Grilled Squid cake is super attractive and delicious in Taiwan! Food good

Grilled Squid cake is super attractive and delicious in Taiwan! Food good

You’re running on the right track thefirst ever food tour being done righthere at chili night market today we’regonna be trying as many foods as we canfind we’re making our way through themarket right now there’s the smell ofstinky tofu in the air there’s a stirpancakes grilling away right there it’sa beautiful sight to see if nothing butsmells and noise and tasty food justwaiting to be devoured I can’t wait toget into this I’m actually prettystarving right now I want to see howmany foods I can eat today let’s do this[Music]and here is our first destination we’rein line right now for this famous friedchicken and how do I know that it’sfamous because there’s like a hundredpeople here look at them all see when Icame into the line they gave me aplastic bag I don’t know what that meansfor sure it means that they expect youto order some chicken and maybe even putit in the bag that makes sense to me Ican’t wait to get up there the smellsare coming off it’s it’s a lot of steama lot of people looking back at me likewhy is that guy rejecting his voice somuch unnecessary.

I say it’s verynecessary bro the sign is Chinese andKorean but no English and I can read theKorean so I can just order in Korean onmy own but now I got the non spicy onethese are like huge are you sure it’sfried chicken it’s fried chicken thesize of your head god this guy he hasmoves at any moment he’s gonna put upabout seven of these huge fried chickenfillets the moment is coming soon he’sgetting him together he’s doing he’sdoing a lot of motions back there andevery time he does it he does it with asense of victory oh god the moment ofvictory ain’t chicken breast at onepoint and even though he’s doing evenmore that’s like five kilograms of friedchicken what do I pay money to cemanisomebody somebody oh my god I’m slowingthings down here you go and you put itin your little trash bag yes thank youoh ho ho many spices guys this is aridiculously huge piece of fried chickenright here I got 470 Taiwanese dollarsso that’s about.

Grilled Squid cake is super attractive and delicious in Taiwan! Food good

I don’t know two dollarsmaybe a little bit more than two dollarsthat’s insanely reasonable on here theysay they’ve put some kind of pepper anda bunch of other spices in there too youcan see all that seasoning they put onthere pepper I smell some cinnamon Idon’t know maybe it’s like the Chinesefive-spice oh and it’s so crunchy I’mgonna try to take a big bite of thiswithout burning my face offoh the chicken is steaming away it issalty crunchy juicy that is such abeautiful treat I can’t believe they’reselling this whole thing for only 70that’s the beautiful thing about thismarket you can just see what’s poppinwhere people standing jump in line payhim some money and then BAM you’re gonnabe happythat was an amazing start for tonightand tonight it’s all about like I’m justgonna walk around it see what looks goodto me and this right here certainly hascaught my attention this is thelegendary sausage in the sausage and Ihave the this one sausage in the sausagethank you buddy what they’re gonna dohere she’s got a smaller sausage herehe’s gonna score that a little bit thesewhite ones this is what’s so amazing andunique to Taiwan a sausage casing fullof glutinous rice.

They’re gonna splitthat down the middle and that’s gonna belike a little bun oh yes they’re cuttingit open oh my gosh they’re brushing onsome sauce and then he’s put on a littlebit more vegetable and then that thatdog is extra well-done it’s just crispyon the outsideoh yeah baby all right so it’s 50 NTit’s about like a buck and a half that’sa pretty reasonable price for what wegot here I’m gonna let it peak out alittle bit more and you can see we havethe rice there it’s like a rice bunessentially this glutinous rice insidesome sauteed vegetables and then the dogright there it’s like a hot dog insideof a hot dog it’s a beautiful thing it’ssuper hot juicy let’s try it out[Music]that is so nice the villians he put inthere are a little bit be nutty which isunexpected I mean check out theselayering here again fatty glutinous ricethe steam coming off here it’s such ait’s such a treat it’s so unique and sodeliciousas we travel to this central areas it’sgonna get more and more packed a littlebit harder to move around but that’sokay I’ve got my eyes on this right here cabbage egg okay so it looks likethey’ve got sandwiches here but I thinkit’s just cabbage and egg so I justordered some of this cabbage egg oh godthis has a little bit of everything sothere’s some tuna here some seaweedwe’ve got some corn in this quadrantright here some of this dried flaky.

I think squid some mayonnaise drizzledon there it’s just a cornucopia ofdifferent ingredients let’s try it outoh yes it’s a cabbage and egg that’swhat she called it she said it’s egg andcabbage I’m gonna try it it looks hotmmm I taste wonderful waffle it doesn’ttaste at all like cabbage a little bitof egg II like some egg body too in agreat texture there’s many things Iwould not think to put together but theyhave done it here they have achieved thedream the food dream so this isespecially a nice treatoh I forgot to pay we just finished ourcabbage and egg and now old you checkout the blowtorch can you see that[Music]I’ve never seen anything like thisthey’ve got these like a little crustoff’ I’d read bass under here right nowhe’s gonna pour it the bass so he’s putsome oil into each of these littlevessels and then he’s gonna put in thisbatter what’s on the cabbage and thenthe thing that’s most special here oneoctopus her little vessel it’s likeoctopus cupcakesoh dude look at all these as soon as hetorches them they like curl up they’rekind of bubbling up and cookinginstantly oh that’s a he’s putting thecheese on top of these little octopusesand then he’s gonna come in with a torchnow oh yeah that is a crowd pleasereveryone is very excited all the cheeseis just melting and getting gooeyI think grab a bunch of those to givethem to me.

