Foods you should eat when sick!

Foods you should eat when sick!

Pandemic aside. If you’ve been suffering from a cold or flu, you might be looking for a decent food to eat. Let’s talk about Foods You Need to Eat When You’re Sick. Is coconut water good? How about tea? Why are bananas such a smart choice? Wait a second, spicy food?

Spicy Food.

They say there’s nothing like a hot meal when you’re feeling under the weather. Well I don’t think they had this mind. I know it’s hard to believe, but spicy food does a lot in the way of curbing your sickness. Feeling stuffy? Eating some tiny chili peppers can open your sinuses. Pretty quickly, you’ll get a stuffy nose. The spice breaks up the mucus. Well it’s not the spice itself. It’s actually something within the spice. Ever heard of capsaicin ? This is a compound in spicy peppers, which causes the burningsensation. Studies have shown that capsaicin thins out your mucus, making it easier for it to appear. The only problem is that this will often end in more mucus production. So just prepare to have your nose running like a faucet…What’s the spiciest pepper you’ve ever tasted? How long did it take for things to simmer down? Sound off in the comment section and share your funny story with the Bestie community.


Not exactly a food that goes with spicy peppers, but an important one nonetheless. Bananas are a really good food for when you’re sick. Ever heard of the BRAT diet? Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast? These are all foods that go down easy when you’re nauseous. Think about it, bananas are simple to chew and hold a decent amount of calories. You’re also getting some pretty good nutrients. If your stomach is upset, a banana does wonders. One single medium-sized banana is around 100 calories, and holds over 10% of your dietaryfiber for the day. You’re also getting the same amounts of vitamin C and potassium. If you’ve been rushing to the toilet non-stop the last 24 hours, the fiber from a banana is just what you need. It will certainly make it easier to go to the bathroom. So if you’ve been couch-ridden the last little while, bananas are a great food to fill you up for the time being.


You can also try this breakfast staple. In the mood for a simple snack? Yogurt will help. I’m mean sure, yogurts have a lot of minerals and vitamins. But the main thing you have to look forward to is the probiotics. Probiotics are full of good bacteria that help keep your body healthy. Studies have shown that these probiotics can reduce your chances of getting colds.


Oh yeah, things are getting better! Honey is more than that simple topping you slather over bread. In the medical world, honey is known for its antimicrobial effects. So much so, it was even used in ancient Egyptian medicine to treat wounds. It’s for these exact reasons honey is also used to treat colds. You see, honey will stimulate your immune system. When you’re sick, it eases your sore throat. The beautiful part about it is that honey can be used with more than just a piece oftoast. Put a teaspoon in a glass of milk and mix it up. Some water will also do. There’s one other famous option, but it needs its own entry.


Out of all the different food and drink choices to combat sickness, perhaps none are more famous than tea. Just the look of a steaming cup is enough to cure your cough. Much like spice, tea can open up your sinuses. This will make the mucus start running. Now tea needs to be hot in order to have these effects. But it shouldn’t be too hot. If you have a sore throat, the heat will only irritate you more. If you’ve been losing a ton of water, you need to be concerned about dehydration. Luckily, for you, tea can help with that. Tea only holds a small amount of caffeine. This means you can drink it without losing more fluids. Tea also has polyphenols, which have multiple effects including antioxidants that help your immune system. It’s been shown that black tea can decrease the amount of bacteria in your throat.


If it can kill a vampire, it can help cure your cold. Similar to honey, garlic has also been used in medicine for centuries. The contents of garlic do well to help your immune system. Studies have shown that people who eat garlic get sick less often than people who don’t. Those who consume garlic have about 70% fewer sick days. People who eat garlic while already sick are also shown to get better quicker. Research done on garlic supplements have indicated that it can reduce your cold and flu symptoms. This is all done by helping the immune system build strength and fight against sickness. Now garlic isn’t exactly for everybody. But if you enjoy adding this ingredient to your recipes, it can help you in sickness. Before we continue, are you trying to change your diet for the better? You should add more fruits. Check out our recent video on What Happens When You Eat Grapes Every Day. Now back to our list on Good Foods To Eat When Your Sick.

Coconut Water.

Tea is not the only good liquid to drink when you’re sick. Coconut water will also keep you hydrated. When you have a fever or the flu, the amount of fluids leaving your body will cause you to lose water and electrolytes. If your body is on track to dehydration, coconut water will have you feeling refreshed. It has the ability to replace the electrolytes you lost during sickness. This is especially important when you have diarrhea. I don’t mean to get all gross or anything, but it needs to be said. When you’re running to the bathroom to relieve yourself every few minutes, you’re going to be losing a lot of water. Coconut water is shown to relieve your stomach, and assist you during mild diarrhea cases. There is also reason to believe that coconut water is shown to repair oxidative damage and maintain your blood sugar levels. Just beware of the bloating it causes. That’s right, coconut water may lead to your feeling really bloated and disgusting. So how about you just try one for starters and see how you feel.


Who doesn’t appreciate a good bowl of oatmeal? If you’re feeling sick, this is the best time to eat one. First of all, oatmeal is really easy to fix up. It’s a perfect way to catch up on your nutrients, while keeping your stomach satisfied. It will also help strengthen your immune system, and improve blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that the beta-glucan found in oatmeal can actually help to decrease inflammationin your gut. It can also work wonders for bloating in your digestive system, as well as diarrhea. Oatmeal holds some pretty decent protein as well, which will help with digestion while keeping you full. There’s also one heck of a lot of fiber. A single cup of oatmeal has 13% of your dietary fiber for the day. So if you’ve had the flu for the last couple days, and you haven’t eaten oatmeal in awhile, make yourself a bowl.

Chicken Soup.

Along with tea, chicken soup is like the Holy Grail of foods to eat while you’re sick. Not only does it have terrific effects, it’s also really comforting. This is why it’s been around for literally hundreds of years. It’s light on your stomach and easy to chew. When it comes to nutrients, chicken soup is like a goldmine. I’m talking about Vitamin A, iron, fiber and protein. These are all things your body requires when you’re sick. It will also keep you hydrated. The broth from the soup is full of electrolytes. It also tastes really good. This will certainly allow you to maintain water in your body, since you’re going to the bathroom so much. The only problem with chicken soup is that it’s extremely low on calories. One cup is only about 75.If that’s all you’re eating, you’re probably going to go for a second helping. This means you’re going to get an overload of sodium. That same regular cup has over 1100 mg. That’s close to 50% of your daily recommended intake. So try to pace yourself with the soup. Maybe eat some other foods with it. Your diet is so important when it comes to sickness. You need to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients. Have I sparked your interest? Let’s keep the conversation going with a couple more videos, shall we? Check out 8 Ways to Increase Your Appetite. How about Ways To Detox Your Body So You Won’t Get Sick and Tired? Go ahead, click one. Better yet, watch both, and learn more about how to make yourself feel better. Do you eat any of these foods when you’re sick? Let us know in the comments below.

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