Good food in Hong Kong! You should try it once in your life!

Good food in Hong Kong! You should try it once in your life!

If it bit me could I die yeah you’regonna be dead on the floor two seconds by Hong Kong is iconic where it’sdim-sum it’s succulent roasted meats andeven its firm and meaty fish falls butif you scratch beneath the surface HongKong is also home to some of the mostunique food from around the world. I’venever had a scrotum do they shave ittoday my trusty food guide Virginia istaking me to experience the strange sideof the city taking one extreme Chinesemedicinal ingredients so what do youthink they are all the way toencountering vicious predators thataren’t going down without a fight is shereally gonna murder this thing in frontof all these people they can livewithout the gallbladder so. I’ll still bealive this is Hong Kong and today we’regoing balls out this morning Virginia’s taking me to awet market to show me Hong Kong’s, mostextreme egg concoction a black egg what’s going on here call it a centuryegg a thousand-year-old egg or hey Donhow long does it take to become like this about four to six weeks dependingoh it does not take a thousand here okay that would be a bad business plan therenot a thousand years old but they areaged preserved in a combination of ashsaltquicklime and rice husks all about tosplit it in half oh wow look at that itlooks like section from the core of theearth what would normally be an eggwhite is this translucent amber likefrom Jurassic Park if there’s a mosquitoin there you can actually make dinosaursmuch like me you will learn to love theegg over time in spite of its smell okayhere you go oh thank youat first it was very lovely strong kindof pungent funky aroma I gotta saythough I tried it a few years ago Icouldn’t really handle it.

Good food in Hong Kong! You should try it once in your life!

I’m trying itnow I’m like man I think your taste budsare changing yeah something’s changing Ilike it’s got some punk toys and thinkof it as just something to complement itit’s like it’ll go up to a dish and itwould be like you’re looking goodtonight tasting the egg plain is fortrue veterans but in reality most localsmakes these thousand-year-old eggs withtofu or congee this restaurant one key asort of Hong Kong breakfast diner takesthis dish a step further hi hi are youdoing five events thank you so much forhaving us today joining us at our brunchtable shop owner mr. ho who took over his father’s business has this alwaysbeen on the menu yeah from the beginning from the beginning today we’re tryingtheir most unique congee it starts with diced thousand-year-old eggs then mincedraw beef mixed with fried rice all that is topped with steaming hot riceporridge one of the reasons I really love this part of the world is it has a veryunique food culture that you can’t findany where else especially the variety of foods you can find here we eateverything we don’t want to put any thingto waste and it comes from the fact that maybe before back in the day people willfight for nothing goes to waste rightabsolutelywe already tried the lane century egg in the market and now we’re gonna try the proper way let’s write oh okay oh that’s delicious it warms your heart oh my godit’s just unbelievably savory nice thickporridge it’s more mellow enough with the congee as opposed to just eating itright out of the shell if you want to try some what’s our Chinese oh the smell of fried dough in the morning I’m gonna just take a bite of it okay oh my god.

I love it I would never get sick of it[Music]though Hong Kong has plenty of modernhospitals and clinics these days manystill practice traditional Chinesemedicineusing a long list of sometimes veryunexpected ingredients to cure what ailsthem in pharmacies like thisthe line between medicine and food isnot so obvious thank you for having ustoday you are a traditional Chinesemedicine pharmacist is that rightChinese pharmacist okay Chinesepharmacist I was in Iran recently aboutmy hair problem so this is for my friendobviously my hair is fine and kind oflush and thick and beautiful I’ve gotabout ten hairs here doing the work of100 how can I get this backyep oh he will heal up you have toreplenish your cheese you have any cheathere on the counter here you brought ussome of your most unique items at leastunique for me so this is a dried outgecko now what exactly is the dried ketouse for and you go bull fun he says likeit’s gonna make you walk lighter oh Icould use that here this is something Ihaven’t seen anywhere in the world whatdo you think they are they’recockroaches yes so you’ve seen them I’veseen people eating or using bugs allover the world the one insect .

I’ve never seen anywhere in the world the cockroach and, I always assume that it’s just cuz it was too dirty the general cockroachversus the LV Louie Vuitton cockroach is different is a high-class how explainplease the high-class progress has agolden rim does that freak you on, I don’t like our crushes so do you see this into a tea or something like that you boil it with a bunch of other things and then the last one eh this is good for it after your stroke it set up with your leg a minute why did you say after your stroke and not after a stroke do you see a stroke impending did I say our stroke you said after your stroke like, I’m gonna I look like I’m gonna have astroke any day no I’m taking Virginia’sFreudian slip as a bad omen for my health. I’m not only a toy guy and I’m like a fortune teller to ensure my well-being and safety, I’masking mr. Tsui for a quick checkup ohyou get tired easily sure stroke yes orno.

I need some reassurance luckily mr.Tsui has a medicinal blend just for meginseng for the hair and cockroaches for this stroke packaged up and ready to becooked as soon as we can find a teapot before I had that stroke Virginiamentioned she’s taking me here theintersection of medicine food and creatures you didn’t expect to see on the menu thank you so much for having ushere here you’ll find one of the most dangerous creatures in Hong Kong her name is miss chow chow ling the queen ofsnakesI guess these guys are dangerous too but they’re no match for her as a child were you ever afraid of snakes no I feel abond with you because I also have no fear in the past. I’ve gone to a snakerestaurant that was in Taiwan and it was stink restaurant I think it was just for tourists it was verydisappointing but here I see a load of people genuinely enjoying some snakeporridge why aren’t people eating this we need to eat snake to replenish and rejuvenate or energy also the snake will have no cholesterol so it’s healthy to this place dabbles and much more than snakes like their gecko still used by some to treat asthma diabetes and orerectile dysfunction as I understand this shelf is filled with different nakes in these boxes it actually sayspoison to the space is it reallypoisonous this one is not poisonous butcan you say it is for drama yes of course if it bit mean could.

