August 13, 2020

งานหนังสือ From Home📚📖 : กักตัวเดอะซีรีส์

You have no right to sign the book after me! Welcome to our channel Boo! For this episode of Stay Home the Series, we're going to talk about self development.

During COVID outbreak situation, I guess lots of you are working from home now.

You'll have more time for self development.

What are you thinking ofwhen talking about self development? What are you thinking of? A book.

I'll recommend you a bookthat's good for self development which is.



This book, everyone.

YouTuber behind the scene.

It's good for those who want to become a YouTuber, want to be a YouTuber as a career, or those who are wondering about YouTuber's earnings, and want to know how could they buy a house or a car.

It's written by people who have experiences with YouTube.

Who are they? It's us.

We've written it for almost half a year.

It's so long.

We couldn't go to the book fair because of COVID.

Our intention was to give some presents to our fans at the book fair.

Because last time, when we were selling planner Sunbeary, there were so many people.

Now the presents became part of our wall.

They're stacked up.

Let San show you.

Let's go.

I'll come with you.

It's such a chill book launch event.

Launch at our home.

Some people might think why do we stock up many things.

It's still written here, “for book fair”.

We really want to give them to you guys.

I intended to give this Sunbeary hat as well.

There are kimono, pants, and many other things, but we can't give them to you.

But I believe maybe we can give them to you after COVID.

By then, no one would be interested in our book.

During COVID situation, there's always tears hiding inside those laughs.

Are you Thuchy? As for the book detail, I'm not gonna say much because I wrote it by myself.

It might not be a good idea if I review it.

There's a clip when the books are sent here.

Our team will review the book.

Let's go.

Now it switched to the review.

It's nonsense.

Do you want to react something? What? Switched back to us now.

– I still have no idea what they say.

– Me neither.

Please review.

I found two handsome guys.

They must be celebrities.

It talks about the other channels.


If you like watching TARYUT play games with his team, it's funny, I recommend this channel.

This one, Tigercry channel.

Oh, Tigercry.

It's a quality channel.

They do food and travel reviews.


This is the book fair.

It's a fan sign event.

Who want this book, Kan and San will sign this book as well.

Stay tuned.

I tried scanning the QR code.

What happens? There's a free sample.

Open it.

You can try reading before you buy.

There are 27 pages to read.


Let me see.

So pretty.

I'm not exaggerating, she's really pretty.

So fake.

Don't say that to our boss.

So fake.

Don't you think? Don't you think it's fake? Look.


Do you have any problems with my face? The most fake thing in this book is your face.

Amarin told us what they want.

For each chapter, it's like “How to YouTuber”.

“Before becoming a video”.

They listed us some points, if they were the readers, what they want from us.

I had wrote until chapter 9, then I realized it was too detailed.

It was only for those who really want to be a YouTuber.

But Bearhug fans will find it hard to read.

So I deleted everything and rewrote it to make it easier to understand.

It's an easy read style, not so detailed.

A student can understand it as well.

We added more photos, then it became this book.

Some might say it should be more detail.

To tell you the truth, it can't be more detailed.


Stop opening this page.

There are pile of books over there.

That handsome guys is taking care of the books.

We're going to sign the books.

Because we can't go to the book fair.

So we have to sign them here.

This is the first book we signed.

The next one is not gonna be the same.

There's one thing that I don't like about this book.

What is it? You-to-ber.

Yes, You-to-ber.

Is it wrong? It's correct.

Amarin printing is so strict with spelling.

They said the correct way to write YouTuber you have yo write it You-to-ber, like this.

Just like when we write “joke”, many people told me we write it wrong.

That it must spell with “Khor khai”.

But actully it should be “Kor Kai”.

San always has a dream to have a photo book.

Everytime we go on a trip, she always bring a little cameraman with her.

Because she thinks one day she will have her own photo book.

But a photo book is boring.

So we write this book and put all the pictures in this book instead.

So the pictures in this book, are the pictures that no one sees them before.

This is our little cameraman.

He has his own photo.

He's not handsome, but he has a camera so he always changes girlfriend, just like when he changes camera lens.

Girls like him.

For those who are still hesitate, there's a QR code here.

You can scan it with your phone and read the sample.

If you like it, buy it.

