Hoi An specialties! Places to eat and travel!

Hoi An specialties! Places to eat and travel!

This is one of the most surprisingstrange street foods I’ve ever had in mylife. I’m totally blown away right nowI’m speechless hi my name is Sonny andyou’re watching my internet TV showwhere we make fun food, today we’re in Hanoi Vietnam trying some ofthe rarest street food in the worldwatch as we discover the undiscoverablekeep watching there’s no doubt thatHanoi Vietnam SCAP Atal is full ofamazing mouth-watering tasty treats manyof which we’ve talked about on this showbut today we’re focusing on some bizarrestreet side snacks what I thought that’spre-mixed the worms are still moving Ithought the worms were in the batterfoods that’ll even make a local to adouble-take but. I promise you if you canget past some of the initial visualshock they actually taste good we are ona rare food mission I’m with my man hookand we are headed to our first locationright over here and let me let me showyou this place.

I heard about tworare food number one starts off with abang we’ve all heard of the VietnameseStreet food van but this next placeis spicing up their dipping sauce withan unexpected dinner guest all right soit just looks like some normal Streetfood people eat this all the time in theNOI you usually eat it with some kind offish sauce of half the sambar there’s asecret ingredient in this one and it’snot more fish. I’m gonna show you rightnow pine cone is a classic HanoianStreet food steamed rice batter filledwith minced pork and wood ear mushroomand topped with fried onions nothingunusual here until we get to the dippingsauce and it’s buns yes this particularbond shop customers can order adrop of fragrant extract to pair withtheir typical fish sauce but this 25cent add-on is extracted from a giantwaterbug what they do evidently it’s achop off this bone oh it’s warm they mixit with the fish sauce and then theytake out all the bug parts because noone wants a little like bug legs andanuses and their sauce okay and then andthen you eat it so it adds some kind ofspecial flavor oh she’s gonna do it hereand some lunch and a head she put so shecuts a head off right into the sauce andthen the body and then that’s called athorax right.

I love I know that for sureand then she walked away what what justhappened whoa it is like a perfume it islook at perfume you smell that yeah Ithought you know I thought you fool meno oh it smells like an appletini goodsugary Apple Venus I feel like we shouldjust eat it yeahguys we’re gonna eat a tiny crunchyApple would leave with one like yo thebody feels so disgusting but no flavorpermeating out it’s amazing very specialOleg’s own so we’re gonna tip it in andtry it out you taste the bee penis I dotaste the penis like it started sweetand happily and it ended like a piece ofa piece of old beef jerky it’s actuallyreally delicious so they’ve done something really in need here. Oh No whodo you could just season some fish saucewith a buck Wow and that was only foodnumber one if you like that you’re gonna love food number two everybody knowswhat worms are but what about a pancakemade with worms what about that whatabout that we’re smack in the middle of Hanoi old quarter looking for some morerare treats and, I have spotted somethingbeautiful before us and they call themsand worms they look gorgeoushave you eaten this before no there’ssome sand worms down here good a bite.

I don’t know why don’t we find out it’sfineoh it’s just all right oh it’s like aleech it’s fine look at that guy’s areyou sick of your normal morningpancakes with bacon um we’re makingpancakes with worms it is the best wayto get some protein in your diet andalso still be able to eat deliciouspancakes just an hour and a half awayfrom Hanoi these little guys are raisedin ponds just like shrimp normallyvendors would cook using frozen wormsbut since we’re catching the tail end ofthe worm season we’re getting them asfresh as can be too many foreigners eatthis can you ask me why, I’m gonna you ohshe said yes, I don’t believe I thinkshe’s gonna get you seated let’s see howthey make itokay guys you might want to watch thatdo you have like a wet tissueperhaps oh yeah okay she’s like you getone wife all right let’s go see how theymake thisshe said she fries it up you better eatit ah all rightokay she’s frying it up right here soshe’s got some batter in this big redbucket she’s putting it right into heavyoil oh the worms ha ha what.

I thoughtthat’s premix the worms are still movingI thought the worms were in the battershe’d mmm good hi it comes out a lot offoreigners eat this huh it looks likepancake batter so look at this they aremoving writhing in there well they’rekind of mixing themselves right into thepancake this is cool I don’t know at acertain point people don’t feel bad forworms right can you ask if they’remessing with us is that rude so she saidnormally is oep mix but just was she didsome extra I knew there was somethinggoing on here but for me someone who’sopen-minded and might I say culinarilywoke it excites me so this is just gonnaneed another minute or so of frying andthen we’re gonna try it out I’m hardlyable to contain my wormy excitementwhile the vendor dices our pancake Ijust hope toque feels the same what areyou Sara the next big one yeah what arethe emotions going through your emotioncenter right now yeah no none just numbnumb.

