Food to make tea – Iranians really need it!

Food to make tea – Iranians really need it!

This is like slippery it doesn’t want tostay on my spoon are you ready let’s tryit upI’ve only been in Iran for a day andalready I’m blown away by people’spassion for food little bread for sexyou know I’m sorry what and theirwillingness to introduce me to localflavors one factory just even talked tome Hey which makes I like that you’relike well let me tell you audience athome today is no different this is likea giant food frost all I see as Tehrannative Sahara and I dig deep intoIranian breakfast it can be a snack itcan be served as a long tour thin airthe only thing is this breakfast is likenothing you’ve tried before this machinehere it kind of like a giant industrialstrainer with a secret ingredient somewould not expect to find on a breakfastmenu it really reminds me of somebreakfast a might have in the u.s. alongthe way we’ll also try Iran’s deep greennational staple oh but first my morningsmoke what’s evident hello hookah sirI’m me handed this is a tremendous sizehookah hookah smoking water pipes is anage-old tradition with roots in Indiaand Iran I’m not supposed to promotegetting a quick tobacco buzz but while.

Food to make tea – Iranians really need it!

I’m here I’m gonna try itdo please note that breathing in acuteamounts of smoke from any source isn’tthat good for you what do you call thishere you don’t call it hookah do youcall it belly on here young and it hasthis huge ass one is ice it gets muchmore cool these days cool lounges likethis use flavored tobacco usuallysomething fruity like Apple watermelonor today’s blueberry the tobacco isadded to a clay dish then topped withtinfoil and hot coals that are placed atthe top of the apparatus and then juststart we’re gonna cut all the coughingguys editors and I’m sure this is justreally cool okay[Music]I’m good at thisall this is legitimate tobacco I’ve gota little buzz already I’m very nice Ineed to get used to it you had to keepsmoking right yeah it will go down ifyou don’t smoke or if me man said it’lljust go down.

I have to keep smoking holyhe saw I got a little buzzed so hebrought some tea for us all this systemof the we call it in a barit is the plaintiffs crystallized sugaroh you can see it’s getting a littlesmaller already but starting to dissolveand go into the teeth we Cheers hello mysodomite yeah like thatthat’s nice I feel more like I’ve comedown I’m relaxing I’ve just been walkingaround the streets a little bit alreadyseeing tons of different foods I’venever seen before but it seems peoplehave a lot of pride in their food hereand a lot of freshmen there were a lotof people just immigrating to Tehranfrom different other kinds of provincesthey bring their own traditional foodsthat are on right now in Tara we aregoing to have rich the Ashawhich is common in every part of you arein each and every province they havetheir own version or green heavyhigh-energy food it could be consideredthe foundation of Iranian cooking infact the Farsi word kitchen is ash paaskanae meaning the room Mirage is madeiran has over 50 types of wash dependingon the region but the most popular amongthem is a Shrestha wash with noodles andit’s one of the only noodle dishesyou’ll find in this country alongsideash.

I’ll take on Tehran staple breakfastdish Holly it is really heavy because ofa lot of ingredients that we put in itthat’s why people eat it mostly inRamadan mom perfect. I’m gonna finishthis whole thing and then we’re gonnaget some breakfast[Music]sigh yet MIDI is a restaurant with over50 years of history in Tehran and whenit comes to making Holly no one does itbetter than this father-son team hellothis is Holly a concoction mainlyconsisting of boiled wheat and oneingredient I didn’t expect to be eatingfor breakfast lamb meat Ohoh okay to begin wheat grains are washed andboiled for five hours and the lamb isboiled for two to three hours liketender cooked meat that’s been alreadykind of cooked sous-vide style in aplastic bag and then I think they’regonna grind it up now yeahstand back the meat is grinding insidehome and then he puts in some of thebroth here it’s like a wheat Brock mmmincoming it looked like some roastedlamb and it’s completely changed textureit’s kind of become a bit mushy almostnext the wheat gravy is moved to apowerful industrial strainer oh oh thenhe’s straining out all the flavors allthe essence from the wheat withoutactually using the wheat husk putting insome salt right now he’s going to seriesthe lamb meat is pounded into the wheatuntil it all becomes one thick congealedconsistency.

I slap in I want to give ita slap smells amazing in herefor each tupola grams of meat severaclean to have 40 kilograms of meat can Iget like two or three minutes later wecan top it with sugar and cinnamon justlike I do with my oatmeal back home thisis finishedmmm let’s try it out[Music]holy Oh bad bad Bob Bob how do you saymmm I think that’s how you say yummy butI can be completely wrong or else I maybe sound like a lamb right now that’sreally good it’s like a little bit oflamb infused into this strong wheatflavor its salting its weeding it’s alittle bit lambyand that’s it super simple next up posha party fix soup usually made withlegumes grains and herbs lots of herbsthe preparation is simple but the mosttime-consuming part is washing andmincing the herbs luckily in Tehran youcan head out to your local irani andherb shop complete with anindustrial-sized herb shredderit smells right now in here it’s like agreenhouse garden it’s almost likeoverbearing it is like a powerful herbessence is a punch this is what they’redoing all day just chopping out thereyes they are going to chop them here andmix them together all these herbs aregoing to guess today’s herb blendincludes minced parsley dill leekstarragon and cilantro this is like agiant food processor oh.

I see there’slike a giant weed whacker blade righthere in the middle and that’s mincingeverything up in here okay just grab itall right here we gothank you sir hi let’s try it out ohit’s a brace that has some punchvery fresh very aromatic yeah yeahwonderful just fresh light flavor I lovethat of course you’re not reallysupposed to eat it like that right veryintensive the last father-son teamthey’re like the Holi master my dudehere hello thank you he is a the Oxmaster gosh is high-energy bursting withflavor and affordable likely anotherreason it has a long history in Iran howlong have you been cooking uh sure[Music]what is the secret to making the bestoption possible the amount of thoseingredients and spices that he’s goingto add the perfect balance yet step 1boil lentils and the herbs from the herbstore this is what gives OSH itssignature green color Oh everything’sturned kind of dark forest green add inchickpeas kidney beans black pepper andsalt in a separate pan he adds turnlight powder oil and fried onion stirsit until it turns brown that anted backto the main vessel finally he adds thesalty wheat noodles and leaves it toboil for a few more minutes yes we’redoing it.

I think we tried the Halloweenfirst do we just mix it all up yes yesoh yeahthat’s so awesome you know I had thissomething similar before in Omanwe took it like created it balls in ourhands dipped it into rendered cow fatit’s like cow butter let’s just try itout and try little swirls of cinnamonsugar[Music]that’s really yummy and it is reallyheavy yeah I step it at the wholeingredients in it the cinnamon and sugarthey’re best friends they work so welltogether just one alone wouldn’t havebeen nearly as good man that’s a greatcombination if it wasn’t your own tastethere are a lot of people that they wantto add a lot of kind of things you canalso put any of this in there but I kindof like what they did already it has avery familiar breakfast flavor to meexcept that I’m like oh wait there’slamb meat also wash us Oh how do youwait there’s a longer name I’ve beenusing the nickname this whole time mr.artistic Wriston yes this is the OSHbase but what really elevates the dishare the toppings gosh a commonly usedsour yogurt caramelized onion and friedmint this is like slippery it doesn’twant to stay on my spoon are you readyyes right up mmm oh that’s very nice wetried the herbs earlier but it’s a bitmuch it was intense but here when thatflavors properly dispersed throughout.

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