Iran- the culinary paradise! Unforgettable dishes!

Iran- the culinary paradise! Unforgettable dishes!

250 miles south of Tehran the city ofIsfahanthe third-largest city in Iran buthundreds of years ago it was one of thelargest cities in the world a city withso much history and depth the locals sayif you see us behind you’ve seen half ofthe worldthis is pardon odd she guides losttravelers like me aroundIsfahan and surrounding areas todaywe’re going deep into the food culturethat separates Isfahan from the rest ofIran witnessing the traditional are you saidappetizer this is gonna fill me off themass-producedwe got am a hundred kilogram of gastoday and the unexpected so get readyfor a food tour that has some heart anda whole lot more here.

Iran- the culinary paradise! Unforgettable dishes!

We are here we are Oh sir thank youvery much what is going on here this oneis Duke is a traditional Turkish drinksuper popular in Middle Easterncountries and Iran is no exceptiona cold savory yogurt based drink mixedwith salt and ice the first sip mayshock you but they’ve also put a bit ofherbs in therethose are mains and sometimes Rose Housepeople grind up rosesWow good it tastes like it has to behealthy it is healthy okay what is thisdoing toy inside makes you fall asleepfast and then boom a crackerwe call that loosey-goosey yeah theirwork who should feel like oh gosh dillymeat no without what is Goose withoutthe team he literally means the ear ofelephant elephant ear chips crackers bythe dudes who is this guy why are youthinking so just be nice yeahthe Duke itself isit’s interesting it’s sour we’re saltyand then after be fantastic gonna bemixed is together different tastes butgood together the elephant here supersticky what a great kind of crispytexture fried.

I’m putting in a syrupthis place is very unique I feel likethe ceiling is reaching down to grab meit would be easy to get kind ofclaustrophobic in here dining here is ahoarders dream walls ceilings shelvespacked with Persian history andartifacts so lots of pictures of heroesin different sports what about thatCamel is that real are you seen a camellike that before it’s got five oh my godnormal is that I don’t know can we askhim okay you can ask oh he asked me notto dis there Pam we’re gonna exploreIsfahan half of the world what do youcall that because of the beauty and thisdelicious food in part Oh cuz there’s somuch like culture and history in here ontoday’s menu Bernie on a place thatsells Bernie on is a bernie on e but ithas no relationship to the Indian dishBrioniwhat does bear young actually meancompletely dry are they gonna becompletely frying something but you sawthings nice though no that’s why ha Ithink that’s it should we go try it outyes.

Oh they can open it oh look at thisgate it’s keeping people out oh goodluck ha ha hathis restaurant has been around for 10years it’s one of the most popularrestaurants in is fond a family-ownedbusiness and Mustafa has a passion for every part of the job we can’t shakehands but we can like elbow boom thankyou right now he’s starting the beginning processes of making Barry on the dish has a bread base using freshlybaked sangguk made in-house the meatminced lamb including liver and lungswe call these White’s liver how do youdo that we call the liver liver andright deliver if you’re sick orsomething you’re like oh my gosh my right liver it’s so inflamed. I keepcoughing is that what you say no okayafter trimming and sectioning the liver gets boiled then mashed along withminced lung me here we have a wholedifferent kind of goosh goosh tis thislike off the cow all baby cow all cute that’s the broth is a symphony of boiledbones lamb veal sheep fat lungs gingersalt and mint the meat is dumped intoboiling water along with a sheep fatlike a lot of sheep fat finally the meatand fat are ground up using.

This handymincing machine the meat has been mincedit’s been ground up and we’re ready tostart this actual cooking process rightnow we are going to make an appetizerbefore every on this is a boost myfavorite farsi word meaning meat juiceit’s basically the soup version ofbayaan with a slightly differentpreparation this has some of our sanggukbread add some broth she’d be beefybroth to soak up in the bread where’s this one this is catch and then more faton half of that oh there’s still moreyeah. I just Mint tomatoes pickledcauliflower lung meat on the side sesameseeds and then saffron this iseverything we’ve come to a restaurantfull of paid actors. I actually will notfilm in front of the general publicanymore to become a problem because. I’m very famous now they’re all doing reallygood job they just have to like eatcontinuously for about two hours as wecome to seeing this guy right herehey doctor you doing a great job we’llsee if he still gets paid at the end ofthe day but first we have a job to dothis is the heaviest meal. I’ve ever seenin my life.

I don’t knoweven for Iranians oh wow the breadsupersaturated with that broth that badokay let’s try it out. I like that so much happening it’ssavory aimed a little sour where doesthe sourness coming from a cache ohthat’s exactly what. I’m tasting thecache very sour kind of chalky yogurtit’s like layers of experience now I gotto the cinnamon layer with some nicetexture of other almonds and the richflavor of this one. I would never havethought of just oiling lungs mix it withlots of additives and chase it to go with a super rich food here is thisbasil we call this even a littlevegetable yes at the corner aren’t allvegetables eatable. I don’t think so wejust call these rainy things eatablevegetables okay can we zoom in on theextra down there again he’s making eyecontact sir.

I’m sorry you’re notsupposed to look at me during the sceneyou can you can resist can you keep justkind of eating a little bit someattitude on this one putting that to theside because this is the main courseright where Bob or the Breannconstruction starts with the foundationof sangat bread add some fat lung meatbell pepper tomato and pickledcauliflower the minced meat is mixedwith mint and saffron oil then placed ona mini skillet already layered withcinnamon and sesame seeds watching itsizzle away over the fire this is thepart most patrons miss but it’s a thingof strange beauty toss it on the breadtop with some almond mint and saffronsauce folded up and here we gowhere do we even start so I’m going toopen it up oh gosh break off the breadyeah we’re gonna add some us to me sowe’ve got this minced BP lamb mixtureherethat. I can get behind super heavy butman I’m gonna miss this bread when.

