Fresh Seafood in India- There’s something new about it!

Fresh Seafood in India- There’s something new about it!

Welcome to go up part 2 in part onelocal go and Jasmine brought me aroundtown for some forbidden street food youare so naughtybeef pork you have all that forbiddenmeats in there yeah now. I’m back formoreI’ve been all around the world in searchof the unique the weird oneeffing God and at times the bizarre isthere a right way to do this yeah okaybut India doesn’t really eat weird fooddelicious spices fresh breads yes butnothing that’s caught me by surpriseuntil now water sharks no kiddingthey have little sharks here have youever cooked a shark yeah yeah oh my godGoa has a tropical climate situatedalong India’s west coast on the shore ofthe Arabian Sea life here is incompletewithout seafood and they’ve got tons ofit you ever cook these this is Anjaliretired and taking care of her parents.

Fresh Seafood in India- There’s something new about it!

But still looking to take up some workshe decided to extend her home cookingto travellers and food lovers fromaround the world oh hi there how are youdoingnice to meet you to day Anjali willintroduce me to real traditional goingHindu cuisine a staple diet is fishfattiness we all want to have a bookgoing home with foodso grab your sharks and hold on tightthis is Indian seafood go in styleearly morning going on our way to meetAnjali a woman passionate about foodwith three kids who encouraged her to doexactly what she’s doing today spreadingthe joy of traditional going Hinducuisine how long have you been here Igrew up in mom day I’ve lived here for40 yearslike.

I can feel the difference how wouldyou do it is healthy the food you eat ishealthy the air that you breathe ishealthy if and I don’t have that pushingyou and word at the to you God it’s alittle more like relaxed pace what isdifferent about food and go up there’stwo distinct uses in Goa is a Catholicusing and there’s a huge infusion weenjoy both but basically in everyday Iconcur and when it comes to Angelishomemade food the ingredients got to befresh this is goers most happen inmarket a market of abundance everythingyou need can be found here includingchilies garlic and pretty much anythingthat grows from the ground what are wehaving today how do you cook that finechop it taken an onion and chilli arethere any vegetables it eats raw yeahyeah cucumber great the Goa is unlikeany other place in India representingdifferent religions and thereforedifferent diets but Christians andHindus do live harmoniously so farAngelina as far as.

I understood beef wasprohibited like forbidden but rightbehind us there’s about 11 differentbeef shops[Music]we don’t have prohibition and go becausethen go out the Catholics majority ofthem have been so we have been sellingyou know they just have some differencein diet but nobody goes mommy we livehow must be so fun so far all right thatsounds goodoh is that dolphin meat – no no we don’thave one okaysmells like a fish marketWow oh my god it’s my first time goingto this kind of market in India shrimp’yes clams oysters fish crabs a not sofast little guy you’re gonna be food forsomebody I’ve never seen such a freshseafood spread in India but there areonly a few vendors Anjali trust to bringthe goods starting with her shell guy isthis your shell person we’ll see why doyou choose this person because.

I havedone every relationship so now hewouldn’t even never good meat sailfishokay that’s good I’ve never had ashellfish hooked in India and is itcooked with Indian spices yes wow thisis really new and something really coolhe’s not money that you have on Dubaifor our lives today how do you decidewhich mud crab to get be nominee by thathe means the female is much tastier thanthe Nina look at it it’s like a littlefish Christmas tree more than uh sharks no kiddingthey have little sharks here have youever cooked a shark you can fry them oryou can make a great beautifulI had a shark heart in Japan it has apungent strong locker-room kind of smellcoming off of it mmm wonderful saltysmoky charred flavorit was just like kind of a beef flavorthis wasn’t supposed to be on today’smenu but now it definitely is baby sharkdoo there’s a common misconception abouteating sharks you can read them in thecomments right now people tend to believe that they’re off-limits but thereal controversy is over finding ofsharks or eating sharks that areendangered neither is taking place herethere’s more sharks here it’s not like one lady had some sharks like everyonehas sharks look at.

