Fresh produce in Vietnam! Attractive lobster dish!

Fresh produce in Vietnam! Attractive lobster dish!

I’m a strong independent woman. I handlemy home lobster today we’re in Saigon Vietnam taking on seafood of epicproportion this is a representation of what we’re hoping to find today oh. I thought you were ready last time it’ssky garden barbecue, I took on the 66pound seafood boat challenge you want totry some of this king crab. Oh God thistime we’re cooking up one of the largestcrustaceans to be plucked from the oceanlook at that bigger than your hand it’sbigger than my face along the way we’lldiscover the most unique sea food Street food this city has to offerit smells like go utter let’s try it outso did your friend with the seafoodallergy and get ready to eat are youready for this let’s do itthis is sea food like you’ve never seen before welcome to the best F reporter view showthe show where we eat three differentfoods and three different price points and at the end we tell you which one weliked the most a little segment we like to call that was worth the price right this is Tom we cross paths when she fedme eggs while blindfolded a year agowhat do you feel right now regret cheeseand Instagram personality and a collegestudent living here in Saigon would yousay lobster is popular here lobster issurprisingly popular in Saigon.

I alwaysperceive growing up lobster to be somethings that quite expensive but nowadaysit’s moving on to some kind of streetfood today we’re taking on the seafoodjourney together but before gettingstarted there’s something I’ve alwayswanted to try to feel what it’s like tohave eyebrows I’m so freaked out rightnow I feel the makeup oh it looks goodyeah after this video people are gonnafeel like wow you are really missingsomething wow. I’m so expressive now. I’msurprised I’m angry I’m happy I wasalready expressive before the eyebrowsbut now this is bringing my show to awhole new level thank you so much forthe gift of eyebrows and I think nowwe’re ready to eat some food express itexpress our food wait whatwe are at our first location right nowI’m so excited to jump into thisadventure but first.

I want to ask youwhat do you think about my face whatwould you say is my strongest featuremisdirected not my eyebrows let’s justtalk about the lobster chef Keane openedher store just five months ago andalready it’s a huge hit for localscraving affordable seafood in order tokeep prices down she buys her lobstersin bulk from a local supplier cooks themup right away and starts selling them tothe masses you have lobster that you’reselling just as Street food people cancome by, I think of some Lobsterkeep going in fact there’s like nochairs do people even eat here peopledon’t eat here this is a vendor just totake away her inspiration with that whenshe went to restaurant they have really, high prices for the lobster so she wantsto bring like a lower price. I see you’vegot two different kinds of loves whichone is more affordable which one’scheaper there’s a Vietnamese lobster and then there’s Alaska lobster also that’s Alaska no this is a hundred and nine or100 grams and this is 79 so around $6for one Lobstershe splits the lobster in half andtosses it in a pan with garlic chilliand tamarind sauce then fresh herbs andpork fat we’re about $67 here we have a prettygood-sized lobster.

I think it’s like ahand I’m pretty happy with this I don’tthink I could ever eat a lobster biggerthan this honestly and there it is it’sready to go it’s still a little bit morecheese mm-hmm it’s my first time havingtamarin with a lobster a little bitsweet little tart I got to say. I canfeel that the lobsters kind of beenhanging out a while it’s a first LobsterI’ve had that felt like a little dry Ifeel like if I mix it with some rice andsome other side dishes like it would beperfect right right yeah these arepieces of fat like pork pen oh. I lovethat we got some fried pork fat herethere we go Oh then that’s what it wasmissing the whole time the lobster wasmissing a pig it just needed some porke NOS we did it I love the story.

I lovethat she’s doing something new peoplelike it this place is busy as heck yeahit’s very interesting seeing all thesefancy foods being incorporated intovendor type of selling it’s really coolit’s very good nummy Before we jump into Saigon most lavishlobster location we’re taking on a bonussea food item and something you’ve neverseen before in Asia giant squid teeth weare at giant squid thank you forallowing us to come to your giant squidshop how long have you been in thebusiness of gigantic squid yes. I don’tunderst and like where do you even find these. I just seen normal sized squidevery where these are hugeall of these are imported all wrongplaces like Chile because they need tolive in places where it’s really deepthough are these just for show or peoplereally eating these yeah see itprocessing is that right here what we came here for today is what they callsquid teethsquinty this is actually a ball-shapedmouth muscle located in the head of thesquid with a tiny beak at the endtypically squid teeth in Vietnam are thesize of a pea the ones here are freakinghugehere at huge squid teeth the biggestquit teeth.

I’ve ever seen, I haven’t seen this anywhere in Saigon how did you get the idea to do this so she’s seeing the model in Hong Kong she’s reallyinterested in the Hong Kong model and she would either like the eating squid so if you want to tell people that it’s just your idea we can lie about it that’s fine it was your idea that’s great that’s the reasoning Wow. I love that adopted from Hong Kong but with herown Vietnamese flair or own cooking method this is incredible I can’t wait to try it out thank you so much today we’re trying squid teeth to weights first grille glazed with cashew oil and chili paste and cooked until golden brown oh it smells good it smells good and smoking dope yeah just a little bit you’re right like don’t go oh let’s try it oh oh no sauce oh my god it does taste a lot like go Nutter it is remarkably chewy incredibly smoky and it just a bit spicy that’s awesome we’re having like one weird food and the only thing you can compare to him is something else that no one else watching his hat everyone’s like thanks for the comparison goat utter I’ve never had goat utter dish – squid teeth in buttergarlic sauce the teeth are cut to size then simmered with butter cashew oilonions concentrated fish sauce syrup and shrimp salt now this one I think is gonna have a lot of different flavor here we go I’m gonna get a lot of this sauce on there.