I expect it’s gonna taste good it’sjust gonna feel weird because there’sgonna be worms in thereCheers doughnutI gotta be honest that was pretty goodthere’s a bunch of dill in there andherbs it actually tastes a really saltysavory and fresh and a nice crunchytexture on the outside I didn’t evenfeel any worms in my mouth, I did I’mmore shocked that it’s delicious thananything elsefry and worm tank mind equals blown wegot two places leftlet’s see what’s coming up next Wow andthe craziness is not about to stop therecoming up next we all know a chicken isa smaller version of an ostrich but whatis a smaller version of a chicken righthere we have some cute little quail keeppre marinated with some type of leaf Idon’t know what it is in English mamacan you eat the whole quail but now havewe gone over the whole thing even thebones have you had this I’ve never hadthis have you even seen it I’ve seen itnever had this baby one.

I gotta be onit’s the small ones look nice andcrunchy yeah that’s what I’m looking forit’s definitely unusual if you’re fromthe West for me this isn’t really anintimidating food it’s just that’s it’sjust gonna be a crunchy little animaltoday’s crunchy little animal is servedwith FIGS and the special in-house fishsauce Oh Danny look it’s super crunchylook at those the crunch factor on thoseis amazing it’s like shriveled up baconfor over 10 years this vendor has beenselling her unique recipe made specialby it’s fried and edible Vietnamesereally also you eat the whole quail thissmell is amazing it’s aromatic let’spick one up okay head bite body by legby three different experiences you readyhere we goand you don’t think that you’reliterally crushing the skull of a burdenno chase is really good the body bite isthe most fun because there’s so manyquestions that go through your mindyou really shouldn’t answer any of themlet’s go for it here we go all righthmm or you put the whole body mm-hmmit’s crunching to meeting this isbizarre but that tastes really goodthis is remarkable and then now we got alittle like and it does have to make himfeel to it punch it make it feel to itI’m totally blown away right now I’mspeechless.

I think it’s okay and naturalto be apprehensive about a new food younever try if I always go in there andtry it with an open mind and this is whyit like this is absolutely delicious guywould legitimately eat this food evenoff-cameralet’s go back a little yeah let’s getsome more all rightour last rare food will conjure imagesof a cow penis and that’s because we’reliterally going to eat a cow penis Ohcheck it out we got this massive drillgoing we’re gonna talk with the ownerreally quick and get the lowdown on thesituation hello guysbe mature its food we can be adultsabout this okay let’s go learn about itokay so this is the wrong part so we putsome spices Ian yeah so to make it tastegoodahh is it a urethra I think so I didn’teven know that you would want toseparate the urethra to eat thatseparately but it’s like it’s it’s ownthing right here it uh it looks likecurly fries you can try if you likeabsolutely thank you so much for havingus today and I’m excited to try it thislooks like a normal kind of pork kebaband then I asked I was like what is thisyou guys serve all kinds of pork whatkind of cyst and he’s like no that isthe penis right there it’s all choppedinto little manageable bites yeah mysize and I it’s actually it looks prettygood it smells good there’s garlic onhere there’s sugar great sweet flavorscoming off of here they put extrameasures and time into making sure it’slike super clean you know not gameyand then they put on this awesomemarinade we’re getting two main thingstoday we’re gonna get the skewer ofporch male reproductive organ and thenhere we have the urethra it looks likeit would be kind of crunchy andcartilaginous turning kind of a goldenbrown.

I can’t really go wrong withcharred like grilled barbecue meat so nomatter what part of the animal right allright let’s try that let’s do itthe pig urethra I never would havethought that you would just strip outthe urethra and eat that separatelyCheerswell that’s good there’s like a massivepiece of cartilage really crunchy itreminds me a little bit of chicken feetno but it’s easier to get through we’reworking up to the crescendo on thisevening you wouldn’t be able to tell itapart from any other kind of marinatedand charred piece of pork well what forwinning when it comes to the thing isthat when it comes cheers dude is thatnot amazing yes nothing like what isgoing on now I get why they took thisout because this is way too chewy rightit’s like pretty tender almost closedlike a rib eye yeah what, I’m so savoryand rich sweet it’s kind of beencaramelized we’re absolutely gonna behanging out drinking some beers havingsome penis and growing out doing grossstuff you know what I’m saying but.

I dowant to say this on a real note todayit’s been really cool for me sometimesapprehensive but always with an openmind thank you so much for joining metoday and for you guys this video wasmade possible by Kristina’s VietnamKristina’s is offering socialaccommodation all over Vietnam here inHanoi they’ve just launched 15 beautifulapartments perfect for large familiesgroups or individuals Kristina’s Hanoiis a great launching point and fromthere you can experience the rest of thecity links for that are in thedescription down below I’m gonna pass itto me from earlier today to end the showthank you for watching my internet TVshow remember if you liked this videosubscribe for more videos like this andif you didn’t like this video subscribefor more videos like this we’ll see younext time on the best ever food reviewshow a piece okay we gotta get a deepsquat you gotta get deep okay wow youit’s like a power lifter I think it’sheavy Oh should we eat now we did do alittle bit of a workout.

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