Indian pastries- An irresistible dessert!

Indian pastries- An irresistible dessert!

I’m such a bad boy I’m gonna have toexercise twice as much tomorrow when it comes to Indian cuisine there’sone type of food that absolutely cannotbe overlooked dessert and here they dodessert unlike any place I’ve seenbefore oh man this whole thing is justfull of sugary syrup this is like mykind of hot tub right here every regionin India does dessert a littledifferently but in jodpur there’s nodoubt that they love their dairyanywhere they can put milk in a recipethey will today we’ll be checking outsome super simple classic street foodsweets he’s making this gigantic onefries record-breaking jellybeans all theway to some crazy complex dessertpreparations you’ve never seen beforeWow that is very labor-intensive I’llcome across ingredients that I’ve nevereven heard of this is gold and therewill be plenty of balls to save as bornhmm get ready to satisfy your sweettooth today we’ll find out if jodpur isthe real dessert capital of India jodpur native fashion blogger and foodlover Archana is gonna be my guide todayshe’s done a bit of modeling – I do abit of modeling you know like whenpeople do it before and after.

I’ll justdo that before photo where are we rightnow I see a bunch of tourists and a lotof people carrying stuff on their head Ireally like that what is Jota forbringing to Desert in India it’sbasically the mixture of saffron andllama what is momma milk scholars likeboiling boiled milk and it’s turned intomama a paste oil thing are we gonna trythat today yeah haha awesome tree mishralal hotel is a landmark in jodpurcentral market oh and it’s not even ahotel this place is it more famous fordesserts or for being a hotel. Oh miss itis that it says Hotel right here for thelast 90 years this place has beencrafting the perfect dessert menu whatare we here for we’re going to eat it’sa bit heavy – okay let’s – enough thisrowdy is made with milk that’s beenboiled until becoming thick this iscalled mawa in Hindi sugar is added forsweetness with a splash of rose watermixed with cardamom on top look at thisessentially dehydrated milk.

With sugar so it’s like very rich creamy and thenchunky take a nice big bite you like itdefinitely unusual the milky consistencyit’s a little like cottage cheese butsweetsthe flavor it’s premium sweet it almosttastes like a little bit of a honeyhoney honey bottoms upwe’re just getting started with so manysweets available this place has a hugekitchen prep area and we’re getting abehind-the-scenes look at what they’remaking next we have come to thepreparation rooms at this hotel againit’s not a real hotel but if it was thisis the room I would stay in what is thiscalled miss Sheila really have Imentioned that jodpur loves dairy herethey start with mawa then add a slew ofingredients including sugar and saffronwhich gives it its vibrant yellow colorthis cooks in a wok until it becomes thepaste you see now this is my offering toyour team what do you think yes thankyou once the ball is formed it gets alittle stamp of approval it’s beautifulessentially they’ve gotta stand it heredo you think we could like all eat onetogether guys could you please join mein eating one of these for my show yeah.

Cheers mmm is very thick almost likeplay-doh like a softer play-doh a ton ofsaffron flavor coming through and to getit so fresh right from the bowlersthemselves gentlemen thank you so much[Music]first of all be careful crossing thestreet where are we headed right nowwe’re going to Moore to the NavyI know jelly bean it’s like one of myfavorite desserts all it’s like a giantfunnel cake that’s magical it’s justbasic flour batter sugar is theresomething special about this place thisis Danielthese peptides enemies yeah and there’sa line wow this place is popular hithere are you doing whoa what ishappening over here oh that’s for mewhoa he’s making this gigantic one forus record breaking jelly bean oh soright here he’s taking it out of the oilhe puts it in the sugar he kind of keepsit submerged for a little bit whoa thatis nuts look at this thank you sirlook at that huge jelly me the biggesthe makes possibly and we’re gonna try tobreak some of it off oh it’s verybrittle.

I’ve never had it this way it’sso thin you ready to just try it outlet’s go for it oh it’s so toastycrunching when you take a bite the sugargushes out of it that is just straightand guilty pleasure. I’m such a bad boyI’m gonna have to exercise twice as muchtomorrow me doom next we’re headed toone of the most iconic confectionariesperhaps in all of India jodpur sweetswith a reputation so strong that copycatshops with the same name has sprung upall over the place it’s that good whenyou come in here you’ve got a sweet toit okay your boyfriend just broke upwith you you’re sad you’re gonna eataway your lonelinesswhat do you come in here and try yeah Igot a real honest answer the Kaju katliwill mend our broken hearts super-sweetmade with a ton of crushed cashewsyou’re saying this is so sweet sodelicious it could cure any lonelinessor heartbreak all right Cheers Oh mm-hmmit tastes like dried fruit mixed withmolasses maybe and that’s been a longtradition in any of having this over ontop with so much to choose from our tryto recommend some of the most uniquetreats offered here what is that is itactually a rose flavored yes I must sayIndia is the only place.