I hope so here it is ourbeautiful little roasted octopuses witha melted cheese on top and so I’m gonnatry to poke the octopus and get some ofthat bread oh my god it is like in alittle octopus cupcake look at this somajestic it’s steaming its cheesy I testit with my tongue not too hot all rightlet’s go for it oh that is crazy goodand crazy hot there’s a layers to it themain flavor is from that kind of fishyflakes and that sweet soy sauce on thereso it’s very sweet and kind of smoky butit’s just a texture sensation so good[Music]all right at the same time I think theobjective is to destroy the balloonbefore it falls all the way down yourtiming must be impeccable got my pinkmallet here if I get three I get one ofthese how many balloons seven balloonsif I get three I get a stuffed animalhere we go yeah can I do that oh look atthem they’re all they’re embarrassed forme all right you know what I’m better atI’m making a food review show Oh aconsolation prize.

We’re at a place called fly cap barbecuecheese beef again more cheese and it’scheese beef sounds amazing so I’mgetting one small fly cap cheese beef Ihave no idea what that meansso we’ve got these delicious morsels ofbeef right here Oh more tort action canyou believe the amount of tort action inthis video it’s amazing oh my god I cando it okay he’s gonna he’s gonna finishit off our menu you got it you got itthe beef has been sufficiently torchedputting in some cumin and then right nowputting on some delicious cheese whoatorching the cheese that looks awesomethis market is all about like what isgonna appeal to people and this is juststraight beef and cheese and thatappeals to me right now let’s try it outcome ontill the flavor it’s like eating somefunny the meat with some cheese on thereyou’re so delicious when so salt onthere too we’re very nice now we’retrying something called fried milkprobably never even heard of fried milkbut we’re gonna get some right now sothis is how it starts before you buy itit starts out like this they call itfried mill but.

I don’t think it’sexactly milk it’s some kind of cheese orcream or somethingwhat is this milk okay I’ve never seensolid milk easy just says it’s a milkokay he’s getting this batter ready overhere and he’s gonna bring these cubesdip them in batter and then put them inthe fryer right here we have the friedmilk which doesn’t make any sense cuzmilk is a liquid and not a solid I wantto bite into this and figure out what itis for real well it’s very milky it’s also like somekind of light cream cheese it’s not asheavy as a cream cheese now I’m startingto feel like I’m in the u.s. again with this fried random stuff there’s creamyit’s milky it’s got some vanilla flavorin therethat’s awesome oh so this food is it’s alittle bit special to me because thefirst time I ever watched Bizarre FoodsAndrew Zimmern was in Taiwan and this isI think the first food he tried in thatepisode and he’s like I always get towherever I go here it isthe stinky tofu it’s a different kindit’s stinky tofu it’s fried they put insome kimchi in the middle and somebarbecue and cilantro on top and thenyou just eat it right off the steak.

I’ma little bit scared because the stinkytofu is still pretty intense even if youdress it up like this let’s try it oh[Music]that is a shower it’s sweet from thesauce it’s got the cabbage in there it’seither you know the kimchi but saltingbut from that fermented tofu there issome some deep sourness in there when you come to Taiwan this stinky tofu is amust trying it’s intimidating it’s verysmelly just like the name would suggestit’s just so unique to this area youhave to try it right here we have some awesome octopusarms you can see all the individualsuckers on here you know that’s gonnahave an awesome texture when you eatthat right now our octopus legs I thinkthat’s a technical term for it it’sroasting away someone’s phone is busythere’s for seasoning options herethere’s a salt and pepper mustard cheeseor cumin I went with cumin for thesecond time tonight I don’t know I’m ona cumin tic I’m gonna I’m on a humankick and so maybe it’s gonna taste likeoctopus tacos but without any you knowtortilla around it here we’ve got abouta half a meter of freaking octopus legthis was a huge octopus.

Thank Youoctopus these sections here where thesuckers have been kind of grilling andbecoming crunchy fied that’s gonna tastedeliciousit’s just steaming still what a treatlet’s give it a trymmm oh there’s some intense Cuban flavoron therethe suckers it’s almost like they’repopping in your mouth while you eat themI’ve never seen an octopus like servedin this way it’s like they skewered thewhole thing put it on a stick it’s alittle bit chewy but a beautifulpresentation otherwise nice Oh keepmoving I’m gonna try not just to haveanybody another brilliant invention herehello here we have like a bundle ofgreen onion wrapped with some pork Ithink what’s gonna jump into it mmm-hmmthat is some intense onion nice meatygreasy outside I like the onion iscooked down a little bit but there’ssome intense onion flavor there I’venever seen something like this forStreet food it’s really creative I likeit I’ve got this feeling I’m feeling youcould be the one right now we’re aboutto try it one of these classics ofTaiwanese cuisine I’ve never had itbefore it is the oyster omelet it is anomelet with oysters because oysters area natural aphrodisiac and so not yeah soit’s good so here it is.

I’ve had a lotof stuff in omelet before I’ve neverthought to put an oyster in there lookat thatsuper simple some rice batter and a andoyster some of these greens on there toothere is kind of beautiful let’s try itout this is classic Taiwanese streetfood Oh steaming hot stillhmm oh man kind of peanutty sweet saucethat they put on there it really ties itall together and there’s a beautifuloyster right theregooey hot steaming and covered in thatsauce let’s get a bite that definitelyhas some more oysters in it I want toreally feel that is what especially herein soy sauce I really want to feel it ohno no you’re not getting away from melet’s try it out yeah buddyyeah whoo who goes with those flavors sowow there’s no like pronounced seafood eriver II taste or anything like that itjust adds some nice texture and somenice saltiness to it I love it andoysters are an aphrodisiac so you got abig night ahead of me alone in my hotelroomguys thank you so much for watching thisfun food video if you liked the videosubscribe because.

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