November 23, 2020

Football’s Next Wave | Episode 2: UK | New Balance

Welcome to the UK! It's mad fam like how we’ve just blown up and stuff and it’s just us just being ourselves.

We dropped this one video, it was a blindfold challenge.

The video went viral, popped off and boom, that was it.

I'm next wave ‘cause my story’s different, ten million views at the age of six.

When I started This Fan Girl, I felt unrepresented so I did something about it.

I do feel like the old rules are disappearing, a lot of women are getting involved My name is Hasan Ayari.

How many people have I seen the same story as me? Basically no one, I'm different.

Started football age of three, was able to do 500 keepie-uppies at six years old, got a YouTube video of 10 million views and moved from New York to Northern Ireland to England where I play in Sheffield now.

Since that YouTube video, people kind of like obviously, like doubted or say like you've done this at a young age but can you do that on the big stage with a Premier League club, a Championship club or just professional football in general? But I've always like used it as motivation, I took the criticism and obviously put it in my training and obviously it made me a better player.

Football’s changed since I've been watching it as a young kid, a whole new wave or footballers with different talents, different abilities and different capabilities On three: one, two, three.

Baiteze! Baiteze is a Sunday League football team, who are also content creators.


LML, let me live How it happened was that we got this one video, it was a blindfold challenge and Michael missed the ball and from there, went viral.

Soccer AM, Grime Daily On twitter, it was mad, people were like this is funny.

I was like, how is this funny? This is how we always are.

So, it’s like us being ourselves, people kind of loved that.

With the love of football, we’ve all come together.

When I first started up This Fan Girl, when I first started talking about it, I've have a lot of people say to me, oh you're not a real fan.

Nobody owns that term.

My name is Amy Drucquer and I'm the founder of This Fan Girl.

In 2016, I didn't have anyone that I could watch the football with.

You could visibly see a difference in the way that men and women were treated in football.

They think that we don't know about the rules, they think that we don't know who the players are and that's absolutely not true.

I’m a real football fan.

Some of the people that I've met through the football, I would not have met anywhere else.

Having diversity and women and different people there definitely changes the atmosphere and it changes the game for the better.

It was the best year of my Club’s history, ever but I could have enjoyed it more, if I’d had more friends to experience it with.

We wanted to change that.

There's so much opportunity for people to showcase their talent.

I got to Northern Ireland because of that YouTube video, had a pretty good season like 30 goals and it came to this one particular game.

It basically determined who was going to win the league.

It was a tight game, 1-1, last ten minutes the game, got the ball, finished it first time outside of the box and then blew up all over the newspapers, yeah kind of went viral, from then.

People from all over the world DM’d me on Instagram saying oh I've watched your video, it’s just amazing how watched your video, it’s just amazing how people just, social media has grown.

With YouTube, not a lot of people that look like us do it.

A lot of us are African and we try to incorporate that in our videos.

We're not reading something off a script, what you see in the camera, it is what we are.

A lot of people feel that they can relate to it.

Something out there that’s like you and that you know that can understand the language and the culture that you’re from You being yourself is very important.

I think women really understand that there needs to be a place where they can connect with other women and talk about the game.

People get in touch and sort of say, my daughter she's eight years old, she wants to be a footballer, I've just shown how your page, she's so excited to see girls like her.

So I hope things like This Fan Girl are able to change opinions Baiteze especially is than 90 minutes.

We have a massive influence on the younger generation.

If we can give an opportunity to a young man or a young woman, to better their life in content creation, in football, in opportunities to play any sort of sport, then I think, as a club we've done our job.

It impacts more than just football.

This Fan Girl is just linking us all together and us joining forces and it’s showing how many other versions of me there are in every club around the country.

My path, I’ve taken to the Premiership is different to others.

It’s not really the normal path you would think, you would see.

The UK's the place to be.

We’ve got a lot of opportunity here if you want to showcase your work, if you want to showcase your talent, you have all the channels available to do that to you in the UK and people will respond to it.

It’s an important part of where football is going.

How many goals have I scored, bro? Theo, he's taking credit boys.

Welcome to the Next Wave.


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