Ice cream factory in Vietnam – delicious poetic ice cream!

Ice cream factory in Vietnam – delicious poetic ice cream!

Oh my god in our factory food seriesthis next product is perhaps the mostdifficult to produceand maintain before it hits storeshelves for the sake of this video ican’t move my facefrom factory to supermarket floor if ithits temperatures above freezing for toolongit’s all over the whole thing here wasover a hundred billionsin this exclusive series we’re diggingdeep into food factories that are massproducing the affordableand convenient products we all take forgranted yo why is there so much bean icecream what’s going ontoday’s mission see how some of asia’sfavorite ice cream bars are madedigging deep into how these modern daymachines can create a tasty frozen treatin under two minutes how many ice creamproducts are you making each year 200millionwe’re heading to one of asia’s biggestice cream factoriesthese guys are in the know when it comesto frozen foods of all typesso how do they do it let’s find outralphthank you so much for having us herenice to meet you to have you here myfirst questiona simple one you’re a german guy livingin vietnamselling italian food before we head tothe ice cream factory we’re making aquick stop at ralph’s artisan gelatoto learn how ice cream is madehere his italian ice cream uses the bestpossibleingredients made from scratch no pre-mixno artificial anythingall produced fresh daily so.

Ice cream factory in Vietnam – delicious poetic ice cream!

What is thedifference betweenice cream and gelato ice creamhas more fat higher sugar it has moreair becauseyou know why does it save money yeah itcosts nothing later in this video we’reactually going to a factory so uh okayoh this place offers all the classicsyou’ve come to knowand love but today is a lucky daybecause we’re going beyond the classicsralph is cooking up something just forusfish sauce ice cream and beef noodleice cream making artisan gelato followsthe same principles as making ice creamyou’ll need a liquid mixture heavy creammilkand a flavor of your choosing in thiscase fish sauceor a bowl of vietnamese beef bar that’sbeen completelyliquefied for me it’s a strength but i’mcurious maybe i’m the one who’s gonnalike it and then she’ll be put off by itthen there’s a solid mixturecontaining two types of sugar sugar canesugar and dextrosethen skim milk powder inulin and finallygelato powder gelato is not reallyfrozen like aice cube it is something between and tokeep this consistencyyou must work really careful.

On the gramwith the fish sauce gelato he uses ahorizontal batch freezer that has twofunctionson the top the liquid is pasteurized at185 degrees fahrenheit to kill anybacteriathen it drips down to the freezer drumbelow where the liquid slowly becomesice cream fromplus 50 degrees to minus six seven eightdegreesit’s maybe five six minutes in thisvertical batch freezer you can actuallysee this process taking placehere the beef noodle soup along with allthe ingredientsare changing form so at that time is airbeing put into the ice creamyes ambient air is incorporatedfirst flavor today fish sauce fish sauceis a liquid condiment made of sardinesthat have been coated in tons of saltand left to ferment until it becomesliquidusually more than a year but should itbe an ice creamthat is stinky how do you feel aboutthat finally my dream come truecan’t wait to have it you seem oddlyenthusiastic are you on drugs at allright nowno can you smell the fish sauce no itjust smells sweet i’m just going towhat oh my good spoon broke that’sfantastic let’s try it out.

I can’t taste at the beginning we cannotsmell thesauce it’s hidden inside at first youfeel the cold thenyou feel the sugar and then you’re likewhat’s under that sugar what is thatit’s some kind of like savory umamifor the first woman you feel verystrange but for the secondyeah i’m getting a little better as wetry it more and more quick disclaimerthis guy’s gotmagnificent delicious gelato it’s sogood but this onethat is something else and then here wehave ice cream what’s great about thisis it actually has real pieces of beefnoodle and herbs like is known to haveand a chocolate wafer like fuzz not known to have this one melts superquick you try it out yeahcheerswow the herb flavor is really strongthere’s something spicy in there toomaybe that’s why it’s meltingactually this is more fun because it’svery multi-dimensional dynamic andthere’s just different layers of flavorshappening in your mouththis is usually my breakfast not mydessert.

