November 23, 2020

Home Office Makeover | Massive Rental Live-Work Transformation

Hey guys! Welcome back to my series, MakeMy Space Work, the show where we gift hardworking entrepreneurswith a massive office makeover.

I'm Alexandra, a decor expert, and today I am helping Kim, who is a social entrepreneur.

She is currently working out ofher tiny bedroom, her bed and her desk literally touch, andshe needs some help separating her work life from her personallife so I am here to help.

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Hi, my name is Kim.

I'm a 24 year oldsocial entrepreneur.

Basically, I'm really focusedon, like, people, planet, profit, and really usingbusiness as a force for good.

I'm one of the foundingmembers of The New 9-5.

So it's a freelance collectivewhere, essentially, we work with startups and small businessesto bring big ideas to life.

The problem with myspace is definitely that it's all in one room.

So as you can see, this is my bedhere, right over there is the desk.

It's pretty close together andso it's very hard to, like, compartmentalize sometimesand turn my brain off.

I'm taking pretty professionalcalls quite often and you know, this is my background.

It's not the mostprofessional thing.

I love windows.

I love plants.

I'd love to just have somewheredesignated towards work.

So then, you know, onceI finish my day or finish working, I can come and relax.

Alexandra, please comemake my space work.

I honestly can't imagine havingmy bed right beside my desk.

I think it would make mefeel really overwhelmed.

I'm really excited that I gotto take this project on for Kim and hopefully transformnot just her workspace, but the way she approaches her work.

I am in Kim's apartmentsorry for the noise, construction going on outside.

This is a typical, downtown Toronto bedroom.

It is tiny, but so, so cute.

And when Kim originallyreached out to me, I was like, “You don't need my help.

This is adorable!” But then she wasexplaining it to me.

She's like, I haveto have a day bed.

She's like, I just want aqueen bed that I can lounge in.

Her bed and her work are, like, almost touching.

Like, she has absolutely zeroseparation in this space.

She showed me this otherroom that they have.

Let me show you.

Kim said her and her roommateshardly ever use this space.

There's like a mattressback there, a tiny couch.

There's this communal kind ofsmall desk area here, but it's completely wasted space becauseKim said to me, “Honestly, we literally never use the space.

When we have people over, we're in the kitchen.

” So we've decided to turnthis room into a home office and I'm so excited.

And I'm basically going to swapthe layout, so I'm going to be moving the couch to this sideand this stuff to this side.


Sorry if you guys are dizzy.

This space is going tobe a big one to tackle.

Let's do it.

This room, really, is alreadybeing utilized as a workspace.

She was all for it.

She was like, “I'venever thought about that”.

Yeah, I think this is the solution.

I just need to make it way morefunctional, way more stylish, while also creating an areawhere they still can entertain when they have people over.

So it's day one and I'm startingby clearing this space and getting it ready for painting.

Kim has lots of funthings like this that I'm definitely going to reuse.

And I'm going to bere-purposing Kim's desk.

It's a great size and I think it'sgoing to work way better in this space rather than the bedroom.

Okay, empty canvas! And Xico with no head.

I wanted to paint this back walla neutral but impactful color.

I'm going with this, like, charcoalgray it almost looks black.

Kim needs a sophisticatedbackdrop, she takes a lot of calls, and so I needed to makethis backdrop look beautiful, professional, but also stylish.

I also had the idea to paint theinsides of the window frames.

They were an unfinished wood andI felt like it was making this room feel, just, incomplete.

It's tiny details likethis that make a really big difference and make your spacefeel more pulled together.

Now we're going to tackle the, um, electrical panel thing.

So I want to show youguys in Kim's bedroom she has this awesome mood board.

And so Xico actuallycame up with this idea.


We're going to use a piece of wood.

So we're going to hang it overthe electrical panel and it's going to become her moodboard.

She uses washi tape.



shelikes to hang things up.

We are also deciding if we wantto paint out the window frames.

And the art that I ordered, that I was sooo excited about, is held up somewhere and it'snot going to get here on time.

So I am now frantically searchingthe day before the makeover for a printable piece of art.

So I'm literally going tosit in a chair, stare at the wall and pick a print! Try and visualize it hanging up.