I’ve been towhere they season deserts with flowerswhich other one do you think this is thefamous three absorber it’s like mygreat-great grandfather’s dying classicyeah okay let’s try some of the oil andsome of the newer Oh beautifulpresentation okay I think we start withthe classic and then we’ll work our wayup to this rose one though these ballslook somewhat similar their preparationcouldn’t be more differentLadue means ball and the robbery ladoostarts with a mohawk gram flour batterthat’s then strained through thisskimmer spoon creating tiny fried littleballs those get tossed into a sweetsyrup saffron and cardamom blend finallythey add cardamom powder rose petalsfresh onesalmonds and press them into the ballsyou see here now to you is this a onefighter no two better yeah are you readyCheerswhoa that is so rich so sugary kind ofgrumbling ton of saffron in here boom itfeels luxurious is this what Kings wouldeat back in the day yeah.

I feel like aking as I eat this hmm the Rose bottomladoo has a very different preparationstarting with the dough made ofsaturated and blended almonds and sugarthat’s right this big ball of pasteconsists mainly of almonds then theypile on roasted almonds and Rose syrupmix it up ball it up then even more Rosesyrup and actual dry rose petalsfinally it’s garnished with pistachioflakes and ready to eat which is myfavorite part is allowing me involvedyeahdo people ever say like you don’t havethe lot do is to mess with me doesanyone say that no that guy’s got a lothmm let’s try it out I don’t one buyerwatch thisoh very sweet obviously it’s kind ofsimilar texture but has some crunch inthere with a nut but man Rose flavoringthat is out there has really perfu mekind of aroma to it that you taste up inyour nose are you still working on thatyeah delicious.

I love it but that’s notwhy we came here is it we’re here for asuper secret dessert but first the owneris showing me how all this sweets makingis possible every floor above their mainroom or they’re serving the dessert isjust full of pots and pans and cookingdifferent things going on look at thisplace[Music]how many people are working herecreating all this food I don’t whoa it’snot so obvious downstairs but then youcome up the elevator and you just seethere’s so many tests to be done nowhere they’re making rasgullahere they are making mawa so this wholemachinethey put normal milk in here when it’ssolid enough you just dump it into hereI would love to try it this is a kind ofcommon ingredient here my walk right wedid with the hand you get a bunch ofthis it’s ready hard it is very hot it’skind of sticky there it is.

I can’t holdit too long it’s it’s burning my handyou try together let’s do it Wow it islike the curd part of cottage cheesewith sugar added so it’s a little stickyas you chew it this is sweet somethingthat goes around all the people we givea sword it’s really odd that isdelicious Wowthank you very muchwe came here for one of the most uniquedesserts in all of India it’s calledpista pan gallery with some ingredientsI’ve never met before what is this oneit looks like caramelized onions no it’snot it’s noise mom look at this that’sso nuts but it looks like they’vecaramelized them maybe there’s somesugar mixed in there with them before wecook it we’re gonna just sample it alittle bit oh very perfume that is avery interesting ingredient one of themost complex but satisfying sweets I’veever discovered you can’t appreciatethis food without understanding whatgoes into it first they need to make thepunt or green portion of the dessert itstarts with cashews and pistachios thathave been soaked in water then groundinto a paste then they prepare the wok Ithink it becomes kind of a syrup ah yeah.

I guess I did learn a thing or two infood college then they add ghee and theground nut paste pistachio powder bringsout more pistachio flavor and eventuallythe whole concoction becomes a vibrantgreen paste oh that is a beautiful shadeof green while that cools down we makethe masala or the red part rose petalspistachios roasted almonds me Sri orsugar crystals poppy seeds and their ownluxurious punch at me what is going onhere this is gold it’s not gold it’s asilver leaves and it’s mixed with sugarsyrup and saffron alright my wish didnot come true after it’s mixed insettles for an hour it looks like thishow many kilograms of desserts have yousecretly just allsweet before sending it hey I feel thatnow the assembly flattening the greenpistachio paste and cut it into squareseach piece is shaped into a small conethen stuffed with our beautiful masalasilver is carefully wrapped around thepond then the final touch made with asaffron and rosewater mixture he’sgiving a little bindi to it yeahwait is that right yeah[Music]all right so we’re all going to try itout right with you guys – how do you saycheers okay greatCheers thank you so much mmm I wasdelicious when.

I had this aloneway too powerful is very intense withthis kind of wonderful chewy sheet ofpistachio with that nuttiness balancesout the perfume enos so much it’s aperfect blend so good I could even justread this – whether it’s complex orsuper simple India knows how to takedesserts to a whole new level I want tosay thank you so much for joining metoday such a treat to have you by myside this whole day explaining all thisamazing cuisine to me for you guys youcan check out our channel on Instagramalso for you guys this video was madepossible by one trip Vietnam one trip isthe highest rated tour company inVietnam doing tours from north to southin all major cities including Hanoi newchang-dongym and Saigon you can experience foodtours adventure tours and more to learnmore about one trip check out the linksin the description down below I will seeyou next timea peacemy.


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