Fresh seafood in Hong Kong- You should come to Hong Kong once in a lifetime!

Fresh seafood in Hong Kong- You should come to Hong Kong once in a lifetime!

When you heard like raw cuttlefish were you thinking this. I didn’t know what to expect it looks so elegant no. I excited let’s go for it Hong Kong a city of over 7 million started as a humble fishing village long ago hello sir now it’s a seafood obsessed culture ,getting this are pretty expensive probably yeah where you can find ,the world’s most exotic delicacies all in one place so he just gives me these he just totally trusts. I’m gonna pay him well yeah you better today me and my guide Virginia are exploring seafood you’ll only find in Hong Kong. Oh some fish balls where the hell do you find a machine like that two fish stalls they look so weird dining on the most unique creatures found in the ocean Hong Kong is a food lover’s paradise boasting one of the
highest, number of restaurants per capita ratios in the world taking pride in their dim sum and succulent roasted meats plus restaurants that make an appearance on Hong Kong’s Michelin Guide ,today we’re exploring some of Hong Kong’s foodie roots dating back many years long before this place became the third most competitive economy in the world this is a birdie market a berdeen wholesale fishing market.

Aberdeen wholesale fish market has the longest running history in Hong Kong these days fully one-third of this city seafood makes its way through here long before the Sun rises this place is a hive of activity with fishermen offloading the catch of the day to traders who collect organize and display their best offerings in my boats and other stuff they came in just like you they came in on a plane and then it would get in from a truck coming the local offerings include mainly fish oh my goodness this fish it looks like it.

They have shellfish she’s got crabs more crab was this called a bread crab whoa, he’s alive or dead he’s probably half alive right now that’s me and then it’s little arms open up like this it’s got some little pinchers it’s so cute and it’s so nice to you it’s so nice it’s just letting me do whatever and shrimp, oh they caught some plastic please don’t tell me our oceans have gotten this out
of control with each other look at that guy. I was wondering how they got it in there there’s like a there’s a split the plastic is cut here the word takes a moment to swing by and inform us which means it’s very powerful so can. I hurt you oh yeah what does it feel like oh and I hold it right there considering.

These alien looking creatures can generate enough force to knock my teeth out they make you just a little bit nervous ,but that doesn’t mean they’re not delicious either way. I’ll find out soon enough this one is definitely not from anywhere near here this is a Hui dog little refugees roughly. I think with this particular a food ,bigger is indeed better seafood from all around, the world
from the deepest depths of the ocean is caught and imported to this market luxurious fine-dining seafood experiences are a staple of the city and that means seafood usually is in high demand you think this is a pretty expensive probably yeah do you like spiny lobster more Canadian lobster the seafood here will supply restaurants seafood vendors and other middlemen around the city.

Aberdeen’s fish leave the market and end up here in Kowloon city we’re after a decades-old process they’ll be transformed into one of Hong Kong’s most iconic dishes mr. Lam has 40 years of experience making fish balls he’s one of the best and he knows it so he said that people have you know immigrated to the world once they get off the plane they will come over here and get his fish oh that’s awesome.

I like to hear that he’s got balls. I think here there are no fillers and no BS just a loyalty to the decades-old recipe that separates Hong Kong fish balls from everywhere else in the world. I know we’re not a Hong Kong fresh but we are the fastest growing food entertainment in the world which is pretty good not too much. I told him you had almost four million drivers he said that’s not much yeah well thank you for appearing on my dinky Channel but we’re up and coming and I appreciate your appearance it means a lot to us and I think with someone like you and your food maybe we can really boost the numbers anyways let’s jump into it these iconic balls start here you must first squeeze the fish quickly and efficiently pressing out its meat leaving behind skin and bones the skin will get fried and the bones will be used for a fish stock this is my first-ever mechanical fish dress that.

I’ve ever seen it’s only for the purpose of squeezing out this fish where the hell do you find a machine like this these tools tell the story of Lambs love-hate history with the cast iron beast breakdowns are inevitable and when it happens he’s ready to show you my hat. Wow he makes it look easy but that’s harder than you would think well you did pretty good. I mean you know 90% give you a bike you’re giving him grapes now I can’t believe he said corn millions not that much.

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