Okay, so this is the back.

Xico built, like, alittle cleat on it.

That's amazing.

So everything's still accessible.

High-five Xico! So I'm going to white wash thisboard, which basically means I'm, like, staining it with paint.

So I just added some paint inthis cup and added lots of water.

So you see it's, like, really watery.

And I need a rag to wash it out! Like, literally, justlike staining it.

So good! And we're done.

We're just about ready to wrap upprep day, everything's been put away, and then I just said, “Youknow what Xico, you were right eight hours ago when you suggestedwe paint the window frames that same charcoal-black color.

” So instead of leaving for theday, we're just doing a quick paint of the window frames.

I really think it's going tomake those windows pop and tie this side of the room inwith that bacj accent wall.

I know we've really transformedthis space and I'm so happy that she doesn't have towork in her bedroom anymore.

See you guys tomorrow.

Can't wait! Bright and early.

It's makeover day.

It's time to get the party started.

The accent wall dried beautifully.

I love all the texturein the paneling and the windows look amazing.

I'm just peeling back that tape.

So now it's time to startmoving furniture around.

My best budget-friendly tip whenit comes to redesigning your space is to take stock of thefurniture you have and see how it can work in the space, and howit can be reused in a new way.

You can paint it, youcould change the hardware.

It's just taking a look at thingsyou already own, seeing how you can reuse them before spendingmoney on something entirely new.

This looks so good here.

If you guys remember, it wason the other side of the room and it was totally blockingthat beautiful door that they have leading into the kitchen.

You couldn't even open the doorfully, and I thought this would be a great way to organizeall of Kim's office supplies.

So I'm just going to be puttingher desk here, so this will just be a nice place where she can, yeah, have her stationary, her paper.

And I'm going to be using basketsto hide all of the clutter.

Loose pieces of paper, receipts, all of that stuff that, you know, entrepreneurs usuallyhave in their office spaces.

Now I'm hanging some long plants.

These are called string of hearts.

If your space has lower ceilings, like this room does, try and hang your plants from the ceiling.

It makes the ceiling lookhigher and also obviously just looks beautiful because whodoesn't love some plants in some beautiful hanging planters.

I'm also adding some art.

I downloaded this art froma printable art store.

I just got it printed on someglossy paper at a local printing house and found a reallyinexpensive frame to put it in.

I love how this pictureadds that pop of color that this room really needs.

Kim has so much beautifuldecor already, and I think it's really important to keepthat because it's usable.

So I'm just layering inlots of things that she already had around her home.

I say this in just about everymakeover, but a ceiling light is going to really transform yourspace, especially if you're looking for a space that feels really, like, designed and put together.

A light will do it.


The light is up.

It's definitely abold statement piece.

I love how textured it is, and ina small space that is feeling kind of cold, maybe needs some warmth, texture in a light is the way to go to bring in that coziness.

If you guys are going to usea light like this made of natural material like strawor anything else that's dried, make sure you use a compactfluorescent bulb or an LED.

Those kinds of bulbs don't get hotand you don't want a hot bulb in this light fixture or it could be afire hazard, and no one wants that! So make sure you consult anelectrician, um, before you install a light like this into your space.

But this is going to hangabove Kim's desk, give her some nice light when she's working.

It's whimsical, it's different.

Let me know in the commentsbelow if you're a fan.

I feel like this light is eithergoing to be a hit or a miss.

Next I'm bringing in Kim'sdesk, placing it almost in the middle of the room.

I want it to create adivide between the living room and the work area.

I can't believe that Kim hadthis pretty decently-sized desk in her bedroom.

I'm so excited to be bringingit in here because now she gets her bedroom back.

She gets a place to unwind and becozy and comfy, and this desk is going to be big enough that her andher roommate can share it if they wanted to, because I know that theyboth work in this space sometimes.

Um, and yeah, we're justrepurposing furniture she already had.

It's going to look great with thatelectrical panel cover that you guys saw us installing yesterday.

Let's see how itlooks with the light.

And now when she takes thosecalls on her computer, she has a backdrop that looks professionallike she's in an office, and that it's designed and styled.

I think the light definitelyneeds a bit of a trim.

Just a casual.

