January 17, 2021

Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

oh hey guys I know you guys were a Gurkha come so soon I'm trying to open this door actually because so we have a lot of break-ins so we put a nail here so it doesn't open but it also ruins the aesthetic of the house but now I can't take the nail out are you serious this episode's gonna suck what's up guys welcome to my house tour [Music] hi ad it's didi i'm david dobrik this is my house come on in I moved here about two or three years ago and I remember looking for a really long time I went to like ten different like.

how showings a week and then I came to this one and like I immediately immediately knew was the house that I was gonna live in and I think that's the best feeling that's how you know you have it and I still go on Zillow to this day after years of owning it because I'm always like did I make the right decision because I'm really worried about that and so far I have so I'm happy the style of the house is that it's like a house like when I think of house I think of this house because it's not too big it's not too small it's not like too modern it's not like too old it's just like the perfect in-between I think so here we have an iPad it actually honestly I really like Angry Birds and that's the only function it has because when I'm tying my shoes well I can't tie my shoes so and while my assistant is tying my shoes I grab my iPad and I'll play Angry Birds up here is the views logo or actually they're just letters that spell out views this isn't the logo but views is the podcast I have with my friend Jason Nash he's 46 and I'm 23 so it's a really fun dynamic these are my awards I got this one I hit 10 million subscribers it was really fun because I came home and my entire house was wrapped in like wrapping paper like those Christmas and all my friends from my hometown and from LA came to surprise me and I was like a really really big fun thing this is my favorite this is my Kids Choice Award this is like my Oscars basically and I used to watch the kitchen Wars all the time and I used to watch to Drake and Josh all the time and then last year Josh Peck presented me with the Kids Choice Award I took a Choice Awards and it was like a really really big deal for me no1 this is my bar cart I actually don't drink this is here for my friends I get most of my work done when my friends are super drunk cuz I i film basically everything the disposable cameras are kind of a new thing that I've been trying out I just take pictures of like random things that are happening so this this would be a perfect moment the flash isn't not like this this would be a perfect moment like this this would be a perfect moment you guys look so good see this is the living room this is probably my favorite part of the house or my bedroom because I sleep there this is genuinely all jokes aside my favorite piece of furniture I've ever sat on in my entire life the cloud couch is from Restoration Hardware I absolutely love it that's my clickbait sign I really like LED signs because I feel like they're like a really easy way to like decorate a house and make it feel like it's like a lot cooler than it actually is clickbait is my merch I'm actually wearing it right now but you can't really talk this black-on-black that's a fireplace can't roast marshmallows because of the glass but if you if you poke hard enough so my motherfucking family just changes the face these are pictures of me and my parents these are pictures of when I was younger or as Mitch Hedberg would say every picture of you is when you were younger these are my siblings I have three the middle one's my favorite this one's my second pair this one's my least favorite don't leave this out these are my favorite candles that's it okay and then we could we come over here this is a pool table I don't have a kitchen table because I feel like I eat really quickly so I just get it done while I'm standing or doing something else this is a new chandelier I got or light fixture I guess it's not a chandelier because my friends got really drunk and they took my old light fixture and they went like this and they pretended it was one of those pendulum things and they shattered and then oh this is my flamethrower here I like that a lot I didn't want to warn you guys cuz then you'd be like it's not safe okay this is a gumball machine we have from the day we bought it it hasn't worked it just sits here and if you want a gumball you have to go up here but when it does work I'm sure it looks really cool it looks cool just like sitting there this is the kitchen I don't cook I always like order food or I go out this is my fish his name is the fun charlotte Kaia Kendall and Harry came by and they gave me this fish when we surprised my friend Zane for his birthday we surprised him with Kendall Jenner because he really likes her so she came over and we threw like a big party for him here and I was a lot of fun and this is all I have from that day that I remember because they was it was so crazy this is Natalie she's my friend from high school she's not my assistant these are her sisters this is my friend Alex and this is my grandma and this is my favorite what is over the most is having like a clean fridge because I would always see it on like TV shows and stuff and I feel like I don't know I'm like a kid I actually don't eat any of this stuff I don't drink I mainly drink water I'm like a big water drinker so that's kind of all I drink I never in here other than to take Advil or biotin because I'm scared that my hair is thinning I literally have to pull away every day I cannot stress that enough I have it seven to nine times a week I have the card where I can get unlimited Chipotle throughout the year and they also have an option where I can cater food for free so we catered it so after the shoot you guys can have something or maybe I can just finish it up I don't care this is my bonsai tree I bought it in Malibu the guy told me it was 25 years old I don't know if he was being serious and I go okay I'll get it because I'm so excited about something being older than me and now we grow up together it's really cool oh actually this is fun because you like him really have to water these trees so I'll do this and I'll pretend it's raining we don't have a lot of fun around here so this is the way to the bedroom this is one of my favorite this is a Shelby and sandy painting my ex-girlfriend got me this it was really sweet cuz this was the view where we had our first kiss and then this car was a car I drove out of Thailand so she had it painted and she surprised me no it's really fun and then here not that I'm Maddon relationship I had to make a new one that represents Who I am now they made a brand new completely black and it's like it's it's so glassy it's reflective they call it a black mirror and it's like one of those pieces were like I feel like someone will come and be like that's the fucking stupidest thing I've ever seen or someone will go that is exquisite that's amazing I really really like it you could see yourself