Inside the Kitchens that Created Hong Kong Cuisine!!Street Food Bosses of Hong Kong!!!

Inside the Kitchens that Created Hong Kong Cuisine!!Street Food Bosses of Hong Kong!!!

When I was a kid I visited Chinatown in Chicago and I saw in the window, hanging dogs and hanging chicken and it, freaked me out Hong Kong the food the language the people, hello most originated from China more specifically the Cantone region home of Guangzhou this whole region is famous for its unique breakfast, offerings and one-of-a-kind succulent roasted meats and you know you could eat an entire figure but this is Hong Kong, and here they do things the Hong Kong one from extreme dim-sum you’ve never seen before this is like the nike pumps of the chicken’s foot and I’m gonna eat, that right now two body parts you didn’t study in ninth grade biology where’s the, guys blowing into these today we’re diving face-first into the culinary traditions and restaurants that helps shape the food culture of Hong Kong.

Oh right now it is morning time tons of people eating dim sum being parted, around t being drunk, welcome to Lindholm tea house this place first started in guangzhou over 100 years ago, finally expanding to Hong Kong in 1996, it’s one of the oldest dim sum joints in the city man this place is good in some literally means like dishes made from the heart sort of make and so that this
sea house we’re doing very traditional dim sum when it comes to food in Hong Kong how much of it is Chinese and how much of it is unique to Hong Kong. majority of our time we do eat cats eat. Cantonese cooking is one of the eight Chinese culinary traditions and one of the most international of all Chinese, cuisines due to the large number of Cantonese immigrants some of the most, popular Cantonese cooking methods are steaming wok frying and most of most of all we’re trying today is a Cantonese right now, dim sum is a type of traditional breakfast and a favorite among Hong Kongers it starts with tea, this meal is all about the tea really.

So you for it for people first days a most senior person on the table so your brown flour am i older than you definitely then the food comes to you steamed fried baked they’ve got it on my hitless today two of the most unique dim sum creations. I’ve come across first pig liver Shuman slices of blanched pig liver are seasoned with salt sugar ginger and fried garlic oil then placed atop assume on a Chinese dumpling filled with pork, and shrimp paste next steamed a chicken feet with black bean sauce this unusual gelatinous treat is poached and deep-fried then boiled for an entire hour both get a heavy dose of steam until they’re piping hot and ready to serve here we are, what is this the quail egg you mine oh this acrylic on the top so the base is the same for it mushroom and terrific it is land sea and air in one dish.

Wow it’s like up Cantonese breakfast in one bite don’t you call that texture of, that shrimp it’s got some density to it yeah it’s like a mattress a springy, mattress oh I got a chicken foot many places you go to an asia and get chicken, feet they’re still pretty tough
especially you gotta vietnam really chewy. Where’s your a monitor mm-hmm what’s up with these phone those fries damn bones
95 percent debone here they steamed it this skin is kind of swollen up it’s saturated with water and with sauce and it just peels right off I nailed it this flavor is fantastic the texture itself it’s kind of sticky you can feel a lot of the college in and akin to that and then what I eat the pad now yeah you it’s so delicious what I’ve never seen in a dim sum restaurant before it pig liver show mine this is not as one biter.

It’s nice it’s like a liver paté except it’s hard just a hint of ginger not gamey at all but it has that certainly, that organ flavor to it. I want a munch some of the show mine now you like the fake one better or the pig, this one is new I mean there’s like a lot of iron to it well this is a great, texture I have a little bit of fruitiness right but it’s not sharp. I love it super unique when you walk by here what is the first thing you see as you enter the restaurant all of the hanging poultry right so for the longest time. I never tried any restaurant like this because of seeing chicken heads and duck heads and it’s probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life this is loon key restaurant opened for the last 40 years they are masters in the roasting arts using methods unique to Cantonese cuisine roasted duck chicken suckling pig it all happens in the tight space of this kitchen sir how long have you been here oh yes oh my god.

Meet the barbecue master he has a saying what starts well ends well this Chinese, proverb is the reason the pig keeps its shape from beginning to end why do people love this so much do you ever, feel bad about that they’re baby pigs and they didn’t experience enough of life they sacrificed their life to give us good food so we appreciate it absolutely and we are gonna appreciate, it very soon so what is suckling pig aside from not being the most popular dish among vegetarians it’s a young piglet that’s never eaten solid food, only subsisting on mother’s milk these are generally served at special events the one we’re getting today costs over $100, the entire pig is first sauced up with, sugar salt Chinese five-spice and some other ingredient they won’t tell me he applies a concentrated sugar vinegar mixture and cents piggy home for 30 minutes.

What does it take to be a proper barbecue master Thank You daughter use your hard dedication I usually use my, stomach and then. I get to be in trouble so more the heart than the stomach finally the finishing touch hand roasting ensuring each square inches evenly cooked chop chop chop and then put it back together again this is what. I love about the style here not only do
they keep the head they embrace the head so you’re like that was definitely not a chicken or a fish this was a pig yeah what is your favorite body part here do you know skin is the biggest organ of the body yes did you know that from Grey’s Anatomy and there’s some bone on there you know just eat it and then just have all the bones come out after it’s all crunchy.

This one how to cook this one how to cook and then just put this for that just from here yes from farm to table, everything is kept in the family ensuring the highest level of quality from the goose Ling to the dinner plate each goose is stuffed with a mixture of
sugar Chinese five-spice salt and dried, shallots the bird is soaked in maltose water to help give it its golden color but before roasting this gaggle needs to hang in a drawing room for six hours now, it’s time for action each bird is placed in the oven with precision three ovens ten Birds each the rest must wait their turn you can upset the heart okay after an hour they look like they just spent a week on the beach in Cabo chop chop chop plate and eat we’ve had an amazing time already taking a look at the restaurant here thank you so much, welcome let’s eat oh what an honor so. I’m getting a little bit of everything here yeah she wants you to taste it different textures don’t use my hands yes can be oh yes is so badiy tons of protein skimmer Cheers.

That is to die for it is rich like a fine chocolate except, it happens to be a goose there’s a little bit of a chart for like a hint of smokiness deep savoriness somehow very, complex flavor that is outstanding so this is the wing you can see some protein underneath but honestly it’s all about this skin here it’s some of the most saturated and juicy kind of, explosive skin I’ve ever tried on them or so ritual I’ve always wanted to ask all the experts say that is there a difference between a boy and a girl juice you got told me you say your problem oh there is a difference so if it’s a boy it has more meaty flavor but the meat it has a more of a texture but, if it’s a woman the meaty flavor is last but it’s more tender what is this one boy it’s pretty tender today it’s a sensitive boy maybe this is one of the best Birds I’ve ever had in my life no doubt how did you find this place most locals will come here after the height they lay their youth yoga technique oh yeah Cola how you gotta eat it here she’s saying I got to eat these angles
that’s a good angle.

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