Thursday morninglight trim, you know? So we didn't get Kim a new desk, but we got her a new office chair.

It's faux leather.

It looks really stylish.

I love how the warm tone matchesback to the dark wall behind me, and I feel like if you'renot going to invest in those big pieces of furniture, like adesk or, you know, a shelf back there, just got a desk chair.

There's so many reallybeautiful ones on the market.

You guys loved the one Iused in Kyle's episode.

I'll link it up here.

That green velvet was so nice.

So something that's still comfy, but it looks really great too.

Just a reminder, this is what theelectrical panel was looking like.

Honestly, when I walked inhere, I was like, how are we going to cover this? I just love this solution.

So now Kim has a moodboard, a place to post notes and inspiration.

I'm just hanging a few thingsthat she had up in her bedroom just using some washi tape.

She can change thisup whenever she wants.

I think it's so fun.

I'm loving how this piece ofplywood that we whitewashed works so well with the top of her desk.

It almost looks likeone big continuous desk situation happening.

So Kim and her roommatehad this really sad little curtain hanging up.

This window looks intothe bathroom, so it really needed a blind.

I found this blind for $4.

It's completely rental-friendly.

It has, like, a sticky top.

You just stick iton the window frame.

What a differencethis $4 blind makes! It's white, it's airy.

It kind of blendsin with the window.

Little things like this canreally make a big difference.

So now that I've tackled theoffice side of the room, it's time to tackle the living space.

Okay, here we go.

Oh, it's so beautiful.

It's like littlepompoms all over it.

See, I love how a big rug likethis really divides a space.

It's like suddenly when you walkin here, you know that this is going to be the living area.

I always say, go fora bigger-sized rug.

Um, this one is pretty big.

I kept it big because again, I really wanted to create that divide and really make it feelwarm and cozy in this corner.

So excited.

Here's another item I'mreusing: I'm bringing in this couch with Xico.

There was a bit ofa plant accident.

It was solved, don't worry.

Okay, take two.

Ow! Did you see that? Ow! That actually really hurt.

Okay, so after I take five.



thisis a very comfortable couch.



I need to decide what cushionsI'm going to put on here.

I have three different options.

It's almost time toreveal the space to Kim.

I'm so excited, but beforewe do that, I'm going to add some final finishing touches.

I'm reusing this side tablethey had beside the couch.

I'm hanging some of Kim's art.

Fun fact: these were the firstsilk screens from one of her first businesses that she ever launched.

So those are going totake pride on this wall.

Doing a quick doorknob change.

What a difference this dooris now a functional door.

And now it's time toreveal the space to Kim.

Can't wait to see whatshe thinks about it.

Let's bring her in! Okay, don't open.

So before you open your eyes, I want you to picture what this space looked like before.

Can you picture it? Ohhh yeah.

Yeah? Okay.

I have serious butterflies.


On the count of three, I wantyou to open your eyes, okay? One, two, three.

Oh wow.

Oh my God! Oh, that's amazing! Wow! That's so good.

I'm just so shook, I don'teven know what to say.


I'm shook.

Oh my gosh, the blinds! Yeah.

Oh my God.

And this? Do you remember this was your, like, electric box thing? Oh my gosh.


I'm like blown away bythe windows right now.

Do you like it? I love it.

I love it.

Oh my gosh.


And the plant, the plant survived.


You still have a livingarea, but then you also have tons of office space.


You and your roommatecan share the desk.

I can't believe thiswas in your bedroom.

It doesn't look likethe same desk at all.

So there's baskets down there forall your paper, all your notebooks.

A nice backdrop for whenyou're doing your calls.

I love it.

Oh my gosh.

Oh, I didn't even seethe hanging plants.


Oh my gosh.

That's so cute.

My first business.

And I love how you utilized, like, just certain elements of, like, me, which is, like, so cool.

Do you feel like you'regoing to work in here? Oh, definitely.

Yeah, definitely.

And get a bigger bedfor your bedroom? Absolutely.


A double! Thank you it's the best.

Seriously, wow.

I'm actually still shook.

Thank you guys so much forwatching this makeover.

I would love to know in thecomments if you have a room in your home that you feelis being super underutilized.

We'll see you guys next time.


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