in it pretty cool so this is my bedroom my friend Reggie and my assistant now natalie designed though the interior decorated the whole place so everything is thanks to them I didn't give him any direction because I have no artistic vision whatsoever and I just said just make it look cool this is my favorite part it's my TV I wasn't allowed to have a TV in my room growing up so now that I have this it's like a complete game changer and look at this it's wherever look if I'm coming in sometimes I'll have Natalie my assistant just stand and she'll know I'm coming home from a really long day and as I'm walking in she'll tilt it towards me as I go to my bed and that's why it's so good because it moves this is a really soft carpet you usually don't allow shoes on it but I know how Americans are they like having shoes in all kinds of household settings so I'm just walking around showing you guys that I'm one of you guys when I'm not I was born in Slovakia here's my passport this is my bed I edit here a lot yeah that much goes on in here was that hitting a video oh this is cool this is a baseball I got to throw out the first pitch at the Cubs game in Chicago I was super nervous for it but they let me keep his baseball [Music] this is my closet black is obviously my favorite color to wear all I have is black shirts I love Chipotle and they sent me a bunch of their hats so now it looks like I work there all the time which is great these are the only hats I wear my friend painted this this is on an Ikea table my friend is a psycho and I just recently I noticed he wrote something on the back it says I knew they'd run into you who mysterious is this I have a thing this is gonna help me in my life in like 20 years this is Cartier I I don't actually own Cartier but when you go inside and you're really polite to the people they do let you borrow the bag and then I have this snapchat backpack that's pretty that's pretty much it for the closet I feel like we were in here for a while so this is my bathroom there's not much going on here here's the toilet and then on this side I was like really scared open it did you see it I was like this is the toilet I mean this is the shower there's a little plant in there keep him nice and soaked this is my shampoo of choice and it always has been its swab kids it's tear free shampoo which I found out isn't tears like it's you still cry when it gets in your eyes it's tear free so it doesn't tear your hair like it doesn't like have knots in your hair if you're trying to get rid of tears this isn't the way to go but if you want good smelling hair this is still the way to go this is my bathtub I think I've used it like four or five times and then there's a cool view of the outside from here it's also a cool view from the outside too in here if you're in the Comcast building and you want to see me bathe I'll picture hoping this for you great I can never bathe again right here is the office that we just transformed into a bedroom it's pretty cool because it has this like daylight thing to it it has like a sunroof I don't know what your what you call these I'm seven years old and then these are my plaques for hitting 1 million on my channels which is fun I like this room this is the studio I don't really use it for anything other than to say I have a studio when I bought this place it was like a movie theater room but it's too small I feel like for a movie theater room so we transformed it to a place where we can record our podcast views but we also never did that because it's just too professional and I'd rather do it on my couch these are some pictures on the wall this is my friend Jason that's who I do the podcast with we tape him to the wall successfully that was a lot of fun this picture was from when I cut my hand open there was my favorite video I've ever filmed all my friends were there and we were having such a good time and we're all laughing about it and it was I was a really stressful moment and it was made to be a lot of fun and like that's what I really liked [Music] this is the outdoors the view of the house was like the most important I feel like I'm such a sucker for views like the house itself could be an actual box but if it has a really cool view I'm totally in love with it and this this has a really really fun view you could see Universal Studios from here and the Comcast building and me bathing and it has real grass and there's a dumbass groundhog in here that's eating all of it here's this hole and he'll come out and then when you try to talk to him he'll bury himself we don't negotiate with terrorists around here so we're done communicating with this groundhog we're trying to build a pool here I've been saying that we're trying to build a pool here for the past year but it's not working I didn't want you guys to come because the pool wasn't ready but I also don't know if the show's gonna be around in 15 years so I'm glad we're knocking about now there's a ping-pong table I don't know I feel like it's got a really big backyard for California or for like at least for like a hillside house which I really enjoy whoa who did these who made these no one's safe Nataly me okay forget it all right guys this is my grill this is a fire pit this is a pizza this is a skateboard I don't even know we had this okay now now we're gonna go to the front of the house this is where the cars are at the front of the house feels so weird saying it but that's my Ferrari that I got recently this is my favorite car it's my Tesla it's my little my dream car there is no better car than a Tesla it almost seems unfair to compare it to other cars because it's just totally different than anything I've ever driven so you can walk up to the car and the door opens and the doors open and like the most obnoxious way possible and it's amazing because it's an SUV so I can seat like all 10 of my friends this car is for like six year olds which is why it's great it has this whoopee cushion option I can make people in the car fart so depending on where they're sitting I can make it sound if they're farting I can also change their fart from like a big one to like a small one great and then if you're ever trying to get a certain person in the mood you go down here you hit this fireplace option and a fireplace comes up and it actually shoots out heat the cool thing about this car is it receives updates just like a phone would when you buy the car it doesn't have certain functions that it would later one of the cool surprises with this is Christmas morning Elon tweeted and he said everyone go to your cars there's a fun update and then everyone went to their cars and this was the update [Music] doing it [Music] [Music] no I have gas you can't do this yeah it's like as erectile dysfunction I suppose it never happened before usually it usually goes up a promise whatever this is the car thank you Amy for coming by I had a lot of fun showing you guys the house see you guys later remember safety first I don't know why people no wear seatbelts see you guys [Music].

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