Indian street food- The burgers are super hot!

I can’t even believe that I’m in Indiaright now. I’m at a food truck wherethey’re serving beef yeah. I’m notdreaming okay it looks really goodin Panay we took on India’s gargantuanvegetarian platter piled high with over50 items if you eat until you’re feelingreally stuffed you gotta take a naptoday we’re saying goodbye to Punehitting the road and heading for gonea coastal city unlike anywhere else inIndia this the potty destination what happened to go out there the door Goa has a unique identity whichguarantees a one-of-a-kind menu we havea gigantic feast here never had so muchIndian see who from goes forbiddenstreet food why. I bother bother botherto the more bizarre eats. I neverexpected to see in India have you evercooked a shark yeahoh my god along the way.

I learned thetrue meaning of hospitality. I just gotmarried today I think so pack your speedo and baby oilwe’re heading to go baby onehitting the road heading south bound forGoa a four-hour drive will bring you here the highway side restaurant calledHotel para a favorite of passing truckdrivers and locals alike the daughter of this family-run hotel is here to sayhello can. I rent a room here no no a lot of restaurants in India they call themhotels the only ones staying here is anice piece of food what is the foodthat’s so special here the red bloodwhich we call it said Sam Raza the whitebroth which we call it at the Ponderosaand the dry mert on it’s called a Sukkahoh my gosh. I just spent a beautifuldelicious wonderful dayin Pune but I did not have any meatright he’s like oh god how can you do it. I’m really in need of meat there is asurprise for you oh no guests betweenmeats come go home you’re gonna have you up third one what happened we’re not getting married right now are we these folks really know how to welcome a guy they are gently strapping on the localtraditional head wear to this plus-size dmelon okay so.

I’m gonna take a look EricI look stunning, oh my god they’re a fanof my head wow this is legitimately oursurprise here so it kind of mark betweenmy eyes on the forehead oh yeah carefulI have rich and voluminous eyebrows sotry not to get that part this is thekind of deluxe welcoming guys what do you think this is one of the coolesthats. I’ve ever had I’ll never be able towear it again cuz there was a newspaperinvolved at one point there was astapler he just did arts and crafts on my head in like 45 seconds and then this is the result that’s pretty awesomewe’re here in the kitchen there’s somuch action here hi are you doing do you like my hand. I just got married today. I think this is really delicioushow many inch about these do you think you make in a day near infinity like a lot right here what do you call this red ball it is about to be.

I’ve never seenit prepared in this way there’s kind of an assembly line here the bread getscompletely flattened out by hand they kind of squeeze some water onto it and then when it finally gets to the end ofthe line here they put it directly onthe fire then it pops up and they put itin here so why can they not use a rollerwhy does it have to be what. I have noit’s really soft if you get in tormentedall right it gets thick so it’s betterto do that in the hands so this is likeold traditional yesthis place is all about the broth thered brothTom de rasa is given its red color from a commonly used southern Indian chilithough it looks spicier than it feels orso. I’m told the red is balanced by thewhite a more mellow broth containingspices coconut milk and chicken andmutton stock both are in a menage atrois with the mutton boiled then friedbefore sir when.

I was first speaking to thedaughter of the owner. I was confusedbecause she said broth I thought maybeshe meant curry until. I saw the liquiditself and it is very thin it is it’sjust like a broth. I think what you gottado is you start with the roti here ripoff some of them scoop up some mutton and then give it a little dip. I’m goingred first it’s kind of oily on theoutside mm-hmm the broth is an Indianrainbow of flavor and aromatic spices the mutton however can break your teethif you’re not used to navigating aroundthe bones it’s like walking on eggshellsfor your mouth well eating meat that’sbeen kind of hacked apart and randompieces with a little bit of bone alittle bit of meat you have to be a bitcare ful you can’t bite with confidencethe broth itself was very rich to meit’s like the flavors of India thiswhole dynamic mix of contrasting flavorsand spices BAM we’re going in round two this white broth it’s a combination ofmutton and chicken stock with somecoconut in there let’s try it out mmm that’s really tasty much lighter notvery spicy not oily like the first onethe bread is so light low airing you could even just dip the bread in if you wanted mmm finally to wash it all down.