But it's ok if you don't like it, you can just read our story for free.

Just like I told you, we want it to be an easy-read book.

Those who are not interested in YouTube can also read it.

You're gonna get something from reading it.

[only 100 books with our signatures] Actually, we used a ghostwriter.

The one who has a skull with fire? That's Ghost Rider.

It's the one who sings “Stop”.

That's Groove Riders.

If San's very old, she is now 60 and has lots of experience.

But she doesn't how to use a computer and has a bad eyesight.

Or if she's a really busy business woman, she might tell her story to someoneand let that person write it out for her.


That's called a ghostwriter.

We also used a ghostwriter in the first place.

But we became a ghost ourselves.

We deleted and wrote it by ourselves.

The ghostwriter didn't do anything wrong.

We just thought that it's better if we write it by ourselves.

We're indie.

Reading a book is suitable for COVID situation.

Understand? That's right.

You can buy it online.

It's gonna worth your money.

That's such a hard selling.

If you're gonna be a YouTuber and read this book, you're not gonna get lost.

Let this book be your Google Maps.

Kan, you should apologize to someone.

You didn't write about Jimmy.

You said thank you to everyone, including Nom, Nueng.

But you forgot about Jimmy? I thought I've already mentioned everyone.

But I forgot about Jimmy.

Jim, I'm so sorry.

You can follow Jimmy at his channel.

He's making lots of clips now.

I already texted him to say I'm sorry.

What did he say? He said.



You have no right to call me your brother again.

You have no right to sign the book after me.

Do you got COVID? [(not so) secret photos review] Behind the scene of this book, Praew magazine's team helped us with our makeup and costumes.

As you can see here.

Look, what I'm going to show you are the top secret files.

They were not selected by neither Amarin, nor us.

There were leaked photos.

What's wrong with your mouth? Look at those dreamy eyes.

They told me to be cool.

What did they tell you? They told me to smirk.

Fierce face.

That right.

Fierce face.

“Can you make a fierce face?” What's the meaning of fierce face? Look.

See? They told us to be cute.

Do you want to know feedback? Choose one photo and post it on fanpage.

What do you think of this picture? React like Primkung.

And this is “Relax with Kan”.

This one looks cool.

This one? 3 cools!Cool x3 Why do you look so fine, San? I'll show you San's album.

Hey, don't! Do you know who gave her an inspiration? Who? She got an inspiration from our team.

We got a reference photo.

We took this picture when.



when we took a vacation.

It's the same pose.

Wow, sexy.

What did they tell you? I can't remember.

They told you to make your legs thin.

Hey, don't zoom.

This is not like you, San.

I didn't choose this set.

You're not Praew magazine type, San.

What about you? Wait and see.

Try making your face like that.

Looks good.

I just ate 2 plates of chicken rice.

Look at my belly.

The team were great.

It was wrong at the model.

Act like I'm waling.


Pointed nipples.

Hey, this one.

It's like the cover photo.

Like this, on the cover.

Their said we could act whatever we like.

Wow, you chin.

This is my album.

I just ate chicken rice, my face was so fat.

I haven't gone to Doctor Kularb's clinic yet.

My double chin was gone after I went to her clinic.

But you belly is still the same.

Yes, same belly size.

Look at his face.

What are you talking? Don't bully me.

That's a fierce face.

You have no right to call me fierce! Let's post this photo to our page.

Let me try.

No, don't.


You have no right to !@#$%^& understand? Look at this one.

Why is your arm so short, San? I won't comment anything.

This one.

Ake, our cameraman took this photo.

Look at my eyes, I haven't slept.

Before we're going further than this, let's call it a day.

Look at this photo.


That's enough! For YouTuber behind the scene, it's written from our hearts.

our experiences.



enough! If you wanna read, you can scan the QR code here.

Pause the video and scan it.

Don't forget to read the sample first.

If you like it, you can buy it.

San, I'll attach the link under Kan's chin.

– We'll attach the link.



-No, don't.

Please focus on the content.

Scan the QR code for 27 pages of free sample.

Ok? Bye bye.

Read the comments.

They posted my photo.


There are comments already.

Not handsome.

So cool.

Look, the bad guys posted my picture.

I look so ugly in that picture.

Do you see the reflection? Do you see the bad guy's face?.

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