India’s EXTREMELY TABOO Street Food!!!Chennai Street Food Never Seen Before!

India’s EXTREMELY TABOO Street Food!!!Chennai Street Food Never Seen Before!

Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for veal in India let’s try it out last time the best ever, India roadtrip explored one of India’s mega kitchens in Bangalore beyond it just being a large volume like this smells incredible today we’re making our
way east to the coastal city of Chennai. we are officially in the south of India different language up um there nobody. I’m in sure different clothes wow this is a more fancy one in different food, what uh including India’s most controversial food beef twenty out of twenty nine states in India currently have regulations prohibiting either the slaughter or sale of beef how do some
people react when they see people eating, beef in that offer noon so how will the internet react when I try this dish for the first time along the way we’ll get to know the local people and the local food of tonight yes it’s nice and steamy yeah. I look at you through the parents and take on the best balls in town. I smell the mutton so throw on a lungi and meet me at the beach today we’re taking on street food in Chennai.

Right now we’re in the middle of Bangalore and Chennai we’re on the lookout for interesting food people, whatever we can find
and I’ve spotted something over here that was it did you the van or the coconuts there, you go the further south we go the more
abundantly clear it is why India is the third-largest coconut producer in the world this super food finds its way into more and more southern dishes and it all starts in places like this guys he’s got a steel spike right here sticking out of the ground he puts his weight into it but you got to be careful like one wrong, step you’ll lose your balance through the heart can I help you
me kid I got real work to do so yes oh it’s sharp it’s okay a little bit yes no that’s how your husky coconut guy’s pretty self evident pretty easy you just push down as far as you can when you feel the metal hit your sternum you went too far these guys take on southern. India’s brutal heat processing coconuts from beginning to end oh he’s got a coconut chair into this – one for each cheek finally break time a chance to load up on sugary artificially colored fizzy drinks and samosas oh that’s much better.

His daily route speakers blaring inviting all to come get a taste, because vegetable samosas everybody’s getting some quick little snack break let’s try it out Oh delicious it’s not overly seasoned not overly salty nice and crispy it’s a little beanie inside too buddy up oh they don’t nobody. I mean sure I thought honestly like oh we’re just gonna hand them all out but we hardly put a dent in his stock he has so many in here okay sir thank you the most very delicious we’re going to Chennai everyone say Chennai.

Tonight one of India’s major ports in the fourth largest city in the country, but all over for example er. I think they come to Chennai and then today has all the flavor from all the cities in Tamilnadu this is Irfan a food lover and, a youtuber documenting his adventures full-time for the last two years easily in sudden Indian read a lot of spices also we had more of coconut in our diet
it’s more spicy than the north yes the north is already pretty spices with his local expertise he’ll guide me to some of China’s most unique food starting off here not far from the city centre tucked away behind some residential buildings. I get my first real taste of local life in Chennai when people doesn’t get water from the underground we get the water from this price so this flat will come every day ladies start the day by collecting water from a government water truck this is an essential daily routine
here drinking water yeah the day uses for drinking effort they should boil it before they drink it yes obviously between the buildings in a dusty courtyard and just beyond the goats you’ll find one residents temporary weekly kitchen.

I found out we’re actually lucky to be here today, it’s Sunday they only make this on Sundays but what are they making we’ve
got a clap on like a little pancake made with dry spot you will not find anywhere in tamilnadu I like even most of the people in Chennai doesn’t know that this exists I love it thank you for having us, here today your food is stunning it, looks beautiful once a week she wakes up at 2:00 a.m. to start her food prep her homemade bread, will travel to a market later that day and modest profits will support her and her husband take an oil pan and add batter from rice flour semolina cardamom coconut egg gram flour and sugar oh that is a thick batter then add some more, whisked egg on top garnish with a few coconut pieces cashews and raisins but the coolest part is her cleverly, engineered play of it in each clay pot, there’s a bit of sand to help diffuse the heat and to put these little cake tins on then she puts it inside and puts, another clay pot on top to kind of seal it up how long is that gonna cook anything’s. I’m gonna like fight I was gonna say.

I can’t wait to try it but actually there’s a basket behind us that’s just full of these so in my hands through the newspaper is
still very warm by the way what is on here are these some movies coming up, Bob lemon did you see a lemon chocolate
no he is the ocean master or right now on the odd Lapham master oh look at this, yes it’s nice and steamy yeah look at
you to the dance it is very firm dense kind of bready, texture in the middle egg on top let’s go for it mmm it’s very thick. I love the
crunch bread in Texas erm do people treat this with butter or jam or anything like that just plain so American we’re like we need to put more butter on this mmm so far on my journey I’ve had so many strong powerful flavors spices spicy food this is just it’s quite mild it has a bit of a french toast kind of flavor to it almost it’s a nice contrast to a lot of the food we’ve had so far in India on this trip.

I’ve noticed some of the gentlemen here have kind of a towel that they wear what is that called that is got lugi loogi, yes can I wear a lungi it can go long and flowing or you can bring it up in case you’re got to move quickly jump on a bunny jump on a horse maybe it looks, like a great way to survive the oppressive heat and increase air circulation don’t ma’am ma’am if you come to tonight and say the magic words trouser could die just about every local, can tell you where to go this brave man chose to have pants with two legs and not been long game like I have how long, have you had this restaurant 42 years that’s amazing same same oven wow it’s really worn in it looks very nice. I like it this is Raj and Ron owner of the restaurant trouser could 973 years old but still keeping an eagle eye on each food as they prep for lunch the trouser shop the people come here looking for pants.

I finally get it we got a beautiful shot of him cooking and the fire light reflecting in the glistening, surface of his bulbous stomach do you see the shot right now beautiful trouser kadai is all about, substance over style this is not fancy this is not fine dining yet each day at noon locals of all backgrounds line up for the privilege of dining inside this cozy room and wrapping their mouths
around a mutton ball or two this is brilliant men we’ve got balls we’ve got shrimp potato and then in the middle, here we have the mutton curry Shelley yeah please show me the way you for something and you dig in just you know you start massaging out working it around mixing it yeah Oh John Munson flavor very spicy like chili oil cumin spicy next prawn masala the shrimp are really good and crazy spicy it’s like automatic heartburn inside the air the shrimps want to swim back upstream but I won’t let it happen and then sheep free they say the more wrinkles that are in a brain the smarter you are you know there’s more neural
pathways that are firing off more.

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