I mean there is no more an iconic physicalgesture in India than the thumbs-up it’smy first time having thumbs up to it’s abig iconic moment are you guys ready belly full belts on time to ride finaldestination go Goa is India’s richest state boastingthe country’s highest quality of lifeaccording to the people that measurethat beaches clean air and its own arrayof unique food the Portuguese rule ofGoa lasted 450 years and the influenceis obvious even affecting the localpalate the way they prepare the stuffthe use of like vinegarit’s like Portuguese food but it hasal o like Indian influence in my guidethis evening Jasmine she grew up in Goaenjoys dancing and driving a slow motionwith no helmet20 of the 29 states in India currentlyhave regulations prohibiting either theslaughter or sale of beef mostly in thenorth but as I move south the attitudestowards beef seem more relaxedI can’t even believe that I’m in Indiaright now. I’m at a food truck wherethey’re serving beef yeah.

I’m notdreaming okay it looks really good thisplace has been here for the last 12years cooking huge chunks of beefmarinated with their own special masalacoated with egg rice flour and finallyfried there’s a great really rich on agreasy smell in here chop it up stuff itinside a bun and satisfy your cravingyou’re so naughty beef pork you have allthat forbidden meats in there yeahhonestly this is one of the coolestthings. I’ve seen in India. I’m gonna justsink my teeth into this oh my god ballaballa balla balla super crunchy nicejust Boily beefy inside what makes it soperfect is the bread the bread a littlesoft and stretchy it just hugseverything inside there’s a good chancea piece of this will fall downwhat about cabbage will that do anythingfor you be interested okay let’s havesome or you could say exactly that it’sso heavy and greasy that the sweetketchup is like the perfect balance forit very yummy it’s something I did notexpect to find in India it makes meexcited.

I feel naughty rebellious alittle tingly at the end too[Music]Noah’s food scene comes to life at nightstreet vendors pump out the localfavorites but some of the best flavorscan be found here this food area what isthis it doesn’t have a name how do youmeet people here you say meet you behindon boss clothes oh can we give it a nametoday how about the food horseshoe doyou see how it makes it the shoe of ahorse shop she loved the idea yes thefood horseshoe as I call it is acollection of food stalls selling alltypes of made-to-order aids but we’rehere for this they have a little bit ofeverything here they have some rightBrioni yes liver of duck chicken sorry Imeant chicken got some eggs sometandoori chicken what are we here for itrolls this is a goin Street foodfavorite an egg omelette topped withchicken chukka T a complex spice chickencurry I mean I could try to explainwhat’s inside but just trust me it’spretty complex so right here this is theomelet is this one omelette or two let’sdo it so how many eggshigh five eggs we got two orders fiveeggsif I get one order.

I get two and a halfeggs no you don’t you just cuts an eggin half yeah so first we just have theegg a little bit of onion in there somegarlic this looks like coriander justfeeling it out should he flip should henot flip yesthat was a nice flip good flip sir doyou see how focused he is no idea whatI’m saying so right now he’s cutting itup into small pieces and then he’sputting it on these stainless steelplates and so right here this is thegravy right okay and then here we gothere’s a secret delivery hole righthere and that’s where the food comesfrom there’s gonna be one more comingsoon gives it a spoon and delivers it toall a different way this timeokay so here it is alas they’vedelivered our food they gave me a littlemore than you I think they just like youbetter I think you’re right oh this isours tooyeah what’s your method I like Mikesoaking it up soak up a little bit ofsauce yeah we’ve got the chicken curryit’s also tough we’re gonna try it out[Music]hold a bowling ball a bowlingwhat is your volleyball they dance foryummy food you’re an interpretive dancerthat’s your dance the curry is deliciousit’s like super salty yellow spicy andeven some kind of citrus there’s so manyfun things in there guys is really yummyand there’s bread honestly.

I take so this is the one they put on the flattop. I mean it’s like literally the best way to toast bread you do have to be careful there are some bones in here and that’swhy you want to get it on having thedeconstructed way but you don’t want abony sandwich you’re gonna shove thatinto any mouth yes I am sandwiches here they’re a little bony you have to be careful but the flavor isvery good and that is what they call arose omelette that’s right100% correct next time on the best ever Indiaroadtrip go up part 2 cooking a homemadego in Hindu cuisine with the mostunexpected ingredient in India moussakatends to have a specific order if youdon’t wash and cut early that ever getsinto different be sure to subscribe andfollow along as we eat our way acrossIndia and if you’re traveling to Vietnamlet me recommend adventuring alongside aguide from one trip one trip is thehighest rated tour company in Vietnamdoing tours from north to south in allmajor cities including hanoi ‘no changDanang poem and saigon you canexperience Food Tours adventure toursand more to learn more about one tripcheck out the links in the descriptiondown below I will see you next time orfreak do the dance now are you really.

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