Full meal inside a pig – the ultimate roast pig!

Full meal inside a pig – the ultimate roast pig!

At what moment will you know this hasbeen successfulit’ll be steps throughout the entireprocess making sure thatyou don’t hit the temperature dangerzone or we’re not there very longengineering maintenance get his ass overherenonsensetoday we’re taking on a culinarychallenge never attempted by any chefor sane person before behind me arestaurant here in southern vietnamcalled guantanamo legendary in thebarbecue scene they do ribs they dochicken but today they’re doingsomething completely different it’stechnicalit’s challenging and there are so manyreasons it should not be attemptedyet here we are gentlemen have you doneanything like this before i’ve not doneanything like this before this is not aproject i could conceive by myselfit takes a brainstorm from a mad geniuslike him.

Full meal inside a pig – the ultimate roast pig!

I can’t tell if you’re likesupporting each other or blaming eachotherwe’ll see at the end the plan is thiscombineeight different creatures into one giantmeat mountain monstrosity everyone’sdone it turducken but we’re going nextlevel with hagensteinis that what you’re calling it that’swhat i’m calling it okay starting with aquail egginside a sparrow inside a quail inside aduckinside a chicken inside a goose inside aturkeyinside a 100 pound pig what are thebiggest challenges you’re gonna face inpulling this offwe got this big massive beast that canfeed 100 people it’s very important tomake sure all the food is cookedproperlynever hitting temperature danger zonesmaking sure things are cooked throughin addition to every bird we could findwe’re alsotossing an entire holiday meal insidethat pigcomplete with stuffing veggies anddessert can they just be eaten straightaway is that the ideascoop it right out of the chest yesthat’s badass so how is this gonna worki have no idea can you tell me what theheck you’re doing right now.

I’m uhtaking the carcass out of this turkeywhy didn’t you just order bonelessthat’s what i do when i go to tgifridaysuh meet jamie head chef at gwanda hoodand today’s pit masterto his side tim one of the hood founderswhat are you working on here timthe goose oh dude it’s like conormcgregor in his last fightin order to do this right cooking mustbe spread out over three daysday one prepping the birds day twocookingthe turducken day three cooking the pigright now they’re deboning the birds oneby one here’s where i’m going for therip guysuh all right it is gonna be hard to putfive birds in there we’ll see whathappensokay good we wanted to do something thatalso had a holiday theme what else areyou doing tofit the holiday spirit we’ve gotstuffing going insidecranberries sage all of the festivesherbs and spices.

we’re gonna put somedessert inside the pig we’re gonna makesome baked applesis it gonna be roasting or steaming it’stoastingthe other birds are de-boned and filetchicken checkduck check the quail check this pharaohwell it’s pretty much impossible todebone a sparrow butonce roasted they can be eaten wholefinally the quail egg is soft boilingyou guys are crushing itthank you for doing this we’ll see youagain tomorrow cheers cheersto day two day two is all about theassembly of the turducken a turducken isa chickenin a duck in a turkey archer duckingwill include even more birds things arelooking good overall but i knowjamie got a smaller turkey than heexpected he’s really going to bestretching and pulling to make that birdwrap aroundall the other birds can he do it i’mgoing to go find outkeep on heading if you want i drive itlike hey jamieokay here we have the turkey where’d youorder it from small turkeys.

what is the strategy from herestart with the big turkey as my platformand go layer by layer all the way downto the quail egg when it’s all said anddonewe’ll give it a roll see if it’spossible to stitch up if not we startall over and we make things smalleroh god all the meat is brined in saltwaterovernight but there’s a lot more thanbird meat going into this turduckenfirst the bacon wheat has it’s beencooked it’s par cooked yeah part cookedmeans partially cookedand that’s because like guys we work inthe kitchen we need to save time bysaying half the wordslapping the bacon weave on top of theturkey that looks nice next the goopscoming in hotthen the chicken then a classic holidaystuffing oh it smellsreally good the stuffing is made withfrench baguette bread herbs andcranberries is it all cookedpar cooked working our way down in birdsize the duck is in placeand here we’re going with gremolata whatis that shallot garlic rosemary sageolive oil lemon zest plenty of salt thislayer if it goes everywhereit’s super cool.

