How to create a bottle of CHILI SAUCE- And food with CHILI SAUCE!

How to create a bottle of CHILI SAUCE- And food with CHILI SAUCE!

For me so far this has been a lot ofteasing i thinkoh no i ruined it what do i doaround the world people love theircondiments it’s got like a sharp tangto it americans alone eat over 70 poundsof ketchup peryear that’s a lot when it comes totopping food with salty sauces asia isno different it’s just like a saucebasket yeah but here ketchup takes aback seat to the king of street foodcondimentsthis exclusive series we’re digging deepinto food factories that are massproducing the affordableand convenient products we all take forgranted this is crucial for developingthe chocolate notesyou can’t tell but i’m smiling withchocolatey joy right now for today’smission we’re exploring the world ofchili sauce how it’s made now that seemslike a fun job this lady has a rake tohow street food magiciansinclude it in their recipes it’s nolonger a side item it goes right intothe final productwe’re getting a rare look at a saucefactory where they’re producingtruckloads of flavor enhancers.

How to create a bottle of CHILI SAUCE- And food with CHILI SAUCE!

I’m talking millions of bottles producedeach monthhow much chili sauce are you making in ayearthat’s amazing so how do they do itlet’s find outour destination for today’s missiontrolleymex factoryif you’re a fan of spice like meif you’re a chili fanatic then you’lllove this place this is the verybeginning of the chili sauce makingprocesshoney is that you i’m here it’s hard totell anybody apartjoining me today fellow youtuber fromthe channel hunter round now what’sgreat about being on the assembly lineis by the time they get to usthey’ve done all their work what you’reseeing now is the result of more than 35years of non-stopinnovation decades of engineering pouredinto designing the most efficientsauce-making machine possiblecranking out truckloads of theirbest-selling condiment the ketchup ofvietnamchili sauce have you had this kind of achili before noi thought it must be a very small chilii don’t think it’sreally big like this these chilies arepicked from local farms and shipped herefirst each chili is quality checked ifit doesn’t make the cutsit’s got to go plummet into the pitnext the chosen ones will ascend throughthe escalatorof homeplunging into their second trial thewaterfall of lifeit’s like a giant washing machine butjust for plantsafter being hand-picked and machinecleaned these guysare ready for the grinder ofwell it’s just a grinder.

I guess a placewhereincomprehensible amounts of chiliesbecome a pulpy paste placed inside giantbuckets right herebuckets and buckets just loaded withpure chilies actually it smells amazinglet’s get a big scoop of itoh look at that just pure uncut mincedchilies yeah very strong as wellso from here i’m going to put these inmy car and i’m going homeno from here this is all going to go tothe next step of the chili makingprocessthe ground chilis are then pumpedthrough a network of pipes into here theprocessing room imaginefreddy krueger is chasing you throughyour nightmares and you end uphere this room you’d probably neverexpect that they’re actually makingchili sauce here and that’s because forthe most partall these vessels are sealed off fromthe outside world each of these giantholding containersstores the now liquefied chili juiceminus the pulp or seedsthe spicy juice makes its way throughthese pipes into an intermediary mixingvessel that holds over 500 gallons nowit’s not quite ready for cookingfirst they mix some of the batch here before it’s pumped to its final locationto cook phase one includes all the vitalflavorfulingredients chili juice garlic sugarsalt vinegar and ketchup oh the smell isamazingit’s just a swirl of devilish reddishorangepotential chili sauce it’s not chilisauce yet and it’s too liquidy youwouldn’t want to put.

