Food under 1 dollar in Vietnam! Loved by many young people!

Food under 1 dollar in Hanoi- Vietnam! Loved by many young people!

We have this kind of legendary dessert that we’re gonna try out right now yeah are we what’s happening are we posing is
this these are video cameras today on the best-ever food a new show and is all about cheap eats last time in Saigon.
We took you on a tour of the best tenth Street food you could get for under $1 now just over 1,000 miles north, we’ve arrived in Vietnam Scapa del Hanoi and you won’t believe how far your money, can go here I love that texture. I can eat like a thousand of these from the most unique breakfast you’ll find when. I look like I’m in pain that means it’s really good – Viet Nam’s tiniest street
food stall it is all just this right here I even stumbled upon her noise hangover cure this place it’s basically like the Vietnamese Waffle House so count your pennies and hit the streets, today we’re ordering up Hanoi Street food dollar menu.

Food under 1 dollar in Vietnam! Loved by many young people!

Okay! I’ve been working like three jobs probably why I never see honey, why I never have time for the fake principal today we are in Ha Noi old quarter scouring the street only through the alleyway to find the best most affordable food we can we’ve got a lot of varieties of food on the street for under a dollar maybe even under $2 would be okay too because that’s what we’re doing today well good morning it’s breakfast time today we are starting out with a legendary annoyin Street snack this is called boom
boom is the vermicelli noodle how means snail first she takes the vermicelli noodle Blanche’s it for a little bit ozs it in the bowl a load of scallions some herbs coming in with the seasonings.

We’ve got some MSG salt now lowered of big snails and small snails the broth has a combination of pork stock some snail stock is that even a real thing and tomato all of that inside one hole, and it’s done there we go I’ve got to chair as my table and then somehow an even smaller chair as my chair we have all of our beautiful ingredients our boon out Dido if you need even more
seasonings is right behind me and so uh what do we got it looks like some chili oil whoa get it a little bit spicy here we have a fermented rice vinegar.

It smells like booze a little bit so it’s perfect for the morning, they’ve drilled a little hole on top it’s kind of like a pepper shaker drip it in a little bit done give it a nice little mix. I’m gonna get one of these big snails on here and wrap it in some noodles let’s go for it mmm, when I look like I’m in pain that means it’s really good this nail as you can imagine are super crunchy the broth
itself is so savory bit of tomato flavor the noodles very soft soaking up that hot broth. I loved it was really it’s, what I love about Hanoian everything’s just right here on the sidewalk and, they’ve been doing this for 20 years. I don’t know how this works exactly but at some point 20 years ago someone’s like. I’m gonna sell snail noodles here and no one stopped them and, they’re still here god bless them we have come to our second location, today bond me 25 trademarked that name is not for you to use it’s only for this place right here bond me it kind of means bread or sandwich in Vietnamese.

It’s one of the most ubiquitous street treats that you’ll find in this country almost anywhere and each region does it a little bit differently. I was suggested to order the barbecued pork with or without pate also known as Wan me pate sassy the pate is made from a liver of an animal and it is cooked made into a pate, today’s bond me starts with a smearing of pate then a bunch of ciaossu and some pepper pepper pepper toast it for two minutes and dump on a thick stewed pork sauce last slide in some coriander and pickled carrot close it wrap it eat it we are just gonna undress this bond me like take apart this wrapper revealing oh all this goodness it’s very heavy the mouth of the bond means try it out mmm Oh delicious what I’m really impressed with
is kind of the flaky crack arenas of this bread is crispy so really a perfect texture of course plenty of fresh coriander the rest is just meaty.

Goodness it is quite rich hmm my sandwich is leaking all over the sidewalk I got a cap that off there we go it’s like the new generation of bond me young people enjoying together trying some of the new twist on some classics and then just some full blow and new mommy styles that I’ve never even seen before so definitely worth paying a visit.

We have come to this alleyway this beautiful shaded alleyway here, where they are serving wound out that is wound like. I have a gluten cake and then here this is downtown doubt no ROI beautiful array of tofu just frying up so how this works they have a bunch of stuff that you can dip into momentum which is a fermented shrimp paste it’s kind of purple in color you’ll see you soon what, we’re gonna have to go with the sauce is fried tofu rice vermicelli cakes young rice and minced pork cake oh and then
this is what we’re gonna order in just a moment okay I need to figure out how to order that.

I’m pretty sure I just ordered up some freshly sliced and fried cubes of tofu and fried young rice pork cake this is paired with hot oil dumped directly onto our pungent fermented shrimp paste so we have our whole moon down momentum spread here gonna add some kumquat to them mix it up that’s exactly what, we’re looking for it’s a bit kind of finished up now chilli chilli more chilli and then a little sugar just give it a little tap just tap it in alright that was too much so here we have fried tofu start off with just a
bit like a kiss of sauce and you throw it back woo oh no better plans oh the first bite I swear to god it is like.

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