I go home. I really like it it’s got some body but it can be very soft at the same time. I’m gonna go for a very large portion ohyeah this is a unique food which is served in special restaurants everyplace you go is a recipe like this it’ssimilar what the taste might bedifferent like we’ve had the strongtaste of cinnamon sometimes people canadd their own flair more cinnamon more man. I like this one so soft in my mouth when darkness check in with our actor one more time policeall look at us I don’t know why they putthis guy right next to us he keepstalking but great scene thank you and everybody that’s a wrap thank you verynicebefore getting dessert from an actualdessert factory we’re trying some of theoffcutsof Isfahan is this oh this is one what’supside-down hearts five five so you havea whole different number system here yeswe do that’s amazing. I had no idea aboutthateven as a foreigner usually. I can atleast see how much.

I’m paying here. I can’t read the menu and. I have no ideawhat the prices are the prices of themenu change dailyor sometimes monthly it depends on theprice of dollarsIran is currently under the strictestsanctions possible by the USA you canargue whether or not it’s deserved butthe result for everyday people isskyrocketing prices on everyday goodslike meat peopledecrease the amount of that portion intheir daily used to be around 10Squealer we’re like 15 now it’s 35 morethan double yeah more than double inIran kebabs are the preferred method ofprotein preparation whether it’s lamb orchicken or like today the organ meatstoday we’re gonna try at the heart anddeliver heartthanking me yes heart liver kidney cut to piecesstick it on a skewer sprinkle some salt and that’s it they’re all inbred it’s like we’ve gotthree prized doors here and. I’m gonna look what’s under prize door number one boom what do you think it is hearthearts of lambs take some prints make it mini sandwich and that’s kind ofit right that’s it let’s chat about it which and a boy a vegetable but.

I don’t have to know that heart is delicious. I love it super simple just salt and meatI’m gonna put some hard little bit of yolittle bit of herb guys. I mean what you.lookin atokay yeah hard has a great texture breadnumber two what’s behind that breadliver mm-hmm you can add some lines that’s a good ideaa little bit of fresh lime Absalom yeahwe need to eat all this why’d you orderso much mmm a little bit of herb betterbehind bread number three we have kidneywhen you were in Kenya no when. I was in Kenya. I had raw kidney afro but Isometimes have a small piece of kidney. I really love it rah-rah oh man. I thoughtthat was only in Kenya just you just hada little bite like five and then youcook the rest. I think it’s all aboutmixing the ingredients bringingeverything together early on. I was justlike bread meat but there’s so much moreelevation in flavor when you had someherbs and yogurt vegetable put it alltogether that’s perfect we have come toa factory in Isfahan where they aremanufacturing joy in the form of adessert called gasp when.

I say gasps howdoes that make you feel what memoriesdoes that bring up happiness Nauru’s theNew Year II and family gathering andparty all that in oneOh God and why and here the processmanager for all the guests thank you sirwhat is this gas called dog man it’slike an ego like an eagle oh oh. I likeitso will I feel like I’m flying when Ieat this. I’m pretty sure that’s webecause that do wethey start with boiling water graduallyadding some sugar so it can dissolveeasily it’s all that sugar gonna go inthere yeah we’re gonna make hundredkilogram of gas today this over herewah-wah that’s nutsnext adding a bucket of glucose fromhere they let the machine do the work for the next two hours but keep in mindnot so long ago this all used to be done by hand. I love to watch it yeah it’s kind of relaxing I want to see afountain in my house add some rose water and a mixture of frozen honey with herbal mana a local desert or the size of a birthday cake there it is awesomeafter 30 minutes they add in a foamy egg white mixture giving the Gaza morecloudy texturewe need that cloudy newBeauty stickinessbut what really makes gas special is these nuts they tell me about these not stick on a year off dispatcher that’s all the making of this local treat has comea long way since it began 450 years agobut still some steps must be done by hand they’re looking for hard parts ofthe special to remove it I was wonderingcould.

I ask you in the usual shifthow many pistachios are you actuallyeating because. I would eat so many just want to why don’t you look up at him ohshe said pafter six hours of rotating mixing thewhole mixtures just become a pure whitewe just have to go in there be carefulbecause of the bladepick it up rounded a little bit and putit here it’s nearly solid but then itslowly starts to kind of ooze down do. I get a spoon or which I use my handswe can’t defend with our hands that’sfine yeah that’s fine really two fingersthree fingers hahaha okay it’s warm okay it’s not bad bad it’s not like lava look at that incredibly stickyoh this is gonna become solid in just alittle bit but warm kind of thick sugarymarshmallow II feel to it with tons oflike so many pistachios in there whatpercentage felt like 37 percent 38 38percent that’s pretty closeit is like a warm sugary cloud wrappedaround pistachios the combination of thetextures like kind of crunchy with thiscloud around it and it’s a little bitsweet not too much considering how muchsugar is in thereyeah not super sweet because of theserif they use and rosewater kind ofperfumey aromatic essence of the rosecoming through – this is delicious yeahthough it may seem counterintuitive tomany in the West Iran does have athriving tourism industry this was arevelation to me as well the city ofIsfahan is a key stop for visitorstraveling from countries all over theworld if you ask me what is Iran likeit’s this everyday people doing theirbest to get by maintaining traditionsand taking pride in their culture fromresearching and shooting to editing andmastering our 10-person.

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