I know this is gonna be good a nice big chunk a squid teeth let’s try it out that’s delicious this sauce to me is kind of like a punch in the face like it’s super heavy it’s super in-your-face but it tastes really good I think if you eat that whole thing you go home you have a heart attack youre cover the next morning you were happy you did it this is like the epitome of Saigon right now low slung stools and then some of the best food in the world that you’ve ever tried for a few bucks let me know the two about this put your money where your mouth is every singlesecond counts enough to turn a littlemolehill into a mountain welcome to Skygarden barbecue you might remember last time we werehere and we had a seven pound lobster oh the owner of this restaurant is named asvillain. I said I want you to find me thebiggest lobster possible the biggest one that came in to Vietnam is in thisrestaurant right now how big do you think that would be like we think like this thing this is a bit too much this is a representation of what we’re hoping to find today after seeing Viet Nam’s most affordable Lobster it’s time tomeet it’s the most expensive lobster butwe need to catch it firsthave you seen king crab this big you’venever had king crab I will say that foranother episode what we’re really herefor is the lobsters there are two giantlobsters.

I want to make a deal with you. I’m gonna weigh this one you’re gonna weigh that one okay so I’m gonna do this one person and you can watch how I do it if you want I just grab it in the body behind the claws all right here we go. I’m gonna put on the scale it says 4.77that is massive but we don’t know yet if it’s the biggest one I think first we have to grab the other one and by we, I mean it’s just you don’t drop it thes trong independent woman I handle my own Lobster oh my God look at that it’s bigger than your hand from here we’re gonna go see how they cook this guy up victor pleasure knowing you do buddy you name him just looks like a big texan yeah he looks like a demagogue into me Victor because he’s a winner win it like buddy there’s an ongoing debateregarding whether lobsters can feel painor not do you think lobsters can feelpain some argue that their nervous system is not complex enough but no one knows for sure wait you think they can feel pain yeah you drink a lot at night in this restaurant the lobsters aren’t steamed alot but rather bled out both killing the lobster and creating our nextunbelievable dish lobster blood jello.

I did try this last time oh my god people were doubting me that this was blood they said oh it’s like a urine it’s ocean water but when you shake it that is not water man urine does not do that if your urine is doing this get to adoctor immediately let’s try it out[Music]exactly it tastes like salt water it’s cookie it’s weird. I have not seen thisany where else in the world and even the people watching this video will stillnot believe this is a lobster blood ifit’s not lobster blood and then what isit what else becomes solid like that this Lobster is so huge it must besteamed for a full 45 minutes beforeit’s cooked all the way through while we wait for Victor to finish in the sauna Tom teaches me more about today’s secretingredient salted duck eggs what is the big difference between a normal duck egg and a salted and mega man it’s more salty the texture is different and yeahthat really more salty so you can wash this ass off and it will look exact okay so this is Ashley’s yeah next youwill attempt to crack a salted egg and we will see what is inside is it the same as a normal duck egg and nobody knows for sure .

Oh what salted eggs are made by soakingduck eggs in straw ash and salt the salt will travel inside the egg and changeits properties the yolk has becomeshriveled up and dark in color I don’tknow how to describe that kind of abalmy and savoury egg smell I mean itlooks like it would smell awful but Iguess. I look like that too so you neverknow the lobster finishes steaming andthe claws are removed our first dishsalted egg lobster starting with steamedsalted eggs and, water creating a thickrich savory yoki sauce fully coatingevery corner of the lobsters tail headand whatever else is in there so we’vegot a little bit of everything herelet’s talk about itthe salted egg lobster body and taillet’s go for it I’m grabbing the tail meyeah it keeps going right look at thatthat is a whole Lobster um. I don’t wantto share this with you. I think youshould take that one out there you goand then it should just pop out prettyeasily yes oh my gosh oh you got evenmore.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time salted egg lobstergigantic tail let’s go for itbro my god what a special moment it’s soft it’s not like too soft to a point where it has no texture it’s got some density to it some people don’t like this part in a bigger lobster but to me it’s like every other lobster tail dipping it into the salted egg sauce it looks like the pornography of food like kids under 18should not be able to watch this thiss auce bit gritty but creamy also yeah and the salt makes so much sense like itenhances the way they make each otherbetter like a good relationship we’re gonna eat the rest of what’s on herelater our claws will be prepared two ways first in butter garlic sauce startwith butter garlic and an in-house sauceblend and baste the cloth early here we have a giant clock it’s so bigwhere do we start there I’m gonna try tobreak this joint here we go oh wellthere’s no way that is so thick and sostrong this needs a sledgehammer ohthere it is huge claw I’m so tempted tonot even bring it back chewing no.

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