I die oh yeah you’re gonna be dead all this .episodes crazy alright let’s do it just start us off with a snake bile appetizerthough it’s more of a test to see if you have what it takes to move on to round 2I’ll grab it oh my god you scared this you know me is this what we’re gonna eat this one yet wait is she really gonnamurder this thing in front of all these people no it doesn’t die I’m sure he does enjoy these take out thegallbladder. I don’t think that’s how it works just watch okay miss lane feels for the gallbladder then with surgicalprecisionshe’s let’s open the snakes underside and pulls out the bile sac with her barehandsthat’s insane I’ve never seen someone do this so cleanly this prized body fluid can enhance one’s Chi or even curehemorrhoids or so they say usually youdrink it with alcohol but the snake lady.

I mean the queen of snakes insists thatwe gulp it down with just a touch of water are you sure you don’t want minewe get so little you can do it all right are you ready yeah oh it’s not as bad as you say it is a slightly sweet but it isa deep bitternessso we have a Gatorade damn Coke Zero noGatoradeno Coke but the owner has offered me abottle of something a bit moreadventurous is a gecko snake penis is itthe geckos penis or their snake’s penisor everyone just threw their penis intogether which how do you say penis inCantonese like oh my goodness this is what everyone really comes here for the snake soup you may have guessed the first ingredient already its snakesquickly dispatched and skinned though itmay not be obviousthe snake is no longer alive the snake is blanched until the meat is softenough to peel away from the bones shecreates a stock from snake and porkbones add a bit of minced chicken meat then meat from six different types ofsnakes ginger and mushroomscornstarch helps thicken it up Chinesewine and soy sauce adds even more flavor[Music]here we have a wonderful array of dis hesheart medicine it’s part food and all of it is gonna nourish our souls this is like the for cheese pizza thanks if the meat lovers or the cheese lover okay so we like to bring out the taste that the snake was a little bit of agarnish this is a lemon leaf and then.

I like to have a little bit texture formine so there is a little bit of a chipall right you’ve got your load routine Igot a big old spoonful let’s try it outI think that’s pretty good yeah it’s avery thick like a gravy almost from thatstarch it’s warming me up from theinside it’s like a warm hot next so hereis a gecko and many other different oddsand ends the gecko soup start for theboiling pot full of herbs and spices sofar it’s feeling very Rachael Ray thenthis happens she adds dry sea horsepipefish cow penis and finally the geckoso here is a gecko and many otherdifferent odds and ends do we eat any ofthis no it seems like such a waste whatwe could do is just put it on the bottomand then crush it a little more of theflavors on them. I think we’re good wegot lots of flavor ok so there it isit’s just a straight-upbrown broth all right let’s try it outit’s like a Chinese oh I’m so relievedit’s just light watery and not salty orsavory or anything it’s just very simpleit has a little bit of Medicine flavorbut. I’ve had some Chinese medicinebefore that was super intense and bitterand this is not like that thisthree-course medicinal brunch is nearlycomplete our final dish a cockroachstew the ginseng and cockroaches aresteeped in boiling water for 45 minuteslucky for me I don’t need to eat thecockroaches we’re only meant to drinkthe remaining broth.

I think it’s gonnajust taste like ginseng because there’sa lot of ginseng here no smell it smell slike cockroaches let’s go oh oh wait Igot a leg so it’s kind of smoky it tastes kind of like old nuts and like anold mattress it smells worse than itactually tastes and you know what I made it all for you thank you so much for trying out now I want you to drink it all thank you. I know I got another leg when you said soup I was freaked out at firstcuz. I thought we were gonna be eating the bugs we’re gonna be chewing off the leg of a gecko but for me it’s just abroth really. I absolutely feel something like my heart’s beating faster maybe we can walk faster because we have the cockroach properties enough good great welcome to Cal I Yong Jun Chowrestaurants aisle horns gold coveredwalls and towering photos of the celebrity chef and owner this place is acelebration of beef and lots of it from beef brisket to the Bulls more delicateparts tell me where did this all beginmr. Hui it was born in Chows own andemigrated to Hong Kong when he was only14 he immediately started working for this restaurant and fully took it over just two years later at the age of 16your restaurant is a celebration of color and lights.

I love it it’s like acasino except for the only surprises like what mean am I gonna actually beea ting for them maybe you could give usa bit of a tour and tell us what we’re looking at this would be or sorry it’s a cow yeah these are the testicles this isI think this is what you call thes crotum the scrotum do they shave it does it get it she after they shave it so many questions. Wow oh it’s like a kite image he’sputting the cow back together so if this gets cold does it get smaller can you ask him that it’s very important for science what’s this one this is called like the cows happy part which isactually the female vajayjay he says that this part is actually very hairy but then they clean it a Brazilian they call it a Brazilian jokes aside guy slet’s grow up the question onevery body’s mind is Wyatt knows you know back in the day was because it was for free they wanted to see what they can make from it and now one of these islike6270 Hong Kong dollars sir I can’t wait to try it out thank you so much this dish is really special you take some beef you know some beefs and let’s chop it all up douse it in bull broth and some fried garlic and onions this guy doesn’t just serve penis yes there’s a lot of different things like these balls fish balls other kind of ball stomach but we’re not gonna revieweverything we’re really here for the penis before we even got here they chopped up all these organs and put the min a broth like we kinda don’t know what’s one it’s like there’s mail there’s female it’s like a unisexbathroom anything that’s a testicle yeah that would it seems too smooth to be atesticle I tried.

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