yeah next layer quailthis is our house carolina barbecuesaucea sweet mustard-based barbecue saucethat’s been dehydratedturned into a kind of sweet and savoryleather it’s gonna be a big flavormmm it’s so good it’s almost meaty initself even though it’s a freaking saucerightthe barbecue leather sits right down themiddle then that’s topped with threesparrowsfinally the epicenter of this mediamonstrositya symbol for life itselfan egg a quail egg to be exact rightinside a sparrowso ideally when this is all done we’regonna try to cut it in such a waythat we see some egg yolk in the middlethat would make us masters let’s seewhat happenslayering is easy now the hard partseeing if all this meat will fit insidethe turkey please grab the legs and putthem togetherit’s time for the moment of truthokay oh baby dude you got so much spaceit’s gonna work yeah it’s gonna work huhi’m sorry to say i did have a flash ofdoubt that jamie wouldn’t make it happentry to not stab me huh but i was wrongthe meat fits perfectly that lookspretty good.

and from here there’sabsolutely nothing that could go wrongwhat about this rod that came out ah idon’t know you know you give me once the turkey is carefully sewn shutit’s wrapped in foiland ready to hit the smoker so from herehe’s gonna head to the roasterand cook for how long about six hours ohi mean oh shootoh really that long yeah i’ll beback in six hours okay cool[Music]the moment has come right now we’regonna open it up and see if it’sactually finished let’s do it all rightcrack it openi don’t where are you at so you pulledit to the edge here you’re kind ofpeeling back the foilit looks awesome the skin is kind ofturned golden brownand it looks super tender yeah it’s hardto not just want to take a bite out ofit right nowthermometer is inside we need to hit 74to be safethat’s about 165 degrees fahrenheit okaybro we’re at77 degrees we’re definitely in a safezone i’m excited seeing this justbecause i’ve never seen any turducken inreal life it looks completely worthdoingthis is my first turducken.

i’m excitedso far are you happy with the progressit’s uh looks like jamie is nottoday is day three and it all comes downto this yesterday we made the turduckennow it’s time to put that inside the pigand roasteverything together i’m not gonna lieyesterday was a bit rocky and i knowjamiewas not that happy with his work itlooked like someone threw a grenadeinside the turkey to be honest thetrunkinglooks good but it doesn’t look great butneither did i when i first popped intothis world but my mother still mostlyloved me regardless we ran into aproblem i totally covered it with foilwhich allowed a lot of the steam to stayin and the bird kind of exploded was agrenade one of the layersthat’s good you got jokes it’s good fortvgood for you bro sorry but listentoday’s about redemption we’re gonnahide that inside of a pig and we canstill get a nice cross section at theend of the day rightyeah one of the concerns is that duringthe rotisserie everything might untough from the bird as the skinis not really there so i’m gonna wrap.

the whole bird andcall fat what’s called fat call fat is amembrane that encases a mammal’sdigestive organ this is a pork call fatoh it’s gonna encase archer duncan andsave this videoi hope okay all right reallyhot so wrapping the call fat around itnowkind of keep it in this protective sacki’m having fun againthe turducken is all bandaged up nowit’s time to meetthe star the dry salt rub has alreadybeen applied to the outsidethe inside has been rubbed down with avariety of spicespaprika garlic powder salt pepperoreganoand a few secrets we have the whole pigright here now that i’m seeingeverythingat scale this is gonna be quite achallenge so firstall right i’m not gonna look i don’twanna look either i’m not look you justyou do itshove the pole all the way through thensecure it that’s how you hammer a pig’sbuttfirst in is last out starting with ourdessert packageapples that have been cored and stuffedwith brown sugarbutter and raisins then wrapped in abeef cauliflower.

we’re kind of replacingits lungs and heart with applesnext a meaty layer of holiday sausagemade by mixing their in-house chicagostyle pepperoniand spicy italian sausage so you’regoing to kind of massage this to theedgescreating yet another meat layer now it’stime for the birds to enter here it isbut is there enough spacein this cavity for them to think i’mholding it as wide as i canputting in the turducken oh it lookspretty goodman it looks it really looks pretty goodthat’s great that’s pretty cool oh mygod what a feeling nextpart cooked veggies shallots pumpkincarrots and potatoes so right now insidethe pig we have apples we have loosevegetables we have a whole layer ofsausage and then our turducken the onlything left to do nowis sew the whole thing up and get itover the fire as soon as possible time to put the pig on the spit let’s goone two threethat’s not lifeso we have to lift it over the cage yeahpig is in the spit.