But does it taste better rightwell then fish sauce yeah from handmadeto factory mate we’re gonna go to aplace where they’re mass producing icecream at an incredible scaleare you ready i’m so ready let go[Music]we’re here sir what an absolute pleasurewe are freezing ourwell everything off can you tell mewhere are we right now so we are in thestoragethat reserve all of the ice cream andthe temperature is now in minus 28degreeshaving a factory where everything has tobe frozen what is the biggest challengein doing that[Music]wow so you have to have your owngenerators yeahwelcome to keto factory it’s one of themost recognized companies in vietnamfeaturing two ice cream brands solanoknown for recreating popular western icecream flavorsand merino which makes more unique localflavors i’m curious you know ice creamin the u.sversus ice cream in asia it’s prettydifferent like people using beansusing corn do you make corn ice creamyeah we have moldwell listen um my toes are about to turnblack and i don’t want to have to cutthem off can we go see how the ice creamis madethis is where all the magic happens frommixing ingredients to packagingall of it takes place in this room rightnow.

We’re going to witness two of theirbest-selling ice cream flavors and seeexactly how it goes from thisto this in just minutes first thing inotice is it’s notnearly as cold as the warehousein that green bean machine how many icecream bars does that machine makeevery minute 250. so per hour we’relooking at like 15000 is that right yeah yeah i’m notreally good at mouthfirst green beans are poured into amixing machine that contains ice creamemulsionseventually it’ll become part of the icecream mixtureon the rotary ice cream machine thegraham filler injects coconut milk downinto the moldsjust a few clicks away a second grahamfiller injects the green bean mixtureon top of the coconut milk mixturecreating two layers of flavorbefore injecting the liquid filling is acool 40 degrees fahrenheit but when ithits the mold the liquid freezesalmost instantly to a precise 23 degreeshow long does it take to design and getthe machine ready to goah nice month like having a babynext this very same machine injectswooden handles down the ice cream molds.

Before these frozen treats are removedthe ice cream molds are steamed from theoutside to allow for easy extractionnow the bars are ready for their nextstep the flavor dipeach bar is dipped in a signature flavormixture that containsoatmeal and white chocolate coating thetop of the bar with another layer offlavorand texturefrom there it’s only one step away frombeing ready to eatpackaging before we finally get a tastewe’re checking out one more ice creamflavorhow he came up with the idea to make themilkypink brown bubble ice creamrightis a tea based drink that includes bobathese chewy balls that are made fromcassava rootsnow it’s taking on a new form as icecreamunlike the mung bean ice cream wherethey separated ingredients into separatelayershere all the flavors are injected atoncethe milk the brown sugar and the bobaballs turn into ice creamin seconds giving the machinejust enough time to inject the bar’swooden eating handleevery hour this modern day machinecranks out twelvethousand ice cream barsthe molds are steamed and the ice creambars removed now they’re heading to the last steppackagingthis machine places the frozen bars intoa plastic wrapping as they head to theconveyor belt they get wrapped sealed separated andhead down the assembly line wherewaiting ice cream handlersplace the correct number of bars in thecorrect box all the ice cream bars here are packagedin a similar fashion.

But no matter whatthey gotta move quickbecause the temperature in this room isabove freezingi’ve tried haagen-dazs from aconvenience store in vietnamand sometimes i swear it tastes likeit’s been frozen and melted 20 timesbefore it got to me my question is whatdo you guysget right that other manufacturers aregetting wrongfrom the storage room to the conveniencestore they have a black boxto check all of the ice cream if thetemperature below the centerthey will hold it back so basically fora year they will throw awayone to two percent of the product canyou throw it away at my housethe boxes now packed with ice cream areautomatically taped upthen quickly shot into the freezer wherethe ice cream is stored before it headsout to store shelvessoon we’ll visit keto’s research anddevelopment department where they’recreatinga new product that’s never been seen bythe public but firsti gotta follow that truckcylinder ice cream stick brown sugarcone jack pouring fresh milkso long let me begin at the beginningthis is one i’ve absolutely never triedlet’s go for it[Music]it’s very rich,