This on your foodbecauseit’s just going to be like getting yourfood wet after about 10 minutes ofmixingthis batch will be sent through pipesover to the cooking vesselhere is a whole row of cooking vesselsthese things arehuge once all the ingredients arefinally pumped into here it cooks for 30minutesnow back to the mixing machine for phasetwo they add in a secret blend includingmodified starch and water theseingredients help give the sauce itsthick consistency when it’s ready it’salso sent to the cooking vessel fromhere it’s pumped out once morecooled and then sent to the bottlingroom we’re going to go there nextthe bottling machine does everythingthis whole machineprobably costs more than most people’sretirement savingsfirst lining up empty bottles like youngsoldiers ready for battlethe chili sauce is pumped through aseries of pipes into the machinethen into each bottlethis is probably the most visuallysatisfying food experienceof my life thousands of bottles twistingfilling and movingin unison like a well choreographedballetwhen it’s full white protective sealcaps are placed on each bottle then the yellow seal capfinally the squeeze capon the next conveyor belt line bottlesare turned 90 degrees to check forspillage the bottle tops are sealed inplastic to further ensure freshnesslast up labelingand packagingthe coolest part to me is that from thatproduction room until nowthe chili sauce never touches theenvironment there’s no opportunityfor a nostril hair to fall into it bodylicehair lice not that.

I have lice oh wow sowhen the chili sauce comes off the lineit’s actuallystill a bit warm and uh this one is notquite ready they need toslap the label on there yeah but this isit man this is the signature item thisis what everyone comes here for for meso far this has been a lot of teasing ithinkoh no i ruined it what do i dodon’t ruin it don’t ruin it it’s okayeverything’s back to normal oh my godwe’re gonna be firedwe’ve been teased all day these gorgeousfresh chiliesi say we hit the streets and get somestreet food and just slather it withsauce what’s the best food for chilisauce i think for methat cover in my mind now is this smallare we doing fish ballsoh yeah we’re not doing fish balls sorryvietnam is a sauce loving nation morethan any other place i’ve met if youwere eating a fine200 kobe steak in japan would you stillput chili sauce on ityes nearly every street food stall has aheat packing sauce basket loaded withall the classics oyster sauce soy saucefish saucechili sauce and more yeah in the u.smaybe uh you’d get ketchupmustard i don’t even like mustard thatmuch but we put it there becauseketchup needs a friend at this streetside bistro there are 30 menu options tochoose from they cook it up and yousauce.

It to taste for mevietnamese everything tastes better withchili sauce in the usaputting ketchup on a steak is an insultto the chef here adding a little bit ofyour own twistis welcome and expected here they aresoy sauce what’s thisvinegar saucei actually planted this one here fromthe basket that we took from the factorybut but from the factory this is what wehelped makethis is their signature dish gooey sauceover crispy noodlesit starts by wok frying a combination ofproteins porkpork skin shrimp liver and crab cakealong with minced garlic and shallotsthen veggies and a bit of water itsmells fantastic in here and i’m kind ofglad to be out of that factorythen the seasonings msg which turns thesavory factor up to 11 then oyster sauceand they thicken it up with a bit ofcornstarchso right here the final step on top ofthe crunchy noodles he’s putting thisbeautifulgravy topping with meat with veggiesseafood everything togetherboth check it out this looks fantasticthis is just missing a little bit ofthat coriander oh and a little bit ofthatum what was that and a little bit ofground pepper good did we edit out thepart where i said i didn’t know whatthat wasokay.

I am just gonna smother my entiredish with this saucelike those psychopaths who just covertheir whole french fries with ketchupsince this episode is literally aboutjelly sauce iam obliged to put more chili sauce onhere cheersoh that’s great it is kind of a savorysalty explosion and this sauce actuallygoes really well with this itjust makes it a little bit more spicygives it some kick these noodles areimpressive when i was uhan unfortunate lad in central minnesotawe ate chow mein from a canit was like apocalypse food you wouldleave your mouth just dryit was like eating a hardened dust stickthis fantastic[Music]it’s like thin and crunchy i’m gonnatake one more bite here a little bit oflivernoodle and skin i’m gonna lethallyassault this with chili saucevietnamese people when they eat theywant to be doing thisin between every word that they’resaying oh my god it’sso good oh so deliciousi’ll have what she’s having all thisfood is making me hungry so right nowwe’re headed here heart kitchenrestaurant here’s another fun foodexample we’re on the streets manthis next dish was invented by ownermiss n it’s tastyaffordable and i’ve never seen anythinglike it before when this place is rockythey sell up to 1 000oysters a night oh uh i think we have todo the cooking here do you know how tocookwhile putting the responsibility ofcooking on the customersthat is genius i just like the idea likeone day their chef walked outthey said.

