If you have a cold, eat these foods

If you have a cold, eat these foods

With everything that’s been  happening lately, dealing with a cold  should be the least of your worries.  But a bad cold can knock you on your  behind for a week or so. And it’s not  just during the winter. The average adult has  2-3 colds a year! Who needs that in their life? Luckily, you don’t have to rush to the  store to buy medicine. There are plenty  of foods you can eat instead. Let’s talk  about 9 Foods That Will Fight Your Cold.  

Chili Peppers.

We’re kicking this list off with… Well a “heat kick”. Chili peppers can really come in handy when trying to fight a cold. I get it, you’re not a fan of heat. But if you have a cold, just brave the pain and get it over with. A cold of any kind can really affect your sinuses. There will be times where you can’t even breathe through your nose. This is enough to drive you crazy. But luckily chili peppers serve as a secret weapon! A hot chili will open your sinuses up. Chili peppers contain something called capsaicin. This is a component that can clear out your sinuses and help you breathe. A chili pepper will also have a decent amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This is also needed to build up a healthy immunity. Daily consumption of these vitamins
will not only fight your current cold symptoms, they will also help prevent future colds. What’s the hottest pepper you’ve ever eaten? How long did it take for you to recover? Sound off in the comment section and start a conversation with our Bestie community.


That’s right, oatmeal is not  just a wholesome breakfast item,  it can also help you fight off a cold. Oatmeal  contains something called beta-glucan. This  is a form of dietary fiber, which is  linked to boosting the immune system.  A diet that’s high in beta-glucan can improve your  cholesterol level and boost your heart health. If you have a cold, a nice bowl of oatmeal  might be exactly what you need. Just think  about all the nutrients you’re getting.  Oatmeal has a large amount of B vitamins,  as well as copper, manganese, phosphorus and iron.  These are all needed for your immune  system to thrive during the cold season.


Let me ask you something… When was the last  time you just sat down and ate an orange? Not  orange juice, but the actual fruit you sit  and peel? It might be time to do it again. Oranges are terrific for battling cold symptoms.  You mainly have Vitamin C to thank for this. Just  a regular sized orange contains 77% of your daily  intake. Vitamin C works to reduce your chances of  sickness. It does this by strengthening your  immune system. Not only can it fight colds,  it can also lower blood pressure and  reduce your risk of heart disease.


When you have a cold, a big piece of fish probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Or the second, or third thing to be honest. But believe it or not, salmon is great for fighting cold symptoms. How much do you know about omega-3’s? These fatty acids reduce inflammation when a cold happens. They also lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of other diseases. Inflammation slows down your immune system. This spells trouble if you have a cold. A person with a terrible cold isn’t going to recover as quickly if their immune system isn’t working properly. A 3.5 ounce serving of salmon holds about 3 grams of omega-3’s. So if you have a cold and you’re up for trying something new, pick up some salmon. Once you get past the after taste, it’s smooth sailing.


How many times has someone suggested  you have tea with honey? Well this  isn’t some random internet fad. It  can actually do wonders for your cold. Honey is one of the most famous cures for  a cough. Certain studies have shown honey  to be more effective on coughs than  certain medications. It’s also been  shown to reduce cough and improve sleep  more than most medicines on the market. Another study found that kids who  took 2 teaspoons of honey 30 minutes  before bed saw a big difference  in their cough the next morning.  Honey contains antimicrobial properties,  which allows it to fight bacteria and viruses. Even if you don’t have tea, put a couple  teaspoons in some boiled water and have that.  Many people recommended honey and lemon  combined. While it might taste good,  there just isn’t any scientific  evidence that it fixes your cold.


Who knew you’d be eating nuts to fight your cold?  Most people have nuts as a tiny snack. Almonds  are just one of many popular choices. Eating a  handful of almonds can help battle cold symptoms. Almonds contain polyphenols. These are compounds  that will increase the sensitivity of white blood  cells and boost your immunity. This will  battle that terrible cold you’ve been at  home with. These particular polyphenols are  found in the skin of the almond. Research  shows that your immunity boost will remain for  a while after the almonds have been digested. The Vitamin E in almonds also helps. This will  protect your cells from free radicals and keep  you healthy. Outside of Vitamin E, almonds  carry plenty of other nutrients. I mean copper,  magnesium, fiber, protein… Where  can you go wrong? If you’re sick  and have a bag of almonds at home,  I suggest you get that snack ready. Before we continue, are you looking  to get in shape for the new year?  You need to get your nutrition right. Check  out our recent video on 8 Healthy Foods You  Need To Stock Up on For 2021. Now back  to our list of cold-fighting foods.


Much like oatmeal, yogurt is  one of those delicious snacks  you usually have in the morning. It  will tide you over until lunch. Well  it does a little more than that. It’s  also really effective against colds. Yogurt boosts the immune system. It’s  probiotics will attack inflammation,  protecting you from different  viruses floating around. These  same probiotics will stop your  cold from getting out of hand. Yogurt has some really important nutrients  your body needs to stock up on. This includes  magnesium, zinc and selenium. These three  minerals will back up your immune system,  reducing your chances of getting sick. If you  already have a cold, it won’t last as long.

Chicken Soup.

Much like tea and honey, chicken soup  is probably the food most associated  with the cold and flu season. Most of us  have been familiar with its cold-fighting  ability since we were kids. Well there is  a reason your mom always made it for you. Chicken isn’t the only important part of  the soup. There’s also the chicken broth.  This is the hot liquid the chicken simmers in.  You can have the chicken broth without the actual  chicken. In the broth is carnosine, a compound  that helps the immune system get stronger. Researchers have examined the effects of hot  water, cold water and soup on a stuffy nose.  In the end, both hot water and soup did  a better job of curing the stuffiness.  So if you have a cold, cook up some chicken  soup with a nice cup of tea and honey.


Here’s another cold-fighting food you weren’t  expecting. Well kiwi isn’t just something you  toss in a blender and mix. Believe it  or not, it’s among the most powerful  cold remedies in the world. You’re going to  want it around the next time you get sick. Kiwi’s have a ton of delicious nutrients,  but none more important than Vitamin C.  Did you know that just a single cup of kiwi  gives you over 270% of your daily Vitamin C  intake? They pretty much make oranges  look like a joke. As I said earlier,  you need Vitamin C if you’re going to get  your immune system going. The more of it  you’re consuming, the less of a chance  you have of catching that dreadful cold. So blend up some kiwi. Or maybe  have a few slices for a snack.  Either way, your body will thank  you after you’ve avoided a cold. Yup, having a cold sure can be a drag. There are  so many things about sickness you need to learn.  

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