Fresh seafood on Africa’s largest island! Cook and enjoy!

Fresh seafood on Africa’s largest island! Cook and enjoy!

In Madagascar mana Cara, is a coastalfishing town in the beautiful country of Madagascar in the distance a giant stonepier a reminder of the French occupationin Madagascar not so long ago, this was abuild that during the colonial time now it’s broken and the don’t use it anymore the huge ships, that once docked here arein stark contrast to the primitivetechnology still used by locals today now people are using two small canoe so when, they’re landing they just like gothrough the beach directly the Malagasy people. still approach fishing the same way, they would have hundreds of year sago small wooden boats many carved by hand set forth into the sea with onemission bring home as much seafood aspossible today we’re joining local fishermen onthe beach how long have you been fish ingon the beach in this way since.

Fresh seafood on Africa’s largest island! Cook and enjoy!

I was born getting a look attoday’s catch it’s a test like a shark and cooking a giant seafood feast fit to feed a village I kind of get why some of the adults want to eat first so grab a coffee and your two best fish friends today we’re doing seafood Madagascarstyle what are we doing with that guy right there what’s the plan we’re good here in front of us in front of usholding sea life from the ocean is adaily routine here and almost all of it will go to market your daily wages are directly linked to your daily effort plus a whole lot of luck so right down here they’ve just brought in a net on this whole part of the beach they’re not even fishing this is just like then etting section let’s go see what they got you can see over here they areuncovering the net but inside you seetons of these tiny fish so I mean since they’re so close to the shore.

I think they just get kind of a small return which ones do you try to say for yourself to eat they just try to sellall of it to if there is some left overthink that’s the one that they can I know the specimens are small the varietyis hugejellyfish crabs tiny minnows and the smilin skates the second option deep-sea fishing some fishermen leave around 1 or 2 a.m.paddle into the darkness set hooks and wait the fishermen start rolling back in around 9 a.m. and the result usually much bigger fish well what a catch you got here there’s a lot of Lobster inhere there’s some shrimp are they stillalive they’re like really have the way to kill it because of the way jumpingout of what time did you go out this morning at 2:00 a.m. how far out are they going at least four kilometer and they can’t go further so can they still see the shore well they’re out there they can see but not really clear water sounds a little scary do you ever worry one day you’ll just wash up on a different Shore and have to start a new life with a new family yeahI was like okay okay are you family to be pretty pissed if you didn’t this is Alan.

I’ve agreed to buy everything he’scaught today and he’s agreed to in viteme to his village where it all gets cooked we’ve got a big family to feed so. I want to see how the other fishermenfared this one right where the beach meets the riverreturning fishermen parked their boats and display their catch look at this this is the most insane crab I’ve everseen it it is like a felt material allaround this crab he’s still alive but he’s kind of giving up the fight please don’t be endangered we are gonna buy it and maybe we eat it or maybe it’s a new pet there’s a little like mini stop right here little convenience store this pop-up Beach Cafe offers wery cementsome coffee and fried breadselamat how’d you do today, I look at this they got some big fish looks good looks good seafood economics 101this woman has already agreed to buy all the seafood this fisherman brings in from here she takes it to market ma’am what if I told you you could sell one of these tunas right now.

Oh oh good. I’m happy to do that how much for one of these guys one kilo he’s8,000 where will you check the weight oh you know what I wish my girlfriend had afish scale in her purse one two three four four point five yeah it’s about tendollars usually they’re gonna sell this at the market they’re gonna bump up the price but we’re getting kind of the fresh-off-the-boat price right now this is Alan’s village a complex of homes housing his extended family thevillage elders gather round to givetheir blessings and welcome us thank you of course the best way to welcome guestsis with boothjeez are you okay this is illegal rum much cheaper than legal rum and stronger to that rum could power attract herhonestly the men catch the food and the ladies cook the food breadfruit getspeeled along with cassava peanuts getcrushed seafood is washed and Angeloshucks some oysters guys I give him about five dollars and this is what he came back with look at that that isincredible taught by hand and flavored with sweet or spicy vinegar sauce this is fresh whoa whoa that is potent like salty but.

I love the flavor is it from the riveror from the ocean from the meeting of the river and the sea you can withoutvinegar to you I’ll just try it playing this time mmm very naturally salty and it has kind of like a river II flavor but an ocean salt flavor – that’s very delicious you’re a great waster guideI’ll tell you that today I’ll be witness to some of the best flavors in Madagascar boiled greens mashed cassava with peanuts mash breadfruit spinylobster that giant tuna from the beachshrimp ease another villager even sold me this rainbow lobster for $5 that’scrazy then there’s this potentially endangeredcrab that I have never seen before have you tried eating it before jung-heedidn’t eat it yet not so much people. I like eating it so what would they normally do it they caught it it’s just like throw it back this might be your lucky day little guy cassava is toughgrowing easily in sandy soil with littlerain also it’s delicious after it boils for about 30 minutesit’s mashed along with some crushedpeanuts this is the cassava it mixed with some peanut you can see some specs of the peanut in there a cassava andactually it’s kind of like purplish youal most to this sauce in here making kind of a mashed cassava potato you ready readymmm that’s really good machito mmm like nice hearty kind of chewy cassava and then the sauce isal most become like a gravy in there mmmreally simple really good have you guysever seen the breadfruit because this is a breadfruit boiled and mashed with apinch of salt the only question is how do.

I get these in Minnesota nice and steamy they look so good here we gommm that one’s very creamy it’s almost like a gravy with a bunch of a cornstarch but that’s just all bread fruit and little bit of salt Charlie’s is the executive chef and this is her diligentcooking team right now she’s directingsea food preparation the shrimp’s are sauteed with onion and tomato toppedwith cassava leaves and boiled in water the tuna cut into sections tossed in a hot steel pot and topped with friedonion tomato and salt then steamed untilit’s cooked throughfinally the lobster we’re getting thes piny lobsters ready just kind of cutting it right down the center yeah because they’re like going to grill it so it’s better like to cut a big thes hell how do you handle the smoke are you cooking breakfast lunch and dinner here each day.

I mean it must take forever cooking must just be an all-dayjob because you literally have to starta fire three times a day right and was in that moment. I realizedsomething I saidstruck a nerve with Charlize[Music]she crying cause of the lack of free time or is it maybe the smoke charlisse you have outdone your selfhe can hardly relax right now she can’t stop directing the meal servicetypically the men are served first thenchildren then the remaining is mixed ina bowl than eaten by the ladies. I’ve asked Charlize to join us so this may be the first time she’s eating herown delicious cooking while it’s still hot okay thank you look at these cutelittle spoons okay could you make me afork out of our banana leaf as well. I feel kind of know who see them knewzhenya yeah I need a fork this is it guys what a tremendous effort he was outsince 1:00 ching all this food right hereorchestrating all this cooking Joeltelling me what the heck is going on the whole time and now the moment is come we are ready to eat can we do this let’s doit let’s do it oh so look at this everyone’s going for this one right away that is the cassava with some peanut in there mmm this is kind of a soup made with shrimp Peas.

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