These charts thesesharks everywhere here this access longthey even have big sharks outside hereit seems no different than munching onchicken or mutton and I can’t wait tosee how she cooks this upI love that this is like Indian styleshark made with Indian spices that’s socoolthese will become shark more eat cutletsin the market the Sharks were skinnedand cut into small bite-sized piecesnow the marinade turmeric salt greenchilli garlic and ginger and wash thisup six times because it tends to have aspecific orderoh and if you don’t wash it thoroughlythat odor gets into the fish is it likeammonia because when I had it in Japanwith the blood it was like ammonia snowlike a bathroomgot that next coat it in rice flour andfry it in fresh coconut oil when itturns a nice golden brown plate andserve anjali has prepared a traditional goinfeast crab clams prawn cake prawn curryfish chicken Chuck Ooty vegetables it’sall here and the shark – told me earlierit is your stress Buster cookhow you feeling pretty low stress yeahmy stress buster of course is addictingand so this is like the perfectcombination right here good.

I can’t wait to jump in where should Istart you can start the chip I think Iread the chicken shepherd know this is alittle bit dangerous I had somethinglike this last night you’re gonna shovethat in your mouth yes I am there’slittle bones in ityou will not find a piece without bootswhy is that this is supposed to be smallpieces neck back front chest even thedrumsticks are brutal but really let’stry it out hmm you know there’s alwayssomething different about home cookingyeah especially in India so flavors areso much more gentle there’s a very niceso here we have the crab go in spicedcrap cut it in half then bring to a boilwith onions water and a homemade masalafamily secret eat it with the shellstill on you throw the whole thing in onhmm I’ve never eaten crab in this waywell the eye thing is to buildthat’s pretty cool it’s like crabchewing gum.

I feel like a spider when itsucks all the juices out of a flying itis good it’s very sweetand again like gentle spices and justnice and natural sweetness of the crabmeat next prawn curry radish boiled in ashallow curry gravy topped with prawnscoconut milk and mixed with mincedginger salt curry leaves and cookeduntil the aroma makes you weep with joymy godnever had so much an Indian singularseafood in India it must be much morecommon in the summer time you justnothing just a pickle guys really I’mgonna try this out mmm just sweetdelicious fatty coconut milk oh so goodthis is go along vaak street shot prawnwith minced onion grated coconut peppersalt turmeric and rice flour shallow fryin coconut oil okay I’m gonna try alittle bit of this a prawn patty wowthis is delicious little chunks ofshrimp in there and then on the outsideis different texture what is it the ricebag I could eat like 50 of those yeah sohere something I did not expect to seein India a lot of countries.

I go to Itry some unusual foods like I’ve eaten alot of bugs I’ve eaten like raw bloodyeah not appetizing right and as far asI can see in India out of any countryI’ve been to at least Western standardit all seems more like usual yeah exceptfor shark because very few people in theu.s. each shark ever that’s all fortoday what I’m eating chicken will makefrom chakras hmm but today you’ve kindof pan-fried it yeah here there’s thebone in the middle yeah so I’m justgonna remove that here we gointeresting it doesn’t have any distinctflavor it’s very soft little fatty Iwouldn’t be able to tell the differencebetween any other just kind of whitefishit’s good though and again there’s justsomething about home cooking that’s somuch better than restaurants I’m gonnahave one more Sharky bite mm-hmm I likeitshark is good Anjali you taught me somuch about going food was an incredibleexperience I’m glad I could sit downwith you and enjoy all this hard workthat went into this thank you so muchnext time on the best ever India roadtripwe’re headed to Bangalore to witness oneof India’s breathtaking mega kitchenhere they’re 11 of these cauldrons doyou know the volume of these eachcauldron and prepared food 4,000 kitsWow be sure to subscribe and followalong as we eat our way across India andif you’re traveling to Vietnam let merecommend venturing alongside a guidefrom one trip one trip is the highestrated tour company in Vietnam doingtours from north to south in all majorcities including hanoi ‘no chang Danangom and saigon you can experience foodtours adventure tours and more to learnmore about one trip check out the linksin the description down below see younext time peace.

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