomething else was happening super sweetrefreshing he said after I eat the wholething it’s gonna make me a rich I thinkit’s another word for fat what does hemean the thing you wanted to say strongit is to the rich this is great for sexyou knowI’m sorry one could you go a littledeeper enjoy what you’re saying that wecan help you have better sex for men inparticular yes tonight you are verystrong man I can’t wait to use that icecream salmon ah when. I’m alone in myhotel room tonight gonna be a real funnight we’re in a bakery yeah a traditionalperson rightthe only thing locals love more thanbread is fresh bread and bakeries likethese can be found all over the cityit’s not unusual to see people strollingdown the street sangguk in hand likethey’re taking their bread for a walkMoulson is taking me to a tough timebakery.

This bread accompanies tons ofdishes here perhaps making its mostfamous appearance alongside kebabsTopton is leavened flour bread made withmilk yogurt and eggs and baked in aplate and or of it they have a wholeassembly line here going from the doughprocessing and flattening it out thenthrowing it on this pillow sticking iton the wall and then the master heretakes it off the wall torches it on thefire for a second he takes a puff of hiscigarette that’s important and then hethrows it on the pile I mean right herewe have so many I’m gonna try to takethe next one can I have that can I havethat one fine it’s okay no it’sfirst of all I want you to know that wePersians like the bread to be hot andfresh this is super hot oh look at thisyou can see where I fumbled up it’scrispy on the edges try it out nicebreak for a curry please like a saltinecracker without the salt but the breaditself is great do you think you’ll letme try to pillow some in there here wego here we go I thought.

I was fast butnot fast enoughyou’re shaking Wow I’ve been through atraumatic experience Farm hair my fadinghead hair even my eyelashes weren’tspared on all these guys do it I guessthey don’t have eyelashes it doesn’tmatter what country I go to I keepmyself up bread baking is seriousbusiness and best left to the realprofessional oh that’s my bread oh hejust put it down instantly come on[Music]right now we are deep in the alleywaysof Tehran and behind me a place youwould never expect to find one of thebest desserts in this city let’s checkit out okayIran day two still coping with my recentfiery hair loss and looking to findcomfort in food anyway are we right nowvery Nassau one factory that which makesIranian desert heady a a studentstudying dentistry and a fan of the showhas offered to show me around today doyou feel some conflict being here thisis like the enemy that’s created to hurtteeth yes a horse but okay you can brushyour teeth afterwards all right wellthat probably sounds pretty quick how doyou say the name of this road again it’sso hot so hot so hot is a uniquetraditional Persian sweet it’s butterybrittle studded with pistachios andflavored heavily with saffron it smellsamazing in here what am.

I smellingmostly because of saffron if you suffera lot of our food the making of sohan isbeautifulit starts with egg yolks flour saffronsugar and vegetable oil all mixed byMachine this vessel is just mixing buthere it’s heated up it’s gonna kind ofslowly cook a bit enough to get thickafter mixing in a heated vessel for 20minutes it starts to become thick nowthe real action it looks like thepurpose overall is they let it cool downa little bit but then they like shatterit no they’re not shattering it they’rejust messy and then he pours aside shoesand all those on top and then here he’sgonna cut it into little squaresbasically[Music]how come they let these plane they mayplane ones – yes oh we have the pin tellone control of Saoirseso there’s pistachios on there oh Ithink if pistachio on butter let’s tryit outhmm oh that’s really good I feel the oiland butter squeezing out of it it’s verysweet that’s why you should eat it 18good point you have an ET on you themore.

I eat it the more I want to eat itit’s very delicious the texture is verycrumbly and the pistachios it doesn’thave a strong flavor but it all justadds to this general confectionarysweetness it’s like the crack of Iraniandesserts do you really enjoy him yesStella get it close up pleaseI see the yummy face I’m skeptical weare in the kitchen we’re here for one ofthe most famous food of Iran the kebabwhat satay is to Indonesia or kebab isto Iranno matter the protein it is thepreferred method of preparation simplygrilled meat on a skewer it can be cubedminced maybe even with the vegetablethrown in today I’m here for the kebabkoobidehsir are you up for the coup bdaychallenge alright he’s like whateverwhat I make a hundred of these a nightwhat are you talking about the kebabKobe day here is made from minced lamband mixed with salt garlic powder blackpepper celery powder grated onion andegg yolk oh nice where it has theselittle ridges made with his fingers howlong did it take you to get thismovement down one year.

I didn’t knowwhat there’s like a special trainingschool they’re like we’re gonna give yousome play-doh and after one year you canuse real meat or maybe not there it isperfectly formed its plant on one sideand then ridged on the other side it’sgoing to create these perfect bite sizedsections that we get to sink our teethinto a pretty darn soon grow and now see[Music]so we have everything here a mountain ofkebabs all the rice and then this is doit’s a yogurt drink do good guy yogurtit’s got some herbs a little biteverything in there sweet or sour that’spretty good too bit sour I like it okayit’s getting coldwe gotta move quick what I love aboutthis is just super quickly and easilywith his hands with his fingers he’screated perfect bite-sized portions.

I’m gonna take that one off right there oh Imean look how succulent that looks juicyroasted on the outside a little bittomato some buttery rice that’s aperfect bite oh my gosh some hearty how do you meanbecause they add a little bit of fatsand they’re making this give up well thetomato kind of comes in just to lightenit up a bitabsolutely delicious they also preparefreshly made bread you can put it what is this bread called top to top foodthat’s what burn me burn your eyelashesyeah and I don’t know if you can tell myhair right here oh you’re really on itwhen you’re making like a littlesandwich yes it’s called Luqman here youareoh that’s for me that’s me why feelbetter I have this huge of Iranian kebabsandwich what do you have it’sconsidered impolite when you have aguest who make advantage for yourselffirstoh there’s make it for the guests oh itshould I make you one no no definitelynot I got this I love that me too crispybread same delicious meat the herbs heremen it’s vibrant just fireworks offlavor in my mail will also experiencetheir kebab Megan D which means jewelkebab minced lamb with chicken think ofthe lamb as a ring and think of thechicken as diamonds get it chickenbreast can be dry and herring withoutfattiness from the lamb that’s a greatcombinationmy first impressions of.

I ran damn peoplehere are really nice after putting thecall out dozens of locals reached out tome offering to show me around the cityor recommending food that I absolutelymust try see the media thinks that theIranian people hates the foreigners butit’s not like that I love to see the newpeople it’s putting our culture to bewarm and kind to our guests this is theside of Iran that really needs to beseen people are not their governmentspeople are people and we have a lot morein common than we think[Music]from researching and shooting to editingand mastering our 10-person best everfood review show team works hard to rollout the highest quality travel foodentertainment twice a week if you likewhat we do here please considersupporting our patreon patreon allowsfans of the show to contribute a monthlysum and receive a load of extras likeearly video releases private q and A’sand beyond to learn more about ourpatreon check out the link in thedescription box down below and if youcan’t give or don’t even feel like itthat’s ok toowe’re just happy you’re here guys thankyou so much for watching we have so muchmore in store here from Iran I will seeyou next time of peace alright[Music]we[Music]and be sure to check out our secondchannel more.

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