we’re gonna tie thefeet to the cage and then get this babystartedthis is the final step securing the piglegs tied to the roller cagerods skewered through the belly to stopit from flopping around the charcoal isput in placetrim enough time to get it rollingthere’s no competitorshow long do you think it’s gonna takefor this to roast i’m hoping eight hourswhat’s the best case scenario we’redrinking at four o’clock eating at sixo’clock and sharing delicious food thatis safe to eat with some good friendswith a challenge like thisthere are no practice runs we’ve got oneshot to nail itand right when you start regainingconfidence something will absolutely gowrongnonsense engineering maintenance get hisass over herei thought the exploded looking turkeywas our only problem it’s all going tofall apart the weight is going to tearthe pigthis machine is simply not meant for apig this sizepregnant with 15 pounds of bird we’rereally running out of time and i’m justgonna go for that right now okayjamie attempted to stabilize the pig butthese stainless steel rods are toosmooth to stay in placeso the impromptu idea what jamie’s doingright now is he’s taking some steel wireand kind of creating acorset he’s gonna wrap that around a fewtimes and hopefully.

that’s gonna hold itin place but we don’t know for sure andthe clock is ticking soall i can say don’t rush it make sureit’s done properly yeahall right we’re turning it on hopingthat it’s a bit more stable now notsliding around so muchbetter it’s better it’s definitelybetter we’re gonna go with it we’re gonna put the box on get it hotmope hi byeme oh what’s holding it legsum this is brutal i feel pretty bad forjamie right nowi just want to adjust this leg becauseit’s hitting the top of the boxand if i can just pull it back maybewe’ll be back in the gamewhat about this rod that came out ah idon’t you know you give me it’s kind of like everything went wrongone issue after another after anotherit’s not like we can just redo it realquick we can’t just like re-boil somepasta we’re gonnaat least pull one skewer out right okaythat one’s outokay spinning now you have a pigon a rotisserie normally it’s not thatbig of a deal because it’s like hollowon the inside but this pig has 12 to 15pounds ofchicken meat inside its gut so everytime it’s rotating it’s sloshing backand forth like a fat guy sprintingso it’s in there it’s cooking we’regonna have to come back in five sixhours and see if this is gonna work atall.

i mean hopefully we don’t pick it upan impossible fact man’s food like amime actthe crowd has arrived and this holidayfeast is ready to be revealedto the world gentlemen the time has comethis has been roasting for about eighthourshow are you feeling full of energysurrounded with the love of this pigcelebrationgreat i think we should take this offand reveal what’s inside let’s do iteverything we’ve worked for over thelast three days has built up to this[Music]moment the pig has been roasting foreight hoursand it looks like it looks like it gotcaught in a barn fire to be honest whathappened to the feeti cooked them cool i love pig feetit’s certainly not gonna win any beautycontest but lucky for usat least this once is what’s on theinside that mattershere we have the final product the smellit’s outstanding it smells verydelicious can we rip off some of thisand eat it straight awaycheerslike bacon crunchy salty and deliciousthat’s the moneywhen you first pull the pig off what’syour favorite section of meat to biteinto right away i’m generally into thecheek she’ll get off some cheekgentlemen.

i think we got a beautifulcheek jowl here oh my god it’s someaty just a great combination oftextures here cheers guys wow this is the wagyu of roasted porkright here super tender pork roastthat’s amazing that is really good so you just opened up the neck cavity the veggies are intact and beautifullycookedwhat is this a brussels sprout that’s right oh huh this is interestingi thought this would dissolve away intonothing but it’s still got some body toit yeah weabsolutely did one thing for sureperfectly with all this animal slaughterat least we got the vegetables righteverything i’ve tried so far absolutelydelicious but now we’re hoping to do across section to cut it and thensee just this beautiful layering of meatand different specieslet’s do it i’m looking for the egg thisis actually quite okaynow it’s going through pretty smooth ican see that there’s juices leaking outplease let the music playone two three oh that’s pretty cool manall right yes yes look at that you can see all the layers here there’sa sausage up hereturkey goose and then the chicken is alittle bit lighter colorthen we have duck inside of that andthen from there well it’s just a mess ofdifferent things happeningnever judge a pig by its cover the crosssectionlooks simply stunning this is sparrowbones really guys we found evidencesparrows have been here the perfectlayering of foul and flavors there’s our turkey legamidst a slew of obstaclessomehow jamie and tim came outvictorious wownow there’s nothing left to do but saw aproportion and dig i love that when you’re lookingat the layers you can definitely tell them apart oh.

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