I like that i love thetoo because i’m a friend of milky teathat brown sugar is beautiful it justhas that super sweet brown sugar tasteslike a thick molassesthe bubba is a little jelly and it’skind of shocking because the boba youwould all sink to thebottom or to the wait is there any inthe topoh no so you can skip lunch or dinnerbut you cannot skip themickey tea with the brown sugar have youever thought about going to a treatmentcenteryeah okay we’re both going to try themung beanbar we saw it made in the factory buthere this isdurian ice cream one of the most pungentkind of stinky sweet fruitsi really like this one what do you gotthere yeah it must be yummyyummy taiyaki from japanis that hey is this made by ketoit looks great then looks exactly liketheso label is there so much bean ice creamwhat is going oni mean look it’s just a picture of beansit reminds me of people eat sweet soupin vietnamyeah they also make the porridge withthe mung bean it’s verynew to me a little strange a littleweird like a dog with short legscannot imagine it piques your interestyou can’t imagine that’s all you have invietnam.

I like that a lot for me it’s a little bit too sweet well maybe that’s why ilike it you can taste the starch of thegreen bean the cereal still has a drycrunch that white coating is almost likea frosting yeah is that white chocolateit’s like a white chocolate i was alittle freaked out by the bean but it’s not just beans everything theyput in there has made it kind ofbalanced and tastyi gotta say i’m very impressed but we’renot done yet we’re actually gonna goback to the factory and tryone new treat that they’re working onsomething that’s not been released to the public reallythat’s absolutely right wownow in the research and developmentlaboratory ofketo with my man man yes so basically daily his job is catchingsome changeon the internet to see which isinteresting thing and his team will try to mix all the flavor togetherand test in a small sample so if it’sokayhe will contribute the whole recipe for the biggerprocess the r d department has their ownice cream machines and thousands of bottles of flavoring all their bestsellersincluding the fresh boba milk tea withbrown sugar were created hereby man and his team if you create aflavor that becomes a big hit do you get a bonus.

Can we just get a subtitle uncomfortablelaughter right herei’ve heard that they developed somethingfor us to try wow it’s my order to be here to taste tha tbut first it’s not just him on this teamthere’s a whole team of researchers andalso developers who are in here day after day slaving away eating ice cream actually it sounds like a prettydecent jobfolksfirst of all can everyone introducethemselves to tell me your favoriteflavor of ice creamjust kidding we don’t have any time for that so here’s what i do want my friendmatt can you please go get it yes icecream time here we go ohoh my god they say size doesn’t matterit’s not truelook it’s beautiful so basically it’sjust the milkytea brownie bubble ice cream but in thebigger version oh it’s so cold i got toput it downthe final ingredient’s a little bit moreboba do you think how many people canfinish it oh i think it’s just me andyoui don’t know what these other people aredoing here oh that hurtsit’s uh brown sugar sauceit isladies and gentlemen take your weaponsthis is a little bit awkward there’s allthese people here i’m gonna get some ohthere we go some ice creamsome brown sugar some boba let’s go forit cheers oh that’s delicious.

I love that sweetbrown sugar nice texture of the bobait’s nice and chewy this isto die for team thank you so much whatan honor to come here to be invited hereand to enjoythis amazing hospitality and a stunningcreationlet’s eatand then i’ll do one of these and we’lldo a freeze frame and then we’ll rollcredits[Music]whether it’s affordable ice cream madeby machines at scaleor whether it’s gelato created with alittle bit more of a personal touchcoming to vietnam it was because a smallvietnamese womanher here we can all agree that ice creamis an instantdose of happiness the one food that canbring the world togetherlike no otherwelcome to the best ever merch storewhere you can check out our brand newdesignsbest ever bandanas in black white andred the please send nudes hoodiespillow soft fabric with a quality customgraphic inlayand our street food around the worldgraphic teewe’re now shipping everywhere around theworld just or click the linkin the description belowto get your new merch today a piece bigthank you to my co-host over herehunthat was possibly the most awkward yetguys please check out hans youtubechannel she’s doing wine reviewsand so much more over there han aroundthe name is hereplease check.

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