Indian – Extremely hot food you should try once!

Indian – Extremely hot food you should try once!

There’s a food niche on YouTube thatmillions are watching but even more knownothing about I’m not talking aboutfoodie ASMR or outrageous eatingchallenges I’m talking about villagefood channels throw the power of YouTubemotivated creators from all over theworld are able to make a living bypicking up the camera and telling thestories of food all around them fromaround me BD a village food channel inBangladesh with over half a billionviews Mui maintained a Vietnamesevillage food channel based in the MekongDelta and my new friends at village foodfactory bene a South Indian channelwhose most popular video reached over 50million people today I’m an indiejoining village food factory in theirfirst ever collaboration their channelis blowing food channels out of thewaters I’ll get a behind-the-scenes lookat how they make a video that millionsare dying to see today’s menu homemademutton seasoned and spiced with Daddysecret masala blend this was a wholesheep like a few hours ago and then nowlook at all this food this is incrediblebut before we start.

Indian – Extremely hot food you should try once!

I gotta know why didthey call him Danny well hello everybodyand welcome to my talk show today wehave special guest village food factoryand by my side is Irfan from earphonesview my name is Sonny from the best everfood review show today we’re justoutside the city of Chennai at a localorphanage the plan is to cook up a feastand share it with the children heresomething village food factory doesoften after preparing huge amounts offood first of all all three of ourchannels are here it’s an epiccollaboration and I want to say thankyou so much for coming here today thankyou thank you this is a room ago theface of village food factory you mayknow him as daddy why do people call youdaddyso his son when he shows it he calls himdaddy ah so now everybody calls youdaddy64 years old and still kicking outunique recipes several times a week forthe world to see this man knows his wayaround a kitchenespecially when the kitchen is a firepit in the middle of now here.

I noticedyou have six fingers on one hand 17 yetyour seven fingers yeah look pleasedon’t be late this week’s trivia oh it’svery unique oh yeahtoday we are eating a sheep how are yougonna cook it rotten koopa mutton Sukkais a local dish in the Indian state ofTamil Nadu you can find it all over inrestaurants each with their own stylebut today I’m lucky enough to tastearoma gums recipe directly step 1dispatch one sheep draining its blockdid he kill it in the Halawa yes he didhe said it was prayer and then he cut itand then the important thing is when youdo halal it you’re taking all the bloodoutsideit’s impurity I’ve eaten a lot of bloodin my day 1 2 3 you don’t think just twoit’s one of those shocking foods becausethere’s blood in it Wow it’s actuallygoodness it’s really blowing my mind alot of people don’t like that dog I’veseen remove the skin and take out theorgans we’ll need those later do we eatthe balls people eat it but.

I don’t needit not even like what’s that studyKevlar he said they are we can eat howdo you think you can bend your rules fortoday yeah later yeah sure this video iskind of half about the preparation ofthe sheep but also about how these guysoperate right now they’re essentiallystaging the thumbnail the thumbnail isso important that’s like your movieposter for the video so it needs to beappealing appetizing interesting createcuriosity so people will click on itepic thumbnails something many villagefood channels seem to have in common andthe more epic the better some might callit photoshopping but I call it artisticalterations through the use of softwareenhancementsoh gosh have you ever seen anything likethis in your lifethere’s man just inflated these sheeplungs but they look very bright to help you know daddy this sheep not smokingnice chin up eyes bright smile wide snapa pic hint that is how you make amillion dollar thumbnailwe are on a tight schedule the kids arein class now but they’ve got to eat soonthe entire sheep is chopped into tinypieces including the head and organsthen it’s rinsed cleaned a few timeswith water ingredients are ready time to cook when we touch the wood to thisIndian food is all about the spices andvillage food factories menu is noexceptionDanny wouldn’t you call this pan butain’t you got it our pan is right herebuddy end it.

Oh coriander sure okay Idid it wrong already alright then we gotcumin seeds peppercornsVictini red chili boom that is gonna bespicy this is their daily life daddydoes the cooking the oldest son does thefilming editing and thumbnail design andthe next oldest son helps witheverything elsethey’re shooting style is simple andstraightforward a good chef imagine notlike those over produced food shows thatcount on tons of cutting and music tokeep your attention they shoot with aDSLR and edit videos in such a way thatyou feel like you are there alongsidethem in the channel 28 percentage peopleare watching less from us really for me32 percent so similar that’s crazy Ibelieve it’s this real and simple lookinto rural life and village Indiancookingthat’s grab the attention of millionsand all those people are gonna watch useat sheep spleen right now are we gonnaeat that like a popsiclelike ice cream very tasty okay take a look at that it’s got a littlebit of carcinogens on the outside butthe inside that’s kind of what it lookslike it’s just kind of a dull brownalright so weird.

I sing it into littlepieces it’s still steaming hot off thefire and beginning you Oh bite it ok youcan have that piece[Music]it was like a liver paté very charred onthe outside but there’s no salt oranything on here you just do it on theskewer and put out a fire it’s good manynames oh you’re hungry a little bit morelook at this one oh it’s a little red inthe middle but he’s eating a red piecetoo and so I think it’s got to be fineright I gotta say alright but you’re abig fanback to the mutton chuka spices areroasted time to grind then take a hugepot in add water bay leaves cloves staranise cinnamon and the mutton the wholeanimal became just a little bite-sizedpieces of bones and everything in thereeven the head of this sheet they evenchunked into these little pieces thatyou see in here add turmeric and saltwhile that boils.

I get a chance to learn how village food factory operatesbehind-the-lensspeaking with the rural gums oldest sonGopinath how long did it take you tomake money from the channel what have Ibeen doing wrong it took me like 1.5years he’s like this guy sucks at this this is the magic of YouTube nobody hereapproached a powerful film studio inIndia and pitched a cooking show idea toexecutives they picked up a camera andgot to work and went from obscurity toAuthority how has YouTube changed yourlife yeah before this he even had arental car but now he has her own carswhole house one cat new housei knooow when did you get the houseseven monthly a fire power was thatdaddybefore you do nobody respect them likein their village but now everybody wantto see daddy for anyone who’s flirtedwith the idea of starting a channelappearing on screen or picking up acamera if you’re looking for your signto go ahead and get started this is itthese guys are an inspiration and asymbol of possibility are you worriedabout running out of ideas innovationcooking when they endless he said he’snot afraid cooking is an innovation sohe can read more and more mmm that’samazing yeah.

I agreeso guys we’re halfway through thecooking process so he’s gonna put someof the broth into these cups here Idon’t know about all this stuff beingmetal that is incredibly high very likemutton and tumeric kind of smell to it[Music]mmm it’s like almost creamy it’s sofatty I was very younglook at this it’s kind of like a muttonteam like I’m soaked mutton tea it’svery delicious it’s just super fatty atonnes of mutton flavor and and somesalt take an appetizer yeah okay thedish is not yet complete but daddycannot help but give me a taste ofsteaming hot mutton okay here we goOh delicious mmmsticky chewy mutton I love it it’s likeI got the broth I got the meat theMurphree marriage like father and motheryeah majesty the matches the taste hesays mmm this is good something[Music]the kids are having recess and we are atan all-out sprint next in a hot oiledpan add curry leaves dried chiliesshallots garlic and ginger paste Wow allthese ingredients are getting nice andhappy together inside can I eat it nowcan I eat now yeahoh just I was joking but thank you addin aroma gums homemade masalareintroduced the meat then bring back abit of broth until it becomes thick I’mreally earning my keep here here we goit’s done look at this masterpiece.

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