I’m not doing it anymore andthey’re like i love the customers cokeis finefirst butter and onion hit the hot panthen the veggiesthen the protein two crab sticks 10 to12 oysters and anegg all this is gonna require aself-made sauce okay let me investigatewith my nosei don’t know something tomatoey top thisunlikely combination with shreddedmozzarella cheese the chili sauceis waiting on deck supposed to bedrinking and complaining about work buti’m literally at work and i can’t drinkwhat do we do we just have half of themodel yeah yeah wait yeah i’m john highideathere you go warm beer ah bubbles thisis looking fantastic so i’m gonna getan oyster i’m gonna grab a little bit ofcheese and egg i don’t know the rightway i just started doing it usually wewillhave the bread put into the sauce firstwe have a taste firstand then try out this sauce[Music]i like it good enough okay so now i’vegot an oyster some cheese on here alittle egg.

I’m gonna top that with somechili sauce[Music]it’s like an oyster sandwich the oystersit melts into the bread makes for thatdelicious cheese a little bit of kickfrom chili sauce the final big bite[Music]you’ve done it one more food should wego all right maybe finish chewingi have a small pocket of space remainingin my stomach so we’re tapping off thissaucy street food tourhere a sidewalk stall finally we havemade it to ban chang nung cdouble o two serving what’s knownlocally as ban chang nosome call it vietnamese pizza a dynamicvariety of toppings combined atop a discof rice paper and grilled until crispythis stuff is good and this place doesit the best with over 54topping combinations oh right here sohe’s got some purple cabbageegg and scallions and one ingredientthat is a mustfor bunching nung is chili sauce it’s nolonger a side itemit goes right into the final producttoday i’m getting a supreme pizzavietnam style starting with rice paperthen scallion dried shrimpiesminced pork and an egg to bind it alltogether and then next what chili sauceis it the chili sauce nextthen two types of sausage quail eggshredded purple cabbage shredded chickenand beef jerkytop that with mayo and chili sauce boomyes he’s gonna hit it with some chilisauce you’d love to see it folksthat looks real good hun got a pizza tooit has this and this and thisand this got it okaylet’s eat and there it is that looksgoodyou ready actually in vietnam uh we willadd moretamarind sauce tamarind sauce but i justfeel bad we didn’t go to a tamarindsauce factory is it okayand also put some chili sauce in it ohnow it’s okay are you ready for thislet’s take a ride down to chili saucetown let’s gooh.

I love that you know actually i havethis kind of vietnamese pizzafor several times they don’t have somuch toppings sorry i can’t stop lookingat the giant glob of chili sauce on yourfinger are you gonna eat thathere they go all out and it’s greatbecause it has a good blend of flavorssalty a little bit sweet a little bitspicy from the chili sauce i love thatcrunchy rice paperit’s like an ultra thin crust pizzalittle tamarind saucecheersmine almost feels like a taco have youever had a taco of course yeahguys today we have the most fun possiblethat you can have at a factory whichisn’t as much as you would think there’slike a lot of rules at factories youthink you can just run around and likethrow bottles aroundyou can’t you can’t do almost anythingfor me all those grits we have todayit just have a great combination withthe chili sauce.

I wasn’t always a fani’m still not gonna put it on everysingle thing ever but i think now that iknowall the energy and time and effort thatgoes into it and i understand more aboutwhy people love it so much i have agreater appreciation for the chili saucethis videois a tip of the cap to condiments asalute to sauce you’re always therehanging outon the sidelines waiting your turn andfilling in whenever we need youbut never getting any of the credit nexttime i go out i eat street food i see iton the table i’m going to give it alittlenod of the cap hey i see you inotice you in an often under spiced andunseasoned worldsauce is not the hero we deserve it’sthe hero weneed welcome to the best ever merchstore where you can check out our brandnew designsbest ever bandanas in black white andred the please send nudes hoodiespillow soft fabric with a quality customgraphic inlayand our street food around the worldgraphic teewe’re now shipping everywhere around theworld just or click the linkin the description below to get your newmerch todaya piece boom guys a huge thank you tohan awkward handshakeand finally i want to say guys thank youso much for watching we will.

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